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AEW Dynamite Results (March 23 2022) 

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Mar 23, 2022

AEW Dynamite Results (March 23 2022) 

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means! It’s time for another episode of AEW Dynamite. This week from a different part of Texas as the show comes from Austin and we have a great looking line up in front of us with a Texas Tornado 8-man Tag match involving Sting, Darby & The Hardys against the AFO as well as a one-on-one match between two former ROH champions as Adam Cole faces off with Jay Lethal just to name two. So, with all that out of the way, and JR, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone on commentary, let’s get straight to the wrestling! 

CM Punk defeated Dax Harwood via Submission (12:51) 

We’re opening the show with a match which was announced just before the show on twitter as CM Punk faces off with one half of FTR, Dax Harwood. The bell rings and neither man rushes to make a move as the crowd chant for CM Punk. When they do lock up, Harwood is the stronger man but Punk is wily and flips him round in the corner before the referee breaks them apart. Harwood gets the better of the second exchange but only slightly before Punk comes back with a couple of arm drags. Gunn Club are watching ringside for some reason and Dax makes it to his feet and starts laying in some strikes but Punk comes back with a Body Slam before he gets Dax to the mat once again and begins working on the arm. Dax gets back to his feet before flooring Punk with a Kitchen Sink. He hits a Suplex next and follows that with a Leg Drop and then just begins to rough Punk up. He hits a Backbreaker for one and then he hits a Back Body Drop as commentary tell us how Punk’s back might be all messed up from the Dog Collar match. Harwood attacks in the corner before the Gunn Club distract him to allow Punk to try to fight back but he runs into Dax’s elbow to stop that. 

Punk rolls out of the way from a Diving Headbutt and that gives Punk time to recover. Both men exchange strikes in the middle before Punk wins out with a Leg Lariat for two. Punk hits his own leg drop before he climbs to the top but Harwood catches him up there and lays in some chops before he tries for a Superplex. Punk counters and goes to hit the big Elbow Drop from the top rope and takes far too long so Dax stops him and does hit the Superplex. Both men are damaged and Dax rolls out to the apron before climbing to the top himself and he nails the Diving Headbutt for two! Dax tries to follow up with a Suplex but both men tumble out to the floor over the top rope instead and Cash Wheeler runs out to check on Dax and show some support. Both men get back into the ring but Punk heads straight to the top and gets a two count from a Diving Crossbody and Punk transitions into an Anaconda Vice. Dax manages to fight out before both men exchange roll ups which are both only two counts. Punk follows with his Rising Knee but gets caught and hit with the Slingshot Powerbomb for 2.9. Nobody can believe Punk kicked out there and both men are down. Punk manages to hit his running knee to Harwood and gets him up for a GTS but Harwood counters into a Sharpshooter! Punk fights out and transitions back to the Anaconda Vice which eventually forces a tap out from Dax Harwood. What a match to open the show.  

Punk gestures for gold around his waist whilst FTR have to walk past a gloating Gunn Club after the match. 

Jericho Appreciation Society Promo 

We get shown a picture of Jericho meeting a young John Silver and then Jericho says that it’s a heart-warming Story but tonight he’ll lose. Daniel Garcia says that Sports Entertainers will always beat Pro Wrestlers. Jericho says that Silver and Reynolds will get future endeavoured tonight like Santana, Ortiz & Eddie Kingston before Matt and Angelo look around for them and Hager says they’re not here and never coming back.  

The Hardys (Matt & Jeff Hardy), Sting & Darby Allin defeated The AFO (Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) & The Butcher & The Blade) via Pinfall (9:27) in a Texas Tornado Eight Man Tag Match 

This match starts off with Darby and Sting both hitting dives onto the AFO before all the men go off one on one. Darby gets beat up by The Butcher, Sting has Quen, Matt has Isiah and Jeff has Blade. All the men end up brawling all over the arena as Jeff, Darby, Butcher & The Blade climb up the stairs through the crowd, viciously brawling. Darby gets the upper hand and one point until Andrade turns up and hits Darby with his belt before Butcher tosses Darby down some stairs to send us to break. 

Back in the ring, Matt hits the Side Effect on Isiah but Quen appears with a trash can and it’s two on one. Jeff hardy fights off Butcher & The Blade but struggles however Blade is bleeding as Private Party double Suplex Matt on the ramp. Butcher & Blade go to put Sting through a table in the Concessions area whilst Matt fights back against Private Party. Matt goes to take Isiah off the ramp with a Side Effect but Quen hits a low blow to save him and Private Party take Matt off instead with a move. Back in Concessions, Sting, Darby & Jeff work together to lay Butcher & The Blade on the tables and Jeff climbs the building with a ladder to hit them with a huge Swanton Bomb. 

Private Party stir and drag Matt back to the ring and they go to pin him but Matt kicks out at two. Sting appears and deals with Private Party but Isiah hits him with a chair and Sting no sells before taking out both of Private Party with Stinger Splashes. Kassidy & Quen fight back and Sting has to counter the Gin & Juice with a Dragon Sleeper before Matt hits a Twist of Fate whilst Sting hits a Scorpion Death Drop to get the win. That was crazy to try and keep up with. So good though.  

