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AEW Revolution Full Results  

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Mar 07, 2022

AEW Revolution Full Results  

It's Sunday, you know what that means! AEW had their first PPV of 2022 tonight and boy was it stacked. Here's what went down in Orlando during another excellent night for All Elite Wrestling! 


Leyla Hirsch defeated Kris Statlander via Pinfall (9:52) 

Kris gets off to a good start, putting Leyla on her back twice to begin the match but Leyla kicks out Kris' arm when she goes for a Tijeras. The match heads to the outside and Leyla traps Kris' arm in-between the ring steps and post and hits a drop kick onto the steps. They head back in the ring and Hirsch continues to attack the arm and trash talk until Statlander reverses into a Powerslam. Leyla hangs Statlander up in the tree of woe and hits some knees to the back before attacking the arm further and finishing up with a dropkick. Leyla continues to attack Kris until she botches a springboard and Kris catches her before locking her in a Leg Scissors but Leyla turns it into Ground & Pound to escape and then when they end up exchanging strikes, Kris hits a Backbreaker to put Leyla down and she follows it with a head kick and a Blue Thunder Bomb for two. Hirsch lures Statlander into fighting her on the apron and after a great back and forth, Leyla takes Kris down with a Hurricanrana before hitting a running Knee as Kris rolls back in at 6. She hits a Back Suplex and then a German with a bridge for two before she transitions into the Juji Gatame and looks to win it only for Kris to make the ropes.  Hirsch continues the attack in the corner but Kris catches a knee strike and follows with a strike before hoisting Leyla to the top rope with her and after a brief battle for position, Kris hits an Electric Chair and another Powerbomb for 2.9 and then Leyla rolls outside and grabs a weapon which she hits Kris with before hitting a Moonsault Press from the top rope to get the pin! Good way to start the show!  

Don Callis Interview 

Tony Schiavone introduces a special guest and Kenny Omega's music plays but we get Don Callis instead. Don tries to talk but the crowd cut him off but he manages to talk over them to tell them that they're the reason Kenny is injured now because they sucked the blood out of him. Don then says he's disgusted by the violence tonight and that's why he kept Kenny away. Callis then says he's very confident that Adam Cole will be the new champ tonight as a transitional champion till Kenny returns.  

Hook defeated QT Marshall via Submission (4:58) 

QT Marshall makes his entrance and the crowd chant at him like they did at Don but not as bad. QT then says he's going to show Hook what being cold hearted is all about. Taz has joined commentary and out comes his boy to beat down QT. No doubts about the result here but nobody cares about that, least of all me. Hook turns his back on QT and then turns to face him as the bell rings. Hook immediately sends QT to the mat with an Ankle Pick. QT tries to talk shit but then gets hit with a Seoi Nage before Hook just brutalises him in the corner with Body Shots and a Headbutt. QT tries to come back but eats a T-Bone Suplex and is then sent to the outside with a Clothesline. QT calls Hook out of the ring and Hook refuses so QT comes in and hits Hook with a cheap shot and tosses him to the outside. QT follows him and eats a Shoulder Capture Suplex on the floor before he's thrown back between the ropes only for QT to use another cheap tactic when Hook comes back into the ring too. QT hits a vertical Suplex and drops an elbow but Hook kicks out at one. QT tries to follow up but gets hit with a Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge for two and QT rakes the eye this time to get back in before he hits a Back Drop and then climbs up top. Hook knocks him off and hits an Overhead Throw before QT reverses the RedRum and goes for the Diamond Cutter. Hook avoids it then he takes out QT with the Redrum. Hook was sent.  

House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King & Buddy Matthews) defeated Death Triangle (Penta Oscuro & PAC) & Erick Redbeard via (17:22) 

Both teams have some badass entrances although Alex Abrahantes still looks so out of place. Malakai starts off the match with PAC and Malakai hits a high kick to start before both men exchange kicks and PAC comes back with a huge Pump Kick. Malakai tags out to Buddy and PAC to Penta. Both men stare down and slow the match before Penta hits Zero Miedo chant but Buddy grabs the fingers and then has a good back and forth with Penta which culminates with Buddy stopping Penta's Tope Suicida before an excellent exchange which ends in a tie and then in comes Brody and Redbeard from the tag and we get an early Hoss Fight where both men stay on their feet and exchange shoulders before big bombs. The House of Black all attack before Buddy and Malakai take out PAC and Penta but Redbeard beats Brody back inside the ring before taking out Malakai and Buddy on the outside and then he tags back out to Penta. It's a mistake though as Brody takes over and hits a Cannonball before bringing in Malakai. Malakai attacks Penta with kicks before he brings in Buddy who lets Penta tag out to PAC and the bastard's kicks let him take over the match. He hits an uppercut in the corner and then has to fight off Malakai so Buddy counters with a DDT through the ropes.  

