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WWE NXT Spring Breakin' Live Results - May 3, 2022, NXT Championship Match, Natalya In Action-More

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on May 03, 2022

WWE NXT Spring Breakin' Live Results  - May 3, 2022, NXT Championship Match, Natalya In Action-More

NXT Spring Breakin' Live Results (May 3, 2022) - WWE Performance Center, Winter Park, FL, courtesy of our live coverage partner Mike Hogan of RAJAH.com.


NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly Welcome us to Spring Breakin'

We open with a video showing Marty & Martin Jannetty Pretty Deadly pool-side as they run down our crowd, then we get right to it.

North American Championship Triple-Threat Match: Cameron Grimes(c) vs Carmelo Hayes vs Solo Sikoa

We cut to the CWC where Wade Barrett and Vic Joseph welcome us to Spring Breakin'. Carmelo Hayes is out first with Trick Williams, followed by the solo Uso, Solo Sikoa. Finally our champ is out to a great welcome. Grimes takes in the cheers and we get our official announcements. Solo and Grimes get the best welcomes, with Melo still a close second. Finally it's time for our first match of the night! The crowd loudly chants for Solo as we open up. Melo talks smack to both men, causing Solo to drop Melo with a series of rights before Grimes throws one of his own. Grimes with a running Field Goal kick sets up a double superkick attempt from Solo and Grimes! Melo wisely rolls out of the ring, allowing Solo and Grimes to lock up. Melo attempts to enter the ring a few times but Solo and Grimes take turns knocking him off the apron almost comically. He finally rushes the ring and gets laid out by Grimes right away. The crowd with loud Uso chants. Solo and Grimes and Melo engage in a spurt of offense that sees the three work together to execute some cool tandem offense, including Grimes popping up Melo in a counter only to have Melo execute a DDT out of it. Melo takes control, dropping Solo with a springboard cross body followed by a springboard reverse leg drop to Grimes.

The fast pace action continues as Grimes flies into the ring to drop Solo before turning his attention to Melo. Solo looks for a double clothesline but Grimes ducks under. Melo is laid out and Grimes charges Solo, only to take a hip toss into the corner. Sikoa looks for a running attack but Melo intercepts him with a spinning slam. Grimes hits Melo with a spinning powerslam of his own, tea-bag pinning Melo until Solo makes the save! We go to picture-in-picture break! Throughout the break Melo generally holds the lead, despite spurts of attempted offense from both of his opponents. Over the course of the break, fatigue begins to take a toll and we return to find all three men down and tired. Melo attempts his finisher but Grimes slows it down enough to stall the move. Solo Sikoa Superkicks Grimes' face, helping Hayes execute the move. Solo turns his attention to Melo. They fight at the corner, leading to Grimes' involvement and a triple-man double-Superplex that illicits a loud "holy shit" from the crowd!

Barrett and Joseph praise all three men for their effort as each takes their time to rise. They begin a three-way chop and punch fest in which each man tiredly throws various blows at the other. Each man gets a few big shots in. Solo Sikoa is the last left standing and backs up into the corner after positioning Grimes in a reverse Tree of Woe over a seated Hayes in the corner. Solo hits a running splash to both in the corner then takes out both men with suplexes and a spinning Urinage. Grimes barely makes the save just as Solo nearly picks up the three. Grimes hangs in there, battling Solo at the corner. Grimes dives off the top but misses, yet rolls through and drops Melo with a Poisonrana and Solo with a step-up kick. Grimes covers Hayes for a close two. Grimes yells "to the moon" and goes for a Cave In but Hayes counters with a modified Blockbuster! Hayes covers for a two and a half! Hayes ascends the top and dives off--right into a Superkick from Solo! Solo climbs up top and the crowd are on their feet! Uso Splash off the top! Uso Splash off the top! The ref's hand literally hits "three" just as Hayes makes the save! The crowd is in disbelief! Solo hoists up Hayes into a Samoan carry but Grimes flies in out of nowhere with the Cave In stomp on top of both men, then covers to retain!
Your Winner and STILL North American Champion, Cameron Grimes!

