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AEW Full Gear 2021 Results

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Nov 14, 2021

AEW Full Gear 2021 Results

It's Saturday and you know what that means. At least you should do on this Saturday, it's time for AEW Full Gear. This 10 match card is absolutely stacked to the gills and the crowd in Minneapolis, Minnesota is loud and ready. What's going to happen tonight? Only one way to find out. With Excalibur and Tony Schiavone on commentary for the pre-show match and JR to join them for the main card, let's get to the wrestling!

Dante Martin Interview

We actually start with Dante Martin, hometown hero, being invited to the ring by Tony Schiavone to answer his invitation to Team Taz from Rampage last night. Before he can respond, The Acclaimed have arrived and invite him to join them after Caster makes his point the only way he knows, by rap. This new offer is a now or never offer though and Dante refuses so he takes out the Acclaimed but doesn't respond to Team Taz still. I guess we're waiting for Lio to come back for that one. A nice opening segment to make the crowd happy.

Thunder Rosa & Hikaru Shida defeated Nyla Rose & Jamie Hayter w/ Vickie Guerrero via Pinfall (12:30)

It's incredible that this card is so stacked that we get a preshow match with two former AEW Women's champions, one former NWA women's champion and with all 4 women still being in the TBS title tournament. Nyla and Thunder Rosa get us started and whilst Nyla's strength gets her off to a good start, Rosa's speed gets her the upper hand. She tags out to Shida and they remain on top of this match by keeping Nyla in their corner and exchanging tags but Nyla Suplexes both opponents simultaneously and then hits a double drop kick before tagging to Jamie. Now it's their turn to keep the opponent in their corner as it's Thunder Rosa getting beaten down. Rosa soon fights back against Hayter but Jamie is just too strong and maintains the advantage. Rosa manages to evade a move and tag out to Shida who comes on like a house of fire but Nyla takes Shida out of the ring with a low bridge and she got a tag to become the legal woman so she enters the ring with Shida and starts to dominate her with holds and strikes. Nyla tags out to Jamie who continues to beat down Shida and gets her in a chokehold on the mat but Shida makes it to the ropes and then Jamie puts her in the corner and distracts the ref so Nyla can get some cheap shots in.

Nyla and Jamie exchange some tags and Shida looks to be out on her feet but keeps kicking out at two to frustrate her opponents. Shida manages to suplex Jamie to get some separation but Jamie hits a backbreaker soon after to put Shida back down and Thunder Rosa makes the save on the pin this time. Shida gets hit with a German Suplex as she's about to make the pin to cause a double down and Nyla and Rosa get the tags which Thunder Rosa gets the better of and she fights off Jamie and Nyla at the same time. Shida comes in to help her and they both take one woman to the outside each and follow up with crossbodies but Vickie attacks Shida's knee behind the referee's back when she's arguing with Serena Deeb who's sat ringside and now Nyla and Jamie go back to work on her. Nyla almost wins it with a Frog Splash but Thunder Rosa breaks it up from the top rope but then Jamie takes her to the outside. Nyla sets Shida up for a Beast Bomb but Shida reverses it into a pinfall and flips over with a Jack-knife to make sure Nyla stays down for three. Great match to kick us off.

Best Friends Interview

Tony Schiavone interviews the Best Friends and after Rampage, Tony Khan has booked Orange and a partner of his choosing against The Butcher & The Blade and Orange says he's going to invite one of the dogs from Chaos.... Stone Pitbull. Tomohiro Ishii!!!!

MJF defeated Darby Allin via Pinfall (22:01)

The pillars collide to kick off the main card. Darby has one of his homemade videos where he picks up "MJF", drives him round, crashes the car and the sets it alight with a Molotov. MJF comes out alone Darby comes out with Sting but he doesn't stay. MJF starts off by trying to pin Darby with the Side Headlock Takeover like he said he would but Darby kicks out before one every time and then he goes about taking the match to Max with his own mat wrestling. Both men are evenly matched with Max being stronger but Darby being much quicker. They exchange pins a lot in the first few minutes before this match really begins in earnest and MJF is visibly irritated that Darby is matching him. MJF hits Darby with a cheap shot when the referee calls for a clean break and he thinks he has control till he takes his eye off the ball and Darby hits him with a massive Tope and then throws him into the steps. Darby follows up with some innovative offence with Max on the apron but he goes for the coffin drop and Max moves meaning Darby takes all of the impact and now MJF can take over. He takes Darby into the ring and starts to wear him down. Darby has some excellent ways to fight back but MJF always ends up getting back on top by the end of the sequence. He employs multiple back breakers to keep working Darby over after the missed Coffin Drop but on one of them, it looks like MJF has injured his knee.

