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WWE NXT 2.0 Results - January 25, 2022

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Jan 25, 2022

WWE NXT 2.0 Results - January 25, 2022

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results (January 25, 2022) - Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, FL, courtesy of our live coverage partner Mike Hogan of RAJAH.com.


MSK and the Dusty Cup

We cold open on MSK, standing lit-up like a Christmas tree, with the Dusty Cup between them as the crowd chants for last year's winners. They hype themselves up, remembering what their Sham-Bro told them, and we are going straight to our first match of the night!

Dusty Classic, Round One Match: MSK vs Jacket Time

MSK get a solid pop from the crowd, but the crowd goes ape-shit when it's Jacket Time! We're told that NXT Vengeance Day will return February 5th, and the Dusty finals will take place at that live premiere event. We start with Nash and KUSHIDA. The crowd is absolutely hot for Jacket Time. Kushida and Nash jockey for position but Kushida maintains control. Wes is tagged in and Kushida controls him as well, using an arm bar to take him into the Jacket Time corner. Ikemen Jiro is tagged in and works with Kushida to double-team Wes Lee! Throughout the match the crowd is hot, and I do mean hot, for every bit of offense, every big spot, and every attempt to win by Jacket Time. Jacket Time use quick tags to allow them both to enter and hit multiple corner lariats before Kushida drives Wes into the canvas. Kushida again twists the left arm and tags in Jiro. Jiro chops Wes' outstretched arm multiple times. Wes whips Jiro to the MSK corner and finally MSK take the lead, working together to drop Jiro in the corner before Nash hits a Bronco Buster! Nash rides it a few times to loud boos! The crowd has definitely turned on MSK. Nash works Jiro's neck and the crowd loudly tries to cheer on their denim-ic duo. Jacket Time clear the ring. Jiro looks for a Suicide Dive but MSK work together to convert it into a rope-assisted cutter as we go to break!

Back from the break. During the words from their sponsors, MSK used frequent tags as they continued to keep Jiro grounded. Jiro fights back as the break ends but his offense is short lived as Wes Lee drops him with a spot-on dropkick. Lee drags Jiro to the corner and tags in Carter, who its an over the top senton for a close pin attempt. Wes and Carter continue to use fast tags to keep Jiro off his feet. Nash ends a running sequence with a snap German Suplex. Nash hits an absolutely beautiful standing Shooting Star Press for a very, very close near-fall. The crowd finally shows MSK some love with a "this is awesome" chant. Jiro counters an attempted Springboard senton from Lee with a modified driver, covering for two. The crowd chants "that was three." Jacket Time tag and double-team Lee, hitting stereo sidekicks to Lee's face and covering for another near fall! Carter makes the save! The crowd fires off another awesome chant as both teams pick up the pace. Jiro climbs to the top rope but Lee shoves Kushida into the ropes, dropping Jiro. Jiro ascends again and looks for a top rope senton but Wes moves! Wes and Jiro make tags at the same time. Carter with a knee strike to Kushida. Carter and Lee attempt their MSK double team finisher but Kushida gets the knees up. Kushida picks the arm, Carter senses what's coming. Kushida looks for his trademark submission but Carter's fighting it! Carter with quick assistance from Lee and they pick up the tight win! Next week they'll face Edris Enofé & Malik Blade. After the match the crowd gives both teams a standing ovation, a huge chant, and all four men embrace in a sign of respect. Good sportsmanship there.
Your Winners and ADVANCING to the Semi-Finals, MSK!

In the Ring Promo: Legado Del Fantasma

The entirety of LDF are in the ring after a break. Escobar cuts a promo about Bron Breakker, accusing him of having a low IQ. Escobar takes offense that people consider Bron a star. He talks in Spanish, more smack about Bron. Escobar points out that they both have wrestling families, then claims the Steiner family doesn't impress him. Escobar despises Bron and the opportunities he's had but most importantly...he despises Bron for getting an NXT title reign before him. Cue up the sirens because here comes Bron Breakker!

