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AEW Dynamite: Winter Is Coming Results (December 15th 2021)

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Dec 15, 2021

AEW Dynamite: Winter Is Coming Results (December 15th 2021)

It's Wednesday, you know what that means! It's AEW Dynamite day, and not only that, it's time for Winter Is Coming! Last year, this event saw the AEW World Championship change hands, the forbidden door with Impact being kicked open, and the debut of Sting! What have AEW got in store for this year's event? Only one way to find out, with Excalibur, Tony Schiavone & Taz on commentary (Get well soon JR), let's get straight to the wrestling!

Hangman Adam Page drew with Bryan Danielson (60:00) to retain the AEW World Championship via Time Limit Draw

We're starting off really really hot tonight as the world title match opens the show! Danielson makes his entrance first and looks calm and composed as he does so but so does the champion, as Hangman Adam Page follows him to the ring. Page looks great with that belt around his waist but will he be leaving with it? Justin Roberts is back this week and makes the ring announcements and then the bell rings and we're off to the races! We begin tentatively and slowly as neither man engages but then we get a stiff collar and elbow tie up to get us underway. Hangman backs Danielson to the corner with his strength advantage but Danielson ducks out of the way of a chop and does some jumping jacks in the corner to try and get under the Hangman's skin. Both men lock up again and Bryan gets a hammerlock only for Hangman to firemans carry Danielson to get out of it but we get some good mat wrestling and a good Suplex from Bryan to get out of it again. Danielson uses the ropes to keep Hangman at bay and this winds the crowd up and makes Danielson very happy. Danielson dodges another Hangman chop and goes to the opposite corner for more jumping jacks as he continues to try and wind the cowboy up.

Both men exchange wrist control and then Danielson backs Hangman up to the ropes and then uses the ropes to cause Hangman to back up and get under his skin some more. It seems to be working as Hangman looks a little riled up. Both men exchange mat holds and Hangman boots Danielson as he looks to escape and suddenly Danielson wants to shake hands but he's playing more mind games as he backs into the ropes to cause a break once more. We get some more mat wrestling before things finally speed up, Hangman catching Danielson with a body slam before finally hitting the chop but Danielson picks the ankle of Page for a second time and put him in a Submission hold and then transitioning to the Romero Special and then into a Dragon Sleeper as Bryan is just showing off now. When Hangman escapes, both men exchange chops but Danielson comes in with a headbutt and then Hangman runs through a chop attempt to hit a big one of his own. He backs Bryan into the corner and Page attacks with chops and then the rains down punches on the turnbuckle to a ten count but when he backs off, Danielson goes after Hangman's ankle once again and gets him down onto the mat once again. He locks in a submission hold to Hangman's legs and then just employs a ground and pound technique to pummel the champion. Hangman comes back though and after replying to a chop with a kick, Hangman sets up for the Buckshot but Danielson counters it. Hangman ends up sliding into the ring as Bryan sets up for a dive to hit a Clothesline and then hits a leaping clothesline and a dive to the outside as the champ takes over. Hangman rolls Bryan back in and climbs to the top but he gets a Danielson kick to the stomach as he flies off and then Danielson uses the Kitchen Sink. He follows it up with a catapult and then deliver uppercuts and kicks to Hangman as he's leaning between the top and middle ropes. He hits a knee and leaves Hangman draped over the middle before climbing to the top and hitting a diving knee for a two count as we head to the first break of the evening.

