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WWE RAW Results - January 7, 2022

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Feb 07, 2022

WWE RAW Results - January 7, 2022

The following are the live results of tonight's edition of Monday Night Raw, courtesy of our friend Mike Hogan of Rajah.com:

Welcome to Monday Night Raw on the SyFy Channel!

In case you missed it, Raw and NXT will be on SyFy for the duration of the 2022 Winter Olympics. We open with Byron Saxton, alongside sidekicks Corey Graves and Jimmy Smith, welcoming us to Denver. Graves, Saxton and Smith run down what's been announced for tonight's card, hyping the appearance of WWE Legend Lita.

Quiz Bowl Showdown: RK-Bro and Raw Tag Team Champions

We cut to the ring, which has been set up, and features the Alpha Academy seated at a table in the ring. at an adjacent table are RK-Bro and Kevin will be our proctor for tonight. The crowd is hot tonight, and love some RK-Bro. We're given a review of the academic games up to this point and the rules for tonight are given. Gable cuts him off and gives the rules himself, to huge boos, and calls Denver a bunch of mouth breathers. We're given the nine categories that range from Greek Mythology to pop culture. The Alpha Academy go first, choosing US Presidents. "Which US President was the first to be elected with a college degree?" Gable exclaims its a cakewalk as if there's one thing he knows about, it's degrees as he's got a Master's and a 4.0 GPA. He knows how to heckle the crowd and they let him have it. After calling George Washington a "dum-dum" he answers correctly, garnering a point.

RK-Bro get to choose next, and go with Biology question about octopuses. Riddle states his cousin Craig is a marine biologist who once took him to Maui and they dissected this "sick expedition" and Riddle answers correctly. Gable claims its luck and asks for Greek Mythology for the next question, getting a question about Icarus which Gable answers correctly. Orton speaks. "Hey Riddle, lets go with something easy. Let's go with cartoons." The cartoon question is about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and which one weld nunchuckus. Riddle answers correctly that it's Michelangelo. Gable gets upset, so Orton challenges Gable to let Otis answer a question.

Gable chooses Geography for Otis, and it asks as to which state is the largest in the US. Otis, who's growing his beard back, states that "if it was a question to see who has the lowest IQ it'd definitely be Colorado...but everything is bigger in Texas." Correct answer and the crowd really boos the hell out of them. Riddle chooses Pop Culture for the next question, inquiring to the parentage of Justin Bieber's model wife. Riddle asks if Orton knows it, to which he answers "absolutely not." Riddle says he wants to use a lifeline so he can call his good friend Justin Bieber, haha. Once they're told they don't have a lifeline, Orton incorrectly answers Alec Baldwin. (Stephen Baldwin was correct.) Gable and Otis manage to steal the point and take a 4-2 lead out of 5 points.

Gable chooses film and literature and gets a question about Shakespeare. The word "ham" was mentioned and Otis obsesses on the word. Gable incorrectly guesses Romeo & Juliet, giving RK-Bro the opportunity to steal. "To be or not to be, that is the question, Randy!" Riddle answers Hamlet, Otis screams "I said that!" and RK-Bro change it to a 4-3 game. RK-Bro choose sports as their next category. The question regards which Broncos quarterback holds the record for most TD's. Orton implores the crowd for assistance, and correctly chooses "John freakin' Elway" to a huge hot pop from the Colorado crowd. Gable insults the crowd and illicits a "you suck" chant as we're tied up at 4. They choose metric conversions and Gable yells as the crowd (piped-in) boos them. Gable stammers and states multiple wrong questions, giving RK-Bro the chance to steal.

For the steal, victory and a Raw tag team championship rematch, Orton decides to take the answer. When Riddle asks to answer, Orton replies, stating that he's not the only one who bakes for a cheap pop. Orton knows that 28 grams is one ounce, which is correct, and RK-Bro win! As they leave, whomever is in charge of the buzzer continues to sound it as Gable screams and whine about it being too late, eventually laying on the mat canvas and begging for someone to stop. Cue up the music because here come the Street Profits!
Your Winner of the Quiz Bowl and NEW Number One Contenders, RK-Bro!