Wendy Choo Trolls Toxic Attraction

A short video shows Rose in a bikini preparing for a tanning bed. She sticks a Playboy Bunny-stylized sticker on her lower abdomen. She sets the timer for ten minutes in the bed. Wendy Choo sneaks up and sabotages it, causing Mandy to get burned and teased by her TA friends.


Backstage: Duke Hudson and Indi Hartwell

And in a sad nod to the departing of Dexter Lumis and Persia Pirotta, we see Indi looking at her hand backstage--her wedding band noticeably gone and a sad look on her face--as Duke walks up, single, too. Neither says much for a moment then Duke somewhat leans in, almost as if he's interested. Hartwell shuts him down and storms off.

NXT 2.0 Debut Match: Nathan Frazer vs Grayson Waller

Grayson Waller is out first for this match, where Mark Long from the Challenge greets him on his way to the ring. We head to a break. We return and Frazer makes his entrance in style. The crowd is quite vehemently against Waller for the entirety of this match. Waller and Frazer slug it out inside the ring until Waller flees, sitting in a beach chair on the entrance ramp as the crowd chants offensive words at him. Frazer exits the ring and drags Waller back in, but it allows Grayson to take control of the match. Waller immediately slows the pace of the match with timed strikes and taunts, taking his time working over Frazer. Waller shuts down Frazer's attempt to make a comeback and takes the action outside yet again. Waller takes in "loser" chants from the crowd as we go to picture-in-picture break. Waller exits the ring and rolls back in to reset the ref's count then rolls outside to retrieve Frazer. We see Andre Chase & Chase University watching from their section in the stands as Waller stalks Frazer across the ring.

Throughout the break, Waller maintains control. Waller resorts to sleepers and working holds as he changes tactics and focuses on Frazer's neck and right shoulder. The back of Frazer's right shoulder has a wicked, big bruise or mark on it from the match. Waller uses a kick to drop Frazer and attempts ac over. Again, we see Chase University as they begin to troll Waller. Waller stands in the corner and starts to mock Seth Rollins, pounding his foot in the ring in timing with "burn-it-down." Waller looks for the Stomp but Frazer dodges! Frazer sends Waller outside and hits a suicide dive perfectly! Frazer takes Waller into the ring as the crowd fires up for the rookie. Frazer counters Waller's diving, rolling cutter finisher with a Superkick to the jaw! Frazer fires off a second Superkick, then covers and hooks the leg but Waller grabs the bottom rope!

Waller uses an innovative slam akin to an inverted Skull-Crushing Finale to nearly pick up the win. Frazer and Waller again battle to the corner, this time up onto the middle rope. Frazer takes it higher, up to the top rope. Frazer is looking for a Super Spanish Fly but Waller shoves him and Frazer loses his footing, falling hard to the outside. Chase University uses an air horn to distract Waller, causing him to fall. Frazer follows it up immediately with a Phoenix Splash to pick up the win in his debut match!
Your Winner, Nathan Frazer!

Santos Escobar and Tony D'Angelo Sit to Make Peace

LDF are at a table, dressed sharp, when Tony D'Angelo and his crew--Troy Donovan, Channing Lauren and his consigliere AJ Galante (former GM of the Thrashers, whomever that is.) The segment shows both leaders of their families discussing business. They talk about respect and tokens of respect. Tony D suggests there's enough business in NXT for both families. LDF suggests that Tony D sit back and "follow my lead" which angers the Don. The Don asks if Santos is crazy; Santos tells Tony that all the tension isn't good for business and calls for a truce. Tony apologizes for his hot-headedness and Santos apologizes for his part. They ultimately seem to make a peace agreement and toast to it. Tony's crew leaves. Santos tells Cruz (fka Joaquin Wilde) to start their car.