Bron starts off by complimenting Escobar as a great Superstar, but then calls him secure as he needs the LDF. Bron says his family taught him to handle business head on. He starts to address Escobar's family, to which Escobar snaps, "You don't talk about my family!" Bron tells him callete, shut up in Spanish, leaving Santos stunned at his incredible bilingual skills. Bron tells Escobar if he wants a shot, all he has to do is ask like a man. Escobar explains to Bron that when he wants, he'll ask for one. As he leaves, Wilde & Mendoza attempt to ambush Breakker. Bron easily sends them out of the ring, ripping off his tee and holding his belt high as the crowd woofs for him.

Falls Count Anywhere Match: Solo Sikoa vs Boa

Vic Joseph is happy to inform us that, in case we've forgotten the last fifty years of wrestling, this Falls Count Anywhere match is also no disqualification, too. After a break, as Solo Sikoa makes his entry, he's ambushed by Boa. Boa uses a variety of weapons to batter the solo Uso before and after the bell. Boa continues to beat Solo in the ring for a few more moments before fetching more weapons from beneath the ring. Upon entering, Boa runs right into a Samoan Drop from Solo! Boa and Sikoa both wedge a chair in the corners behind them. They then struggle over a third chair in the ring. Boa wins the battle for the steel and proceeds to use it to beat Solo across the shoulders and side. Solo hits a Butterfly Suplex right across a trashcan, denting it and covering for two. Boa heads outside again, the crowd hot behind both men, and fetches a table as the crowd pops for it. Solo attacks him out of the ring and they battle up the ramp and to the back.

In the back, Solo uses a steel chair on Boa as they continue to stumble further backstage. They use the environment as weapons--Boa whips Sikoa into a steep ladder, Sikoa uses chairs and tables to rearrange Boa's facial features. Boa takes a firm lead backstage, repeatedly battering Solo with a ladder.

Solo dodges a battering ram attempt from Boa and smashes Boa repeatedly into the metal grated dock door. Solo shoves Boa into it twice and attempts a cover. Sikoa charges Boa, but Boa dodges and Sikoa smashes into the docking bay's door, denting the corrugated steel. Boa continues where he left off, ramming Solo into the door again before whipping him outside. Boa attempts to follow but Sikoa locked the door from the outside--that's a violation of the fire code right there. Boa yanks on the chain that lifts up the docking bay's door, only to get blasted in the face with a fire extinguisher from Sikoa! Solo takes Boa down the ramp and back into the ring. Sikoa plants a chair in another corner, wedged between the ropes--three corners are thus positioned. Solo rams Boa into one, then the second, and finally the third! Sikoa catches Boa as he rises with a Superkick! Sikoa climbs the ropes but Boa dives, chopping the rope and knocking Solo to the outside!
Boa takes Sikoa to the commentary table and battles him at it. Solo hits a Samoan pop-up drop on Boa against the announce desk which didn't even budge, haha. Solo takes a moment to recover before placing Boa on a table set up at ringside. Solo climbs up top as the crowd fires up for the solo Uso. Solo flies and hits the Uso Splash through the table! Solo covers and picks up the win!
Your Winner, Solo Sikoa!

Singles Match: Duke Hudson vs Guru Rhaaj

We return from break with Hudson finishing his entrance and his as-yet-unnamed opponent in the ring. Hudson completely dominates the short squash match, destroying the newcomer easily before putting him away with the world's highest Razor's Edge/Outsider's Edge. Hudson won in moments.
Your Winner, Duke Hudson!

After the Match: Dante Chen Attacks!

Duke Hudson is then confronted by Dante Chen, who gives Hudson a heads-up before attacking him (unlike Hudson, who ambushed him last week). They brawl in the ring but as refs attempt to separate them, Hudson takes out Chen's leg with a chop block.