Danielson continues to use his tremendous technique on the mat to keep Hangman down and in pain as he grapevines his legs and uses his hands as clubbing weapons before kicking him in the ribs and doing more jumping jacks. Hangman fires back with some forearms but Danielson cuts him off and backs him into the corner with chops but Hangman fires back with some of his own, only to be grounded by another Kitchen Sink. Danielson has Hangman down with double wrist control but as we return from commercial, Hangman fights out and hits a suplex. He follows up with some big chops and Elbows but Danielson fires up like usual for his running elbow but Hangman catches him and hits a Fall Away Slam. He uses more chops in the corner but Danielson reverses only for Hangman to crotch him on the top rope and then Hangman takes him off of there with a Lariat. Danielson rolls to the outside and Hangman hits his Tope Suicida before he hits the Orihara Moonsault and the champion finally takes control of this match! He returns Bryan to the ring and goes for a sliding clothesline but Danielson turns it into a crucifix pin. Hangman rolls through and gets Danielson with a Death Valley Driver for two as both men look tired. Hangman follows up with more heavy chops in the corner and then lifts Bryan to the top before going for the Superplex but Danielson slips out and crotches Hangman. He hits some elbow strikes but Page fights back and Danielson falls but Hangman misses the Moonsault and Danielson has him in the Magistral Cradle so quickly for a near two. Danielson attacks Page some more but Page fights back and gets a roll up but then Danielson almost has Hangman in the LeBell lock but Hangman escapes with another roll up. Danielson ends up with Page in an Ankle Lock and Page makes the ropes only for Danielson to break the hold with a kick to the midsection.

Danielson fires up and attacks Hangman before hitting two running knees in the corner only for Hangman to fire up with a Pop Up Powerbomb for two. Hangman sets up for the Buckshot again but Danielson rolls out the ring to escape it. He hits Danielson with a Sliding Dropkick and goes for another Orihara Moonsault but Danielson pushes him off the top. Hangman lands on his shoulder awkwardly and Danielson goes after both of his shoulders using the ring post and then poses for the crowd to boo him. Hangman is busted open next time we see him as we head to the second commercial. Danielson remains in the ring whilst Hangman is checked by the doctor and referee. This goes on throughout the break and when we return, Hangman tries to crawl back into the ring but Danielson hits a Sliding Dropkick and then hits a Flying Knee from the apron and then hits some more ground and pound on Hangman's face. He puts him on the apron and the drops his knee on him and then attacks the right arm on the ring post even further. He climbs the ropes with the champ to deliver 9 punches and then drives his head into the turnbuckle with his boot and kicks his face to add insult to injury, The blood is really flowing for Page now as Danielson attacks the right arm some more but Page fires back and he catches the Busaiku Knee but Danielson gets out of the Fall Away Slam with a great German Suplex with a bridge for two and then he locks on the Cattle Mutilation but he can't get it in properly. Danielson begins to kick Hangman in the corner but he misses once and kicks the ring post so Hangman drives his leg into another ring post as he gets back into the match. The champ exposes the ringside barricade, traps Danielson's leg in it and then kicks it. He returns the injured dragon to the ring and goes after the shin some more and Hangman locks in a figure four leg lock. He has it in deep but Danielson makes the ropes as we go to our third break of the evening.

The crowd chants fight forever and they might well do at this rate as this match gets into its final third. Hangman attacks Danielson's leg/knee with the ring post like Danielson had done with his shoulders. Back in the ring, Danielson gets a second wind but he's caught with a Dragon Screw from the top rope to shut that down. Hangman goes for another figure four but Danielson rolls him up so Hangman hits a Dragon Screw once again. We return from break as Excalibur tells us that this match is now the longest in AEW Dynamite history and both men respond to that news with a striking exchange. Hangman goes for the Pop Up Powerbomb again but this time Danielson counters with a Hurricanrana. Danielson tries a Juji Gatame but he instead gets Hangman in a triangle and he's in it for a while till he gets to the rope. Danielson starts kicking Hangman again but he only has one leg and Hangman fights out of the wrist control and hits a Tombstone Piledriver and Danielson still kicks out! Both men struggle to their feet and Hangman takes Danielson to the top rope and hits some vicious chops before going for a Superplex. Bryan fights out and drops his knee on Hangman's arm and then hits a Shoulder Capture Suplex with a bridge for two! Danielson takes Page to the top rope next and he hits a Reverse Superplex but Danielson can't make the pin quick enough and the Champ kicks out! Danielson attacks Page with Elbows and then tries to lock in a wing Snapper but Hangman makes the ropes. Danielson tries a Gotch Style Piledriver on the apron but Hangman hits the Deadeye instead and both men are down. Hangman manages to get to his feet and Danielson crawls away so Hangman climbs up to the top rope and tries to take him out that way instead he ends up going through the timekeepers table and we go to our final commercial break with absolute carnage.