Buddy brings in Brody who attacks with some huge chops before letting Malakai have his turn. Black grounds PAC and then his team distract the ref so they don't see PAC reach the ropes at first but he makes it back when the ref is paying attention. Malakai takes PAC to their corner and then brings Buddy back in. Matthews attacks with more kicks to a grounded opponent but PAC tries to fight back but the House of Black make a couple of tags to keep him isolated. PAC fights of Malakai and Buddy before he finally gets the tag to Penta who runs wild with Slingblades and Backstabbers before he hits a destroyer on Buddy but somehow Matthews kicks out. Redbeard comes in next and flattens Buddy with a Senton and then sends him outside but Black makes the blind tag before Redbeard hits a mad looking cutter for two. Black comes back with an eye rake and then we get the standard AEW multiman madness with everyone hitting their moves. PAC almost gets the win but he can't keep Brody down for three and then Erick and him go at it again until King hits a Death Valley Driver but is too exhausted to make the pin! King sends Redbeard outside and follows him with a Tope Suicida so while they recover outside, the other four men fight in the ring and PAC and Penta take over with PAC taking out Buddy with a dive and then we see Redbeard toss King into the Barricade. Malakai and Penta fight on the apron with both men reversing back and forth till Penta hits the Fear Factor but the legal man is Buddy so his pin doesn't count and then Buddy hits him with a Kerb Stomp for two. All 6 men are exhausted but Redbeard is still standing and he faces off with Black and Matthews and wins until Malakai hits his Back Heel Kick from nowhere and Redbeard manages to take it and goes to Chokeslam Black and Matthews only for Black to mist him and King hits a Piledriver before Malakai gets the pin.

Things are starting off HOT here in the main event of the #AEWRevolution Buy-In! It's #HouseOfBlack(@malakaiblxck/@brodyxking/@snm_buddy) vs. @PENTAELZEROM/@BASTARDPAC/@ErickRedbeard LIVE right now! ▶️ https://t.co/qXtDrWsylm pic.twitter.com/A8dLOTF4p0



Eddie Kingston defeated Chris Jericho via Submission (14:05) 


We kicked off Revolution with Eddie Kingston vs Chris Jericho and the crowd were loud from the start as Jericho made his entrance. Eddie ran to the ring for his own entrance and they got off to a fiery start as Eddie drops Jericho on his head with a half and half suplex to start the match. Kingston refuses to let Jericho breathe as he follows up with a Neckbreaker but it didn't take long for Jericho to show his experience and fight back against Eddie. Jericho tries to target the eye of Kingston which has only just recovered and then both men exchange vicious chops in the middle of the ring for what seems like an eternity till Eddie gets his Machine Gun chops and a DDT for two. The match turns into a dirty fight as both men lay in vicious strikes whilst Jericho pokes Eddie in the eye and Eddie bits Jericho. Chris hits a Hurricanrana from the top rope for two and then Jericho exposes a turnbuckle to send Eddie into it but Kingston comes back with a Suplex Both men battle on the apron till Jericho suplexes Eddie to the floor.   


They head back in the ring and Eddie throws a spinning backfist but Jericho dodges it to hit a German Suplex and takes over the match as he hits another one and follows it with a Lionsault for two. Eddie finally comes back with a big lariat before Jericho rolls Eddie into the Walls of Jericho and locks it in deep but Kingston makes the ropes. Jericho and Aubrey argue and that gives Eddie the chance to hit the Saito Suplex and he does it again before he finally hits the spinning backfist only for Chris to kick out.  Jericho comes back with a Codebreaker for two after reversing a Northern Lights Bomb and then Jericho paintbrushes a floored Kingston and tells him to stay down before hitting yet another Codebreaker. He refuses to pin him though and calls for the Judas Effect but Eddie ducks it and hits two Spinning Backfists before he locks in the Stretch Plum and makes Chris Jericho tap out!  