MJF still manages to maintain the pressure but when he takes Darby to the top rope, Darby fight back by biting Max and then takes him down with a Stunner from the middle rope to cause a double down. Darby tries for a coffin drop when he gets to his feet but MJF rolls away and MJF goes back to a Side Headlock Takeover but then he hits a huge Powerbomb onto his knee and Darby manages to kick out. MJF delivers strikes to Darby but Darby keeps getting up and then goes for a Code Red but it gets reversed into another huge Backbreaker and Darby kicks out again. MJF locks in the Figure Four Leg Lock but Darby gets out of it by attacking his injured knee. MJF switches his attack to Darby's arm to set up for the Salt of the Earth but Darby goes after the knee again and then locks in his own Figure 4 but MJF turns it over and Darby grabs the rope to break. Both men struggle to their feet on the apron and then Darby tries to suplex MJF off it but Darby gets caught with a Piledriver which also hurts MJF's knee even more. The referee starts counting to 10 and MJF makes it back well in time but Darby struggles in at 9. MJF tries to suplex Darby but Darby rolls him up for two and then gets a backslide for another and then we go back to exchanging pins. We go back and forth about 25 times until Darby hits a code red for the closest 2 yet.

Darby sets up for the Coffin Drop again but MJF rolls out of the ring but that doesn't stop Darby who just redirects it. He returns MJF to the ring and goes for one last Coffin Drop but MJF gets his knees up and both men are completely out of it. Out comes Spears and Wardlow but Sting stops them with his bat. Back in the ring we go back to exchanging pins and then MJF hits a kick and goes outside to grab Darby's skateboard. He rolls it to Darby and begs Darby to hit him, Darby considers it but decides against it and when the ref is removing the skateboard, MJF hits Darby with his dynamite diamond ring on the hand and pins Darby with the Side Headlock Takeover. Wow. What a match.

The Lucha Brothers (Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix) w/ Alex Abrahantes defeated FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) w/ Tully Blanchard via Pinfall (18:35) to retain the AEW World Tag Team Championships

This match starts off with a 4-man brawl and we end up with Dax and Penta alone in the ring to start us off. They exchange some bomb like strikes to before they begin to exchange pins. Both men tag out so we now get Cash against Fenix. Wheeler begins to get the upper hand but you can't' keep Rey Fenix down and he rebounds with some insane rope walking to get Cash down. Lucha Bros start to take control but FTR go outside the ring and lure their opponents outside where they take them both out on the Barricade. Back in the ring, Dax and Cash begin to work Fenix over but once again, Fenix is too quick and he gets the tag out to Penta and Lucha Bros take over completely culminating in the assisted Cannon Ball on both of FTR and then the stereo thrust kicks. Penta and Dax end up legal and alone in the ring as Penta starts to work over Dax's knee.

Penta begins to really dominate Dax but then Tully distracts the ref which allows Cash to help Dax flip the momentum and then Cash ties Penta's mask to the bottom rope and Dax kicks him whilst the referee unties him. Cash tags in and he continues to beat down Penta and then tags back out to Dax who does the same. FTR are all over the champions at this stage and things aren't looking good but Penta manages to get a clothesline in at the same time as Dax does to cause a double down. Dax gets to his feet first and then goes for a piledriver but Penta fights out and gets the tag but the ref didn't see it so it doesnt count and Penta has to do it all over again and eventually does get Fenix into the match. He takes on both of FTR at the same time and gets on top with a double cutter and earns a two count with a pin on Dax. Fenix hits a huge kick after running the ropes literally for another two and sets up for his rolling DDT but Dax blocks. Cash stops Dax getting rolled over with the Sunset flip and then Penta takes out Cash. We get a few moves off the ropes and then Cash smashes Fenix with the AAA title and Dax hits a brainbuster but Fenix kicks out. Fenix then fights off both of FTR and it looks like Lucha Bros might win it but Tully grabs Penta's ankle and Dax punches him to get the upper hand. He goes for the three amigos but then Penta reverses it and does it himself and tags out to Fenix to hit the Frog Splash for a two. The crowd all chant Eddie and this match is completely breathless at this stage.