Six-Woman Tag Match: Toxic Attraction vs Kay Lee Ray and Indi Hartwell & Persia Pirotta

After a short interview by their opponents in the back, Toxic Attraction make their way out. NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose leads the NXT Women's Tag Team Champions, Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne, out to the ring. We head to a break ahead of this match. When we return from break, all competitors are out. We start with Mandy Rose, taunting for Kay Lee Ray to tag in. KLR tags in and rose tags out, bringing Jacy Jayne in. Finally both women lock up and this match is actually under way. Jacy and Hartwell jockey for control as well, as both teams seem equally balanced early on. Hartwell looks for a cover early. Jayne sends Hartwell back into the Toxic Attraction corner with a jump kick. Gigi comes in and looks for a punt kick but Hartwell ducks under! Dolin whips Hartwell back into the TA corner and hits a stinging chop before tagging in Rose. Rose slams Hartwell down, plays t0 the crowd, then hits a cheap shot on Kay Lee Ray! KLR hops up and distracts Rose, and Hartwell nearly rolls her up for the win.

Both teams keep the pace of the match steady and use frequent tags to keep the competitors fresh. Big spots include Hartwell taking on all three members in an effort to break free of their corner, only to feel the full Toxic wrath. Jayne and Dolin attempt covers frequently on Hartwell. Persia spends a few moments in the ring but brings Hartwell right back in. Hartwell is the workhorse of her team. Dolin uses kicks to the back and face to taunt Hartwell, repeatedly smashing her with her boot. TA are nearly as good as the Usos with frequent tags. After taking a lengthy beating, Hartwell manages to attempt a hot tag off of a sidewalk slam counter on Rose. Rose and her cohorts take out Persia and Kay Lee Ray on the apron, leaving Hartwell stuck in the ring with no relief as we head to break.
Back from the break. The match picks up the pace as the ref gives the women lots of lateral. Each Superstar hits an opponent with a signature move, culminating with Kay Lee Ray as the last woman standing. KLR follows rose outside with a green baseball bat and attempts to beat Rose with it. Rose ducks under and Ray hits the ring post hard . In the ring, Pirotta and Dolin are legal as Rose and KLR fight in the back. Dolin attempts an inside cradle but Pirotta escapes, hits a running big boot and caps it off with a modified facebuster slam to pick up the win!
Your Winners, Kay Lee Ray and Persia Pirotta & Indi Hartwell!

Video Promo: Edris & Malik

We get a quick video hyping that Malik Blade and Edris Enofé are in the semi-finals. It goes from bragging about their teamwork to both of them coordinating who will date which member of Toxic Attraction.

Dusty Classic, Round One Match: Chase University vs the Grizzled Young Veterans

Chase University will be represented by Andre Chase and his star pupil, Bodhi Hayward. GYV are out first to boos. This is their third Dusty Classic after placing runner-up the last two years running. The crowd welcomes them with ample boos and we head to our final quarter final/first round match, after this break. When we return, Andre Chase and his star student, Bodhi, make their way out to a decent pop. We start with Chase and Drake, who lock up. Drake looks for arm holds, changing position as he wrenches and twists the arm before stomping on the left hand. The match goes back and forth as the GYV make Chase University look good. The veterans focus their attacks on Bodhi, isolating the youngster. The crowd stays behind Chase U for the entirety of the match, surprisingly, but even the "twelfth man" can't save Chase University from being shuttered. After the match, Von Wagner showed up with Robert Stone Brand and destroyed Chase University. The GYV will face the Creed Brothers in the next round.
Your Winners and ADVANCING in the Dusty Classic, Grizzled Young Veterans!

Video Promo: Grayson Waller and Saurav Gurjar

Waller cuts a short promo on LA Knight, reminding him about the restraining order Waller filed and introducing us to his new bodyguard, Saurav Gurjar of Indus Sher fame, and now renamed Sangh.*
* Note: I'm spelling it phonetically, and thus probably incorrectly, but they did not show the proper spelling.