FTR Interview 

Cash berates the Ass Boys for not showing respect and Dax says he hates spoiled brats and The Gunn Club are just that. They call out Billy’s sons for next week.  

Jon Moxley & Bryan Danielson defeated The Varsity Blonds (Griff Garrison & Brian Pillman Jr) w/ Julia Hart via Submission (6:04) 

Regal once again joins commentary rather than stand by his men ringside. Once the match starts, Moxley and Danielson jump and take over. Julia Hart looks sad ringside as Danielson kicks a hole in Pillman’s chest. Mox comes in and Brian comes back with a dropkick before tagging out to Griff but Griff meets Mox and loses out before Danielson comes back in from the tag and they resume full control as we head to break. Danielson locks in a Romero Special and Mox tags in to chop Griff whilst he does it.

Two count follows before Danielson gets another go as hits a Diving Knee whilst Garrison is hung over the top rope. Garrison escapes and Pillman comes in to attack but chooses a strike exchange. Danielson meets him so Pillman goes for a Shoulder Tackle instead and gets a two. Pillman goes for Air Pillman and gets caught by Danielson’s kick and then Danielson and Moxley hit a beautiful combo of Lariat into Release German. Griff breaks up the pin and then sends Danielson to the outside. Moxley fights back but the numbers game catches up to him but as they try to finish it, Griff gets a Busaiku Knee from Danielson and Pillman a Paradigm Shift from Mox before Griff taps out to the Bulldog Choke. Job done. What a display.  

Moxley gets on the mic after the match and says he’s competed with and learned from the best in the world but he’s only really cared about Regal’s opinion and his seal of approval is a something that isn’t easy to get but Mox earned it and so did Danielson and they wear the Badge with pride. Moxley reiterated the step up or get stepped on but has a message for anyone that wants to be on their side and they won’t give out any free passes and anyone that joins needs to love pain before Moxley seems to name the group the Blackpool Combat Club. Shame Blackpool is an absolute shithole but never mind. 

MJF Promo 

Max comes out with Shawn Spears and comes to a ring surrounded by security. He addresses Wardlow and says that it’s a shame he lost last week and MJF says he honours his business agreements so Wardlow could have kept it but he wasn’t good enough.

MJF then talks to CM Punk and says he cheated and then tells Punk that next time they fight, it’ll be the most embarassing loss in his career but it won’t be over till MJF attends Punk’s funeral and pisses on his grave.

He goes back to Wardlow and says he’s a pig and the crowd chant his name and MJF says the crowd wouldn’t know Wardlow without him. Max says he’s the reason Wardlow and his mother have a house and then says that Wardlow shouldn’t have signed a deal with the devil because his contract is iron clad and MJF is about to make his life hell. Wardlow appears and wipes out the security on his own until MJF calls out another bunch who subdue him. MJF says he’s now paying Wardlow to stay home until everyone forgets him. MJF says the Pinnacle is not over and has never been better to end the segment.  

Best Friends Interview 

Trent says he never liked Yuta but Chuck and Orange trained him and let him sleep on their couch and now Wheeler walks away to join Regals group and says he’s done with him. Wheeler says the feeling is mutual but it’s about being the best wrestler he can be, not the best friend. 

Adam Cole defeated Jay Lethal via Pinfall (10:03) 

Two former ROH champs face off next and it’s Adam Cole who backs Lethal into the corner and begins to lay in some shots. Lethal comes back with a couple of his own as he takes over and sends Cole to the mat with an elbow. Cole fights back with some big elbow strikes of his own but an arm drag into a dropkick from Lethal stuns Cole and earns him a two count. Jay goes back on the offence and catches Cole with a Backbreaker into a Face Buster but misses a Dropkick. Cole spends too long posing so Lethal catches him with two Tope’s but Cole moves out of the way of the third. Lethal gets it eventually but ReDRagon come out as we head to break and Cole immediately hits a Pump Kick to take over. Cole sends Lethal into the ring steps and then attacks the shoulder back in the ring. He follows that with a Neckbreaker but Lethal catches him with a Dragon Screw to fight back. Cole soon has him back down with a Shoulder Tackle and then utilises the Turnbuckles to attack his opponent. Lethal once again fights back and we end up in a striking exchange. 

Back from break, we see Lethal get a roll up for two and then tries for a figure four but gets rolled up by Cole for two. They exchange pins and eventually Lethal locks in the submission so ReDRagon come down to ringside from the ramp. Cole gets the rope and then messes up the ring apron to distract the ref and allow ReDRagon to distract. Lethal gets rolled up for two and then counters The Boom with a Cutter. Cole counters the Lethal Injection with a Superkick and then Jay kicks out of a Panama Sunrise. Jay rolls up Cole after he misses the Boom but the ref is distracted by ReDRagon so Cole gets out and hits a low blow when Jay goes for the Lethal Injection again before he lowers the boom to get the win. 

