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WWE NXT 2.0 Results - April 12, 2022

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Apr 12, 2022

WWE NXT 2.0 Results - April 12, 2022

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (April 12, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL, courtesy of our live coverage partner Mike Hogan of RAJAH.com.


Opening Video: Building Up to Tonight

We open with a video that shows the build up to tonight (derp), highlighting Bron Breakker's successful defense against WALTER last week. Our commentary team welcomes us and we get straight to our first title defense.

North American Championship Match: Cameron Grimes(c) vs Solo Sikoa

The blue spotlight is on and introductions are made, the title's presented, the crowd start's an Uso chant and we get things underway! Grimes is the first to take control, using his technical skill to keep Solo grounded for the first few minutes. Grimes works Solo's arm, focusing on the shoulder and wrist. Solo attempts to escape twice but Grimes uses arm bars to drag the younger Uso down. Solo starts to get some offense in and the two engage in a sequence of move-and-counter-move in which both men avoid each other's finishers and seemingly are perfectly in sync. It culminates with both men standing toe-to-toe. Grimes offers a hand, yelling that he respects Solo twice as they shake. He then adds "but the Bloodline can kiss my butt!" The two begin slugging it out as the younger Uso fires up. We head to picture-in-picture break that sees Solo get a brief spurt of offense but Grimes again goes after the arm and continues to use working holds to keep control of the pace of the match.
Solo starts his comeback sequence, dropping Grimes and using a running Rikishi corner splash to rock the champ. Solo covers and Grimes literally kicks out at the last possible moment. Sikoa looks for a Samoan Drop but Grimes starts to fight back. Both men slug it out. Grimes heads up top and looks for a stomp off the top but Solo avoids it. Grimes hits his signature on Solo and covers, nearly getting the win. Grimes posts up in the corner and crows, "to the moon!" He leaps off and Sikoa intercepts him in mid air, hitting a Samoan Drop counter! Solo fails to get the cover and heads up top. Suddenly, Trick Williams hits the ringside area and yanks Solo off the top as the ref is distracted. Solo hits a splash to Williams on the outside then heads back into the ring and up the turnbuckles. The distraction, however, allows Grimes to run up the turnbuckles, take Sikoa down, and pick up the win.
Your Winner and STILL North American Champion, Cameron Grimes!

After the Match: Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams Attack!

Hayes hits the ring with Trick and the two attack Cameron Grimes. Sikoa attempts to assist the champ but the numbers aren't in his favor as Melo and Trick, ultimately, leave him laid out. Melo hoists his former title and his theme plays us out.

Backstage: the Gauntlet Lotto

We briefly cut to the back, where the Diamond Mine cut a promo about taking care of two birds with this episode's one stone--capturing the titles whilst getting revenge on Pretty Deadly for the torment they've caused the Creeds lately. The lotto wheel is spun and we get ready for our gauntlet, but first...

NXT Champion Bron Breakker Calls Out Joe Gacy

Bron comes out to woofs and cheers as we're reminded that Gacy abducted and falsely imprisoned Rick Steiner last week. Bron calls out Gacy, wanting some retribution. We cut to a video of Gacy out in the woods with a barrel fire in front of him. He talks about meeting Rick Steiner last week and getting to know Bron through Rick. Gacy then reveals that he kept Rick Steiner's Hall of Fame ring. He talks about purging by fire then drops the ring in the barrel, implying it's destroyed. Bron looks on and shakes his head, and we cut backstage.

Jacket Time is Ambushed Backstage

Jacket Time are shown backstage, hyping themselves up for whatever, when Von Wagner attacks them. The Original Neanderthal Man is growing a beard, and it suits him. He easily dispatches both members of Jacket Time as Robert Stone watches on, encouraging him. We head to break.

Ikemen Jiro Confronts the Robert Stone Brand

Stone and Wagner are in the ring after the break, attempting to cut a promo for the Brand. Ikemen Jiro hits the ring and attacks Wagner, sending him out of the ring. He demands a match and we get it--right now!

Singles Match: Ikemen Jiro vs Von Wagner

A ref comes out and Jiro starts off strong. Jiro actually controls the bulk of the offense, with Von Wagner hitting a few power moves to showcase his strength and size. Jiro nearly pulls the upset but Robert Stone successfully distracts Jiro, allowing Wagner to hit a modified AA to pick up the win. After the match, Stone ordered Wagner to beat down Jiro and the big man did before throwing him into the front few rows of the audience. The crowd ripped off a "holy shit!" chant. After the break we're shown clips of Jiro getting assistance from NXT medical staff.
Your Winner, Von Wagner!

