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WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (02/21/2022)

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Feb 21, 2022

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (02/21/2022)

The following are the live results of tonight's edition of Monday Night Raw, courtesy of our friend Mike Hogan of Rajah.com:

Video Package: the Elimination Chamber

We open with a video touching on just a few of the highlights from Saturday's Elimination Chamber.

Welcome to the University of South Carolina!

Byron Saxton, Corey Graves and Jimmy Smith welcome us to Raw, airing live from the Colonial Life arena. As announced moments before broadcast, we're opening up with our new WWE Champion!

WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World, Brock Lesnar

The crowd pops loud for the brand new champ and the Beast Incarnate makes his way down to the ring in jeans, a western-printed jacket and a Stetson-styled hat. You know, just cowboy shit. The Champ stands on the announcer's table and holds the belt up, playing up to the crowd, before entering the ring and using his hat to salute and play up to the crowd yet more as Graves hypes the mega-main event title versus title match coming up at WrestleMania. Lesnar is greeted by several Suplex City chants, and he thanks them profusely for the welcome. He strips off his jacket and tells the crowd it's hot in there, and he's happy to be in South Carolina. And then...enter Paul Heyman.

Heyman is booed and attempts to do his usual introduction but Brock interrupts him. The crowd rips off a "you suck" chant and Lesnar joins in with them briefly. Heyman tells Lesnar that the "special counsel for the tribal chief does not suck." Heyman then attempts to belittle Lesnar's title by claiming Roman Reigns is the only real heavyweight champion in the WWE. Heyman continues and claims to be out there out of love from 25 years of business and friendship. He plays it up as if he's protecting Brock from Roman, then tells Lesnar that Brock may not make it to WrestleMania as the WWE Champion. Heyman then informs Lesnar that he's been doing all of Lesnar's legal work, and knows there's a clause that states Lesnar must defend his title at Madison Square Gardens on Saturday March 5th (televised house show). Heyman reiterates that Lesnar won't make it to WrestleMania with a belt.

Lesnar tells Heyman he's a dick, and the two exchange verbal barbs. Heyman goes off about Bobby Lashley possibly not clearing the concussion protocols in time for a rematch (at MSG) and if not, Lesnar shouldn't worry as Heyman "has (your) back." Lesnar tells Heyman that Friday, Heyman and Roman will be in Hershey, Pennsylvania on Friday night demanding people acknowledge him. Lesnar then announces he's coming to SmackDown to introduce "you two knuckleheads the new reigning, defending, WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World...Brrr-rock Lesnar!" Lesnar finishes his mocking of Heyman and Heyman walks off.

Backstage: Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins

When interviewed by Patrick, KO & Seth claim they're the best tag team champions on the roster. They announce that they'll enter a tag title tournament in two weeks, and brag about going on to win the Raw tag titles, and then eventually challenging the Usos for the blue-brand titles, too. Owens calls

Non-Title Tag Match: the Street Profits vs Raw Tag Team Champions the Alpha Academy

The Profits are out first in this non-title match. We head to our first break of the night ahead of this match. When we return, the Academy are out and we're off. Montez's head is nearly shewn but it looks good. Ford's offense is based around his aerial style, so the Academy use frequent tags early on to isolate Ford in their corner. The duo frequently double-team Ford. Ford makes a hot tag to Dawkins as the Alpha Academy attempt to rally at the ringside ramp. Dawkins and Ford take out the champs as we head to another break. When we return, the Academy are continuing the same strategy of cutting the ring in thirds by isolating Ford. Graves informs us that it was the same throughout the break. Ford finally makes the hot tag to Dawkins, who cleans house. Dawkins tags in Ford and sets Gable up in the Electric Chair position. Ford dives off the top turnbuckle to hit a neckbreaker on Gable from his perch on Dawkin's shoulders! The ref loses control briefly. Ford fails to notice a blind tag from Otis but does manage to counter Otis' attempt at a surprise attack with multiple kicks. Ford hoists Otis up, cross-body style, in a remarkable display of strength...that backfires when he collapses, Otis lands on top of him, Gable holds his boot and the tag champs steal the win.
Your Winners, Raw Tag Team Champions the Alpha Academy!