Eddie offers the handshake after the match and Jericho won't do it so leaves. Great way to start the PPV.  

Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) defeated The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) w/ Brandon Cutler & ReDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly) via Pinfall (18:54) in a Three-Way Tag Team Match to retain the AEW World Tag Team Championships 

First title match of the night and it's a confusing one as it's a three-way tag match with two people in the ring at once. Jungle Boy starts us off with Kyle O'Reilly and Kyle almost gets an early Juji Gatame before O'Reilly brings in Fish and they try to isolate Jungle Boy. Nick Jackson tags himself in for Fish and gets outwrestled by Jungle Boy who then brings Luchasaurus in wo runs wild on all four of his opponents before Jungle Boy dives onto them on the outside. Fish has become the legal man against Jurassic Express and then Fish turns the tables on them, taking out Luchasaurus and bringing in the Bucks willingly to help beat down Jungle Boy. ReDRagon and the Bucks continue to work together till Kyle breaks up a pin attempt from Matt. Nick then does the same to Kyle and then it seems that the agreement is over as the Bucks tag themselves in. Jungle Boy runs crazy on O'Reilly and both Bucks but before he can make the tag, Fish takes Luchasaurus off the apron and then the Buck attack Jungle Boy and it takes Matt and Kyle arguing to allow Jungle Boy to finally get the tag to Luchasaurus who runs wild on everybody in his sights as he kicks both bucks and then Moonsaults onto ReDRagon.  

The Bucks fight back and Luchasaurus deals with Matt but Nick hits a Destroyer on the big dinosaur and then waits for Matt to come back in for the BTE trigger only for Luchasaurus to Chokeslam both of them and then both of ReDRagon before he almost pins Matt with another Moonsault. Jungle Boy tags in and then Jurassic Express hit a Doomsday Device and Matt kicks out at two again! Jungle Boy goes to hit his back elbow but gets taken out and Jurassic Express finally come out when Fish blind tags in and then ReDragon & the Bucks fight it out with Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus trying to get involved without a tag sporadically. Jungle Boy tags himself in from Matt and fights with O'Reilly who tags in Fish and then hit an assisted German Suplex to earn them a two count. Bobby takes him up to the top rope but Jungle Boy fights back and then so does Bobby who hits an Avalanche Exploder as Kyle tags himself in and drops a diving Knee and locks in a Knee Bar till Matt Jackson breaks it up. Once again, everyone gets involved again with big moves and all wipe each other out as it ends with Jungle Boy hitting a Shooting Star and Nick a 360 senton. O'Reilly uses the belt to take out Jungle Boy but he kicks out at two and then ReDRagon hit the High-Low and Luchasaurus has to break it up! Matt and Nick bring themselves in and take out Fish with Superkicks, and they take out Jungle Boy and Kyle with one move and look like they have it won as Jungle Boy eats a BTE trigger and then at the last second, O'Reilly breaks it up. The Bucks try for More Bang for your Buck but Jungle Boy comes back to life with a huge Hurricanrana from the top rope on Nick after vaulting off of Matt and then Jurassic Express hit the Thoracic Express to get the win, pinning Matt. 

What. A. Match. I am exhausted after that. Truly spectacular.  

Wardlow defeated Keith Lee, Powerhouse Hobbs, Ricky Starks, Christian Cage & Orange Cassidy (17:20) in the Face of the Revolution Ladder Match to become the Number One Contender of the TNT Championship 

Orange Cassidy rolls out to start the match and then Team Taz attack Keith Lee but Ricky gets tossed and Wardlow does the same with Christian and the big men face off until Orange jumps between them to hit his kicks and then manages to reach for the ring off the back of Wardlow and Hobbs. Christian introduces a ladder and Ricky tries to climb but Cassidy stops him. Then Christian stops Orange before Hobbs stops Christian. Cage tries to climb over the top of Hobbs and then gives up and hits Hobbs with a Reverse DDT off the ladder and then is stopped from hitting a Spear by Keith Lee who takes out Starks and Christian at the same time before Orange Cassidy gets caught on a Hurricanrana and Cassidy is used by Lee as a weapon.  Keith makes the climb up the ladder and Wardlow stops him. They face off before Hobbs takes them both out with the ladder when they aren't paying attention. Hobbs and Starks race each other up the ladder but Cassidy tips it then puts it on his head and spins around, wiping everyone out until Wardlow and Keith stop him and lift the Ladder. Cassidy hangs on and gets onto the top of the ladder and nearly grabs the ring but slips and then Christian almost wins it whilst Lee holds the ladder.  


