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AEW Dynamite Results (February 16 2022)

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Feb 16, 2022

AEW Dynamite Results (February 16 2022)

It's Wednesday, you know what that means! It's time for a very interesting episode of AEW Dynamite, whether that be in storyline or behind the scenes. Everyone's heard all the rumour and hearsay about Cody and I wonder how AEW will handle that fall out as well as having a stacked card with some important matches as AEW heads towards Revolution. We have Excalibur, JR & Tony Schiavone on commentary so let's not waste any time and get straight to the wrestling!

CM Punk In Ring Promo

We open the show with CM Punk sat in the middle of the ring wearing a MJF T-shirt. Punk says he's straight edge and that makes him better than us. He said it sounds familiar because he said it 20 years ago and he's proud that it started his wrestling journey and inspired so many people. That brings him to MJF and he says when MJF beat him in his home town it made him proud of him but in reality, instead of being Piper in Portland, he's shitty little Max from shitty little Long Island.

He says that because of last week he gets to pick the time and date and stipulation of the match with Max thanks to Moxley last week and he's picking Revolution and he then teases a cage match but he instead chooses a Dog Collar match.

He then calls out MJF to tell him one last detail and he comes out for CM Punk to pull out the famous picture of him and a young fan MJF and he tells MJF that was probably the greatest day of his life but to Punk it was just a Friday and in the same way, Revolution will be the biggest match of his life but to Punk it will just be a Sunday. MJF goes to respond but is rendered speechless and leaves.

Jurassic Express Interview

We learn there are going to be some contenders coming up for the AEW Tag Team Champions leading to a three way for the title at the PPV and Jungle Boy makes a sex joke, Christian says Jurassic Express will retain, and Luchasaurus growls Three Way.

Bryan Danielson defeated Lee Moriarty via Submission (12:13)

Short video package retelling the reason why we're having this match, namely the Moxley promo and Lee and Sydal showing up during Danielson's interview last week goes on before the match and before the break.

Both men make their entrance and the bell rings, Danielson offers the handshake but fakes Lee out when he reaches his hand out. They begin with some excellent technical wrestling and mat transitions before Danielson slaps the taste out of Lee's mouth. They go back to the mat and exchange holds with Danielson knowing how to escape everything Lee tries and then locking Moriarty in the Romero Special and then a Brutal Dragon Sleeper but Moriarty escapes and goes for the Border City Stretch before Danielson slaps the younger man once again. They continue to go back and forth with neither man gaining an advantage for longer than a few seconds until Danielson ties him up in the ropes and delivers kicks to the chest and brings him back in by draping him over the second rope and hitting a brutal Knee Strike to send us to break. He maintains his attack throughout the commercials, keeping Lee down and locking him in numerous holds.

We return to Danielson trying to pin Lee but he won't stay down and keeps bridging up until we get an incredible spot where both men have their legs grapevined and fighting stood on their heads! Danielson transitions that into the LeBell lock but Moriarty makes the ropes and then sends Danielson to the mat with a Back Suplex. It leads to a strike exchange and Moriarty almost rolls Danielson up but then eats a big shot only for Lee to respond with multiple strikes of his own and then eats a rolling elbow but blocks Bryan's kick and Moriarty almost pins Danielson off a Suplex. This match is getting faster and faster and Moriarty goes for the Border City Stretch but can't get it and it leads to Danielson hitting a Shoulder Capture Suplex. Danielson follow that up with the Busaiku Knee and then Stomps Lee's head into the mat and finishes the match with a Triangle Suplex. Great match!

Danielson grabs a mic afterwards and says he came here to show Lee about violence and asks the crowd if he passed or failed and then Danielson says that the response of yes is why he doesn't trust the American public. He then demands Moxley give him an answer and out he comes.

Mox takes his time making it to the ring and when he gets there, he grabs the microphone and says that he was like Lee Moriarty a decade ago and Mox took a shot at taking down Danielson. He tells the story of what happened on that night and it's captivating as all hell. He explains that he lost that night but the taste made him want it more and he says he's never beaten Bryan Danielson. But Danielson showing up made him want to change that but Danielson doesn't want to fight him, he wants to team up with him and Moxley has been thinking about how good it could be and the legacy they could leave. He couldn't think of one good reason to say no but then he wondered if Danielson only wants to team with him to avoid a match with him because he knows he'll beat him and if that's the case, he's already beaten him.

He asks whether they want to team up to create a legacy or to duck him, he says it's up to Bryan because it's not a yes or no right now but Mox doesn't stand side by side with anyone he hasn't bled with first. Wow. That was incredible. Moxley is the king of the mic.

Keith Lee Promo

Lee says he's arrived and he says he's the new face of the revolution and he's going after the TNT title.

