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WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (January 10, 2022)

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Jan 10, 2022

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (January 10, 2022)

The following are the live results of tonight's edition of WWE Monday Night Raw, courtesy of our friend Mike Hogan of Rajah.com:

Previously on Raw...

Video opens our show, focusing on Brock Lesnar's winning of the WWE Heavyweight Championship and the ensuing fatal 4-way that chose his next opponent--Bobby Lashley. It was noted that Lashley is the only person Lesnar couldn't have his way with during the WWE Championship match at Day 1. We get ample footage from the main event and it paints Lashley in a positive light, showcasing his raw power and domination. We're reminded Lashley will face Lesnar at the Royal Rumble

Welcome to the City of Brother(ly) Love!

Jimmy Smith, Michael Cole, and the impeccable Byron Saxton welcome us to Monday Night Raw, live from Philadelphia.

In the Ring: WWE Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman and Bobby Lashley w/ MVP

The Beast and his Advocate make their way out to a huge pop from the local crowd! We cut to the back and find Lashley, as dapper and sharp as ever, with MVP, observing Lesnar's entrance. Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander come up, hyped for Lesnar. Lesnar chastises them and declares that the Hurt Business is over before sending them packing. Back in the ring, Heyman does his usual introduction--the crowd saying nearly every word with him in perfect timing. Lesnar gets on the mic, telling the crowd he's glad to be in Phila-freakin-delphia to a cheap pop. MVP & Bobby Lashley make their way out and to the ring, and both powerhouses stare each other down.

Lashley speaks first, telling Lesnar that it's an honor to finally stand in the ring with him, to share the spotlight with him, and "as one super athlete to another super athlete, it's an honor to look you right in the eye and--with all due respect--tell you that for twenty years, you have been ducking and running from me." The crowd boos and Brock laughs. "With all due respect," Brock quips, "it's an honor for me to be in the ring with me. And I must apologize, Bobby, for the last 20 years I've been winning championships in this ring and other rings. So that doesn't fall on me, Bobby Lashley, that falls on you. I didn't have a clue who you (were) until I met you at Day 1." He tells Lashley it's Bobby's fault for not climbing the ladder of success. Lesnar adds that had they already met, he'd have beaten Lashley. He tells them they dress fancy, and asks MVP what the thread count on his suit is.

Lashley tells Lesnar he's a funny guy and states that Lesnar can start a stand-up comedy tour after Lashley takes his title at the Royal Rumble. Lesnar tells Lashley he is funny, and he's money. He then does a knock-knock joke with Heyman. "Knock Knock, Paulie." Heyman inquires, who's there? "Bobby," Lesnar replies. Heyman again inquires, "Bobby who?" Lesnar cackles as he responds "exactly!" to oooo's from the crowd. Lesnar and Heyman leave, but Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander attack Bobby Lashley! Lashley spends little time dispatching the two, leaving both men broken and battered on the ringside floor as Lashley leaves.

Backstage: Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro

Orton tells Riddle that he needs him to focus as their title match tonight is big, and throws back to last week when they lost due to Riddle never tagging in Orton. Orton tells Riddle one simple lesson to remember, and uses a magic marker to write "Tag In Randy" on Riddle's hands. Riddle then questions Orton, asking which cheese steak place he wants to eat at--Pat's (the crowd cheers) or Gino's (the crowd boos). Riddle smirks and indicates the crowd's response, to which Orton comments "Gino's, of course." They make their way to the ring ahead of their match and we head to a commercial break!

Raw Tag Team Championship Match: RK-Bro(c) vs the Alpha Academy

We return as the Alpha Academy make their entrance, with the tag champs already in the ring. We get our official announcements and, as expected, RK-Bro is over with the crowd and the Alpha Academy is, well, the Alpha Academy. We start this match off with Riddle and Chad Gable. Both men lock up and Gable quickly takes the upper hand, twirling and twisting speedily around Riddle as he transitions from grapple to side headlock, arm drag to waist lock. Impressive stint--Gable's technical prowess is greatly underappreciated. Gable takes Riddle down with another headlock. Riddle escapes by transitioning into an arm bar. Gable grabs the rope and the ref forces the break. Gable whips Riddle into the corner and chases, but Riddle drops Gable with a high kick. Riddle follows Gable outside and hits a running kick to Gable on the floor before hitting a springboard attack as we head to break!

