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AEW Dynamite Results (February 23 2022)

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Feb 23, 2022

AEW Dynamite Results (February 23 2022)

It's Wednesday, you know what that means! It's time for another jam-packed episode of AEW Dynamite as we chug towards Revolution. We have plenty of big things to look forward to on this show including a Face of the Revolution ladder match qualifier, A tag team battle royale and Chris Jericho and Eddie Kingston facing off on the mic. Excalibur, JR & Tony Schiavone are on commentary so let's not waste any time and get straight to the wrestling!

ReDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly) defeated The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson), FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) w/ Tully Blanchard, Best Friends (Trent Beretta & Chuck Taylor) w/ Orange Cassidy, Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) w/ Matt Hardy, Santana & Ortiz, Dark Order (John Silver & Alex Reynolds), The Butcher & The Blade, Gunn Club (Colten & Austin Gunn) w/ Billy Gunn & 2point0 (Matt Lee & Jeff Parker) in a Tag Team Battle Royale (18:26)

Jurassic Express make an entrance as the show opens with all the tag teams outside the ring and the bell rings to start the match. Butcher and Blade don't enter the ring and take out Best Friends until Blade is taken out by an Alex Reynolds Tope. He brings him back in the ring but Blade eliminates him and Silver eliminates Blade before Gunn Club drop them. Gunn Club go for Santana & Ortiz but Ortiz eliminates Austin and Santana eliminates Colten, much to Billy's ire. 2point0 take on Ortiz and then Butcher runs through both of the Young Bucks and Both of ReDRagon before he reverses a Trent DDT with a big running slam. Butcher nearly eliminates him but Chuck helps him eliminate Butcher. ReDRagon attack them but Best Friends reverse it to take out Bobby Fish only for Kyle O'Reilly to fight back and ReDRagon eliminate Chuck. Marq Quen is eliminated and then Matt catches Isiah but he's eliminated anyway and then Santana takes out 2point0 on his own but the Bucks eliminate Ortiz and then FTR hit Silver with the Big Rig. FTR and the Bucks face off but ReDRagon steal the fight with FTR so Nick attacks Santana while Matt goes after Silver and Trent. We get a bit of a stalemate until the Bucks save O'Reilly from FTR only for Nick to get taken out by FTR instead and eliminated. ReDRagon almost eliminate Trent but Orange Cassidy saves him from outside. Trent fights back against both Kyle and Bobby and Bobby gets Eliminated as we go to break.

No eliminations during the break and we return as Tully helps Cash eliminate John Silver but Silver reverses it to eliminate Cash! We're down to one man from 6 teams and they all face off and fight it out. Silver attacks Matt Jackson but Kyle attacks him, Dax takes him out, Trent takes him out and then it's Trent vs Santana. They fight off like it's the Parking Lot Brawl all over again and Trent wins the opening battle only for Santana to come back with a discuss lariat and then sends him over the top rope with a pump kick. Trent fights back on the apron and they battle out there until both are eliminated, one by Kyle O'Reilly and one by Matt Jackson with Pump Kicks. They turn around and fight off with Dax and Silver and Dax takes Kyle to the apron and then he brings Dax out with him and they battle out there like Santana and Trent did and Dax looks to have the win till Bobby Fish appears to take out Dax before rolling under the ring. Matt and Kyle work together but Silver hits a Double Suplex and fires up on both men. He hits Matt with a Spin Doctor and goes for Kyle but Matt hits a Superkick and Kyle joins in with a Chasing the Dragon and Matt goes to eliminate him but Kyle takes him out at the same time to win the match for ReDRagon. That was fun.

The Bucks and ReDRagon argue in the ring until Hangman's music hits and Hangman attacks ReDRagon to get some Revenge whilst The Bucks look on before leaving him to it but Adam Cole sneaks up behind the Champ but Hangman catches Cole's attack and then takes him down before lining Cole up for the Buckshot but ReDRagon drag Cole out. Silver hits them with a Cannonball from the apron and rolls Kyle back into the ring and he eats the Buckshot Lariat.

Hangman takes a seat and asks who's ready for story time with Adam Page BayBay. He tells the story of Adam Cole who was a smug little prick who won titles everywhere he went but he felt his world crumbling so came running back to the Bucks to fight for the AEW Title and he didn't realise that he was coming step by step to his 6 feet hole in the ground and at Revolution, the better Adam will lay Cole in the grave because the shot came from a Buckshot and the sound it made was boom.

Bryan Danielson Promo

Danielson says Daniel Garcia is great like he was but Danielson had William Regal as a mentor whereas Garcia is with 2point0. He says Garcia would be better under the tutelage of him or Moxley and then promises to give Moxley a response to last week after his match.

MJF Promo

Maxwell makes his way out to the ring looking inconsolable. He tells the crowd he used to love CM Punk too and he understands he's not the easiest person to like and MJF tells his side of the story about meeting CM Punk and how much wrestling and that day meant to him. Max tries to explain how tough his childhood was and how he tried out for the Football team and then even tries to gain sympathy with his Jewish faith. He says he felt like he fit in because of Football and then his team mates beat him up with quarters before abusing him using antisemitic rhetoric. And then he went to go meet CM Punk that day that the photo was taken and that day made him be the person he became and how he became a professional wrestler.