After the Match: Smokin' Time

As RK-Bro leave, the Street Profits come out. The Profits heckle their way down the ramp until Gable challenges them to a match.

Non-Title Tag Team Match: The Street Profits vs Raw Tag Team Champions the Alpha Academy

We get a short video to buy time for maintenance to clear the ring then we get straight to the match. Both teams start off fast out of the gate and each man gets plenty of chances to show off their athleticism, including a massive dropkick from WWE future Legend Angelo Dawkins to Otis that sends him flying off the apron. Eventually Otis takes the tag and begins to grapple with Ford. Ford's agility doesn't save him from a decapitating clothesline from Otis. The Alpha Academy take control for about two minutes, alternating tags to keep Ford confined to their side of the ring. Finally, however, Dawkins gets the hot tag and clears the ring. Dawkins with multiple belly to belly and other suplexes that send Gable flying all around the ring. Gable with a huge textbook Suplex Release which garners replays. Dawkins hits a corkscrew butterfly suplex and covers for two, but Otis makes the save. Otis and Ford begin to battle and the action spills to the outside. Dawkins rolls up Gable for a close two. Dawkins looks for another butterfly suplex but Gable counters, locks in an ankle lock, counters Dawkins effort to escape and rolls him up to steal the win.
Your Winners, Raw Tag Team Champions the Alpha Academy!

WWE Champion Bobby Lashley Returns to Hometown Denver

MVP gives Lashley a Heyman-esque introduction and reminds us that Lashley's from Denver for the cheap pop. Out comes Lashley, looking as dapper as always, to a decent welcome from the Rocky mountaineers.Denver welcomes Bobby back home with a huge pop and are heavily behind the hometown boy. MVP starts us off by stating that Lashley should've had a proper welcome last week after slaying the Beast and bringing his championship gold back home. MVP addresses rumors that people feel Lashley only won due to Roman's interference, but goes on to say that at the end the only thing that matter was Lashley stood victorious over the Beast incarnate. MVP feels last week should've been called Bobby Lashley Day (yeah, I know) and featured champagne and women and ticker-tape parades. Instead, however, they got WWE Official Adam Pearce informing them of the Elimination Chamber in the KSA a week from this Saturday, in which Lashley will have to defend his title in the Chamber--and Lesnar will be in it as well. MVP reminds us that Lesnar won the Royal Rumble and chose Roman Reigns is perfectly fine, but Lesnar's dream to win the title back and take on Reigns in a title for title match is "pure fantasy."

MVP calls Lashley the biggest "monster of them all." Lashley finally gets on the mic, stating the champ lives here and gets another cheap hometown pop. Lashley addresses Lesnar's demands last week for a rematch, stating "you don't make demands of the All Mighty." Lashley goes on to take offense with Lesnar "demanding everything he never worked for.....When's the last time Brock defended the WWE title? More importantly, when's the last time Brock had a match on Raw?" Ouch. Lashley hopes that it comes down to Brock and himself just so he can pin Lesnar once again. He finishes off, adding "it's not me locked in a chamber with Brock. It's going to be Brock licked in the chamber with me." They pause and stand around awkwardly for a moment before getting a chant from the crowd. Lashley finally continues, claiming he'll put Lesnar in the hospital and it's the All Mighty who'll defend the title in the main event at WrestleMania. We end this segment.

Contenders Match: AJ Styles vs United States Champion Damian Priest

Both men make their entrances to great pops. Commentary eats up a minute or two with conjecture before the ref calls for the bell. Priest and Styles circle. Priest looks to lock up but Styles ducks under and chops Priest. Priest tosses Styles into the corner and Styles fights out with another chop. Styles with a third against Priest alongside the ropes. Priest dodges and tosses Styles. Styles still takes back control and sends Priest outside, laying the big man out with a springboard attack. Styles takes it back into the ring and attempts an early cover and an early submission. Priest takes control back with a brutal pop-up face buster. Ouch. Priest with a leaping elbow strike in the corner, then lays out Styles with a clothesline from hell. Styles kicks out at two though. Priest sets up for a top-rope superplex but Styles escapes and immediately looks for a Ushi Garoshi! A quick sequence of reversals leads to Styles attempting another pin.