NXT Women's Championship Match: Mandy Rose(c) vs Dakota Kai

Dakota Kai is out first and, after a few breaks and segments, we finally get the Toxic Attraction entrance. The crowd is loudly behind Mandy. The belt is presented, showing custom Toxic Attraction side plates, and the ref calls for the bell! Rose and Kai clash, battling back and forth in our opening minutes. Kai fires up and takes the first lead early on, using her patented kick-based strikes to punish the champ and quick grapples to keep Rose off balanced. Rose rolls to the outside and is met by Toxic Attraction. Dakota Kai uses a running dive to the outside to wipe out all three members of Toxic Attraction, sending us to yet another break.

During the break (we're told), Rose finally takes control. We return to find Rose using a thigh lock submission on Kai. Kai refuses to tap and attempts a comeback. Kai flips against the ropes but Rose counters it with an inverted modified Michinoku.

Rose takes control back and attempts to wear down Kai, again looking for a submission. Kai finally starts her comeback sequence, battering the champ across the ring. Kai drives the champ down and covers, nearly scoring the pin fall. Kai focuses her assault on Rose's right hamstring. Rose starts her own comeback but favors her hamstring. Rose covers but Kai escapes and hits the Kai-ropractor! Kai sees the champ is vulnerable and posts up in the corner. Gigi Dolin hops on the apron, distracting Kai. Kai starts her circular running kick attack but is distracted by Jacy Jayne. Kai drops Jayne and picks up her tag strap. The distraction buys Rose time to recover and she uses a running scissors kick to slam the title into Kai's face. Rose quickly covers and picks up the win.
Your Winner and STILL NXT Women's Champion, Mandy Rose!

Wendy Choo Gets Toxic Attraction Wet

As the trio celebrate with all of the women's gold, Wendy Choo "attacks" them with a super-soaker. Our three champions, professional athletes, are caught off guard by the water gun. Yep.

Vignette: Joe Gacy is Crazy...for Bron Breakker

Nice, creepy vignette of Gacy outside again with a barrel fire in front of him, or a fire pit, whatever. He talks about living rent-free in Breakker's head and explains it's all part of his master plan to win the title. He then uses prongs to retrieve Rick Steiner's HoF ring and puts it on his ring, pretending to grimace as it supposedly sizzles. We head to break.

Cora Jade Addresses the NXT Universes

Jade makes her way out, sans skateboard, in cargo pants and a black top and cap. The fans cheer Cora often. Jade speaks about WrestleMania weekend, calling it one of the biggest moments of her life. "The best part was that my parents got to sit int eh second row and watch me," then jokes she's working on getting them front-row seats. She states that she fought against three worthy competitors and gave it her all, but it wasn't enough. She pivots, stating that she thought she wanted to become NXT Women's Champion, she needs to become that. She claims this isn't another promo about redirecting her focus as her goal remains the same. Again she references writing in a notebook a couple of years back, when she was eight, and how she wanted to grow up to be a champion. She then runs off a list of champs that she is inspired by, and admires, until one of her "childhood heroes" interrupts her and it's none other than...

Natalya Arrives in NXT!

The familiar screech starts us off with Natalya's theme and the crowd goes wild as the veteran makes her way out. Cora Jade is stunned to see her idol and the crowd loudly chants for Natalya, nearly moving her to tears. She gets several interrupting chants, welcoming her back and chanting for Nattie. She eventually tells Cora Jade that it's nice to meet her and introduces herself. Jade tells Nattie that she knows her, calling her the B.O.A.T. and rants on that Nattie was the firs ever action figure she bought. She remembers when she was ten, after a SmackDown live event, that she saw Nattie and Nattie pointed at her. Afterwards, Nattie mentions that she's so happy as she saw the old DM and it moved her as she pointed at the "right girl." They share an emotional moment and Natalya tells Cora that she's the future of the NXT women's division. "But that future is bleak," Natalya adds before slapping Cora. She then slams Jade into the mat and slaps the Sharpshooter on Jade! Jade taps and Nattie refuses to break the hold for several long moments. Finally she does, leaving Cora on the mat upset and shocked.

Singles Match: Draco Anthony vs Xyon Quin

Both Superstars start off fast, with Draco's speed offsetting Xyon's power. Quin uses a suplex toss to send Draco across the ring. Draco makes the mistake of mocking Xyon by slapping him multiple times. The Samoan warrior fires up, angry at the disrespect. Xyon uses a Samoan Drop and driver on Draco, then slows the pace as he takes his time punishing Draco. Quin gets a chant from the crowd to attack one more time, and he complies, hitting three running clotheslines in a row to put away Draco in short fashion.
Your Winner, Xyon Quin!


Backstage: Natalya and Random Women

Natalya is approached in a room filled with random women--most likely trainees and the next generation of Superstars. She puts the entire women's division on notice.

