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AEW Rampage Results (April 8th 2022)

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Apr 08, 2022

AEW Rampage Results (April 8th 2022)

It’s Friday, you know what that means! (Special shout out to the guy that hates me saying this every week, sorry, not gonna stop. #BrodieLeeForever). Sorry, anyway, it IS Friday and it IS time for the fastest hour in pro wrestling, AEW Rampage! We have an hour of wrestling coming up that has been widely acclaimed as excellent by those in attendance so let’s get to it! We have Danielson vs Trent and Moxley vs Yuta so, with Excalibur, Taz & Ricky Starks on commentary, let’s get straight to the wrestling!

Bryan Danielson defeated Trent Beretta via Submission (13:40)

We’re starting hot with arguably the greatest singles wrestler in the world currently against Trent Beretta who’s no pushover himself to kick off Rampage. William Regal once again joins commentary rather than stand with his wrestler at ringside. The entrances are made before the show on YouTube so we start with both men in the ring and the bell ringing to get us started. Danielson takes down Trent and works over the arm but Trent fights back only for Bryan to roll him back over then back off with a swift kick to the back. They lock up again but Trent escapes and then Danielson comes off the ropes into a Trent Elbow to drop him. Both men lock up and Danielson uses leg kicks to back Trent into the corner but Trent flips it round only for Danielson to lock on a choke hold but gets hit with a Release Northern Lights Suplex so Trent can escape. Danielson fights backs with chops and kicks to the chest and then both men spill to the outside but Trent holds onto the ropes and then goes for a dive but Danielson catches him with a strike. Danielson tries to hit a Tope Suicida but gets caught into a Saito Suplex by Trent but we get sent to break with Trent missing a move and going head first into the ring steps. Danielson recovers first and gets back into the ring and Trent follows him in a bad way. Bryan goes after Trent’s bad neck throughout our first break.

We return as Trent tries to fight back to his feet but Danielsons strikes keep him down. Trent fires up with strikes and then hits a Front Headlock Suplex before climbing up top but Trent catches him up there and hits a huge superplex which causes a double down. We move to a striking exchange starting with chops but Danielson moves to Elbows and Trent reverses into a German Suplex but Danielson soon comes back with a Rolling Elbow Strike and a Leg Capture Suplex with a bridge for two. Danielson locks in the Dragon Sleeper but Trent makes it to the ropes and then Danielson drives knees into the head of Trent and goes for a Piledriver but Trent counters and both men exchange roll ups. Trent manages to hit the Swinging DDT for two after avoiding Danielsons running elbow and then takes Danielson up top but Bryan slips out and takes Trent down before he hits an Avalanche Back Body Drop but Trent flips the momentum in mid-air to land on top of Danielson and get a two. Another striking exchange ensues and Trent transitions into a Half and Half and a big Lariat for two. He drops Danielson again with Elbows and then tries to hit him with something off the ropes and Danielson pulls out the Busaiku Knee from nowhere and then he hits the Gotch Style Piledriver. The match is over but Danielson doesn’t agree so he stomps the head of Trent into the mat and then he goes for a Modified LeBell Lock with more torque on the neck to get the win.

Hook Interview

Lexy Nair tries to interview Hook and has as much luck as Tony Schiavone did on Dynamite. Danhausen pops out of a bin to curse Hook but is foiled once again.

American Top Team Promo

Scorpio Sky, Ethan Page and Dan Lambert are in the ring and Scorpio says that he was brave to get rid of the open challenge and says people need to step up. Sammy Guevara comes out and says the man makes the title and the title makes the man. Tay goes to talk but Dan Lambert interrupts them to say they need to talk more about what they do in the ring not the bedroom. Sammy wants a match and Ethan says it’s not worth it to them and Sammy is a Pillar but also the first crack in the foundation. Ethan speaks to his daughter at home and prays she doesn’t end up like Tay. Sammy says they’ll make their life hell until they get the match and they should see what they do next week.

Chris Jericho Sports Entertainer of the Week

I really wanted this to be Cody but it’s QT Marshall who we see next.

Swerve Strickland defeated QT Marshall w/ Aaron Solo & Nick Comoroto via Pinfall (5:08)

We’re reminded what happened with the Team Taz attack last Friday and Keith Lee’s revenge on Wednesday as Swerve enters. QT is already in the ring and we’re soon underway as QT drops Swerve with a Shoulder Tackle but Swerve fights back and uses some Mat wrestling and some Lucha to get back on top but QT cuts him off with a strike and tosses Swerve to the outside where he lands on his feet as we go to break. Swerve sends QT to the outside and hits a Pump Kick from the apron in retaliation before hitting a Double Axe Handle from there too. Swerve rolls him back in and climbs up top but QT recovers and takes him down with a Lariat. The referee sends Nick Comoroto and Aaron Solo from ringside because they’ve been distracting Swerve but QT remains on top in the ring as we get the standard for a pre-taped AEW Rampage on Fite, the black out.

When we eventually return to the match, Swerve is fighting back and hits an elbow strike to drop QT before attacking in the corner and then hitting the Diving Uppercut from the middle rope. QT avoids a Full Nelson to hit an Elbow strike and calls for the Diamond Cutter but Swerve avoids and hits a Low Dropkick and a Flatliner before he lines him up for a Back Heel Kick to the back of QT’s head to get the victory.