Hobbs hits a huge Superplex to wipe out Orange and then Christian finally goes for his Spear and gets it onto the Ladder on Hobbs at the second time of asking. Christian tries to set up the ladder and Ricky stops him and Spears Christian through the Ladder! He climbs up to the top but Wardlow tips him off. Wardlow then tries to climb but Ricky and Orange jump on his back and he keeps going. Hobbs climbs the other side and Lee sets up another Ladder. All 6 men end up reaching whilst atop the ladders until it's Wardlow vs Hobbs and they slug it out until both men fall. The three big men end up alone again and once again Orange rolls in between them and Keith just Beells him out into Orange and Ricky. Wardlow gets rid of Hobbs and Lee too but he doesn't climb and goes out there and the three big men finally slug it out as they go up the ramp. Wardlow and Hobbs rid themselves of Lee and then rip a Ladder in half but Hobbs takes out both of them with half a ladder each and then Hobbs tries to put Keith Lee through the announce desk and both get pushed off the stage by Wardlow. Back in the ring, Christian is alone in the ring until Ricky gets rid of him with a low blow after setting up the ladders in a weird formation. Wardlow comes in to stop Ricky and then Danhausen stops Ricky winning instead. Wardlow Powerbombs Christian and then leaps up to stop Ricky before powerbombing him onto the ladder bridge and he climbs and wins!  


This truly is, Wardlow's World now! Sorry Sammy.  

Jade Cargill w/ Smart Mark Sterling defeated Tay Conti w/ Anna Jay via Pinfall (7:22) to retain the TBS Championship 

Tay and Jade came out like a house on fire and fired big shots early. Tay managed to put Jade in trouble and Jade had to roll out early to take a breather with Mark Sterling. Tay dives from the top rope and takes out Mark and Jade then takes over and Kicks Anna Jay at ringside. Cargill bosses the match until Anna recovers and hits her with a chair out of the referee's sight and Tay almost rolls her up. Jade fights back but Tay almost wins it with the DD-Tay for two. Jade manages to block the Tay-KO and hits the Eye of the Storm for two and a Frogsplash for two. Anna gets a distraction on Jade on the outside to allow Tay to take over but when Jade kicks out of a Piledriver, the writing was on the wall. Tay tried to climb to the top so Jade cuts her off and then muscles her into the Jaded to get the win.  

That was Jade's best match to date. She gets better every week though.  

CM Punk defeated MJF via Pinfall (26:42) in a Dog Collar Match 

MJF comes out after first playing Cult of Personality so Punk one ups him by coming out in ROH fight shorts and entering to AFI's Miseria Cantare and being announced as the Second City Saint. Very apt given that Tony Khan bought ROH this week! The men get strapped up. MJF tries to run so Punk chokes him over the rope twice but Max guillotines Punk over the top rope to come back in. Punk uses the chain and ring post to drag MJF into the turnbuckle over and over. MJF apologises but Punk won't be gaslit again and continues the attack. Punk gets caught though and Powerbombed for two. MJF uses the chain as a whip and he beats Punks back but Punk fights back and hits his rising Knee but Max uses the chain to counter the Bulldog. Friedman uses the chain around his fist to open Punk wide open and then uses the chain to make it worse. He grabs a mic from ringside and tells Punk to tell the people he wants to quit and Punk tells him to eat shit so Max uses the mic as a weapon. Punk pulls MJF off the top rope with the collar then eats a headbutt to the dick and then uses the chain as a whip himself and then to assist a Russian Leg Sweep. Punk hits the rising knee and the bulldog before whipping him some more.   


