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WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results - April 26, 2022

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Apr 27, 2022

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results - April 26, 2022

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (April 26, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL, courtesy of Mike Hogan of RAJAH.com.



Singles Match: Nikkita Lyons vs Lash Legend

We open with the camera on Lyons backstage as she makes her way tot he ramp. She makes her entrance to a decent pop. Lash Legend is out next, to boos galore. The two don't even wait for the bell and begin to exchange blows right away. The ref calls for the bell as they continue to jockey for control. Lash drops Lyons with a weak slap. The fans fire up behind Nikkita, who runs off the ropes and eventually catches Legend with a modified Lou Thesz. Lyons pounds Legend around the mat until the ref forces the break. Lyons raises her hands, indicating she's complying, when Legend dumps Lyons out of the ring! Lash takes control with a running hip attack that knocks Lyons off the apron. Legend exits the ring to pursue Lyons. Legend sends Lyons into the steel steps then pulls her into the ring by her hair--or attempts to as Lyons yanks on Legend's arm, ramming her into the turnbuckle! Lyons enters the ring but Legend again takes control of the match, shrugging off a "you suck" chant. Lyons looks for a sneak roll-up but only gets a two. The crowd really fires up for Lyons as Legends sends her face-first into the turnbuckle before driving Lyons into the mat with a spinning sidewalk slam for a close two. Lyons finds her head wrenched as Legend uses working holds in an effort to wear down Lyons. Lyons eventually catches Legend's foot when she attempts to stomp her. Lyons starts her comeback sequence with rising knees and kicks. Legend is sent hard into the mat with a German Suplex! The two battle in a corner, with Lyons climbing the middle turnbuckle and pounding Legend's head. Legend counters it with a Powerbomb attempt, only to have Lyons reverse that with a modified Hurricanrana take down. Lyons covers and picks up the win!
Your Winner, Nikkita Lyons!


After the Match: Natalya and Cora Join the Fray

Nattie immediately takes Lyons down, pounding her until Cora Jade hits the ring to make the save. Nattie and Jade square off but Lyons attacks Natalya from behind, sending her and Legend up the ramp.


Backstage: Tony D'Angelo

Tony D cuts a quick promo about his upcoming match against Xyon Quinn next week, stating Quinn will be sleeping with the fishes and states "Santos knows all about that." We head to break.

Roderick Gives Strong Love to the Diamond Mine

Strong lays into the various members of the Diamond Mine, stating that they've been under-performing and he refuses to let their faction dissolve the way his last did. He tells them that he's got a tag match for the Creeds to test their mettle--and up walks the Viking Raiders, who we're told has a match tonight!

Singles Match: Von Wagner w/ Mr. Stone vs Tony D'Angelo

We're told Von is now off of suspension and is escorted by "Mr. Stone" to the ring. As Xyon isn't yet cleared to wrestle, Tony D'Angelo will face Wagner. Tony gets a nice welcome and we get our bell. Wagner takes an early lead as his size and strength advantage help him dominate D'Angelo for the first five minutes of the match, through the break, until we return. During that period, Tony D mostly weathers and absorbs the ass beating he's given. He attempts twice to take control but fails. When we return from the break, D'Angelo breaks yet another headlock by powering to a vertical base and using a backpack stunner to gain some separation. Both men slug it out and Wagner again takes the control. The crowd is as vociferous as always. D'Angelo finally manages to break free of Wagner's control and starts his comeback sequence. Wagner does an impressive job dominating Tony D throughout the match, but the "Don of NXT" makes Wagner his goomah with a big belly-to-belly. Wagner and Tony D slug it out with Tony taking the advantage and driving the big man into the mat! Tony fires up, using body shots and quick suplexes to contain the big man. Legado Del Fantasma hit the ring, and Wilde/Mendoza (bonk their new names) distract the ref. This allows Santos Escobar to hit Tony D with a foreign object outside the ring. Tony D barely gets in before the ten count, but walks right into a big boot from Wagner. Wagner picks up what Vic calls the "biggest win in Wagner's career."
Your Winner, Von Wagner!

Singles Debut Match: NXT UK's Nathan Fraser(d) vs ???

Nathan starts his entrance when he's interrupted by Grayson Waller, who tells Nathan that no one cares about his debut. He claims it's the Grayson Waller show and he can do whatever he wants. He insults Chase U, who are in the audience, and calls it a scam. He claims the sorority girls at Chase U are built like refrigerators and goads Andre Chase. Fraser attacks Waller, chasing him from the ring. Andre Chase gets in the ring with him and tells Waller "Grayson Waller, what we have here is...a teachable moment." He and Hayward greet Fraser as the crowd cheers.
No match.


