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AEW Dynamite: Beach Break Results (January 26 2021)

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Jan 26, 2022

AEW Dynamite: Beach Break Results (January 26 2021)

It's Wednesday, you know what that means! It's time for AEW Dynamite and this week, they've decided we all need a vacation so they've booked us all a Beach Break in ...Sunny(?!)... Cleveland, Ohio! Well, it's the thought that counts. Luckily the card is much more appropriate than the destination, so with JR, Excalibur & Tony Schiavone on commentary tonight, let's get straight to the wrestling!

Sammy Guevara defeated Cody Rhodes w/ Arn Anderson (23:00) in a Ladder Match to become the Undisputed TNT Champion

We're wasting no time as both men are in the ring to start the show and Justin makes the announcements before the bell rings and both men shake hands. We get a little posturing from Cody before the match begins in earnest with a lock up and then Cody gets on top with a Shoulder Tackle and Sammy fires back with his Corkscrew Dropkick and Cody slows things down to stop him building momentum. Cody goes for a leg trip but Sammy fights out of it and Cody begins posturing again. Sammy lets him and then almost gets caught with the Tiger Driver 98 but he escapes and nearly hits a GTH only for Cody to escape. Sammy heads out to get the first ladder but Cody catches him across the jaw with a strike and tosses Sammy into the ring steps before going to get a bigger ladder and creating a ladder bridge between the apron and barricade. Sammy fights back and Cody picks up a chair but Guevara doesn't let him use it and the two men brawl over the barricade and into the crowd. They exchange strikes with the braying crowd surrounding them and it culminated in Rhodes hitting a brutal looking Lariat over the barricade but Sammy comes straight back with a Cutter over the barricade to wipe Cody out. Sammy heads to get another ladder and brings one back to the ring but Cody cuts him off before he can set it up and they battle for supremacy before Sammy drives Rhodes off the apron with a ladder. He sets it up and begins to climb but Cody shows some urgency and stops him. Sammy fights him off once but can't the second time and when they head down to the mat, a clash of heads causes a brief double down. Both men use the ladder to help them up and the ladder ends up too far across the ring and both men end up atop the ladder and then both men fall from the top as Cody hits a huge Vertical Suplex. Both men are feeling it as we head to our first commercial of the evening.

Cody rises first and repositions the ladder and tries to climb but Sammy stops him so Cody tosses him into the ladder with some force then tips the ladder straight onto the Spanish God. He tries to toss Sammy out of the ring but Sammy drags Cody out with him only for Sammy to use his weight belt as a weapon and then the ladder the same as it's driven into Sammy's midsection twice. Cody rolls Sammy into the ring next to his new ladder and lays him out with an elbow. We return to find Cody setting up a ladder upside down and Cody slams him into the hinges of the ladder and then drags his legs through the rungs of another ladder before locking in a Figure 4 on Sammy. Guevara looks in agony and Cody seems to have incapacitated the Spanish God but as Cody sets up a ladder, Sammy gets back up and Cody has to chop him down only for Sammy to explode with some offence, some big lariats but Cody utilises a ladder to flatten Guevara once more. Cody sets up a second ladder in the ring and tries to trap Sammy in the corner with it but when Cody climbs Sammy explodes over his ladder to take Cody off his with the biggest Cutter I’ve ever seen! Sammy traps Cody with the ladder on top of him and begins climbing it but Cody tips Sammy off from underneath and he takes a nasty tumble. Cody then raises the ladder once more and it's his turn to climb but Sammy climbs the smaller ladder and the two men fight in the air until Cody takes Sammy down with a Cross Rhodes! Jesus Christ! These two men might end their careers or lives tonight. Cody suddenly has a clear route to the titles but when he's nearly at the top of the ladder, Sammy fights back and both men end up hanging from the belt harness before both men have to drop. Cody rises first again and begins to beat Sammy down outside the ring before trapping Sammy's leg in a ladder and attacking it but Fuego Del Sol runs out to save his friend and Fuego eats a Cross Rhodes for his troubles and then Cody and Sammy battle and Sammy gets the better of it, hitting a Tornado and then a GTH on the outside. Sammy gets the biggest ladder yet from under the ring then gets Cody on the Ladder Bridge that Cody set up earlier. Sammy sets up the giant ladder, climbs it and then hits a huge Senton from the top onto the unforgiving Steel.