When we return, Smith informs us that throughout the commercial break, the Alpha Academy has employed the same strategy as last week--isolating Riddle and keeping Orton out of the ring. Gable takes Riddle down with a Dragonscrew. Gable and Otis use quick tags to double-team Riddle brutally. Otis looks for a back drop suplex but Riddle floats over. Riddle takes Gable off the apron then floats over an Otis attack into a Floating Bro! Riddle crawls along the mat as Orton and Gable both ready-up for the hot tag. Both take the tag and the crowd goes wild as Orton hits the ring on fire! Orton drops Gable then attacks Otis on the apron. Orton attacks both members, completely in control Orton looks for a Spike DDT but Gable counters with a top rope neck breaker. Orton recovers and takes Gable up top and connects with a big top-rope Superplex! The crowd fires up, chanting for Randy, and Orton readies to strike! Gable manages to position himself for Otis to take the blind tag. Orton looks for an RKO on Gable, who dodges. Otis comes in and catches Orton cross-body before driving Orton into the mat and picking up the upset win.
Your Winners and NEW Raw Tag Team Champions, the Alpha Academy!

Damian Priest Enters the Royal Rumble

Who needs management? Let Superstars enter themselves in the Rumble! Priest informs us that last year he made his debut at the RR, and he's officially entering himself into this year's RR as well. He claims that after the Rumble is over, he'll still be our United States Champion and get to decide which champ he wants to fight at WrestleMania. The Street Profits enter and engage the champ in banter that leads to set up a six-man match, coming up now!

Six-Man Tag Match: the Street Profits & United States Champion Damian Priest vs the Dirty Dawgs & Apollo Crews w/ Cmdr Azeez

The Profits and Priest are out first; we head to break. When we return, our entrances finish and we get on to it. We start with Apollo Crews and Montez Ford. Crews takes the lead for the heels and tags Ziggler in. Ziggler taunts Ford's allies and slugs Ford, staggering him. Ziggler just watches as Priest tags in. Priest cleans house, and sets up both Dawgs in opposite corners to hit a splash on each. Future Hall of Famer Angelo Dawkins comes in to lend assistance, hitting a huge dropkick to Crews that sends him outside the ring. The faces clear house and stand loud and proud as we head to break, our heels all down at ringside.

We return from break to find the heels still in control, with Montez Ford face-down on the mat in the heel corner. Ziggler works Ford's neck, cranking it back and twisting the chin to wear him down. Ziggler hits a low-angle Superkick to the jaw. Ziggler looks to follow it up with a Famouser but Ford counters with a back drop. Both men are down and, again, both men start crawling towards their counters. Again, Ford hits a leaping-high diving tag and in comes Dawkins and Roode! Dawkins runs off the ropes and begins to take out all of the heels, using belly-to-belly's on Ziggler and Crews before dropping Roode with a suplex. Roode covers but Crews makes the save. Priest is back in action and looks to Powerbomb Crews outside of the ring. Azeez distracts Priest, allowing Crews to ambush him. Montez Ford flies high over the top rope to wipe out Azeez and Crew at ringside. In the ring, however, Ziggler takes advantage of the chaos to put away Dawkins and pick up the win.
Your Winners, the Dirty Dawgs & Apollo Crews!

In the Ring Promo: Seth Rollins

Seth Freakin' Rollins comes out after a short video of his appearance last Friday on SmackDown, apparently being appointed as Roman Reigns' next challenger. After a break, Rollins speaks. He tells Philly that the Royal Rumble is on the horizon, and he's so excited he just can't fight it. He says that "two nincompoops with the combined brain power of" a small animal are going to slug it out. He goes on to remind us that thirty men will fight each other, throwing each other over the top rope, in hopes of getting a chance. But not Rollins--at Royal Rumble, Seth Rollins fights Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship! It'll be brother versus brother, the Architect versus the Head of the Table. He reminds the WWE Universe that "there are few things in life that are certain--death, taxes, and Seth Rollins beats Roman Reigns every single time!" He cackles until Big E makes his entrance!

Big E exclaims that this is big news, and he's excited. He's as excited as Gritty after a Flyers' game. Rollins asks what a "gritty" is to boos. Big E tells Rollins that he's out here to tell Rollins that Rollins is his favorite, and he put down ten whole sawbucks on Rollins to win. Big E then announces he has entered the Rumble. Big E goes on to hype his dream, which is to beat Seth Rollins at WrestleMania and walk out as world champion. Both men exchange words, leading to Big E challenging Rollins to a match tonight. Rollins tries to cower out of it, exclaiming he doesn't know how he feels about it. Rollins goes on to piss of the crowd, begging for it to be next week or anywhere else, any other town. Rollins accepts, a ref runs out and we've got a match!