The First-Ever NXT Women's Breakout Tournament Announced!

Ariana Grace--aka Bianca Carelli, Santino Morella's daughter--cuts a short promo as she's the first announced entrant in the new tournament. We head to break.

Tag Match: Yulissa Leon & Valentina Feroz vs Katana Chance (Catanzaro) & Kayden Carter

We head to break and return, with Feroz & Leon shaking their shoulders as they show off their new, coordinated ring gear with "wings" on the entrance part. Carter and Catanzaro use their usual offense of frequent tags, tandem attacks, and a balance of technical and high flyer to contain their opponent. Oh yeah, Katana Chance is Kacy Catanzaro's new name. Whatever. Carter and Chance contain Feroz throughout the opening minutes of the match. Feroz looks to Leon for a tag but KC2 do a great job of containing her and preventing the hot tag. Carter lifts Feroz up in a fireman's carry, tagging in Chance. Leon finally gets the hot tag and takes control of KC2 briefly. Feroz and Leon are no strangers to tandem offense as they innovate to work together against Kayden Carter but Chance and Carter hang on to pull off the win.
Your Winner, KC2!

Five-Person Handicapped Mixed Tag Match: Legado Del Fantasma vs Briggs & Henley

As Jensen was attacked prior to the match, LDF took on Briggs & Henley in a three-on-two handicapped match. Jensen and Briggs had some decent offense but LDF--the fan favorites--easily picked up the win. Henley and Lopez were nearly inseparable during their stretch in the ring.
Your Winners, Legado Del Fantasma!

Singles Match: Solo Sikoa vs Trick Williams w/ Carmelo Hayes

North American Champion Cameron Grimes makes his way out ahead of this match, joining the commentary team to watch this match go down...after this commercial break. Trick starts off taking the lead and uses an arm hold to send Solo's shoulder into the top turnbuckle. Trick pulls the same trick, executing the move three more times in a row. Williams transitions to an arm hold as the fans chant for Solo incessantly. Solo counters a whip into a big shoulder that knocks down Williams. Again, Solo with a shoulder block! Solo with a snap body slam followed by an arm wrench. Sikoa again wrenches and snaps Williams left arm, and again! Solo focuses a series of movies on Williams left wrist and arm. Solo uses chops to keep Williams off balance before taking it technical and going after the shoulder again. Williams finally starts to fight back, dropping Solo with a spinning kick. Trick stomps on Solo on the mat and hits a beautiful Scoop Slam. Williams barely connects with a dropkick so the ref checks on Solo to make sure he's okay. Williams with a running neckbreaker, followed by a pin attempt. Williams begins to focus on Solo's left shoulder. Solo powers to his feet, however, quickly and whips Williams into the rope. Solo broadcasts a back drop so Williams counters with a kick. Solo screams in rage and hits a back body drop on Williams. Solo gets his second wind and takes control of the match, never relenting. Solo uses the Uso Splash to put away Williams.
Your Winner, Solo Sikoa!

Tag Match: SmackDown's the Viking Raiders vs Edris Enofé & Malik Blade

Enofé & Blade are out first, followed by SmackDown's own the Viking Raiders who get a standing ovation from the NXT Universe. It looks like we're starting with Ivar and Blade. Ivar brings in Erik to take on Enofé. The two lock up and Erik whips Enofé into the ropes. Erik looks for a back body drop but Enofé hops up and stands on Erik's back in a great display of balance. Blade comes in and begins working over Erik's arm. Enofé and Blade begin using quick tags to try to wear down Erik, but Erik nearly decapitates Enofé with a huge clotheslines! Erik tags in Ivar and the two pummel Enofé. Ivar throws Enofé into the corner and fires off back elbows straight to the right side of Enofé's face as the ref counts a warning. Ivar tags in Erik, who loses containment over Enofé despite nearly picking up the win after a rising knee to Enofé's chin. Blade and Enofé take control for about ninety seconds, continuing fast tags to isolate the Raiders. The berserkers persevere, whoever, and hit their double-finisher to pick up the win.
Your Winners, the Viking Raiders!