Danielson peels back the mat to expose the concrete on the outside and he asks if Hangman wants to see some Cowboy Shit. He hits a DDT on the exposed concrete and then does jumping jacks with one leg. He returns Hangman to the ring once more and climbs to the top rope and he flips the crowd off before hitting a diving headbutt but the champ isn't done and kicks out at two. Danielson goes for a Submission as we return but Hangman fights out and hit a Release German Suplex. Danielson makes his feet first and attacks with kicks but Hangman fights back and both men are much weaker than the start of this match so the strikes aren't as effective. Danielson lifts Hangman to the top rope once more and he sets up for another Superplex but Hangman lands on his feet and fires back with a huge Lariat! We get a double down and both men answer the count but they don't have much left in the tank as we get another striking exchange. Danielson looks hurt but fires back with multiple headbutts and then both men exchange roll ups only for Hangman to escape and we go back to more striking! Danielson hit a big roundhouse kick and Hangman kicks out at two and we're getting so close to the end now. Danielson finally tries to stomp Hangman's head in and he does so and Danielson seems to have lost his cool. He sets up for the Busaiku Knee but Hangman counters with Deadeye and Danielson kicks out again! Danielson is down so Hangman tells the crowd he's going to kick his fucking head in. He grabs double wrist control and stomps Danielson into the mat and then sets up for the Buckshot Lariat! Danielson counters it with the LeBell Lock though and he has Hangman in trouble! Danielson hits some crossfaces and locks it in again but as we hear there's a minute left Hangman fights out of it and Danielson almost leaves the ring but he skins the cat and comes back in to eat a Clothesline! Hangman sets up for the Buckshot and hits it but then the bell rings and the match ends in a time limit draw. Holy fucking shit. What a match.

The Superkliq (and Bobby Fish) Promo

Adam Cole tells the Best Friends that they can't hang with the Superkliq and the Young Bucks offer an 8-man tag on rampage and then they threaten Sue. Too far Jackson boys. Adam Cole then says he has a present for them for the Christmas Dynamite.

Wardlow w/ Shawn Spears defeated Matt Sydal via Pinfall (1:28)

Sydal starts off this match well with Wardlow in trouble from his kicks but Wardlow catches a Leg Lariat and hits Powerbomb number one, He then hits a second and Spears gets on the mic and tells him to just pin him but the crowd want one more and so he hits one more and then pins him.

Spears tells him to do it quicker next time and then beats Sydal with his chair before getting a call from MJF who tells them to get him champagne for the celebration later.

Tay Conti vs Penelope Ford Video Package

Tay says she's sick of the Brass Knuckles and challenges Penelope to a Submission match and Penelope accepts so we get that on Rampage.

Malakai Black Promo

This dude speaks in riddles that are difficult to explain. Basically, this one is him saying being cruel is human nature so why not be cruel and that the House of Black must come before everything because the House always wins. He seems to have a disciple he's brainwashing.

Hikaru Shida defeated Serena Deeb via Pinfall (12:24)

A lot of hatred between Deeb and Shida as they begin the fight before the bell and brawl immediately. Shida hits a dropkick to get the upper hand but Deeb goes after a knee bar and makes Shida make the ropes to escape. Serena uses this to take control of the match and she beats down Shida in the corner. Shida tries to fight back but Deeb manages to attack the knee even further with a Figure Four around the ring post as we head to commercials. Serena continues to target the knee throughout the break and when we come back, she's used about 5 different moves, all targeting the same area but Shida begins to fight back. She begins to use her much better striking to pepper Serena and get her down and when Serena returns to her feet hits a step up Enzuigiri. Shida goes to the top but Deeb catches her and locks in another submission on the knee. Serena exposes some metal on the turnbuckle and hits a neckbreaker over it and then hits a Powerbomb for a two before she locks on another hold and Shida has to crawl for the ropes.