Punk wraps the chain around MJF's hand and drives his knee in, trying to break his fingers before calling for the GTS but Max digs his fingers into the cut on Punks head before he chokes him with the chain and a Sleeper hold but this time, he holds his hand up on the third drop from the ref. Punk rolls back and nearly pins Max to get out of the choke and when he tries for a Piledriver, he loses grip because of his hand. Punk goes for GTS again but MJF turns it into the Salt of the Earth. Punk escapes and locks on the Anaconda Vice which MJF reverses into a pin and forces Punk to release the hold. Max sets Punk up for the Heatseeker but Punk counters with a Slam and both men are exhausted. Punk wraps the chain round his knee to hit a Shining Wizard but MJF rolls out of the ring. MJF is now bleeding too and Punk wraps the chain round his eyes before punching him in the head. They both fight outside the ring and Punk tosses MJF into the ring steps and uses the chain around his fist to punch MJF before wrapping it around his knee only for MJF to dodge the knee strike so Punk hits the ring steps. Both men are completely drained and Punk tries for the GTS and can't lift MJF up now with his dodgy knee. Max uses the chain again to get back into it and brings Punk to the apron before trying for a Piledriver but Punk reversed it into his own. Punk's knee must be in pieces at this point. Punk goes for an Elbow Drop with the chain around his elbow and Max dodges again and nearly pins Punk off that spill to the canvas alone!  


Max rolls out and retrieves a bag of thumbtacks which he empties onto the canvas and hits his own rising knee strike and goes for the Bulldog but Punk bites him like he is a Bulldog to escape. Punk nearly falls into the tacks but survives and both men brawl on top till Punk hits a Roundhouse kick to drop Max before he drags him up top for a Pepsi Plunge. MJF escapes and instead hits a Superplex into the Thumbtacks but that only earns him a two count. MJF punches Punk into the tacks and nearly pins him. MJF calls out Wardlow to the ring and Wardlow can't find the ring and that lets Punk recover enough to drag Max into a GTH in the tacks and then suddenly Wardlow can find the ring which he leaves on the apron for Punk to pick up and put onto his hand. He pulls Max up by the chain and then MJF spits in his face so Punk ends it with a right hand. What a fucking match.  

Britt Baker w/ Rebel & Jamie Hayter defeated Thunder Rosa via Pinfall (17:21) 

The women were given a tough task, being asked to follow a 27-minute bloodbath between CM Punk and MJF but if anyone is up to it, it's Thunder Rosa & Britt Baker. Britt came out sporting a brand new AEW Women's World Championship belt as she made her way to the ring.  


Both women lock up to start and fight for the upper hand and Rosa looks to have it with a Side Headlock takeover but Britt fights out of it. Baker attacks in the corner and has the upper hand for a second whilst Rebel and Jamie Hayter cheer her from ringside. Rosa doesn't stay down for long though and soon hits a Backbreaker on the champ. She hits a Rising Knee in the corner and then a Double Knee but Britt dodges the hip attack and hits a Neckbreaker. Jamie attacks Rosa whilst Britt distracts the referee and then Britt drops her with Knee Strikes. Rosa tries to make another comeback but gets beat down in the corner once again before Britt uses the Ring Post from outside to do more damage. Britt grapevines Rosas legs in the ropes and then distracts the ref again whilst both Rebel and Jamie attack the challenger.   


Rosa fires back with elbow strikes and an arm drag but Britt counters into a Hammerlock. Rosa fires in some back elbows and then a German Suplex before some clotheslines and a dropkick. Rosa gets a two from a Northern Lights Suplex. Rosa attacks in the corner but Britt turns it into an Air Raid Crash for two. Britt hits a Pendulum Suplex for two and then Rosa fires in some body shots until Britt counters with a Butterfly Suplex for two. Britt calls for her glove but Rosa hits a huge Dropkick and then a Superplex before transitioning straight into a Neckbreaker and a Sliding Lariat but after all that, Baker still kicks out at two. Britt hits a Ripcord Elbow and a Neckbreaker. Britt almost locks in the lockjaw but Rosa counters the first time and then the second she hits a Backdrop for two to get out of it. Rosa climbs up top but she's exhausted so Britt stops her with a right hand to the head and then hits an Avalanche Air Raid Crash and Thunder Rosa somehow kicks out at two also! Both women battle for supremacy again and Britt kicks out at two from a roll up before Rosa hits the Fire Thunder Driver but Rebel distracts the ref so he doesn't count the pin. Rosa takes out Rebel and then they exchange roll ups but Rebel distracts the ref once again and that allows Jamie to give Britt the belt for the Kerb Stomp. Both women battle for Submissions and then Britt actually taps out but the referee is once again distracted by Rebel. Rosa takes her out once again and does the same to Jamie but Britt catches her with a Kerb Stomp once again and that gets her the win.  