Tag Match: the Dirty Dawgs vs Finn Bálor & NXT's Tommaso Ciampa

After a short backstage interaction between Ciampa and the returning Bálor, Bálor makes his entrance and we head to a break. When we return, Ziggler & Roode make their entrance and Graves sends us to clips of last Tuesday's NXT: Vengeance Day in which Ziggler and Ciampa came to blows after Ziggler attempted to interfere with Bron Breakker's NXT Championship defense. We start with Roode and Ciampa. Ciampa's dyed his beard brown! Ciampa takes control with a headlock but Roode shoves him back into the Dawg corner. Ziggler comes in off a blind tag and slugs it out with Ciampa in the corner. Both men continue to struggle for control until Bálor comes in off a blind tag. The two send the Dawgs outside and take them down as we head to another break, with Bálor finger-banging them both.

We return to find Roode and Ciampa going at it hard. Jimmy Smith comments that Ciampa seems more obsessed and concerned with getting his hands on Dolph Ziggler instead of tagging in Bálor. The crowd fires up Ciampa as Ziggler works the neck and yells insults. Ziggler looks for a neckbreaker but Ciampa hits a clothesline so hard to Ziggler that it literally knocks the spit out of his mouth. Bálor gets the hot tag and drops Ziggler, then Roode as the Glorious One comes in legal. Roode drops Bálor with a spinebuster and nearly picks up the win. Bálor manages to rally, floating over a suplex attempt and tagging in Ciampa. Ciampa drops Roode with a step-up flying knee then attempts the Fairy Tale Ending, modifying it mid-move into a roll-up to steal the win!
Your Winners, Finn Bálor & Tommaso Ciampa!

MizTV featuring the Mysterios and Logan Paul

The Miz welcomes us back to MizTV with his usual schtick. He tells us that he had a realization at the Elimination Chamber and he wants to share that before he calls out his special guest. He insults the crowd by stating most of them don't know "what it's like to leave your couch," let alone to have any clue what it's like for him when he flies a private jet around the world. He claims that the fans turn to Rey because they can more closely identify with him than an A-Lister. He tries to denigrate Rey by accusing Rey of using Dom to help him cheat-to-win at the Elimination Chamber. He continues on, attacking Rey's reputation with the WWE Universe, before realizing "that you (the WWE Universe) are the ones that cannot be trusted and I have found a new tag team partner going into WrestleMania. Someone I can relate to. Someone who I can trust. Someone who comes from a fighting family--hes a pioneer, he's very dashing. Someone who's an athlete and celebrity--"

Rey & Dominik Mysterio make their way out. Rey's on the mic and tells the Miz that he has no friends in the back to be his partner. Rey tells the Miz to get his partner out here as it, essentially, doesn't matter. The Miz and The Mys continue to exchange verbal barbs, with the Miz accusing Rey of nepotism in getting Dom a job. Dom, finally hitting the age in which one can grow facial hair, does admit that Rey brought him to the WWE but it's his blood, family, life, and he'll do whatever it takes to stay there. "So if you say one more thing about my father, I swear to God I will show you--" The Miz cuts off Dom, then states that he propose his new tag team partner join him in facing the Mysterios at WrestleMania. He then introduces his partner...Logan Paul. Huge boos from the crowd. Paul disrespects Mysterio, and Dom steps up to defend his father. Paul exchanges a few more words then helps the Miz attack the Mysterios. For a couple of minutes, Paul and the Miz beat both Mysterios. The Miz shows off his protege, Logan Paul, when Paul hits the Skull-Crushing Finale on Mysterio. Both men were booed non-stop and embraced in the ring post-beat-down before pointing at the WrestleMania sign as is custom this time of year.

Singles Match: Rhea Ripley vs Nikki A.S.H. VIII

Rhea is out first, followed by her former tag team partner as we're told they'll fight "one more time." With luck, this ends the feud. After a break, Nikki is out to boos and once the bell rings, Nikki gets in Rhea's face and yells insults. Nikki screams that she's the superhero and Rhea is nothing just one time too many and Rhea snaps, unleashing on Nikki. Rhea quickly uses suplexes to take a dominant control of the match. Rhea with a very, very long stalling suplex--the longest stalling brainbuster this side of 2004 Bobby Lashley--but Nikki flees to the ringside area after impacting the canvas. Nikki yells at the commentary table but none can decipher what she's saying. Nikki gets a brief bit of offense in against Rhea but Ripley picks up the win quickly with a Riptide.
Your Winner, Rhea Ripley!


Video Package: the Undertaker's Hall of Fame Nomination

The same video that's been airing since the announcement that the Undertaker would be inducted into the Hall of Fame this year, you guessed it--it plays again. Great video with many, many snippets of some of the bigger moments of his career, all to the tunes of Metallica's "Sad But True" and Kid Rock's sampled variant, "American Badass."