Both men are looking winded pretty early into this. Styles attempts to use a springboard entrance to sneak attack Priest, but Priest catches him with a leaping roundhouse kick. Priest looks for a pin but only gets two, and begins to turn on the angry face. Styles fires back, executing his full Phenomenal Combination, battering the champ with elbows, forearms and kicks. A few more pin attempts from both men as they jockey for control. AJ Styles looks for a Phenomenal Forearm but Priest steps in, closing the distance, and a forearm of his own to Styles. Priest runs off the opposite ropes but Styles recovers quickly and flies halfway across the ring to hit a picture-perfect Phenomenal Forearm! Styles covers and picks up the win and a future title shot!
Your Winner and NEW Number One Contender, AJ Styles!

Miz TV featuring Special Guests the Mysterios

The Miz and Maryse make their way out for Miz TV as we conclude our first hour, commercial free. The Miz asks for everyone in the audience in the crowd to get up on their feet, so they do. He then demands they show Maryse the love and respect that she deserves and gets a mix of boos and cheers. I'd hate to see her DMs right now. Rey & Dominik Mysterio make their way out to a decent pop and enter the ring wearily as Saxton reminds us that you can never trust the A-Listers. The Miz explains that he wanted the Mysterios on after some hostility last week. He wants to clear the air. He has a clip from last week's Raw played in which the Miz faked a tripping from Rey then used an upset Dom, distracted by his dad, to roll up Dom. The piped-in crowd boos really loud but the in-house crowd is more like meh. Rey tells the Miz that he has a problem with the Miz using underhanded tactics to defeat Dom. The Miz is baffled by such accusations, and questions the crowd as to whether they, too, think hes a cheater. He raises his hand.

"Do you know what this means? Do you know what this means? When my hand goes up, your mouths go shut!" He then claims that if you want to see cheating, just look back to the Rumble when Beth Phoenix "cheated" by attacking the Miz. The Miz babbles on for a few minutes, constantly dealing with the crowd chanting that the Miz was a cheater to upset him, jealous that Rey Mysterio is on the cover of WWE 2K22. He demands Maryse be on it, stating that she was tremendous at the Rumble. Maryse tells Rey he could learn a few things from her and call himself "Rey Maryse-sterio." Rey thanks her but tells her he's good. The Miz demands respect, appreciation, and cheers and gets boos and jeers. Dom, oh Lord, Dom gets on the mic. Baby-faced Dom demand that the Miz show his father some respect. The Miz asks if Dom wants to put on his big-boy pants, and gives Dom a rematch--coming up tonight! Dom accepts the challenge. The Miz remarks about Dom's height and wonders if he's "Eddie's" (Eddie Guerrero) kid. A shoving match ensues and 72 minutes in, we mercifully go to our first break of the night.

Singles Rematch: the Miz w/ Maryse vs Dominik Mysterio w/ Rey

The Miz and Dominik lock up frequently early on, with the Miz heckling Dom throughout the match. Dom at one point counters a whip with one of his own and sets up a 619 but Maryse trips Dom on the rebound from the opposite ropes. The ref yells at Maryse but doesn't disqualify the Miz. The Miz runs off the ropes and Rey trips him up, and the ref allows it. As the Miz argues, Dominik rolls him up from behind and steals the win in a short match.
Your Winner, Dominik Mysterio!

Singles Match: Bianca Belair vs Nikki A.S.H.