Thunder Rosa was robbed!  

Jon Moxley defeated Bryan Danielson via Pinfall (20:27) 


Moxley and Danielson started off with technical wrestling and that's a mistake from Jon Moxley as that's always Bryan Danielson's speciality. Both men roll to the floor and Danielson scampers back into the ring. Moxley re-joins him with a slap to the face and then they lock up once more and it's Danielson who comes out on top once more. He kicks Mox in the back and then we get a striking exchange which is much more in Jon's wheelhouse as he puts Danielson on the back foot for the first time. Danielson tries his patented comeback but runs into a Moxley back elbow and then eats some huge kicks but comes back with a Dragon Screw. Danielson fires in his own kicks now and Moxley drops after a huge kick to the ribs. Danielson compounds the damage with knees to the same area before hitting some huge strikes in the corner. Moxley fires back on though as he shows his fight till Mox eats a Solebutt to the ribs. Danielson follows up with a Snap Suplex and climbs up top for a diving headbutt but Mox evades it and begins to fight back but he's soon down again following a Kichen Sink and then eats a dropkick in the corner. Bryan does it again, asking Mox how it is after each impact. Mox fires back with a German and a Saito Suplex but then Bryan hits him with a huge Roundhouse and locks in a Front Sleeper hold only for Mox to power out with a Powerbomb.   


Both men recover from the double down and Danielson tries more kicks and Mox tries to take them before hitting back with some slaps and then elevating Danielson to the outside and both men try Tope Suicidas and neither can get it but they end up brawling on the outside and Moxley inevitably wins the brawl but gets busted open in the process. Danielson is split open too but not as bad and both men brawl with knees in the middle of the ring covered in blood until Moxley hits the King Kong Lariat. They head to the top rope and Danielson wins the battle to hit an Avalanche Backdrop for two. Danielson fires in the Hammer and Anvil Elbows and must have hit about 10 of them before locking in a Dragon Sleeper with a Body Scissors only for Moxley to reach the ropes. Danielson begins to target the arm of Moxley but ends up locked in a sleeper. Both men begin exchanging holds as they show they can both grapple but it ends when Danielson locks in the LeBell lock and forces Moxley to claw for the rope but he makes it.   


Danielson declares that he's going to kick his head in but Mox counters into a battle for supremacy until Moxley stomps Danielson's head and locks in the Bulldog Choke but Danielson refuses to tap and he rolls Mox into a pin which breaks the hold. Danielson hits a Shoulder Capture Suplex and the Busaiku Knee for two and then it's Danielson doing the stomping and Danielson locks in the Triangle Choke and hammers down with elbows. Mox fights out by grabbing the beard but Danielson adjusts only for Moxley to flip over the top and Pin Danielson from nowhere!   


Danielson argues with the ref and then he and Moxley continue to brawl until security comes to split them up but they can't and then William fucking Regal appears to split them up and potentially become the sensei of the Moxley-Danielson Dojo. He slaps the sense back into both men and forces them to shake hands. Wow. Who saw that coming?!  

Sammy Guevara, Darby Allin & Sting defeated AHFO (Andrade El Idolo, Matt Hardy & Isiah Kassidy) via Pinfall (13:23) in a Tornado Trios Tag Team Match 

This one gets off to a hot start as Darby charges the ring and takes out whoever he can with a dive. Plunder gets introduced very early on as a Trash Can comes into play within the first minute and Sting uses it and has it used against him in equal measure. Trying to keep up with this is impossible so I'm giving up here and just doing the highlights. Marq Quen came and got involved with a chair and Sting and Matt Hardy brawl into the crowd alongside Darby & Andrade whilst Sammy is left to deal with Private Party.  Butcher & The Blade appear to assist Andrade & Hardy and Butcher wings Darby around with ease and then Sammy takes out Quen and puts Isiah through a table on the ramp with a Spanish Fly from atop the tunnel. Butcher and Blade pile tables up in the aisleway of the crowd so Matt Hardy drags Sting up above them and then Sting ends up diving through Andrade on the tables below after Darby set him up and Sting got away from Hardy. Wow.  