Non-Title Match: United States Champion Damian Priest vs Shelton Benjamin

Priest is out to a decent pop. Shelton Benjamin comes out to his old theme. A short match, barely two minutes, sees Priest go over Benjamin with a South of Heaven followed by a Reckoning. >
Your Winner, United States Champion Damian Priest!


Post-Squash Challenge

After the match, Priest announces that next week he'll defend his title in an open challenge. Answering the call? Finn Bálor! Bálor accepts the challenge, and promises to give Priest the caliber of contender he's been looking for.

In the Ring: 24/7 Champion Reggie, Impromptu 24/7 Championship Match

Reggie makes his way out after a short video shows the events of last week, when a friend-zoned Reggie rolled up Dana Brooke to win the 24/7 Title back. He asks for Dana Brooke to come out and join him, and Brooke does. Reggie apologizes for taking advantage of an opportunity last week and for being butthurt for being friend-zoned. He apologizes from the bottom of his heart and wants to make it right. He asks a ref to come out then shows off a spinning kick routine. Reggie lays the title down, lays down and lets Dana cover him. Reggie kicks out at two instinctively then apologizes and tells her to cover him. Again she does so, and again he kicks out. Again he tells her to do it. This time she kisses Reggie as she covers him, picking up the win.
Your NEW 24/7 Champion, Dana Brooke!


In the Ring Promo: Bianca Belair and Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch

Fresh off her big Elimination Chamber win, Bianca Belair will address the WWE Universe and her WrestleMania opponent, Big Time Becs...after these words from their sponsors! Belair thanks the crowd and feeds off their energy, cutting a decent promo about beating Lynch at WrestleMania. Lynch makes her way out, congratulating Bianca for making it "back to the big time." She states that they're both the only two women who have won the main event of WrestleMania, and they're facing each other at WrestleMania 38. Belair and Lynch continue to exchange words about who did it better. Lynch reminds Belair that Lynch walked out of WrestleMania 35 with two belts, one of which--the Raw title--no one's been able to beat her for in three years. The second title, the SmackDown title, she won back from Belair in 26 seconds. Bianca takes exception to the repetition of that fact. They go back and forth with the blustering. Lynch accuses Belair for being the reason why the WWE Universe despise Lynch, which is why Lynch despises Belair. Lynch references what she did to Lita three days ago, and points out Lita is someone she loved. She asks Belair what does Bianca think Becky will do to someone she hates? Doudrop makes her way out as she's scheduled for a match.

Singles Match: Bianca Belair vs Doudrop

Becky Lynch joins commentary for this match and, as usual, provides a delightful heel compliment to Corey Graves. Belair and Doudrop engage in a battle of powerhouses as both women struggle to woman-handle each other like they general do to other opponents. Doudrop blocks a Strong Irish Whip attempt by slapping on the brakes. Both women brawl in the corners with neither taking a commanding lead early on. Doudrop attempts to punish Belair with big chops to the chest followed by bashing Belair's face into the turnbuckle. Doudrop takes control for about a minute. Belair looks for a KOD early but Doudrop grabs the rope. Belair threatens it again and Doudrop steps between the ropes, blocking it again. Lynch with a handspring kick that sends Doudrop crashing to the mat. Belair hits a cross body but is then distracted by Lynch, setting up a cross body from Doudrop. We head to break with Belair down.

When we return, Belair breaks a headlock and the two begin to battle back and forth, into the corner and around the ropes. Doudrop misses a running cannonball as Belair slips out of the corner just in time. Belair covers but only gets a two. Doudrop with snap Michinoku Driver outta nowhere for a close pin attempt. Dou ascends the turnbuckles, threatening a Banzai Drop but Belair pops up, slips beneath Doudrop and powerbombs her down to the canvas! Belair attempts to hoist Dou for another KOD and she does it! Belair holds Doudrop up an impressively long time before executing the Kiss of Death and picking up the win! Becky Lynch angrily throws her headset aside and taunts Belair by yelling smack.
Your Winner, Bianca Belair!