Both men end up hurting but Sammy gets into the ring and begins to climb a ladder in the middle of the ring. He climbs it but Cody appears on the other side and they have one final battle atop the ladder, slugging it out and Sammy drops Cody with the belts as they hang before unhooking both and wi

nning it all! Sammy Guevara is our new TNT Champ for real! What a match!

Team Taz Interview

Hobbs and Starks call Schiavone out to an icy beach earlier in the day and Hobbs tells Dante he got lucky last week and then Ricky challenges Jay Lethal to a match next week!

Wardlow defeated Elijah Dean & James Alexander via Pinfall (1:23) in a 2 on 1 Handicap Match

Wardlow comes out in his hometown and gets big old pop. Tonight, he gets a special treat, two opponents. They have as much chance as one unfortunately as the Powerbomb Symphony starts early and both men get to hear the music multiple times. One at a time one after the other and he finishes it by slamming one onto the other and pinning them with ease.

Wardlow heads to the back and Spears tries to come down with a Steel Chair to steal his thunder only for Wardlow to stop him.

The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Santana & Ortiz) defeated 2point0 (Matt Lee & Jeff Parker) & Daniel Garcia via Pinfall (8:51)

We get our third match starting already as Jericho is the only one to get an entrance for this match, proving Santana & Ortiz's point. Jericho starts the match until Santana tags himself in and the Inner Circle begin to dominate over Jeff Parker. Ortiz comes in from the tag but 2point0 and Garcia catch him off guard and then begin to isolate him with quick tags. Ortiz fights back against Danel Garcia though and then gets the tag out to Santana. They begin to hit some lovely double team moves but Jericho looks like the odd man out on the apron so Jericho tags himself in and then Ortiz does the same thing which allows 2point0 and Garcia to jump the Inner Circle and take over the match as we head to commercial. They isolate Ortiz like they threatened to earlier and this is how the match stays throughout the break as they make quick tags between each other. The story of the match is the team that want to work together are winning because of the fact they can work together.

We come back to the action just as Ortiz causes a double down but 2point0 cut him off once again and get a two from giving Ortiz a Taste but Santana breaks it up. Ortiz fights back with a Back Drop and Ortiz goes to tag Jericho but Santana intercepts the tag from nowhere and then flattens Daniel Garcia and then he and Ortiz wipe out 2point0 on their own and nearly win it but Garcia breaks up the pin. 2point0 go for Two for the Show but Jericho makes the save from the outside and then he hits a Judas Effect which knocks out Matt Lee. Santana gets the pin with a piledriver.

After the match, the camera lingers on a pissed off Jericho leaving up the ramp on his own and giving Santana & Ortiz the middle finger. Where does the Inner Circle go from here?

Lance Archer vs Hangman Adam Page Video Package

Archer and Hangman go back and forth in a nice little package and we get this title match in a Texas Deathmatch in two weeks!

Jurassic Express Interview

Tony Schiavone is asking Jurassic Express about the Ass Boys, I mean Gunn Club, and they're interrupted by Matt Hardy with Private Party who manage to talk themselves into a match with the champions on Rampage.

CM Punk In Ring Promo

CM Punk comes out in the long bois and is ready to fight but he's not booked on Dynamite. Punk asks if the crowd are sick of hearing him talk because he is. He wants to fight and asks the crowd to chant for MJF for the first time in his career because they know who he wants to fight. Punk unveils the Burberry scarf from last week and says that he hoped that he could use it to get a match with MJF but they're cheap and replaceable like him. Punk tells Cleveland he wants to fight MJF tonight but MJF won't.