Matt drags Darby to the ring, hits him with a chair and then goes for the Twist of Hate but Darby counters and hits a Scorpion Death Drop on the chair and then pins Matt with a Coffin Drop. This was wild. 

Hangman Adam Page defeated Adam Cole via Pinfall (25:45) to retain the AEW World Championship 

We made it to the Main Event. The last 4 and a half hours were great but this is the big match for the greatest prize in wrestling and we start with a let's go Adam chant. 

Page and Cole begin with some nice mat wrestling back and forth and we now get some Adam sucks chants for good measure. Cole begins to take over with some elbows and Hangman fires back just one to drop the challenger. He lays in some chops and Cole doesn't take them well before a Short-Arm Lariat drops Cole again. More chops follow before Cole rolls to the outside to take a breather and Page follows him feet first to stop that happening. The champ uses the Barricades to damage his opponent before draping Cole over the apron and hitting a running boot to Cole's head. Page looks to put Cole through the Timekeeper's table and Cole counters to toss Hangman into the Ring Steps twice before returning him to the ring and stomping him down in the corner. Cole hits a Neckbreaker over his knee for a one count before hitting a more conventional Neckbreaker and some strikes in the corner. Page tries to fight back but gets a Powerbomb from Cole to set him back again. Hangman tries to fight back again but Cole cuts him off and then tries for a Panama Sunrise but Hangman counters with a high boot and then hits a Fallaway Slam and then attacks Cole on the outside with a Powerbomb onto the apron and hits his Orihara Moonsault. He sets up for the Buckshot but Cole rolls out and hits an Enzuigiri when Hangman tries to retrieve him. Cole hits a Backstabber but Page comes back with a Liger Bomb for two!  

Both men end up on the top rope and Cole tries to flip into a Powerbomb but Hangman resists and then mule kicks Cole away but then Page's moonsault is met by Cole's superkick for two. Cole tries another Superkick but Hangman turns it into a Deadeye for the closest two so far. The crowd sound their appreciation for the match they're receiving. Cole tries to fight back and hits a Superkick but then gets a Lariat for his trouble and Cole locks on a weak Crossface but forces Hangman to reach the ropes. the two men brawl on the apron and Cole wins out but Hangman fights back in the ring with a Tombstone Piledriver for two. We get a brawl from both men on their knees and Hangman hits a Huge Headbutt when he reaches his feet and a Deadlift German Suplex soon follows. Cole gets a two from the Neckbreaker over the knee again and then he goes for the Panama Sunrise again. Hangman fights back and he hits the 360 Avalanche Suplex for two. Hangman sets up for the Buckshot Lariat but out come ReDRagon to stop him and when he turns his head, Cole kicks him in the back of it. Cole hits a Panama Sunrise to the outside and goes for it again but Hangman counters. Cole hits a low blow when ReDRagon distract the referee and then hits another Panama Sunrise and lowers the boom but somehow Hangman kicks out. 

Cole berates Page and goes for another Boom but Hangman counters with a Lariat only for Cole to then come back with some excellent kicks and then when Cole tries to lower the boom, Hangman drops to his stomach in exhaustion. ReDRagon bring over the Timekeeper's table and Cole ends up being put through it with a Deadeye. Dark Order come out to deal with ReDRagon before Hangman hits the Buckshot. At the last second Cole reaches his hand up to the bottom rope to escape. Hangman ties Cole to the top rope with his belt and Hangman gets his revenge with three Superkicks but Cole hits his own and unties himself but Hangman hits his fourth superkick, lowers the boom on Cole and finishes him with the Buckshot Lariat. Great match. 

And so, that was Revolution. Let us know what you thought in the comments, give me a follow over on Twitter @Knapphausen and have a great week. Adios. 

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