NXT Tag Team Championship Gauntlet Main Event Match

Our first team is the Creed Brothers and our second is Legado Del Fantasma. The crowd is loudly behind LDF. The Creeds open our match with what's becoming their modus operandi in which Brutus starts off strong and gives way to Julius. Julius finds himself, as per the norm, in the wrong corner and falls victim to LDF's frequent tags. Wilde with a springboard Senton for a quick cover but no luck. Mendoza enters and looks for frequent pins. Julius manages to slap an Ankle Lock on Wilde. Brutus stops Mendoza from interfering and slaps an Ankle Lock on him, too. Finally the ref forces the break. Julius tags in Brutus, who pops Wilde up in the air and lets him crash to the canvas. Brutus brutalizes Wilde, pounding on his chest with both hands like a damn ape. Brutus hits a powerbomb for a close cover. Julius comes back in but fails to contain Mendoza. Raul has an impressive spot in which he counters a pop-up with a springboard missile dropkick. Wilde comes in and hits a 450, nearly picking up the win. Brutus makes the save but is dropkicked in the back by Mendoza as he heads back to his corner. LDF attempt a double team but Brutus drags Mendoza out of the ring. Creed with an Olympic slam before tagging in his brother and the two perform a pair of double-team moves to pick up the win.

Legado Del Fantasma have been eliminated (9:44pm)

Out next are Briggs & Jensen with Fallon Henley. Henley and Elektra Lopez take shots at each other as the two teams pass each other by. B & J bump fists with the Creeds in a sign of respect then we head to a break as the action begins. After the break, we return to find the Creeds in control. Brutus gives way to Julius and the duo stalk Briggs. Briggs pops Brutus over the top rope and to the outside then lays out Julius with a lariat. Briggs & Jensen double-team Brutus outside the ring then head to the commentary area. Briggs and Jensen double-Powerbomb Brutus through the commentary table! The duo return to the ring and Julius is left to fend for himself. B & J use quick tags to allow them to do a lot of tandem offense. Wade jokes that Jensen "can't even get laid right now." Okay. The crowd cheers on the Creeds as Julius attempts to fight weather the onslaught from B & J. The wrong man attempts to pin Julius. They team up to hit a double-team sit-out Powerbomb, but Brutus manages to assist with a save. B & J send Brutus back outside and again, use quick tags to execute yet another double-team move. Brutus tackles Jensen, crashing them into the ref and breaking the pin. Briggs lays out a recovering Brutus and again, B & J look for another double-team move. They fail to notice Brutus tag in and, instead, focus on Julius. Brutus uses the confusion to lay out Jensen and pick up the pinfall.

Briggs & Jensen have been eliminated (9:53pm)

They're replaced with team number four (of five), Sanga, and Grayson Waller. Sanga starts us off and beats the tar out of Julius then yells "Namaste!" We head to a picture-in-picture break, during which Grayson Waller and Sanga (mostly Sanga) completely man-handle the Creeds, who are on their third consecutive match. Sanga showcases a great look and skill set, easily tossing even Brutus Creed across the ring like a doll. Grayson Waller comes in after Sanga's softened up the Creeds and looks to capitalize on the exhausted Diamond Mine members. Brutus hangs in there and tags in a fresher Julius. Julius drops Waller and attempts to dropkick Sanga off the apron, but Sanga drops down and out of harm's way. Julius wraps up Waller and Brutus makes the blind tag. Brutus attacks Waller, and he rolls to the outside and is noticeably absent the rest of their match. Sanga enters the ring and attempts to take advantage of Brutus. Brutus hooks the leg and hoists Sanga up by his leg, slamming him down! Not to be out-done is Julius Creed, who manages to hoist Sanga up in a back drop. Creed covers Sanga!

Grayson Waller & Sanga have been eliminated (9:59pm)

The fifth and final team out are Pretty Deadly. The Creed Brothers are at the disadvantage as they're on their fourth match of the night. Elton Prince (Lewis Howley) and Kit Wilson (Sam Stoker) take turns dominating Julius Creed. We're reminded that they've dominated the NXT UK tag division and are looking to do the same here. The duo use quick tags and continue to isolate Julius as Brutus looks on, exhausted, using the top rope to prop himself up. Julius starts to get a fourth wind and uses a suplex to drop Kit. Brutus gets the lukewarm tag but is immediately double-teamed by Pretty Deadly. Prince sends Julius into the steel steps outside as Kit covers Brutus. Brutus kicks out and attempts an inside cradle as the fans root for them. Kit tags in Elton as the crowd again fires up for the Creeds and hit a unique double-team whip into a jaw breaker. The ref loses control of the match as all four men go at it. Julius inadvertently distracts the ref, allowing the illegal member of Pretty Deadly to sucker-punch Brutus. They hit a spinebuster combo and pick up the win to major boos.

The Creed Brothers have been eliminated (10:06pm)
Your Winners and NEW NXT Tag Team Champions, Pretty Deadly!

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