Wardlow w/ Shawn Spears defeated Max Caster w/ Anthony Bowens via Pinfall (5:17)

Caster makes a rap and doesn't mention Cody but does call Wardlow MJF's bitch boy. That's a bad move as Wardlow almost Powerbombs him for the first move but Caster escapes as we head to break early in this one. Wardlow grabs Caster and hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex and then follows Caster to the outside with a Clothesline. He tries to charge into Caster but misses and goes into the ring steps and that allows Caster to take over. He uses a Backdrop on the apron before heading back into the ring and slugging it out with Wardlow in the middle of the ring but Wardlow hits a Spinebuster and goes for a Powerbomb only for Bowens to pull Caster out and pass him the chain.

We head back and behind the referee's back, Caster uses the chain and then hits the Mic Drop but Wardlow kicks out at two! Wardlow then fights back and the Powerbomb Symphony is the sound of the end. Only three this time but it's enough for the win.

Bowens jumps Wardlow after the match and Wardlow deals with him before Spears jumps in.

Mercedes Martinez Interview

Mercedes says she's going to beat Thunder Rosa and then Britt says she needs to because that's why she's here and she can't lose because if she does, Britt will be the most powerful woman in wrestling and she has the best sensei and then some dude turns up who tells Britt to finish her if she loses. *Shrug*

Hangman Adam Page In Ring Promo

Schiavone introduces the champion and out he comes. Schiavone asks him how he's feeling but out comes Adam Cole before he can answer and tells Adam Page that he's had some hard battles for the title before dismissing Schiavone. He puts Page over but says that it's a shame his title reign will be ending soon. Hangman said he often wondered how Cole felt watching his friends build a wrestling company and asking how he felt now with his former bullet club buddy knowing he'll never be AEW champion. Cole retorts by bring up Hangman's relationships with the Bucks and Dark Order. Hangman says he's made mistakes but so has Cole and getting in the ring with him tonight is one of them.

Cole says Hangman has always been known as the other Adam but then he says he starts to say how great he is and then says he can't wait to wrestle him for the title respectfully and shakes hands with Hangman before leaving. However, ReDRagon jump Hangman from behind and Cole comes back to help the beat down until a load of AEW personnel and the Dark Order chase them off and then 10 kicks all the Security dude's asses.

Darby Allin vs Sammy Guevara Promos

Darby says he and Sammy are alike because they're always crazy. Sammy says Darby was a great champ but he won't be better than Sammy. Can't wait for the Main Event.

Santana & Ortiz defeated Chris Jericho & Jake Hager via (10:42)

Before this one can get started, Eddie Kingston wanders out to ringside and stands in Santana & Ortiz's corner. The bell rings with Santana and Jericho in the ring and they begin to brawl. Jericho looks to have the upper hand but Santana's speed changes that and he begins to dominate the Inner Circle leader. He beats him down with chops in the corner and then brings Ortiz in and they begin to hit some double team moves as they have Jericho in trouble. Ortiz hits a Fishermans Suplex for two and then Jericho fights back to tag in Hager. He and Jericho send Ortiz to the mat and then the Hager screams at Ortiz to tell him why whilst they fight. Hager takes over with a Belly-to-Belly suplex and a Hager Bomb as we head to break. Jericho and Hager keep Ortiz isolated in their corner by exchanging tags and fighting off any come back he tries.

Jericho ends up getting taken down by Ortiz and then both men tag out. Santana takes over against Hager and begins to attack the Knee of Hager but Jericho attacks him from behind and Hager hits a Power Slam for two. He brings Jericho in and Santana blocks a Judas Effect but gets nailed with a Bull Dog and then when Jericho goes for the Lionsault, Ortiz stops him and Santana gets two from a Russian Leg Sweep. Ortiz takes out Hager on the outside then he and Santana hit the Street Sweeper but Jericho kicks out at 2.9. They go for the Cannonball but Jericho counters into the Walls of Jericho. Santana makes the ropes though and Eddie gets on the apron so Jericho takes him out with a Springboard Dropkick and Santana counters another Judas Effect into a Discus Lariat to get the pin.

As soon as the match is over, Jericho tries to attack Eddie and the refs split them up.

The Elite Promo

ReDRagon ask where the Bucks were and they make excuses for not attacking Hangman before ReDRagon and The Bucks bicker about who will be the next tag champs. Cole interrupts them when the conversation moves on to kids by telling them they all have beautiful children and when the Bucks leave stage left and ReDRagon stage right, Brandon asks Cole which way he's going to go before being told to shut up. This popped me silly. I love it when BTE style humour makes it onto Dynamite. More please.