FTR eventually flip the momentum and hit the Spiked Piledriver but Fenix kicks out again! FTR try to finish it with a double team but Penta helps his brother and Fenix rolls up Dax for two. Lucha bros set up for the fear factor and hit it with Fenix hitting a crossbody on Cash who's coming in to stop it but Dax still kicks out! What will end this match? FTR put on masks so that Cash can come in and pretend to be Dax but it backfires when the referee notices Cash using the ropes to assist his pin and the Lucha Bros get the double team move to finally pin. Technically they pinned the wrong man but that's FTR's fault and it's too late now.

Bryan Danielson defeated Miro via Referee Stoppage (20:03) to win the AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament and become Number One Contender

Danielson offers the handshake to begin but Miro refuses and then we lock up and Miro is far too strong for Danielson. Bryan decides to go for kicks to the legs instead next time but Miro still outmuscles him. Danielson changes tactics again so now he goes for an offence of chops and elbows and knees but it only takes one strike from Miro to send Bryan to the outside. Miro allows Danielson to return to the ring and uses his strength to bullrush him into the corner but Danielson begins to attack with kicks. Once again though, Miro just trucks Danielson to the mat when he's had enough and it takes Danielson to hit his diving elbow to get Miro wobbled and send him to the outside but Miro stops the Danielson Tope with a strike and then Suplexes Bryan on the floor before throwing him into the barricade and then the steel steps before he returns to the ring. Miro resumes the attack with Suplexes once Danielson gets back in the ring and it looks like Danielson's heavy schedule has finally caught up with him as the fresher Miro looks in much better shape.

Miro attacks Bryan in the corner with huge body shots and stomps when Danielson slumps to the mat. Miro takes too long to follow up though and Danielson attacks with kicks to the chest and the running dropkicks on Miro but Miro turns the last dropkick into a Samoan drop for two as he takes over again. He launches Bryan through the turnbuckles into the ring post and then follows him outside but Danielson posts him and follows up with a running knee from the apron. Both men return to the ring and Bryan follows up with his Top Rope Shotgun Dropkick and then his kicks to his kneeling opponent. He goes for the big last one to the head but Miro catches it. Danielson rolls Miro up and then catches Miro in a Heel Hook but Miro fights out with a Gutwrench Suplex when he looked like he might tap. Miro follows up with a release German Suplex but tries another which Danielson lands on his feet from and then hits Miro with a knee strike and follows up with more on the mat until he gets him down and stomps him into the mat. Danielson sets up for the Busaiku Knee but Miro counters into a Powerbomb for two.

Miro looks up to his God and then he sets up for the Game Over. He locks it on and Danielson looks loke he's fading but he makes the ropes to break the hold. Miro goes for it again but stomps the back of Danielson a few time first but before he can lock it in again, Danielson transitions into the LeBell Lock. Miro manages to get to the ropes before he gets on top of his opponent and delivers strikes but then Danielson transitions to the Triangle and Miro has to gauge Bryan's eyes to escape. Danielson fires up with strikes but Miro knocks him down with one. Danielson gets up and comes back with Kicks and once again, several of those do nothing to Miro but one of his sends Danielson to the mat again. It happens one last time and then Miro climbs to the top with Danielson on his shoulders. They fight atop the top turnbuckle and Danielson wins out before he knocks out Miro with a Tornado DDT and the referee stops it. That match was a war. Incredible.

Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) & Christian Cage defeated The Superkliq (The Young Bucks (Nick Jackson & Matt Jackson) & Adam Cole) w/ Brandon Cutler & Michael Nakazawa via Pinfall (22:31) in a Falls Count Anywhere Match

The Bucks are dressed in pink whilst Jungle Boy is in Jeans and who knows where this Falls Count Anywhere match will end up as we get underway with a 3 on 3 brawl in the ring. God knows how I'm supposed to keep up with three moves going on at any one time. Cole tries an early Panama Sunrise on Christian but it's blocked and the Jungle Boy begins to attack Cole until the Bucks break it up. Jungle boy tries to fight them both off but the Bucks get the upper hand and then Luchasaurus takes them both out and Adam Cole throws a chair in his face. Jungle Boy and Adam Cole then have a brief moment and JB returns the chair to Cole's face. They set up a chair in the ring but the Young Bucks stop Cole going into it and Jungle Boy ends up sat on it after taking both Bucks out.

All of a sudden, the action gets even quicker and hard to follow as the momentum goes back and forth at 1,000 mph and neither team can keep the advantage for long. A trash can gets introduced and it ends up being used on Jungle Boy and then Christian. Jurassic Express gain control of the match thanks to Luchasaurus and they take out Adam Cole using a chair and then they set up a table while Christian gets some chairs. Adam Cole gets busted open either before or after going. We go to the upper concourse where Christian is fighting Nick, Brandon and Nakazawa and he takes them all out with a dive from above in the Stadium. They make their way back to the ring through the crowd and Christian attacks Matt inside but Matt whips him into the steps. Jungle Boy takes Matt but Adam Cole takes him out with a Suplex on the Apron. Nick Superkicks Luchasaurus and The Superkliq get the thumbtacks out. They put them in the mouth of Jungle Boy before they Superkiss Cole and Superkick Jungle Boy but Christian breaks up the pin. Superkliq decide to go after Christian and they get a Ladder and prop it in the corner and drive Christian's head into it but Christian fights back with a trashcan and then hits a Tornado DDT on Nick onto the ladder. Luchasaurus rises from the dead and he takes out all of the Superkliq until Cole catches him and then Cole gets caught on a Panama Sunrise and slammed into the Ladder. Nick and Matt attack with Chairs but they Miss and then Nick goes into the Ladder too but Matt takes over with a trash can. Luchasaurus isn't out of it though as he gets back to his feet then chases Matt Jackson to the ramp and Jungle Boy appears to lock on the Snare Trap but Adam Cole breaks it up.

Christian goes to Killswitch Matt off the stage and Nick stops it before all men take each other out on the stage. Jungle Boy ends up climbing the scaffolding at the back of the stage but Cole stops him and climbs himself so he can hit the Panama Sunrise and Luchasaurus breaks up the pin. The Superkliq takes over with Superkicks and then Cole pulls out a Thumbtacked kneepad for all of his team who put them on. They set up Luchasaurus for the BTE Trigger and hit it but Jungle Boy breaks the pin! JB tries to fight all of the Superkliq alone but they get the better of him until Christian and Luchasaurus help out then Luchasaurus chokeslams Nick off the stage and follows him with a Moonsault. Christian gets two chairs and then goes for the Conchairto but Jungle Boy wants to do it and does before pinning Matt Jackson. I am completely exhausted after that match. Absolutely incredible.

PAC & Cody Rhodes w/ Arn Anderson defeated Malakai Black & Andrade El Idolo w/ Jose the Assistant via Pinfall (16:51)

Cody gets boos as he emerges but it's a mixed reaction by the time he gets to the ring until he tags himself in before PAC can lock up with Andrade and he gets booed again. PAC tags himself in to cheers but Andrade takes advantage of the miscommunication. PAC fights back though and has Andrade in a fair bit of trouble early on but Andrade backs PAC into his corner and in comes Malakai. PAC seems to get the better of Black but Cody tags himself in again and that allows Malakai to tag out to Andrade. These men go back and forth until Cody hits a powerslam onto Andrade and PAC tags himself back in and then Malakai does the same to Andrade as both teams seem to have issues coexisting. Black takes down PAC and then willingly tags out to Andrade as they get back on the same page and take control of this match.