Singles Match: Big E vs Seth Rollins

Rollins runs off the ropes and as he does, Big E drops down, leaps over, then takes Rollins down with a cross body. Rollins quickly turns the tables, sending Big E to the outside and hitting a short-run suicide dive to Big E outside the ring. Big E immediately takes control back and hits a Big Splash on Rollins on the apron! We head to break! When we return, Rollins and Big E brawl from the commentary area back into the ring. Rollins uses hard chops to rock the former champ. Big E reverses an attempted rear waistlock into a side dump. Big E catches Rollins on his shoulder and looks for a Big Ending. Rollins slips free and drops Big E with a big DDT. Big E smartly rolls outside.

Rollins runs along the apron and takes down Big E with a flying knee. Rollins sends Big E back into the ring, ascending the turnbuckles and perching on the top rope. Rollins catches Big E with another flying knee, off the top and right to the chin! Rollins covers for two. Rollins slows the pace and lands a few clubbing forearms on Big E before cinching in a sleeper. Big E fades for a few but, luckily, gets an adrenaline rush and powers to his feet. Big E throws elbows into Rollins side in an effort to gain some separation. Both men exchange blows, with Rollins once again chopping away at Big E. Big E counters a Rollins charge into a Urinage and finally takes control! Big E drops Rollins with a pair of clotheslines before attempting a belly-to-belly. Rollins counters with a headbutt. Big E dumps Rollins over the top rope and to the apron, then Big E hits a Suicide Spear! Both men crash to the outside as we head to a break!

When we return, we find Rollins all over Big E as he tries to keep a chin lock in place. Big E finally shoves Rollins off and into the ropes, then catches him with two belly-to-belly overhead suplexes followed with a belly-to-belly suplex slam. Big E runs off the ropes again and hits the Big Splash! He fires up the crowd with a single clap. Big E looks for the Big Ending but Rollins escapes. Big E looks for a Urinage but Rollins floats through. Rollins looks for a suplex but Big E counters with an attempt of his own. Rollins floats through and catches Big E on the chin with an Enziguri! Rollins covers for two. Rollins with a low angle Superkick to Big E's jaw and immediately covers for another two! Rollins climbs up the turnbuckles, flying twenty feet high easily before crashing down on Big E with a Frog Splash, covering for another close fall!

Rollins is up first and positions in the corner, setting up the Stomp. Rollins counters the Stomp into a Powerbomb with a pin attempt! Rollins gets a shoulder up so Big E converts the Powerbomb pin into an anchor look! Rollins escapes and socks Big E with a nasty elbow. Big E counters a Rollins leap into a side slam for yet another close fall! Both men are slow to rise. Big E is sweating rivers. Big E looks for another Suicide Spear but Rollins blocks it with a knee. Rollins climbs the turnbuckles again but Big E catches him up top. Big E looks for a Big Ending off the second rope. Rollins fights back with elbows and a headbutt, sending Big E down. Rollins looks for a flying stomp but Big E dodges. Rollins rolls through and looks for a Pedigree on Big E. Big E counters but Rollins engages in a sequence that ends with Rollins hitting the Stomp on Big E. Rollins picks up the win.
Your Winner, Seth Rollins!

In the Ring Promo: The End of Super Brutality

After a break, we return to the ring. Super Brutality state that they have an announcement to make. Rhea lets Nikki make it, which is that they're officially challenging Queen Zelina & Carmella for the tag titles. Rhea tells Nikki is that that's not what they discussed. They're asked about the future of their tag team and again Nikki butts in, answering for Rhea by stating that they're fine. Rhea tells Nikki that, no, actually, they're not. Nikki asks Rhea about it. Rhea says they've had a great run, but it's time to go their separate ways. Nikki implores Rhea to keep the team together. Nikki accuses Rhea of being jealous of her talent. Rhea and Nikki start to have heated words. Rhea tries to de-escalate the situation by telling Nikki they should say goodbye for now and offers her hand in a shake. Nikki states that she can't shake Rhea's hand until Ripley looks Nikki in the eye an tells her she still believes in her. Rhea confirms that she supports Nikki and believes in her, and wants to continue to be friends. Nikki cries off mic, then asks for confirmation that they can still be friends. Rhea hugs her and, yeah, that's that. The crowd boos the dissolution of Super Brutality. They tease Rhea possibly attacking Nikki...but Nikki A.S.H. snaps and tackles Ripley! Nikki beats and pounds on Rhea on the mat before leaving up the ramp, grinning as the crowd boos her loudly. Nikki exclaims "almost super heroes don't need any friends."