Belair is out first prior to a break, and Nikki is out next to boos. Belair still has her long braid but has a different hair style going with it. Nikki takes an early lead, dropping Belair on the firm edge of the apron. Nikki immediately engages in a pace-controlling offense as she uses multiple holds to work over Belair's left leg. Belair fires up after about a minute in a half crab, dropping Nikki with a Fallaway Slam! Belair limps on her left leg then hits a pair of textbook scoop slams. She goes for a third but Nikki wiggles free. Belair misses a top rope attack but rebounds and hits a suplex, hangs on and rolls through to hit a second suplex--a brainbuster suplex--and cover for two. Belair tries to rally the crowd, but Nikki shuts it down with a Tornado DDT off the middle rope. Nikki covers for two. Nikki attempts a charge in the corner but Belair dodges, kicks Nikki in the side of the head, executes the KOD and picks up the win on one leg!
Your Winner, Bianca Belair!

Backstage: 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke, Reggie the Sommelier, and Catering

R-Truth, Tamina and Akira scourer the backstage area. Brooke, her look evolving, comes out of hiding with Reggie. She compliments him for being a good friend and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Reggie attempts a cringe moment, gets friend-zoned, then the duo run off as R-Truth, Tamina and Akira come looking. R-Truth yells "you can run but you can't hide," and Tamina chastises him as that's exactly what they're doing--hiding.


Singles Rematch: Kevin Owens vs Austin Theory

Slow-paced match that saw Austin Theory take the first lead. Owens regained the lead when the action spilled outside and hit a great spot involving stairs and a cannonball to a prone Theory on the ringside floor. Owens' offense consists slow, methodical strikes and a variety of suplexes as he seemingly plays with Theory like a cat with a mouse. Theory attempts to regain control a few times but Owens consistently shuts him down. Owens spends several long moments working Theory over in the corner. Theory again attempts to take the lead, battling with Owens along the apron and ropes. Theory counters a suplex to the outside attempt and lays Owens out with a clothesline. Theory looks for a cover early but gets nothing. Theory works Owens over with strong stomps. Owens and Theory jockey for control For a period, with neither man maintaining the upper hand for the majority of the match.
This continues through a picture-in-picture break. When we return, Owens sets up for a cannonball and connects! The crowd pops for Owens. Theory escapes the ring to wisely avoid being pinned. Owens with a Frog Splash off the apron! The ref counts his warning and Owens takes it back inside at six. Owens looks for the pop-up sit-out powerbomb but Theory counters with an ATL attempt. Owens escapes and attempts a Stunner but Theory counters with another driver, covering Owens for a close two. Owens is battered with rising knee strikes and swinging fists as Theory fights him into the corner and up the turnbuckles. Theory and Owens battle at the top briefly before Theory slips. Theory runs back up the turnbuckles but Owens counters, catching Theory with a Fireman's Carry slam off the top rope! Owens covers for a two then climbs up for the Frog Splash as the crowd goes wild. Theory gets his knees up and Owens crashes hard! Theory looks for a springboard rolling cutter and rolls right into a Superkick that knocks the spit out of Theory's mouth! (Or was it a tooth?) Owens hits a Stunner and that's it, folks, Owens wins in a hot Denver!
Your Winner, Kevin Owens!