Cody and Malakai end up legal and Cody hits a Cody Cutter and sets up for Cross Rhodes but then Malakai fights out. PAC tags himself in and Malakai hits his Heel Kick to knock Cody down. PAC low bridges Black and hits a Moonsault onto both opponents. We get a brief break as Arn Anderson takes out Jose the Assistant and then back in the ring, Malakai ends up taking control over PAC and tagging out to Andrade who hits a Tornado then drives PAC into the Barricade. They go back in the ring and Black tags back in and he delivers more damage to PAC and Cody is still down from that Heel Kick. Malakai continues the attack and then Andrade tags himself in and gets a two from a Split Legged Moonsault. We end up in a Striking Exchange and it ends in a Double Down. PAC wants to tag out and Cody isn't there so PAC gets taken out again by Andrade and then hit the Pendulum DDT on the apron which earns him a two count. Black tags himself in and PAC catches him in a cradle for two and then gets a double down with a pump kick and now Cody is ready.

PAC gets to him and Andrade comes in to and Cody gets the upper hand with the Bionic Elbow and takes Malakai out with a Disaster Kick. Cody gets Andrade on the top rope and hits an Avalanche Reverse Suplex for two. Cody then takes out Malakai on the outside but Andrade catches him back in the ring. Andrade goes for the Figure 4 but Cody is the one who gets it in and then PAC blind tags in and hits the 450 splash for two. PAC tries to hit a dive onto Malakai but Cody eats it and back in the ring, Malakai almost pins PAC but Cody breaks it up and then he takes Malakai out of the match. Eventually PAC hits a Poisonrana on Andrade and then sets up for the Black Arrow to get the win.

After the match, FTR attack PAC and Cody.

Britt Baker w/ Rebel & Jamie Hayter defeated Tay Conti via Pinfall (15:20) to retain the AEW Women's World Championship.

Britt steals a member of Fozzy to play her to the ring but Tay's Brazilian facepaint and gear steals the show. Tay seems nervous as this one gets underway as Britt rolls her up twice to begin the match. Eventually Tay comes into the match with a Snapmare but she can't keep Britt down as both women tease finishers and don't want this to go long. Tay uses her Judo throws to get Britt in trouble but Britt fights back and ends up hitting a Butterfly Suplex and follows up with strikes. The Champion takes control of this match as she follows up with knee strikes and Tay gets driven back to the mat time and time again.

Britt gets a two with a Fishermans Suplex and then goes for Lockjaw but Tay attacks Britt's injured wrist to get out of it and now Tay fires back. She gets Britt in the corner and hits three big pump kicks before she gets a two from a Suplex. The Champion begins to look like she's in trouble as Tay has her number at every move. Tay gets another two from a Release German Suplex but Britt avoids a move in the corner and hits a Neckbreaker. Both women exchange holds in the middle before Britt hits her Kerb Stomp for two and calls for the glove. Tay makes her feet though and gets a Stunner for two when Britt comes back in. Tay and Britt battle on the apron and when Tay goes for a Piledriver, Britt hits an Air Raid Crash and then gets a two back in the ring before going for Lockjaw but Tay gets to the ropes. They exchange holds again and then Tay hits the Tay-KO from nowhere and Britt has to kick out at 2.9. Tay follows up with a pump kick and hits that Piledriver for a 2.99 but Rebel distracts the ref and Jamie slams Tay into the steps.

Britt hits the Kerb stomp on the steps and again back in the ring but instead of going for the pin, Britt goes for Lockjaw and Tay escapes. Britt gets pumpkicked out of the ring and then Tay follows with a Moonsault but only hits Jamie and Rebel as Britt evades but then she takes Britt out with a Side Slam on the outside. Back in the ring, Tay hits the DD-Tay but Britt kicks out at 2.999 and then Britt takes over as she transitions into the Lockjaw position. Tay fights out of it but can only get out into a roll up and Britt pins her to get the win. Excellent match.