Cole gets on the mic again and says nobody deserves the AEW title more than him and Hangman stole his victory at Revolution. Cole says he saw fear in Page last week when he pinned Jungle Boy. He says the champion is a coward so Hangman comes out and heads down to the ring. He gets in despite the odds being against him and then attacks the three men with his belt before Cole hits a low blow and the three of them attack him until Jurassic Express make the save with Christian. Adam Cole runs off with the title belt.  

Lance Archer vs Dustin Rhodes Video Package 

We get this match on Rampage and this is a good preview. Lance says everybody dies. Dustin says monsters die too. I like to think they’re both right.  

Sammy Guevara & Tay Conti In Ring Interview 

Tony asks how they are, Sammy addresses losing to Scorpio and says he still has the ring and he’ll always perform there and he thanks the fans. Tay takes over and says they want payback with Paige getting her ass kicked like she has her entire career. Dan Lambert appears and lists off the American Top Team roster before saying they have no interest in fighting them. Sammy makes a sex joke to end the segment. Ha.  

Starks vs Swerve Video Package 

Swerve challenges Ricky to a title match for the FTW title and Ricky accepts in his second home town.  

Leyla Hirsch defeated Red Velvet via Pinfall (6:31) 

Rematch time, Kris Statlander banned from ringside although all she did last time was stop Leyla from cheating so why would she be banned this time?! This one doesn’t start on the ramp but Leyla does knock Velvet off the apron before the bell. Velvet fights back, using the barricades to damage Hirsch but Leyla does the same and then Velvet hits a Hurricanrana off the ring steps and then she rolls her back in to start the match.

Velvet attacks in the corner and then gets a Standing Moonsault Press but Leyla grabs on and hits a Gutwrench Suplex for two as we head to break. Leyla does the same move for one before brawling with Velvet. Velvet tries to fight back, attacking Hirsch’s knee but Leyla is too strong before they brawl once again and Leyla wins out with a Back Suplex. She immediately locks in a Body Scissors to keep Red grounded. Red fights out of it and hits a Jawbreaker as we return and then a couple of clotheslines and an Arm Drag. She hits a knee strike and then some nice kicks but gets caught on a Springboard as Leyla hits a German Suplex for two. Hirsch heads up top but Red Velvet takes her down with an Iconoclasm for two. Red hits a Corkscrew Kick but Leyla rolls out to the apron and guillotines the arm of Velvet. She grabs two turnbuckle Hooks, puts one in her trunks and then rolls into the ring with one. The ref confiscates the first but then Leyla uses the second behind his back to get the win. 

After the match, Leyla continues to attack so Kris makes the save.  

Jade Cargill Interview 

Schiavone asks Jade who her 30th opponent will be and Jade says they’re gonna discuss the celebration for after and they do.  

Thunder Rosa Interview 

Schiavone sure moves quickly. He’s now back on the stage and introduces Thunder Rosa. Out she comes to a huge pop but she’s interrupted by Vickie Guerrero who says that Rosa should go back to Mexico because she’s not a Texan but that’s just a distraction to allow Nyla to jump her from behind. 

Jericho Appreciation Society (Chris Jericho & Daniel Garcia) w/ Matt Minard, Angelo Parker & Jake Hager defeated Dark Order (John Silver & Alex Reynolds) w/ 10 & Alan ‘5’ Angels via Submission (10:01) 

Matt Minard reiterates that the crowd don’t deserve to sing Judas pre match. Silver and Jericho start off and Jericho talks smack so Silver hits him with multiple moves culminating in a big body slam. Silver lets Reynolds tag in as they begin their insanely talented flurry of double teams. Jericho rolls out so Silver goes after him and Jericho eats a Tope Suicida/Brain Buster combo before Aubrey is tricked into thinking that 10 & 5 attacked Jericho and they get ejected by the ref to send us to break. Back in the ring, Jericho beats down Alex Reynolds before tossing him to the outside and allowing the other four men to attack him while he directs the ref to be distracted with Silver. Jericho continues the attack back in the ring but eats a Dropkick and that allows both men to try and make the tag. Jericho makes it and Garcia stops Reynolds from following suit and then traps Reynolds in their corner as he continues the attack. 

We return to the match with Jericho back in the ring but Reynolds fights back by dodging the Lionsault and he reaches for the tag, finally making it. Silver runs wild and takes out Jericho and then Garcia before John takes out the entire Jericho Appreciation Society and then nearly pins Jericho off a Diving Crossbody from the top. Silver attacks with kicks, Jericho counters with a Codebreaker for two. Garcia tags in and Silver and Reynolds get a blind tag before their combination offence gets Garcia down for two. Silver gets wiped out with a Powerslam behind Aubrey’s back and then, in the same vein, Jericho catches Reynolds with a bat shot to allow Garcia to lock in the Scorpion Death Lock and force Reynolds to submit to close the show.  

AEW once again packs 3 hours of action into two as they put on another display of cocaine wrestling. I need a lie down. I’ll be back for Rampage on Friday when they’ll put on a one hour show with two hours of content and until then you can find me on Twitter @Knapphausen. So long & Goodnight.  

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