Lita Addresses the WWE Universe

The age-defying Hall of Famer makes her way out to a huge pop. Kind of ironic/sad that Lita's in the 'E but both Hardy's are gone. Lita will address Becky Lynch and the WWE Universe after this word from our sponsors. Lita gets a great welcome from the Colorado crowd and soaks it all up. She mentions how fun it was to be in the Rumble, stating she was in there with a list of who's who--and, noticeably, Ronda Rousey got as many boos as Charlotte Flair. Becky Lynch makes her way out in a cute black boa-ruffled ensemble. Lynch states its one thing to come out here, nightly, to prove she's best--"so much...that Ronnie's running scared." But to "hear it from your teenage idol" is something different. Lynch stands in the ring and the crowd rips off another Lita chant. "Now last week, you came out here and issued a challenge to me and initially I said no, and I'd like to explain why." Lynch continues. "Growing up, I worshiped you. You showed me what was possible for a woman to do in the WWE. And when I arrived, a lot of people turned their nose up to me...but you believed in me, and supported me, and I'm eternally grateful." Lynch goes so far as to say that there'd be no Becky Lynch without Lita "but now that there is a Becky Lynch, there can be no more mutants Lita."
Lynch's demeanor turns angry as she brags about beating everyone who's gotten in her way. She tells Lita that "you may have helped bring me up but I will have no problem putting you down." Lita, ever the politician, tells Lynch that she knows Lynch is the odds-on favorite and beats ass nightly. Lita knows she's the underdog. "I was just some punk rock dumpster-diving kid that went out and chased my dreams. But it was you guys who helped me become a four-time Women's Champion. It is you guys," referring again tot he crowd, "who chanted my name from the day I came out here and helped me live my dream. So while Becs it may be true--I haven't had at title shot in fifteen years--but there's something else that hasn't changed. The WWE Universe still supports me to this day. And as long as they're here, there's still a 'Lita' so I'm okay with my odds. But what you've got to get okay with, girlfriend, is when I walk out of the Elimination Chamber a five-times women's champion!" Lynch attempts to ambush Lita. Lita attempts a Twist of Fate but Becs counters and stomps a mudhole into Lita int he corner to big jeers. Lynch hoists her title up and starts to leave before deciding to give Lita more. Lita counters, dropping the champ before climbing to the top. Lita hits a moonsault off the top rope and her music plays us out!


Backstage: WWE Officials Sonya Deville & Adam Pearce and Kevin Owens

Owens begs for a chance to be inserted in the Elimination Chamber. That is all.

Singles Match: Liv Morgan vs Doudrop

Liv Morgan makes her way out first to a nice pop. We head to a break ahead of this match. Doudrop is out second and a previously-recorded promo from the Dou has her threatening to "splatter" every woman on the roster. We don't get a bell but the match starts anyways. Doudrop uses her sheer power early on but Morgan counters a slam attempt with a sleeper hold. Doudrop shakes Morgan off by ramming her back into the corner thrice. Doudrop charges in but Morgan dips out of the way. Morgan with a back elbow, rolls out of the corner and leaps again for another attack, then rolls back again--but this time, Doudrop intercepts the repetitive attack with a clothesline as we head to break!

When we return, we discover Doudrop's maintained the lead throughout the break. Doudrop hits a huge senton then looks for a side headlock. Morgan fights her way free and fires off multiple kicks to Dou's hamstring. Morgan attempts to whip Dou but Dou counters with a whip of her own. Morgan uses the ropes to hit a middle-rope dropkick that drops Dou. Morgan continues to use step-up knee and kicks to rock Doudrop. Morgan with an impressive springboard assisted jawbreaker for a close pin. Doudrop hoists Morgan up in an Electric Chair and slams Morgan face-first into the mat, covering for two. Inverted Glam Slam? Doudrop positions Morgan on the top turnbuckle and Morgan tries to fight her off. Doudrop rips Morgan's feet out from under her, dropping her to the corner canvas. Doudrop with a big corner splash to pick up the win.
Your Winner, Doudrop!

Alexa Bliss' Therapy Session Continues

In a complete violation of HIPAA and other medical privacy laws, we get to sit in and watch Alexa Bliss' continued therapy sessions. Alexa Bliss' look continues to evolve as they slowly transition her from "Lily" era Bliss to something new. She wears her black combat boots, black fishnet stockings and a regular black sleeveless top, with her hair down, long, and pink. Maybe this marks the end of the "Fiend" era Bliss? They talk about her complaints from the last week. Bliss complains about the checkout line at the grocery store, claiming an "evil creature with rainbow hair, big ol' eyes like buttons...this really deep red lipstick, almost like blood smeared over her face, and her teeth..look almost like little skulls." She's clearly describing Lily. She tells the therapist that she beat the "evil creature" in an aisle then adjusted her hair and left. He admits they still have more work to do.