CM Punk defeated Eddie Kingston via Pinfall (11:00)

Eddie is ready to fight as he comes out looking ready. Punk comes out in his Fight Shorts for the first time in years. Eddie knocks Punk down with the Uraken before the bell and he stays on top before Punk makes his feet again after Punk tells the referee to ring the bell and this one is a brawl already. Punk manages to get in control briefly but Eddie hits him with an Exploder. Punk manages to beat Eddie to the mat to get a breather and then Eddie invites Punk's chest kicks but Eddie pokes him in the Eye. Eddie goes for an Exploder on the apron but Punk fights back with a Enzuigiri and a Dropkick. He drives Eddie's hand into the steel steps and Eddie looks in pain and then pushes Punk into the ring post to get a break himself an now Punk is bleeding. Eddie wipes Punks blood over his face and goes for a piledriver but Punk powers out. He follows up with a Crossbody from the apron and then he throws Kingston back into the ring.

Punk steals John Cena's shoulder tackle and then Slam spot an follows up with punches to Eddie's face. Punk hits the three amigos and then he climbs to the top but Eddie stops him and then just punches him repeatedly before hitting a Superplex to cause a double down. Both men rise in opposite corners and then fly at each other with right hands but Eddie gets the better of it when he involves his feet. He tries to follow up with a GTS but Punk is the one that hits it after Eddie calls it. Punk isn't able to make a pin though as he's too exhausted. Both men are out on their feet and Punk seems to get his second wind first and attacks Eddie with Elbows and Knees before he hits a second GTS to get the victory. What a fucking war.

Eddie refuses the handshake after the match.

The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Jake Hager, Santana & Ortiz) defeated American Top Team (Men of the Year (Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page), Andrei Arlovski, Junior Dos Santos & Dan Lambert) via Pinfall (19:50) in a Minneapolis Steet Fight

Speaking of wars, we have this match next as Sammy starts off with Scorpio. The TNT champion gets the best of this battle and tags out to Ortiz who continues the attack on Sky. Santana comes in to help him out with some double team moves and then Ortiz tags out to him so he can come in for one more. Scorpio has taken a lot of damage as it's now Hager's turn to attack but Hager lets Scorpio tag Arlovski in and then regrets it as he ends up getting Samoan dropped. Next Junior Dos Santos tags in and they both work over Hager until Hager brings in Jericho but he gets caught by JDS and hit with a Powerslam and then a Delayed Vertical Suplex before getting a two with a Standing Moonsault Press. Wow.

Dan Lambert calls for the tag and gets too cocky as Jericho catches his strike but then everyone ends up in the ring. Now the weapons come into play as Ethan takes out Jericho with a Hockey Stick and then Sammy hits him with a dive. Scorpio takes him out and then Santana and Ortiz arrive before Hager ends up diving from the top rope onto everyone. The Inner Circle seem to have this under control but Scorpio and Ethan suddenly fight back as Lambert is about to get attacked by Jericho. Now American Top Team take over as they take out Ortiz with a chair around his neck. Next up the Men of the Year are attacking Santana two on one but Santana gets the better of them and Ortiz comes in to help him after recovering and then they take out Ethan Page with a Trash Can and Hockey Sticks and end up in a double Submission with him and Scorpio Sky. Everything breaks down again and gets a little messy but Hager attacks with a toaster and then Jericho with a Water Ski but Lambert pulls Jericho out of the ring. Guevara takes out both of Men of the Year with a Double Jump Double Cutter and then almost wins it with a Senton Atomico but Scorpio kicks out.

JDS and Arlovski are seen being taken out with multiple weapon shots on the outside. Eventually Santana and Ortiz hit a superplex on JDS and the Guevara hits a Senton Atomico from the biggest ladder I've ever seen onto Scorpio Sky on the table. Everyone takes out everyone with huge moves and Dan Lambert is left alone in the ring with Jericho sneaking in behind him. Jericho lays him out but then JDS hits him when Jericho goes for the Lionsault and Lambert almost pins him. Lambert goes for the Boston Crab but Jericho takes him and JDS out with a Kendo stick and then staples Lambert in the cock before hitting an Eddie Guerrero style Frog Splash and getting the pin. That was exhausting. But no time to recover.