Singles Main Event Match: NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose w/ Toxic Attraction vs Roxanne Perez

The crowd is hot for this match, and dueling chants dominate the match from the NXT Universe. Perez comes out the gate aggressive, leading Rose to implore the ref to back Perez up. Rose attempts to use the distraction to her advantage, but the first few minutes see both women exchanging brief controls rapidly. Rose at one points mocks Perez, poking her forehead with a finger. Perez bites Rose's finger as the ref warns her. Rose objects; Perez uses the momentary slip in concentration to roll up Rose for a close two. Perez takes it outside where she puts in her application to take over finger manipulation from Pete Dunne. Perez holds Rose's hand, fingers extended, and smashes it against the edge of the steel steps. Perez enters the ring, hands clasped behind her back, pacing as we go to break, and grinning at the champ as Toxic Attraction attempt to comfort her. Rose angrily enters the ring but Perez taunts the champ, toying with her even, as she slides out the ring. Rose chases her out and back into the ring and Perez again takes Rose down. Again, Perez taunts her, laying on her stomach and waving at the downed champ with a big smile.
Rose finds herself in a guillotine submission during the break but makes it to the ropes. Perez again toys with the champ, laying Rose out on the canvas, extending a hand, and standing on it. She clasps her hands behind her back, smiles, then stomps on Rose's hand and goes back for another submission! Rose breaks the lengthy hold with a spinebuster and holds her throat as the rookie holds her back. We return from break and Perez throws a right to Rose. Vic Joseph reminds us that she's just twenty years old. Rose drops Perez with a back body drop and looks for a cover but barely gets two. Rose takes control for the first time of really any length tonight, using a back breaker submission to try to wear down Perez. Perez throws knees to Rose's face to break free and crawls to the corner, only to fall victim to an Alley Oop from Rose. Rose looks for another pin after working the back for a few moments. The champ stomps Perez's stomach and starts to talk smack to her. The crowd gets louder for Mandy and Roxie. Rose uses a scoop slam to down Perez and again plays up to the crowd, wasting precious moments as she taunts the crowd. Perez catches a charging Rose with a back elbow, then another with a kick. Perez leaps off the middle turnbuckle and mounts and pounds Rose. Perez with a rear splash int he corner followed by a textbook Side Russian Leg Sweep and a backflip splash for a close fall of her own! Our Superstars pick up the pace as we build towards our finish. Perez hits her finisher but the champ hangs in there, using a running knee to Perez's jaw to pick up the win.
Your Winner, Mandy Rose!

Wendy Choo-choo-chooses Mandy

Wendy Choo hits the ring and Toxic Attraction flee up the ramp. Choo pulls out a box with a big button and the trio freak out. She pushes it and a net drops from the ceiling on them. Then Choo and Perez chase the champs off with silly string.


Overrun Segment: Joe Gacy Has a Message for Bron Breakker

Gacy enters the ring at 10:01pm and gets on the mic. He has "disciples" in robes walk down the ramp and surround the ring; probably a dozen or so. Gacy goes on about acceptance and making "great strides, but the mission isn't quite accomplished. And I don't think everyone buys in to that way of life. And I ask, 'why?' It's time to step up and separate from the masses of people who want to keep living in the past! Commit to the future! Commit to my vision. Do it willingly because at NXT Spring Breakin'...after, there will be no choice. Bron Breakker has not told us about his injury and that's because I know Bron Breakker is not cleared to defend the NXT Championship because of what I did! And because of Bron Breakker's fall from grace, I--Joe Gacy--will be crowned new NXT Champion and the mold & clay that is NXT will be hardened into the vision as I see the world." Gacy's interrupted then by Rick Steiner! The WWE Hall of Famer comes out to a great reaction! Note: one side of the ring has an extra disciple on it. Steiner gets on the mic, telling Gacy that Bron is indeed cleared and will defend his title next week. Gacy tells Rick that he picked either the best time to come back...or the worst possible time.
All of the cloaked figures get on the apron. Bron Breakker comes out and begins battling through the disciples. Two restrain Rick in the corner. Bron clears the ring, mostly, but turns around into a running lariat from Gacy that lays him out. Gacy raises a hand up and the disciples form up in a line then pass Breakker's belt down the ramp, from person to person, up into the ring and to Gacy. Must be two dozen disciples, really. Gacy hoists up Breakker's belt and his music plays us out. Okay.

Next Week on NXT Spring Breakin'
  • Tag Match:Lash Legend & Natalya vs Cora Jade & Nikkita Lyons
  • North American Championship Triple-Threat Match:Cameron Grimes(c) vs Solo Sikoa vs Cameron Grimes
  • NXT Championship Match:Bron Breakker(c) vs Joe Gacy.
  • Cross-Brand Tag Match:the Creed Brothers vs the Viking Raiders.
  • Segment:Tony D'Angelo & Santos Escobar have a sit-down meeting.
  • Singles Debut Match: Nathan Fraser(d) vs Grayson Waller
Source: rajah.com
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