Backstage: Seth Rollins

Rollins states the one thing he's not done is headline WrestleMania as the WWE Champion, but this is his time and his year. He runs down his Elimination Chamber opponents as he's not worried about any. He brags about being a visionary, a revolutionary, and the next WWE Champion before making his way out ahead of our main event match.

Singles Match: Riddle vs Seth F. Rollins

Rollins is out prior to a commercial. Riddle comes out to a huge pop after the break. Rollins comes out the gate swinging, aggressively taking it to Riddle. Rollins counters a running kick along the apron into a Powerbomb into the barricade, leaving the Original Bro down as we head to another break! Throughout the break, Seth controls the pace of the match, taking Riddle into the ring and attempting pins early and often. Rollins constantly toys with his prey, cackling insults seemingly after every move. Rollins uses a strong Irish whip to rock Riddle and mocks him, dancing in jest, then begins to slow the pace by using working holds to focus on Riddle's neck as we return from the break!

Rollins continues his domination throughout the match. Big spots include hitting a double foot stomp to Riddle in the Tree of Woe. Riddle finally takes control back when he counters a clothesline with a kick to the face. Riddle kips up and fires himself up, hitting Rollins with two leaping forearms. Riddle counters a discus lariat with an exploder suplex! Riddle looks for a Bro-ton but Rollins gets the knees up. Riddle counters a Rollins attack and sends him to the outside. Riddle connects with his running apron kick then performs a springboard corkscrew to the outside, wiping out Rollins! Out of nowhere, Kevin Owens hits the ring and attacks Riddle, causing the DQ!
Your Winner by Disqualification, Riddle!

After the Match

Randy Orton hits the ring to make the save, taking Owens out with an RKO. He and Rollins exchange words as we go to a break.

Tag Team Main Event Match: RK-Bro vs Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens

We return from a break and are informed that WWE Official Adam Pearce made this match official during the break. Rollins and Owens have a little conflict amongst themselves as Orton dominates both men. Orton drops Rollins' back across the commentary table before bringing Riddle in. Orton offers a hand-step and Riddle hits a standing Floating Bro for a close cover. Graves suggests renaming it the "Bro Jackson." Owens attacks Riddle from behind, coming in as the legal man. Owens yells crap at Orton then works Riddle over as the crowd breaks out with a "bro" chant. Owens grows more and more frustrated as Riddle continues to kick out of every pin attempt. Owens tags in Rollins and holds Riddle for Rollins. Rollins with a double axe handle off the top right to Riddle's cranium.

Rollins keeps the pace slow, talking smack to Riddle while punishing him with slow attacks. Owens tags in again and double teams Riddle with Rollins. Orton's still on the apron, eager to come in as Owens repeatedly focuses his attacks on Riddle's right ankle and lower leg. Owens with an ankle hold but Riddle escapes after taking a clothesline from Owens and battling his way out of the heel corner. The heels consistently keep the pace slow, wearing Riddle down with working holds yet again. Riddle rolls out of the way of a big Frog Splash attempt, gaining some separation. Orton eventually gets the hot tag and drops Owens on his way to taking Rollins down from the apron with a big fist.

The crowd is hot for Orton, big time. Orton with multiple clotheslines to Rollins followed by a snap Powerslam! Owens walks into a snap Powerslam of his own as the crowd goes wild for the Viper. Orton hits the Spike DDT on Rollins! The Viper plays to the crowd and flops down, pounding the mat. Orton goes for an RKO but Rollins shoves Orton off. Riddle makes a blind tag and takes both Owens and Rollins down with spinning high kicks as Rollins wasn't aware Riddle was legal. Rollins with a pair of discuss elbows followed by a stomp to Riddle outta nowhere!
Orton's not in position to make the save and Rollins picks up the win. After the match, Orton hits an RKO on Kevin Owens, Rollins cackles up the ramp, and Graves questions whats next for the team of RK-Bro.
Your Winners, Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens!

Source: Mike Hogan of Rajah.com
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