Max's music finally hits the speakers and he emerges on the ramp. He works the crowd up for the match and them tells them it's not happening because the match is too good for Cleveland. He gets the cheap heat on Ohio and tells them next week in Chicago they'll get the match but they should be careful what they wish for because the match will be great but the outcome won't be for the fans. He then says that the AEW fans will see the real CM Punk when he loses next week and he'll quit once Max beats him. He brings up the fact that Punk didn't turn up in Cleveland last time he was scheduled to be here and he doesn't care that we've all been asking him to come back for 7 years but the chants won't save Punk. Punk tells Max the best thing he did was leave and come back before begging him to go get in his wrestling gear and deal with business. Punk says the people love him because he always gets back up and fights like Cleveland & Chicago.

Max says they should test that and out come FTR and Wardlow. They head to the ring as Spears jumps Punk from behind and The Pinnacle take Punk out with a Chair. Wardlow doesn't get involved at all until MJF demands he Powerbombs Punk. Wardlow takes his time and Spears puts his chair down and Wardlow reluctantly obliges his boss. MJF sits on CM Punk's chest and says that Punk's journey ends the same place it began, in Chicago.

The Acclaimed Promo

The Acclaimed call out Jon Moxley. What a mistake. Bowens vs Mox on Rampage on Friday. In his home town. What are you thinking Anthony?!

Julia Hart Promo

Tony Schiavone is asking Julia about her eye and in comes Smart Mark Sterling who tells her Jade Cargill wants to offer her a TBS title match. Griff tells Julia she should take time to recover but she argues with him and signs up for the match on Friday.

Leyla Hirsch defeated Red Velvet via Pinfall (8:08)

Leyla hits the ring, Velvet sprints out to follow her and this one starts off hot. Velvet starts off well but Leyla takes the match outside and uses the apron and barricade to beat down Velvet, only to get the same treatment in return. Velvet returns Leyla to the ring and hits a Cutter over the middle rope before locking in a Triangle Sleeper. Leyla uses her power to pick her up and hit a Buckle Bomb to escape and then Leyla goes after Velvet's shoulder which is taped up with a Dropkick as we head to break. Throughout the break, she continues this tactic, focussing in on the shoulder and using the ropes to attack when she's able to. She utilises a Hammer lock to keep control of the left arm and when both ladies end up on their feet, Red Velvet looks to fight back with strikes but Leyla hits a German Suplex to shut that down. Leyla rips off the tape and continues to brutalise the shoulder with stomps and knees and we return as Velvet explodes with a Stunner in the corner to get back into the match. She follows that up with Back Elbows and then hits the Double Knee Strike with Leyla over the middle rope. Leyla fires back with a big strike to the back but then eats a huge spear but Velvet can't make the pin quick enough and Leyla kicks out. She goes for the Final Slice and Leyla counters with a Powerbomb and a Knee Strike which earns a two count but she quickly transitions into the Legit Lock. Velvet somehow makes the ropes and then begins to fight back with some nice kicks but Leyla grabs the tights of Red Velvet on a roll up to get the win.

Leyla attacks after the bell until Statlander runs down to make the save and chases off Hirsch.

House of Black Promo

Malakai says Cody was right, he did rub salt in his wounds and he did it for entertainment. He then says we will all be thankful for Brody King who appears and tells PAC that he will pay for denouncing the House of Black because they're inevitable.

Sammy Guevara Cue Cards

Sammy comes out with Fuego for his cue card gimmick and he's putting himself over so nothing too special. A nice moment though. I particularly liked the "I did the work" one.

Britt Baker In Ring Interview

Tony Schiavone introduces Britt who comes down to the ring which is full of the awards she's won this year. She immediately says that CM Punk and MJF couldn't keep her name out of their mouth and then brags about her accolades for the year. She makes a Football joke and it's pretty good but she soon transitions back to explaining why she's made the division her own and become the face of AEW. She lists off achievements and it ends with Britt says she wants to be female wrestler of the decade.

Nyla Rose Promo

The broadcast is interrupted by the shrill voice of Vickie Guerrero and she comes out with Nyla. Nyla says she should be TBS champion but she's not because of Ruby Soho and she says she wants Ruby to pay for that.