Singles Match: Omos vs Nick Sanders

Omos makes his way out prior to a break. When we return, the local talent--a scrawny, short Caucasian with pink pants and green boots--is out and ready for this match. Omos picks Sanders up and easily tosses him through the air and across the ring. Omos smashes Sanders with a running elbow in the corner. Omos hoists Sanders up to a Samoan Carry before tossing the local talent press-style. Omos pulls Sanders to his feet before choke-bombing him. Omos stands with one foot on Sanders chest and picks up the squash win.
Your Winner, Omos!

The Cutting Edge, feat. Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix

The opening notes of Alter Bridge play and the arena goes wild as the Rated-R Superstar makes his way out to pyro and applause. Edge welcomes his wife, the woman "with thighs that can crack a coconut" per Edge, Beth Phoenix. It's made official that their mixed match tag will happen at the Royal Rumble. Edge goes on about if this were the 1960's, she'd be...insert Philly legend here. He names various local sports legends for cheap pops before pointing out two big facts--they are the only couple in the Hall of Fame, and they have 35 combined title reigns between them, far more than any other couple. We get a video package hyping the career of the Glamazon, and hear from Superstars who were inspired by her.

Edge tells Beth he's so proud of her, then tells her the floor is hers. Beth tells Edge that with the video and all the compliments, she's not sure if he's trying to butter him up but flattery will get him everywhere. She tells him to put a pin in that as she wants to talk business. She addresses "the endless stream of verbal diarrhea" from the Miz and Maryse, and promises that at the Royal Rumble they're going to finally shut the "It Couple" up. The Miz & Maryse come out in very flattering outfits. The Miz verbally attacks the city, trashing it and pissing off the crowd. He then addresses the "Grit Couple". He asks what kind of man has his wife fight his own battles for him--and Edge points out "that's rich coming from you. You used your wife to avoid a spear." The Miz again exclaims lies. He has production show a video hyping the carer of Maryse and their status as the "It couple".

The Miz then continues on, telling the Grit Couple that they should be honored to be in the ring with Maryse. Edge tells Maryse that she had a great career, but Beth can "bench press a Buick" and states that Beth likes to smash things. Beth adds in, reminding us that Maryse had no issue interfering in matches but nowt hat Beth's back, Maryse has gone as quiet as a mouse. Phoenix tells Maryse that she's going to wreck her at the Rumble. The Miz tells Maryse to tell Beth how bad she's going to beat her at the Royal Rumble...and Maryse walks off as the Miz continues blabbering on, wanting Maryse to tell Beth various things she'll do to Phoenix. Finally he notices Maryse has left. Phoenix informs the Miz that if Maryse doesn't show up at the Rumble, she'll take great pleasure in knocking his teeth in.

Singles Match: AJ Styles vs Austin Theory

AJ Styles makes his way out and we head to break. Austin Theory is out next to a very mild crowd reaction. Styles looks to lock up but Theory counters with a kick to the gut. Styles fires off a pair of chest chops and uses a backbreaker to drop Theory hard. Theory with a sucker punch followed by a mat slam, spring board double-stomp, and suplex combo, all culminating to a pin attempt. impressive sequence. We're informed that Styles will face Grayson Waller on NXT 2.0 tomorrow. We head to break.

We return and Styles counters a suplex by floating over and firing off his Styles Combo. Styles follows it up with a following fist and a Suplex into a neckbreaker for a close fall. Styles looks for a Styles Clash but Theory escapes and takes AJ down with a unique suplex/driver across his knee, covering for two. Theory dumps Styles over the top and Styles strikes Theory. Styles prepares for the Phenomenal Forearm but Grayson Waller attacks! The ref calls for the bell.
Your Winner by Disqualification, AJ Styles!

After the Match

Waller and Styles brawl, with Styles gaining the upper hand as Waller flees. Waller stops backstage to cut a short interview, stating that tomorrow the Phenomenal One is getting "taken over by the Grayson Waller Effect."