Singles Match: Io Shirai vs Tiffany Stratton

Io Shirai is out first as we head to a break. When we return, Tiffany makes her entrance to jeers for just her second match here in NXT. The crowd chants, often, "Io's gonna kill you." Stratton looks to lock up early on and uses a cartwheel to counter an arm crank. Shirai mimics her, changing the positioning to allow herself to have the dominant hold. Stratton uses the corner to break free then proceeds to run off the ropes, crossing the ring and leap frogging Shirai. Stratton sticks her tongue out at Shirai then redirects a charging Io, sending her crashing outside. Stratton's all over Shirai when she enters but Shirai gains some separation with a popup facebuster. Io with a dropkick and a pin attempt. Shirai transitions into a Crossface attempt but Stratton grabs the rope. Shirai takes a three count before breaking it. Stratton grabs Shirai by the hair and whips her head back to the canvas with the dirty, and veteran, move. Stratton works Io's neck for a brief period until Shirai fires back up. Stratton weathers it and takes Shirai down and attempts another cover but only gets a two. Stratton screams so annoying that I'll have to apologize to Carmella. Shirai goes on to pick up the win.
Your Winner, Io Shirai!

Special Musical Guest Performance: OllieJayy

Trick and Carmelo introduce OllieJayy. She performs her track, "Make Them Fall," as she has a lot to get off her chest in front of the NXT Universe.

North American Number One Contenders Main Event Match: Tony D'Angelo vs Cameron Grimes

Our main event is up next! After a break we finally get started with just a few minutes left in our program. D'Angelo starts off strong, dominating the match despite the crowd's multiple efforts to fire up Grimes. D'Angelo uses powerful suplexes, interspersed with some innovative takes on a back breaker and a sidewalk slam, to ground Grimes. Throughout the mid-match break, Tony continues to dominate and talks smack to Grimes as he chokes him out on the ropes. The ref has to warn Tony more than once about that. D'Angelo uses a variety of head locks and working holds as he attempts to weaken Grimes up for his sleeper. D'Angelo uses stiff stomps and snap suplexes and slams to continue to punish Grimes. Tony actually applies the sleeper for a lengthy period during the break, but Grimes manages to fight to a vertical base as we return from break after a vicious belly-to-belly suplex.

Grimes catches the leg off a kick and slaps D'Angelo. Tony looks for a DDT then throws rights into Grimes' ribs before hitting an underhook butterfly suplex. D'Angelo goes right after the neck again, using a cross-chest hold briefly before using a wrestling takedown to tackle Grimes and cover for two. Grimes has been completely at D'Angelo's mercy for the entirety of this match as we cross over into overrun territory. D'Angelo uses a rear waist lock to crush Grimes but Grimes gets to his feet and breaks free with a series of elbows. Grimes with a neck drag takedown followed by a snap Hurricanrana! Grimes is finally showing some life as he runs off the ropes and starts his comeback sequence, dropping D'Angelo with a pair of jumping shoulder thrusts. D'Angelo sidesteps a third and hits a snap German Suplex release, covering for a close two!

D'Angelo pulls Grimes up and again slaps a headlock on, pummeling the ribs with rights. Grimes rolls him up with an inside cradle but Tony breaks out at two. Both men exchange slow, big rights in the ring to the crowd's approval. Grimes counters a D'Angelo rebound into a beautiful spinning powerslam for a close two! Impressive spot that illicits a cheer of approval from the crowd. Grimes lays into Tony D with mutliple high kicks to hte chest. Grimes charges and connects with a step-up side kick. D'Angelo counters with a Exploder Suplex right to the turnbuckle! Grimes' neck hits the bottom turnbuckle but he seems fine. D'Angelo looks to go after the neck again. Grimes stumbles into the corner then looks for a middle-rope Moonsault, but slips. Grimes goes for it again and catches D'Angelo with all of it. Grimes hits his form of hte Claymore on D'Angelo before climbing up top and hitting the top-rope Moonsault as the crowd goes wild! Grimes covers for a close two! The crowd rips off a "to the moon" chant and as Grimes preparers for the Cave In, D'Angelo flees outside. Grimes takes Tony's hat and puts it on, causing the ref to follow him. Pete Dunne comes from out of nowhere and smacks D'Angelo with a two-by-four behind the ref's back! He sends him in, Grimes covers, and picks up the win!
Your Winner and NEW Number One Contender for the North American Championship, Cameron Grimes!

Outside: NXT Champion Bron Breakker and Legado Del Fantasma

Breakker is shown leaving but LDF drives up. They threaten to gang up on him when Tommaso Ciampa walks up! Daddy's home and he's got the champ's back as we now have a huge tag team main event match next week on NXT!

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