He goes on to berate Punk for leaving in January 2014 and MJF explains that made him quit on wrestling until he saw a picture of Punk shaking hands with Bryan Danielson and that made him angry and it made him go back to wrestling in spite of Punk rather than because him. MJF then promises he won't quit at Revolution because that would make him as bad as Punk. This was quite the promo. CM Punk walks out without music to respond and he stares at MJF before joining him in the ring. He approaches slowly and asks MJF if that was true and MJF nods whilst he cries before just leaving the ring. He's well and truly in Punk's head.

2point0 & Daniel Garcia Promo

2point0 respond to Danielson and they're livid at him trying to steal Garcia and Garcia promises he needs no lessons in violence.

Death Triangle (Pac & Penta Oscuro) w/ Alex Abrahantes defeated Kings of the Black Throne (Malakai Black & Brody King) via Pinfall (7:30)

We get 3 excellent entrances here capped off with Penta debuting his Penta Oscuro personality. The men brawl to start until Penta clears the ring and then dives onto both of Malakai and Brody before he sends Malakai into the ring and the bell rings. PAC gets a two from a 450 splash to start the actual match and then he tags in Penta. The two exchange tags as they isolate Malakai until Black rushes PAC into their corner and he makes the tag to Brody who comes in and flattens PAC before getting a two count from a Slam as we go to break. The Kings of the Black Throne dominate throughout the break as the isolate the Bastard but PAC is resilient and takes all the punishment, they throw at him which is no mean feat when you see how heavy the strikes of King and the kicks of Black are.

We return as Penta rushes in with no tag but Brody takes him out by launching PAC at him then hitting a Tope Suicide. Black gets a blind tag and hits a flurry of offence ending in a German Suplex with a bridge for two. Brody tags in and PAC fights back and then Penta joins in again with a big Crossbody to cause a Quadruple Down. Brody and PAC are legal. PAC ends up getting rid of Malakai and then hits multiple Pump Kicks on Brody and then they hit double Superkicks but Black got a blind tag. He comes in to mist Penta but Penta puts his hand over Malakai's mouth and rolls him up.

After the match, Brody beats down PAC and Penta while Black recovers from swallowing his own mist and then Malakai grabs a Shovel and has Penta pinned with it until the lights go out and then Buddy Matthews appears when they come back on. Malakai feigns being petrified as Matthews moves towards him and then Buddy shows his true colours, attacking PAC and Penta. Brody takes out the security sent to help and then Penta gets his head stomped into a chair by Buddy before all three men disappear with one final lights off.

Britt Baker vs Thunder Rosa Video Package

Britt runs Thunder Rosa down whilst Rosa tells Britt that her and her friends need to show up to a contract signing on Rampage.

Eddie Kingston & Chris Jericho Face to Face

Eddie berates Chris for massaging his ego with Judas and then Chris explains that he has security because he wants to talk, not fight. Eddie says he'd rather just fight him and he says he's not a sports entertainer and calls Tony Khan to bring out Kris Statlander and Willow Nightingale. Jericho says he will do some Sports Entertaining as they're in Connecticut but this will actually be entertaining. Jericho explains that he'd never heard of Kingston when he showed up and the reason was because he looks like a jobber. Jericho says he changed his mind once Eddie opened his mouth. Once Eddie signed, Jericho didn't care because Eddie is jealous of Jericho because Jericho made it big at 22, not 38 and because Eddie can't ever get to Jericho's level.

Eddie responds by asking if Jericho wants a cookie and he only got all his achievements because Eddie wasn't there. Eddie doesn't lie or stab people in the back which is why it took him so long to get to the top. Eddie tells Chris again that he wants to fight and offers him a match at Revolution. Jericho then tells Eddie that he has a fear of success and then brings up Eddie's uncle and father and Eddie is like them. He accepts that match with Eddie because Eddie can't win the big one and Jericho is the big one. Eddie tells Jericho he wants le champion, not the loser of the Mimosa Mayhem or the Jericho got pushed off the cage. He begs for the Jericho that his old pal Levesque hated and Jericho finishes by telling Eddie that he believes he can't win and he's nothing more than a loser which Eddie knows deep down. This was fantastic.

AHFO Promo

Matt Hardy tells Andrade he's going to beat Sammy for the TNT title on Friday and Matt sets up a Tornado Trios Match between him, Andrade and Isiah Kassidy vs Sting, Darby Allin and Sammy Guevara for Revolution.

Ricky Starks defeated 10 via Pinfall (5:57) to qualify for the Face of the Revolution Ladder Match vs Keith Lee, Powerhouse Hobbs, Wardlow & 2 TBD others

Taz joins commentary to watch Ricky Starks as 10 looks to join the other big men in the Face of the Revolution ladder match and he pushes Starks down to start the match. Ricky fights back though and soon has the big man down but he poses and 10 comes back and beats him down in the corner. Ricky tries a swinging DDT but 10 blocks and hits a delayed Vertical Suplex instead which gets him a 2 when he takes too long going for the cover as we head to break already. The two men go back and forth throughout the break with Ricky getting back on top with some interesting offence including an Elbow Drop to the back of 10's head. 10 fires back with chops but Starks isn't having any of it.