Vignette: Alexa Bliss' Journey Back to Raw

We have a vignette in which Alexa Bliss, still wearing her fiendishly-inspired outfit, talks to a therapist. She's asked about the destruction of Lily and how that makes her feel. She says thirsty and begins filling a cup with water, eventually over flowing the cup and causing a mess. She then grabs the shrink's tie and asks him how it makes him feel. She then states she feels fine and dandy and starts tearing up his office. She angrily yells at him as he encourages her to breathe slowly. She tells the doc she'll see him next week as she continues to trash the office, ending the odd segment.

In the Ring: Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch

Big Time Becks welcomes us to the big time. She talks about all three women. Liv Morgan, the woman who won't back down when she should; Bianca Belair, who has undeniable strength and was undeniably beaten in seconds by Lynch; and Doudrop, a fellow Celt whom she can respect. She knows that they all have notions of overthrowing Big Time Becks, but the best they'll get to tell their grand kids is that they lost to Becky Lynch. She sends it to commentary, telling the trio to "have fun fighting for me, babes."

Triple-Threat Contenders Main Event Match: Doudrop vs Bianca Belair vs Liv Morgan

The winner of this match will face Becky Lynch at the Royal Rumble for her Raw Women's Championship. Lynch joins commentary for this main-event match. Belair is out first to pop from the Philly crowd. Liv Morgan is out second to new music and a decent pop. Last, but not least, is Doudrop. After a break, we return and start with all three women circling. Morgan and Belair try to double-team Doudrop. Doudrop stuns both women with headbutts. Belair manages to send Doudrop out of the ring; Dou pops up fast and drags Belair out of the ring. Morgan hits a top senton to wipe out both competitors.

Liv and Bianca enter the ring and have a lengthy, fast sequence of counters and reversals until Doudrop gets involved. Doudrop looks for a Powerbomb on Belair but Belair fights out of it. Morgan looks for a belly to back but Belair floats over and hits a belly to back suplex of her own. Doudrop runs over and crashes into both. Doudrop uses a Michinoku Driver to floor Belair and counters a top-rope Hurricanrana attempt from Morgan. Doudrop uses a cement slam to crash Morgan into Belair and covers, getting a close two. Doudrop works Morgan's neck with a hold. Belair is still down at ring side. Morgan fights to a vertical base and attempts to get some offense in. Doudrop slams her into the corner. Doudrop looks for a cannonball but Morgan moves! Morgan uses the top rope to help stomp on Doudrop's back as she's bent over. Doudrop dumps Morgan over the top, crashing into the stairs and the floor as we head to another break.

We return as Morgan hits a Hurricanrana on Belair off the back of Doudrop. Morgan attempts to roll up Doudrop but Dou shoves Liv into the ring post. Belair hits Doudrop from behind and all three are down. Liv Morgan looks for an arm bar submission on Belair. Belair screams in pain as Morgan thrusts elbows into Belair's ribs. Morgan attempts to keep the hold locked in as Belair angrily rises, slowly, to her feet! Belair holds Morgan on her back but Morgan swings around and drops Belair's face across Morgan's knees! Morgan hits her catapult kick to send Belair crashing into the corner. Morgan positions Belair on the top turnbuckle, facing rear, and climbs up the middle. Doudrop attacks Morgan before she can execute her move. Doudrop drops Morgan with a big Powerbomb. Doudrop covers Morgan but Belair hits a 450 Splash on Doudrop to break the pin! Impressive!

Again, all three Superstars are down. Belair covers Doudrop but Dou kicks her off and onto Liv. Belair attempts a cover on Morgan, but Liv kicks out. Belair takes on both women and hits a huge spinebuster on Doudrop! Impressive strength! Belair slams Morgan onto Doudrop and hits the KOD on Morgan! Becky Lynch hits the ring and breaks up the pin! Belair chases Lynch around the ring in circles, ducking under a clotheslines attempt before laying into the champ. Becky sends Belair flying over the announcer's table. Doudrop, in the ring, drags Morgan into the corner and hits the Yokozuna Bomb to pick up the win! Doudrop is headed to the Royal Rumble!
Your Winner and NEW Number One Contender, Doudrop!

After the Match

Lynch offers to shake hand with Doudrop but, when Dou goes to shake, Lynch slaps Dou across the face. Lynch looks for a Manhandle Slam but can't get Dou up. Dou sends Lynch outside and we end our program.

Source: Rajah.com
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