Serena is visibly getting frustrated so hits two back-to-back Swinging Neckbreakers only for Shida to hit the Falcon Arrow from nowhere! Both women struggle to their feet and exchange strikes but Shida hits an Axe Kick only for her and Deeb to hit an excellent sequence of reverses which ends in Shida in a Half Crab. She fights out of it but Deeb beats her down and now exposes another turnbuckle section and tries to drive Shida into it but then the two women go back and forth and it's Serena who goes into it headfirst and Shida pins her with a one-legged Jack knife cover. What a wrestling show this is!

Varsity Blondes Interview

Tony asks how Julia is and Griff tells us she's not good and tries to challenge Malakai and Bryan tries to stop him but Griff argues with him then promises he'll break Malakai's jaw next week.

Hook Video Package

Hook has been sent and we get a highlights package of him putting Fuego to sleep.

Eddie Kingston Promo

Eddie tells 2point0 and Garcia he's sick of them and challenges them and two others to a ten-man tag against him, Santana & Ortiz & the Lucha Bros. LFG!

MJF defeated Dante Martin via Submission (12:35) to retain the AEW Dynamite Dozen Diamond Ring

MJF makes his entrance with a mic and immediately winds up the Texas crowd. He then begins to address CM Punk and tells the crowd that he sucked last week and attacks his promo. MJF then tells CM Punk his unbeaten streak against a string of guys who aren't very good doesn't make him championship material, it makes him the next Ryback. He then turns on Dante and tells him he can beat him with a headlock takeover and he doesn't need to claim to be the best in the world, he just is. Dante makes his entrance to shut him up.

MJF tries to pin Dante with a Headlock Takeover to begin but it obviously doesn't work. MJF tries to get the upper hand but Dante isn't having any of it and fires back and nearly surprises MJF with 450 Knee Drop but MJF kicks out and rolls out of the ring when Dante goes for the Nosedive. He tries it again when MJF gets back in the ring but MJF pushes him off the ropes into the barricade and MJF takes over as we go to commercial. Maxwell stays on top throughout the break as he weakens Dante's arm for the Salt of the Earth Arm Bar. The crowd chant Needle Dick at MJF as the break ends and MJF goes for a Powerbomb but Dante hits a Victory Roll for two but MJF does get the powerbomb seconds later but he tries to uses the ropes to assist his pin and the referee spots it.

Dante comes back with a Drop kick to cause a double down as he tries to make a comeback and he manages to get MJF to the outside and flies into him over the top rope before hitting a Tope Con Hilo over the Turnbuckle and then another dive as MJF keeps moving sides. Finally, Dante hits a Springboard Moonsault towards the ramp and the crowd show their appreciation. He goes for another Nosedive back in the ring but MJF moves out the way so Dante just goes after him with punches. He hits a Leg Lariat in the corner and then rolls up MJF for two and then gets another backslide and another two roll ups for two before MJF hits the Side Headlock Takeover again and we then exchange multiple pin attempts as neither men can get two to turn into three. MJF hits a Liger Bomb for two to end the exchange and Dante rolls outside to escape. MJF rolls Dante back in but Dante hits the Nosedive. He doesn't get all of it but it's enough but Ricky Starks grabs MJF's leg and puts it on the rope and then gets the ref's attention and MJF gets away with it. As Dante argues with Starks, MJF locks in the Salt of the Earth and Dante has to tap.

FTR appear to celebrate with MJF and hoist him on their shoulders but then the lights go off. When they turn back on, Sting and Darby are in the ring and they attack but they're two against three so they quickly end up in trouble but CM Punk makes the save and next week we get to see FTR and MJF against Sting, Darby and Punk. Fantastic.

What a show. That opener might be the best match that we've ever had on free television in America. Wow. I need a lie down. I'll be back for Rampage on Friday but give me a follow on twitter @0r4n93_C4551dy and I'll see you around! Adios.

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