Tag Match: Cora Jade & Nikkita Lyons vs Lash Legend & Natalya

Fan-favorites Lyons and Jade are out first, together, and play up to the welcoming crowd. Out next are Natalya and Lash Legend to boos. We start with Lash Legend and Cora Jade. Legend drops Jade with a shoulder block. The two spar briefly and Jade uses a springboard modified Hurricanrana to drop Legend. Legend catches Jade mid-air and takes her into the corner, tagging in Natalya. The two work together to double-team Jade. Jade fires up, using an arm-bar roll-up followed by a crucifix roll-up. Nattie eventually takes control, leading Cora to tag in Lyons. Lyons and Nattie go at it, both women attempting to take a technical lead. Natalya shows off some impressive agility for her frame in countering an arm bar acrobatically, only to have Nattie do the same to her. Nattie locks a headlock onto Nikkita and takes her to the corner, restraining her as a newly-legal Legend enters to pummel Lyons. Lash looks for a Suplex and executes it before kipping up in style. Legend and Lyons clash at the ropes, with Legend executing a Cactus Jack Clothesline that sends them both spilling to the outside as we go to break!

During the break, Legend retains control and works over Lyons slowly, using powerful suplexes to great effect. Lyons manages to escape a suplex attempt and brings in a fresher Cora Jade, who evades Lash briefly. Legend and Natalya work together to work over Jade, however, cutting the ring in half. Both women stomp Jade into the corner before Nattie uses a foot chokehold. Nattie takes Cora face-first to another corner and stomps away at her in the corner, stomping a mudhole into Jade as the ref warns her. Nattie has words with the ref, allowing Jade to roll her up for a close two. Nattie angrily attacks Jade as she attempts to crawl over to Lyons for a tag. Jade starts to put up more resistance despite Nattie's ability to shut it down, and Lyons stretches way over the rope in an effort to take the tag. Nattie and Lash again use quick tags to confine Jade to their corner Legend talks smack to Jade before slapping her. Jade takes a series of knee strikes as we return from the break and Nattie comes in as legal.

Nattie looks for a back breaker submission but Jade hangs in there, refusing to tap. Nattie dumps her over and turns, striking Lyons with a cheap shot before dropping Jade with a running lariat. The crowd starts to cheer for Cora as Legend comes in and fires off a running single axe strike. Both women talk smack to Jade in their corner and continue to use fast tags to control the narrative. Nattie mocks Jade as she walks across her body slowly, leading Jade to roll up Nattie yet again for another close fall. Natalya looks for a cover herself but barely gets a two. Natalya works the neck with a sleeper as Lyons and the crowd try to fire the youngster up. Jade slips free and nearly makes the hot tag but Nattie bull charges her back to the corner. Lash comes in and mocks Jade. Legend does the weakest "charge" ever and Jade simply shrugs her to the side, causing Legend to fall out. Jade sloooowly crawls to the corner, only to be stopped by Natalya. Lyons finally gets the hot tag and cleans house before dropping Nattie with a neckbreaker, covering for two. Legend comes in legal and hits Lyons with a dropkick. A miscommunication causes Nattie to accidentally attack Legend. Lyons sends Natalya to the outside and uses the distraction for a release German Suplex. Lyons tags in Jade then hits a split-leg drop on Legend, allowing Jade to hit a top-rope senton to pick up the win!
Your Winners, Nikkita Lyons and Cora Jade!

Cross-Brand Tag Team Match: the Creed Brothers vs SmackDown's the Viking Warriors

And it's time to raid! Out come War Machine War Raiders the Viking Experience the Viking Raiders! We head to break! When we return, the Creed Brothers make their entrance. Despite the Diamond Mine's recent downsizing, Strong still leads the faction with the brothers and Ivy Nile. Ivar and Erik start off strong against the Creeds, taking it to the younger Superstars and hitting the Viking Experience early on for a close call. Julius Creed is all but manhandled by the 'Raiders as they take control of the match early on. We head to break, and during it the Vikings maintain control. We return from break as Brutus flips Erik, freeing himself after taking ab eating for the last three minutes. Both men make tags and Julius comes in on fire, taking down Erik and Ivar both. Ivar limps to tag in Erik; Julius with a single-arm slam on Erik. Brutus makes a blind tag and the Creeds double-team Erik with what ultimately was a modified Razor's Edge. Julius Ivar are dumped over the top as Erik and Brutus battle it out. Close call for the Vikings. The ref gives lots of lateral to both teams.