Thunder Rosa defeated Mercedes Martinez via Pinfall (9:41)

Mercedes emerges with her lead/steel pipe and we learn the old man from earlier is from Karate Kid/Kobra Kai. Who knew. Mercedes waits at the bottom of the ramp and out comes out in Kill Bill inspired gear with a chair in her hand. They hit weapons together and Rosa gets the upper hand but they're back even as the bell rings. They brawl inside the ring and outside Rosa uses the ring post then retrieves a table. Before she can set it up, Mercedes comes back and throws her into the steps and goes for some chairs but Rosa tosses her through the barricade. They brawl into the crowd and Rosa hits a dive from the crowd as we go to break. Thunder Rosa brings Martinez back towards the ring but Mercedes hits a suplex on the barricade she went through and then takes it back to the ring. She grabs a Trash can and puts it in the ring with the chairs from earlier and then uses the chair to keep Rosa down. She gets more chairs and then tries to just throw Rosa on them but Rosa counters with a Cutter for two. Rosa goes back to the table and sets it up but it's broken. She improvises and goes for the Fire Thunder Driver but Martinez counters with a Back Suplex as we come back to the action.

Martinez grabs a chair and peppers Rosa with it before they head back into the ring and Martinez goes for a move into the trash can but Rosa counters with a Hurricanrana and then uses the trash can to hit Martinez and then puts her torso in the can before she hits a Dropkick and it gets a two count. Rosa goes to the top rope but Mercedes uses the trash can lid to stop her and then Martinez hits a Spider German Suplex for two and then a big elbow drop for the same. She goes for a Powerbomb on the chairs but Rosa hits a Crucifix Bomb and then finishes it with a Fire Thunder Driver on the chairs. What a match.

Rosa shows her fallen opponent respect by bowing post-match but out comes Britt with Jamie and Rebel. The Kobra Kai man tells Britt to finish her and Jamie and Rebel attack Rosa and then Britt hands Mercedes her pipe to finish the job but Jamie jumps Mercedes and Britt beats Rosa down some more.

House of Black Promo

Just watch, If I typed what he said I'd get sectioned for chatting shit. It's fun though. The black stuff on Malakai's eye is everywhere now.

Switchblade Promo

Jay White says he beat Kenny Omega and that is the reason AEW exists and he says he'll beat Trent on Rampage.

Sammy Guevara defeated Darby Allin via Pinfall (14:50) to retain the TNT Championship

Sammy has never beaten Darby in AEW we're informed and both men shake hands before the match but when they lock up, they're evenly matched. So are the crowd who are evenly split between these two pillars. Both men struggle for supremacy on the mat and then whilst standing and Darby's quickness starts to give him the advantage. Darby counters Sammy's usual Corkscrew Dropkick spot and then both men somehow end up on the top rope and Sammy just drops Darby down and he bounces off the ropes to the outside to allow the champion to take control. He drapes Darby over the top rope and hits a senton from the top rope to send Darby to the floor and send us to our final break of the evening. Sammy takes a moment and then bring Darby back into the ring, via a nasty choke over the turnbuckle. He chops him in the corner and then clubs Darby to the mat with a Forearm to the back for two. He hits a Body Slam then goes to the top rope but jams his knee missing a Moonsault Press. Sammy goes back to the chops then throws Darby into the opposite Turnbuckle twice in a row.

We return to the action as he tries it a third time and Darby counters then hits two Coffin Splashes in the corner and attacks the knee. He hits a Coffin Splash and then just works it over with his unique offence. He takes Sammy to the top rope and puts him in a one-legged tree of woe as he torques the injury some more then locks in a Single Leg Crab in the ropes. Sammy comes back with a Headbutt and then hits a huge Spanish Fly for two. Sammy goes for a Cross Rhodes but Darby counters and it ends with Darby locking in the Figure 4 but Sammy reverses it. Darby reverses back but Sammy slaps him and they just brawl with their legs grapevined. Sammy misses a Knee Strike and then almost hits GTH but Darby counters it and gets two with the Last Supper. Darby hits his Cutter and Sammy rolls outside but then Darby goes for a Tope and Sammy counters with a Cutter. He tries to hit Darby with a Senton from the top on the apron but he misses and Darby takes charge once more. He brings Sammy back in and goes for the Coffin Drop. Jose the Assistant appears from nowhere to jump on the apron and then Sting appears from nowhere to deal with him before Andrade appears from nowhere and attacks Darby before hitting him with his tablet and leaving whilst the ref was watching Sting and Jose. Sammy looks up to see Darby on the top rope lifeless and takes him onto his shoulders before hitting the GTH and getting the win. Tremendous match until the finish but it benefits storylines so I'll allow it.

After the match, Matt Hardy runs past Andrade and starts to attack Darby in the ring. Sammy eventually sees this and runs Matt Hardy off but then Andrade uses the tablet on Sammy too and Sting has to run them both off to close the show.

And that's that for another week of AEW Dynamite. Let us know what you thought in the comments, join us back here on Friday for Rampage and follow me on Twitter @Knapphausen So long and goodnight.



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