Ricky interrupts Swerve’s celebration to announce a tag match on Dynamite next week as Ricky and Powerhouse Hobbs face Swerve and Keith Lee.

Marina Shafir Video Package

The Problem arrives soon and she tells Jade that she’s begging her to solve her.

Red Velvet defeated Willow Nightingale via Pinfall (5:21) to qualify for the Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament

No entrances as we get straight into the action. The crowd are firmly behind Willow early on and she gets off to a good start as she has Velvet in trouble with her size. Velvet fights back with a leg lariat and an Arm Drag but Willow drops her to the crowd's happiness. She does it again with a Shoulder Tackle for two and then hits a big body slam but she misses the running Senton and Velvet fights back with multiple strikes in the corner. Willow comes back with a Suplex and then hits the Senton for two. She climbs up top and goes for the Moonsault Press but misses and Velvet comes back with some Slingblades and then a Double Knee Strike before she hits the Just Desserts for a 2.9. The crowd loved Willow kicking out and she comes back with a huge Spinebuster for two. Both women exchange strikes and then Willow hits a huge Pounce as Velvet goes for something off the ropes and then she hits a Cannonball in the corner for another two! Willow hoists Velvet up but she counters with a Back Stabber and then hits a Corkscrew Kick to get the win. The crowd don’t like that at all but they’re silent which is perhaps worse than boos.

Tony Nese Interview

Tony berates Lexy for not being excited to talk to him and Mark Sterling interrupts him to agree and then tries to make him his new client.

Mark Henry Main Event Interview

Mark asks Wheeler what he has in store for Mox and Wheeler reminds us that Mox embarrassed him the first time but he came closer to a win the second time and Wheeler says that he’s not scared of Mox. Wheeler says he’s earning Mox’s respect tonight. Moxley says it’s not his job to show him respect, it’s his job to spill Yuta’s guts all over the canvas so the Blackpool Combat Club can see what he’s made of. Looks like we’ve had enough talk, it’s time for the Main Event!

Jon Moxley defeated Wheeler Yuta via Referee Stoppage (13:39)

Wheeler Yuta comes out to his own music for the first time on TV I think and he’s wearing his newly earned ROH Pure Championship. Moxley follows him to the ring through the crowd but Wheeler catches him with a dive to start then tosses Mox into the ring steps and them brawl into the crowd before the bell has even rung. Wheeler is all over Moxley and the crowd love it. Mox tries to fight back but it’s all Yuta and Wheeler drives him into the barricade before both men hit the ring and Mox hits a German Suplex and the bell sounds. Moxley hits a Vertical Suplex to drop Yuta down again and hits a Lariat and Chops in the corner. Wheeler fights back with his own chops and then Mox drops him with a boot. It earns a one count before Moxley just brutalises his opponent on the mat. Wheeler fights to his feet and hits a Manhattan Drop on Mox but then gets sent to the outside and Mox heads outside on top. He drives Yuta into the steps with his boot and busts Wheeler open as we head to break with the crimson mask forming. Wheeler crawls back in the ring and Moxley attacks the wound more. He chops Wheeler and drops him as Yuta struggles with the blood in his eyes. Mox drops him with a suplex and Yuta rolls outside, dousing the ringside area with blood but Mox misses a move to go into the ring steps. Both men crawl back in and Yuta goes up top. Mox follows him up to cut him off and hits a Superplex for two but transitions straight into the Straight Jacket. Wheeler fights back to his feet but eats a Spinebuster.

We return and Mox locks in a Clover Leaf and a bloody Yuta crawl to the ropes to force the break. Yuta fights back with strikes and then sends Mox to the outside before he climbs up top to put Moxley through the Timekeepers Table with a Cross Body. Yuta has a fully red face now and the visual is perfect. Mox climbs back into the ring first and Wheeler is the one struggling but he makes it at 5 and then almost wins with a Backslide. He hits Two Deadlift German Suplexes but is blocked on the third and then Yuta fights back from a King Kong Lariat with a Back Suplex and then he steals Danielson's head kicking spot! He climbs up top and hits a Flying Splash only for Mox to kick out at two. Yuta locks on a Cross Face and Moxley rolls him up for two and then hits his King Kong Lariat for two. The crowd are firmly behind Wheeler Yuta whilst not hating Mox whilst Mox is seen berating Yuta in the ring. Wheeler fires up and they exchange strikes and then Moxley bites the open wound and Yuta does it back to him on the top rope only for Wheeler to get hit with a Paradigm shift and Wheeler kicks out with Authority at two! Mox can’t believe it so locks in the Bulldog Choke and Yuta refuses to tap so Mox drives knees into his head and Yuta begs for more and then he somehow rolls up Mox for two before it’s Yuta in the Bulldog Choke but Mox gets up only for Wheeler to lock in a Rear Naked Chokehold. Moxley rolls through and destroys Yuta with Hammer and Anvil Elbows before hitting the Regal Knee and the biggest Paradigm Shift you’ve ever seen. Wheeler kicks out again but Moxley puts him to sleep with the Bulldog Choke and the referee has to call it off. What a match.

Danielson and Regal head to the ring and look like they’re about to beat Yuta down but instead Regal offers a handshake and Yuta takes the hand and to close the show, Moxley tells him now the real work begins. Yuta is in the Blackpool Combat Club!

What a great episode. What did you think? Let us know in the comments and join us back here for AEW Dynamite next week. Follow me on Twitter @Knapphausen and have a great weekend. Adios.

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