Ivar takes out Julius at ringside and comes in off the tag. Both Vikings attempt to double-team him but he fights back, sending Erik out of the ring. Ivar, however, fires off a sit-out Powerbomb for a close call. Ivar takes him into the Raiders corner and tags in Erik. The two work together to double team Creed, as Ivar powerbombs Erik onto him then climbs up and hits a top-rope splash! Erik covers but only gets two as Brutus kicks out. The action continues, leading to Ivar climbing the top rope for a splash. Julius pops up, runs up the turnbuckles and snap suplexes Ivar off the top to a series of holy shit/this is awesome chants from the fans. The Raiders rally, double-teaming Julius but Brutus finally makes the save. All four men are down as the crowd really comes alive for the conclusion of this bout. Julius picks up Ivar and hits a rolling driver suplex before picking Erik's leg. Brutus spears Ivar through the ropes. Erik and Julius brawl until Roderick Strong, dressed in a hoodie, attacks Erik--sucker-punching a rope-strung Raider and giving the Creeds the advantage. Julius rolls up Erik and picks up the win.
Your Winners, the Creed Brothers!

Legado Del Fantasma Kidnap AJ Galante

We see Tony D'Angelo and Galante part ways. Escobar walks up and meets AJ, stating he knows how valuable he is to Tony D. Escobar then attacks AJ Galante until LDF roll up in an SVU and kidnap him. We head to break.

NXT Championship Match: Bron Breakker(c) vs Joe Gacy

We get our entrances and official announcements and, with eight minutes left, we get going! We're told Breakker's wearing the same attire (or designed similarly as what) his father Rick Steiner wore on the very first Monday Night Raw 29 years ago. Gacy takes control early and focuses on attempted working holds. Breakker breaks the hold with a jawbreaker and sends Gacy outside in a sloppy and slow spot. Breakker stops Gacy from entering the ring once, twice, kicking him in the face. Gacy with a big shot to the gut on Breakker allows him to enter the ring. Gacy clubs Breakker with a running forearm that sends the champ flying out onto the entrance ramp. Gacy looks to take Breakker back into the ring and whips him; Breakker counters the whip, only to have Gacy counter his counter and drop him at ringside. We go to break! Throughout the break, Gacy maintains control. Gacy continuously takes his offense to working holds and focuses on the champ's neck, attempting to put the champ to sleep.

We return and Gacy posts up upside down in the corner, kind of a mix of a Tree of Woe and Bray Wyatt. Gacy looks for covers frequently as Vic Joseph states Gacy's turned himself into a "master of fear." Gacy changes tactics and goes after the champ's left arm, using a wrenching arm bar and a chin hold. The crowd cues us to the fact that cloaked figures are on each stairway in the crowd--Gacy's newest minions, I suppose. Breakker fires up finally,k getting his first bit of offense as he runs ropes to ropes and runs over Gacy. Breakker looks for a belly to belly but Gacy counters it into a modified Side Russian Leg Sweep and attempts a cover. We head into overrun territory as we're pushing on an astounding wrestling-to-air-time ratio of 70/88. Bron and Joe exchange leads quickly, with both men getting smaller spurts of offense. Gacy generally maintains control however, and uses an Alabama Slam on the champ followed by a sit-out Powerbomb for a close fall. The crowd is fading in this, all but dead as Gacy continues to control. Two people yell "let's go Breakker". Literally. Gacy somersaults off the ropes and right into a spear from Breakker out of nowhere, and suddenly the match is over just like that. Okay? Afterwards, two dark cloaked figures with red face coverings stand on the apron and we cut to commercial.
Your Winner and STILL NXT Champion, Bron Breakker!

Source: rajah.com
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