Edge Addresses the WWE Universe

Edge makes a hot entrance as South Carolina shows the Rated R-Superstar a lot of love. Edge sits in a chair in the middle of the ring and addresses the crowd. HE asks if they can smell something--the smell of "WrestleMania in the air." He recalls WrestleMania III when Edge would sit with his uncle and listen to a radio as results from matches came in. Edge will never forget hearing that Hulk Hogan body-slammed Andre the Giant and defeated him, to boot, giving Edge an adrenaline rush. The first WrestleMania that Edge attended was WrestleMania XIV. The crowd yell some love and he sends some back. Edge wants to have a huge WrestleMania moment of his own. He states that every year he had to out-do himself and references WrestleMania XVII and the TLC match, followed by other WrestleMania moments including slamming Foley through a flaming table, main eventing against the Taker at the height of the Streak, and what he thought was his last match at WrestleMania 27 when he was forced to retire as World Champion.

He reminds us that he busted his butt for ten years to get back to this, his third consecutive WrestleMania since returning (WM 36, he returned and fought Orton; WM 37, he and DB lost to Reigns). Edge still dreams, every where, what it'll be like to walk down the aisle and be Phenomenal. He states that he steps up to the challenge and he throws caution to the wind at WrestleMania because you must fight your inner demon. He states he needs WrestleMania and it needs Edge. Edge then issues an open challenge to the locker room, telling someone--anyone--to step up and prove themselves across from him in the ring on the grandest stage at all. He demands the boys step up, drops his mic, and that's that!


Tag Team Main Event Match: RK-Bro vs Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens

RK-Bro make their way out first and the crowd welcomes them accordingly. We go to a commercial break ahead of our main event. When we return, Rollins & Owens make their way out. Graves, Saxton and Smith all praise the new team of Rollins & Owens during their lengthy entrance. The ref sorts the teams out and we start with Riddle and Rollins, who dances to the crowd singing the tune of his entrance music. Rollins decides to let Owens start it off, stating "let me soak it in, they're loving me!" Riddle starts us off with a rear waistlock takedown. Owens with a rear waistlock of his own but Riddle whips him off. Owens runs over Riddle on the rebound. Riddle pops up, ducks under a grapple attempt, and looks for a rear mounted sleeper. Owens escapes and hits a Senton on Riddle.

Rollins comes in and drops Riddle with a Sling Blade and again, he pauses to dance to the crowd singing his theme. Riddle uses the distraction to tag in a freshly clean-shaven Orton. Orton stomps away at Rollins viciously, targeting the jaw repeatedly. Orton tags in Riddle and gives a hand in assisting with a spinning standing moonsault. RK-Bro start to use frequent tags to control Rollins. Rollins battles Orton to the heel corner. Orton punches Owens off the apron then sends Rollins crashing outside. Orton looks for a back drop on Rollins onto the commentary table but Owens makes the save. Orton hits the move on Owens instead to a big pop. Rollins wipes Orton out with a suicide dive and we head to (hopefully) our final break of the night!

When we return, Orton and Owens are going at it in the ring. Orton uses a huge back drop that rocks the ring and buys both men time to make hot tags to their partners. Riddle and Rollins clash in the middle and Riddle takes the lead with a step-up kick. Riddle kips-up quickly and hits two diving corner strikes. Bro-ton from Riddle followed by a Field Goal kick to Rollins face! Riddle with a bridging German Suplex for a close call! Rollins takes the upper hand when Owens cuts Riddle's legs out from under him, allowing Rollins to hit a double-foot stomp on Riddle whilst he was caught in a Tree of Woe. Riddle survives an Owens shoulder breaker and shoves off a Stunner attempt.

Riddle eats an Enziguri from KO, who just knocked Orton off the apron. KO and Rollins with quick tags to allow KO to hit a top rope Senton, followed immediately by Rollins with a Frog Splash off the top! Rollins covers for two then tags in Owens. Rollins & Owens attempt a double-team but Riddle escapes, rolls through and tags in Orton. Orton drops Owens and Rollins both with snap spinning Powerslams. Orton sets both men up on the apron and calls for a double Spike DDT. Rollins escapes but Owens isn't lucky, and Orton drives him face-first into the canvas. Orton starts to pound the mat but KO shoves Orton off. Blind tag to Riddle. Orton with a Superkick to Orton. Riddle attacks Owens but Owens stomps Riddle's exposed feet. Outside the ring, Rollins hits a Stomp on Orton! Riddle with a Floating Bro to Owens! Rollins is tagged in. Riddle looks for an RKO but Rollins & Owens counter. The two men hit their signature and finisher moves on Riddle to pick up the win. Rollins & Owens will face RK-Bro and the Alpha Academy in two weeks for the Raw tag titles.
Your Winners, Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens!

Source: Mike Hogan of Rajah.com
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