We return though as 10 levels Starks with a Shoulder tackle and then catches him on a Cross Body and almost locks in the Full Nelson but he instead settles for a big Discuss Lariat and then Starks is locked in the submission. Starks escapes by turning 10's mask around and hitting a spear for the pin.

The Elite Promo

ReDRagon celebrate and Cole isn't happy and then the Bucks turn up. They berate Fish and O'Reilly before they say they're now even more motivated to win the Casino Battle Royale and beat ReDRagon at Revolution. Cole tells ReDRagon they need to stop because he doesn't need this stress whilst he's trying to become the AEW champion.

Jade Cargill w/ Smart Mark Sterling defeated The Bunny via Pinfall (6:51) to retain the TBS Championship

Jade gets her entrance but Bunny is already in the ring. Jade shows her strength backing The Bunny up and Bunny needs to grab Jade's hair to flip the momentum. Jade sends Bunny to the mat then brings her back up and begins to focus on the arm of Bunny. She lifts her up via the arm and then does press ups on top of her prone opponent. Bunny reverses a Hammer Lock to send Jade to the apron and then sends her to the outside with a running elbow before a Russian Leg Sweep sends both women into the barricade. Matt Hardy comes out and faces off with Mark Sterling. He chases him away for a second and that allows The Bunny to attack Jade and get on top briefly only for Jade to catch a Cross Body and turn it into a Fall Away Slam. Bunny avoids a Pump Kick and attacks Jade in the corner hitting her with a Sliding Elbow Stike for a close two count.

We return as Jade comes back with a huge back elbow but Bunny fights back and hit a big Knee Lift but Jade catches a Thesz Press and counters with a Spinebuster. Matt Hardy throws Bunny the Brass Knuckles and Mark Sterling throws Jade the title and they argue on the apron to distract the ref but both women cancel each other out with those weapons and the referee ejects Matt and Mark. Bunny almost rolls Jade up but Cargill escapes only to eat a Thrust Kick and then she tries to take her Down the Rabbit Hole only for Jade to reverse it into Jaded and gets the win.

After the match, Schiavone goes to interview Jade but Jade snatches the mic and says she'll be 50-0 and asks who's next or better yet, who's left? She's answered by Tay Conti who says she's the one to beat her ass and then she sprints to the ring to square off with Jade, Jade kisses her forehead before The Bunny jumps Tay from behind and Jade finishes the job with a pump kick. Anna Jay makes the late save with a chair to run them off.

Keith Lee Interview

Keith puts over the field in the Ladder match and Ricky Starks turns up to tell Keith to be careful around Team Taz before Hobbs and Lee square up. Tasty.

Bryan Danielson defeated Daniel Garcia via Submission (10:22)

This match gets underway with some technical wrestling, as is to be expected, as Garcia & Danielson fight for supremacy. Danielson tells Garcia to show him the violence and he does with a couple of strikes. Bryan comes back though with a takedown and a Leg Lock before Danielson hits a Butterfly Suplex and then struggles for a Juji Gatame & LeBell lock but Garcia makes the ropes. Garcia cuts off the Danielson fire up with a chop block as we go to break. Garcia tries to beat Bryan down but gets countered with a Juji Gatame but Garcia counters with an Ankle Lock as both men show off. Danielson comes back with huge chops in the corner but Garcia hits some uppercuts and then uses the ring post to target the knee of Bryan. Danielson laughs whilst he grimaces as this is what he wanted to see and Garcia follows up with more chops in the corners. Danielson fires back with several of his own but Garcia counters with a Dragon Screw on the knee he's been targeting.

We return as Garcia has Danielson writhing around in pain and then hits a forearm with Danielson on the apron. Garcia tries to suplex him back in but Danielson sends him to the outside with a Suplex of his own and Danielson hits a running knee from the apron to the floor. He rolls Garcia back into the ring and hits a Shotgun Dropkick from the top rope. Danielson focuses on Garcia's leg now with kicks and locks in a Knee Bar only for Garcia to lock one in in retaliation and both men exchange kicks with one leg grapevined. Danielson hits a Tiger Suplex and locks in Cattle Mutilation only for Garcia to escape and fight back. Both men lock hands and exchange elbows before Danielson breaks the grip and paintbrushes Garcia. Garcia fires one of his own back but it's not enough as Danielson grabs wrist control and stomps his head in before locking in the Triangle Sleeper and forcing the referee to end the match.

2point0 jump Danielson after the match until Jon Moxley makes the save and then Danielson helps Moxley deal with Daniel Garcia and a chair before Mox sends him off with a Paradigm Shift. Danielson tells Moxley that he's on for a match at Revolution but not to be surprised if Mox is the only on bleeding. LFG!

Really good episode tonight with nothing objectively bad on the show and some really good story beats to move us closer to the PPV. Let us know what you thought in the comments, follow me on twitter @Knapphausen, and have yourselves a good night. Adios.


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