Orange Cassidy defeated Adam Cole via Pinfall (16:57) in a Lights Out Match

Both men come out for this one and it's two of the best entrance songs in AEW as Mikey Rukus' best theme to date takes on the Pixies. But that's not why we're here. The bell rings and we get underway with Orange snapping his own sunglasses and then getting into a huge striking exchange with Adam Cole. Cole sends Cassidy outside and Cassidy sends him into the Barricade once and then does it again with a hands-in-pockets dropkick. Cole soon flips the script as Cassidy flies into the same barricade and then is dropped on it spine first. Adam goes under the ring for a chair and he pulls out Danhausen! Danhausen doesn't touch Cole but he clearly curses him because the distraction allows Cassidy to duck the chair and hit his Tilt-a-Whirl DDT on the floor! Danhausen just slinks away as the crowd chant his name. Cassidy picks up the chair and he goes to use it but Cole kicks his legs out and the chair hits Orange in the throat and Cole finishes up with a Pump Kick. He drags Cassidy to the corner and climbs up on the apron and then Cole sets up for the Panama Sunrise but Cassidy blocks it and tries for Beach Break. Cole blocks that but Cassidy takes Cole through the Timekeeper's table and when Cassidy goes for the Orange Punch, Cole intercepts him with the ring bell which Cassidy punches instead. Cole then drives him into the ring steps and traps his hand between them and the ring post before heading under the ring for more plunder as we go to break.

He brings in a trash can, chairs and a chain before he takes Orange back between the ropes and he starts with the chair. He hits Cassidy with it then sets it up to sit on whilst he rips at Orange's face. Next is the trash can which is placed over his opponent's head before being Superkicked and then he grabs the chain and wraps it around Orange to hit a Backstabber. He tosses Cassidy to the outside and Orange heads under the ring. He emerges with a Fire Extinguisher which he uses to create some separation and we head back to the action with the chain being battled for between both men until Cole abandons it to hit a Brainbuster on his knee for two. Cole sets up a pair of chairs and goes for another Brainbuster but Cassidy fights back with a Stundog Millionaire and then puts Cole through the chairs with a Michinoku Driver but he only gets a two count. Cassidy tries for the Orange Punch but runs into a Superkick and then Cole calls to the back. Brandon Cutler emerges but he's stopped by Wheeler Yuta who is taken out by Bobby Fish who is cut off by Chuck Taylor who eats a Superkick from the Young Bucks. Are you still following along? A lot of interruptions in this match but you can really get away with it in the Lights Out setting. The Bucks head into the ring and go to set up for a Triple Superkick with Cole but then they're suddenly dragged out of the ring by Rocky Romero and Trent as we find a way to rebook the Roppongi Vice vs Young Bucks rematch following Rocky having to pull out! They all brawl to the back and we return to a one-on-one contest. Cassidy uses the distraction to hit a Beach Break and then he fires up more than we've ever seen before. Cassidy hits the Orange Punch but his hand is so painful after that it's all he can focus on and that allows Cole to get away with it. Cole hits the Low Blow in desperation but Cassidy is wearing a Steel Cup coated in Thumb Tacks which Cole makes contact with instead. Cassidy then sets up with his soft kicks and ends with a Panama Sunrise for two!

Cassidy grabs for the chain and sets up for another Orange Punch but Cole rolls out of the ring and heads to the back. Cassidy chases him down and the two head backstage before Cassidy gets put through the table that Tony Khan is watching the show from and it only gets a two count. They head back to the stage and Cole takes over with a huge Superkick. He goes to Lower the Boom but Cassidy counters with a huge Superkick of his own. He wraps the chain around his fist and goes for one last Orange Punch but Cole grabs a Stage Light and hits Cassidy with it in desperation. Orange is out of it so Cole drags him to the entrance tunnel and climbs to the top but when he gets there, Cassidy is gone. Orange climbs up behind Adam and hits a Low Blow of his own and then he gives the people what they want. A hug. Cole tries to get away but can't and Cassidy drives Cole through the stage and pins him to pick up a huge victory after an absolutely epic battle.

Beach Break is over and what a success it was. Excellent matches, fantastic storyline development and the nicest and most evil debut ever seen. I had a ball. What did you think though? Let us know in the comments, come back for Rampage results on Friday and give me a follow on twitter @0r4n93_C4551dy. Until then, Goodnighthausen.

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