Hangman Adam Page defeated Kenny Omega w/ Don Callis via Pinfall (25:31) to become the NEW AEW World Champion

The potential culmination of two plus years of truly elite storytelling is upon us. AEW have built the entire company around this story and it's time to read the final chapter. The bell rings and both men start off with a verbal battle before they finally lock up. Neither man wants to give an inch as they battle but Hangman's chops sting a little more than Kenny's as the passion and desire of the challenger shines through and he begins to dominate. Callis grabs Hangman's ankle to distract him and Kenny takes over with a Polish Hammer to the back and drives him into the corner. Kenny distracts the ref so Callis can attack Hangman and it's clear than Kenny is far more scared of Hangman than any previous challenger due to Don getting involved this much this early.

Hangman attacks Kenny and gets him on the outside and takes him out with a dive but has to chase off Callis allowing Kenny to recover and drive him into the barricade and the apron but Hangman hits a suplex on the outside to flip the momentum. We return to the ring and Kenny has to poke Hangman in the eyes to take over before he hits a kind of Slingblade to drive Page down. Kenny takes Hangman to the outside and distracts the ref whilst Callis stomps him down. Kenny attacks with the ring steps but gives Page too long to recover and Hangman fires up but gets caught with a Hurricanrana which drives him to the outside and Kenny follows it with the Terminator dive. Kenny goes for the You Can't Escape sequence but Hangman gets his feet up on the Moonsault then Kenny runs into a high boot from Hangman when he goes for the V Trigger and Hangman follows up with the Fall Away Slam. Kenny rolls out so Hangman hits an Elbow Suicida and an Orihara Moonsault, both to the outside. He rolls Kenny back in and gets a Brainbuster for two and then get Kenny on the top rope but Kenny rolls out of it and hits a Springboard Liger Bomb to give himself some separation.

Kenny follows up with a Snapdragon and then another but Hangman counters only for Kenny to counter back and then Kenny hits another Snapdragon on the apron. He returns Page to the ring, hits the V-Trigger and goes for the One-Winged Angel but Hangman reverses it into a Victory Roll for two. Hangman hits a Release German Suplex but Kenny comes right back with a Tiger Driver 98 for his own two. Kenny bites open the cut on Hangman's head from Wednesday and climbs to the top rope but Hangman catches him and bites him right back before he gets a two from an Avalanche Blockbuster. Kenny retreats to the outside and Hangman follows him with a dive from the top of the ringpost which drives Kenny through the Timekeepers table! He returns Kenny to the ring and sets up for the Buckshot Lariat but Kenny drops to his Knees. Hangman instead goes for a V Trigger and misses; Kenny goes for a German Suplex but Hangman lands on his feet and then hits a Rolling Elbow Strike and a Pop Up Powerbomb before he goes for the Buckshot Lariat but Kenny pulls the referee in front of him and Paul Turner is wiped out.

Callis tries to sneak in to attack Hangman with the belt but Page catches him and then he hits the Deadeye on Kenny. There's no ref but Aubrey Edwards sprints out to count to 2.999 as Kenny survives. Kenny takes back over and goes for a V Trigger but Hangman catches it then they exchange V Triggers and Rolling Elbows and then Kenny delivers multiple Kawada Kicks to Hangman but Hangman fires back with a huge Lariat for a double down. The Young Bucks slowly emerge from the tunnel during this and we aren't sure why. Kenny and Hangman exchange brutal Backdrop drivers and Hangman sets up for the Buckshot but is met with a V Trigger. Kenny sets up for the One-Winged Angel but Hangman escapes and hits his own One-Winged Angel and Kenny kicks out. Hangman sets up for the Buckshot Lariat as the Young Bucks watch on, ominously close to him. He delivers one to the back of Kenny's head and then goes to the other side to finish the job. Matt Jackson follows him around to the other side of the ring but when Hangman spots him, Matt just looks at him and nods. Hangman hits the Buckshot and pins Kenny Omega. He did it! 903 days after he lost his shot at the title to Chris Jericho, Hangman Adam Page is finally AEW World Champion and boy does he deserve it!

After the match, The Dark Order come out to celebrate wth the champion and he chooses their friendship and company over drinking a beer to celebrate.

Wow. I need a lie down. What a show. Let us know what you thought in the comments, follow me on Twitter @0r4n93_C4551dy and make sure you're back here Monday for AEW Dark Elevation. Until then, enjoy your weekend. Cowboy Shit rules.

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