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AEW Dynamite Results (November 3rd 2021)

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Nov 03, 2021

AEW Dynamite Results (November 3rd 2021)

It's Wednesday, you know what that means. The mood in the AEW fanbase may be sombre following the Jon Moxley news from this morning (or last night in America) but as usual, nothing is better for a bad/sad mood than a good episode of Dynamite. With that in mind, and JR, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone on commentary, let's get to the wrestling.

Kenny Omega w/ Michael Nakazawa defeated Alan Angels via Pinfall (8:01)

We're starting off tonight with the AEW World Champion as Kenny Omega has a warm up match ahead of Full Gear where he'll face the Dark Order affiliated Hangman Adam Page. His opponent for tonight from the Dark Order, Alan '5' Angels awaits in the ring for him as Kenny makes his entrance. Angels is ready for him though and hits a dropkick and stomps Kenny down in the corner as soon as the bell rings but Kenny isn't the world champion for nothing and soon fights back with chops to the chest of 5. He maintains the attack without allowing 5 to his feet as he lays in forearms too but Angels gets back into it with a leaping dropkick. Both men struggle for supremacy and have a reverse for whatever the other has to offer until Kenny takes control with the Kotaru Crusher. Kenny sets Angels up for the V Trigger but Angels sees it coming and ducks out the way before getting a roll up for two. He stays on top of Kenny with a Gamengiri and then sends Kenny to the outside and follows it up with a Tope. Kenny regains momentum on the outside as he sends Angels into the barricade and apron but Angels gets a Moonsault from nowhere and then hits a Crossbody back in the ring for two. He goes back to the top for a Frog Splash but Kenny gets the knees up and Angels eats a buckle bomb and a Sit-Out-Powerbomb but manages to kick out at two. Kenny sets up for Tiger Driver 98 but Angels fights back and gets back to a striking Contest with Omega. Angels manages to escape several moves including a One-Winged Angel attempt but gets caught with the V Trigger and manages to kick out so Omega hits two more and there's no kicking out this time as the Champ picks up the victory.

Kenny gets on the mic after the match and says he never had a chance to thank him for ruining his career and it got Angels his opportunity but as the champ he has the power to giveth and to taketh and then calls for Nakazawa to give him a chair and Kenny sets up for the OWA onto the chair until out strides Hangman Adam Page to save Angels. He takes out Nakazawa but Kenny gets away and Full Gear can't come soon enough.

Hangman points out that Kenny forgot the belt in the ring and tells Kenny he can have it back and hold onto it because he's only got 10 days left. Page is confident!

Malakai Black Promo

Malakai addresses Tony Khan and says that banning him from ringside won't affect the result of the match tonight. He said that when Julius Caesar fell, it wasn't just Marcus who betrayed him.

CM Punk in Ring Promo

CM Punk asks the crowd to chant for Moxley not him to start and they oblige. He says they have history but last night when he heard the news, he knew what Mox was going through, and he's proud of him. He then tells everyone to get help if they need to but he says there's another guy not here tonight, Eddie Kingston. He says he would ask him to his face but Eddie isn't there so he has to do it like this. He tells Eddie there's no beef between them and CM Punk will be in St Louis to accept Eddie's apology. CM Punk concludes that he was going to take the spot in the tournament after he spoke to Eddie but he can't because Eddie isn't there so it's Eddie's fault that we don't get that. Did Punk just turn Eddie Kingston?

Miro Promo

Miro tells God that he warned him and waited patiently and asks whether the opportunity he has got tonight, taking Moxley's spot in the tournament against Cassidy and wonders if this is God's will or if he's just playing with Miro. I can't begin to do this justice so please, watch below. Miro just sold me on him winning this whole damn tournament.

Superkliq Interview

Alex Marvez is interviewing the Superkliq and Adam Cole says that their loss to the Dark Order will never happen again but they're interrupted by Christian Cage and Luchasaurus and the 5 men brawl to the stage area and just when the Superkliq look to be on top, a wild Jungle Boy appears and takes them out with a dive from the stage. Christian Spears Matt Jackson and tries to hit a Killswitch till Nick intervenes but then Luchasaurus clears house. Jungle Boy makes Adam Cole pass out with the Snare Trap and then Christian takes Cole out for a while with the One Man Conchairto.

Ruby Soho vs Kris Statlander Video Package

Ruby and Kris talk about their match in the TBS tournament. Nothing worth writing about but a fun way to add a little depth.

FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) w/ Tully Blanchard defeated Samuray Del Sol & Aerostar via Pinfall (8:28) to retain the AAA World Tag Team Championship

FTR's new into music is an absolute jam. So catchy. Very 80's. The match gets underway with Samuray Del Sol showing off his Luchador style on Cash Wheeler as he takes him out with the Tijeras. Both men tag out as we get Aerostar facing off with Dax Harwood. Dax manages to take control and tags Cash in but Aerostar fights off both before the match gets very messy with the Luchadors messing up a tag and then mistiming their dives. We get back in the ring and FTR take control of the match as then reverse Aerostar's double Hurricanrana attempt. Dax and Aerostar are the legal men and Dax beats down his smaller opponent outside the ring and then back in too as he and Cash exchange tags as they really become the aggressors in this match. Aerostar eventually manages to get the control back with some crazy moves from the top before he tags out to Samuray Del Sol. There's a weird ass double move before Samuray gets a two count on Cash. This match has turned into a real mess as now Aerostar almost pins Cash. Eventually Dax takes out Samuray with a Brainbuster on the outside and whilst exchanging rollups with Aerostar, Cash manages to get the three count when he holds onto the ropes. This was okay to watch but a nightmare to follow and sloppy as all hell in large portions. A mixed bag for sure.

Hikaru Shida Backstage Segment

This is from last week as Tony Schiavone awards Hikaru Shida her trophy for 50 wins in AEW but Nyla interrupts and tells Shida that she's hit a road block because she's about to get taken out by Nyla in the TBS Title Tournament.

Inner Circle Announce Full Gear Opponents

We know that two of the five men the Inner Circle will face in 10 days at Full Gear are the Men of the Year, Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page but out come the Inner Circle to announce the rest. Jericho speaks and says because Sammy won last week, they get to choose the rest of them. American Top Team interrupt them and Dan Lambert urges them to hurry up so he can leave. He then proceeds to talk more. Brilliant. Lambert hands Jericho the open contract via Aubrey Edwards. He says that they can choose from Andrei Arlovski, Junior Dos Santos, Dalton Rosta or Austin Vanderford. The last two, like Jake, are undefeated in Bellator. Jake calls out JDS. He says he looks like Popeye. Santana then calls out Arlovski. Paige Van Zant then asks to be in the match but the Inner Circle choose Dan Lambert. Where the hell is Jorge Masvidal?!

Matt Sydal Interview

Matt congratulates Dante on his win and says that Lee Moriarty wants to train with him instead and challenges Dante and Lio to a match. Not sure if it's a tag match or Dante vs Lee, I hope it’s the tag because Lio is great.

Jamie Hayter w/ Rebel & Britt Baker defeated Anna Jay via Pinfall (5:58) to advance to the TBS Title Tournament Quarter Final

As this match gets started it's clear that these women are evenly matched as they struggle to take control. Eventually the action spills to the outside and Jamie gets whipped into the barricade but then Jamie takes over when Anna is getting back into the ring. We head to break and during the commercial Jamie takes over and has Anna in a lot of trouble throughout. Jamie distracts the ref to allow Britt to get some cheap shots in and we come back to the action after as Anna begins to fight back. Anna almost gets the win with a DDT and sets up for the Queen Slayer but Jamie is too strong the first time and gets out of it the second time when Rebel takes the referee's attention and Britt grabs Anna from the outside before Jamie takes her out with the Short Arm Clothesline and pins her for the win.

Anna gets beaten down after the match until Tay makes the save but with Anna down it's 3 on 1 and Tay gets overpowered until Thunder Rosa makes the save for good and takes out Jamie Hayter. Excellent storyline weaving here as Tay face Britt for the AEW title at Full Gear, Jamie faces Rosa in the next TBS tournament round and of course, Rosa and Britt are long-time rivals. This women's division gets better every single week.

Jade Cargill Promo

Mark Sterling says Jade has a bye in the TBS tournament and she faces Red Velvet or the Bunny and Jade says it doesn't matter who wins.

MJF Promo

Maxwell comes out and talks directly to Darby who says that neither of them were worried when all the new faces came in because they're pillars. He says that he and Darby are the top two pillars because they have it and that both of them will become legendary. MJF then asks why MJF gets booed and Darby gets cheered. Max says it causes him to lose sleep and that Max hears the crowd in a cheeky Cody dig. Max says it's because the crowd see MJF like a boss or someone they hate and Darby is one of them because he'll never fit in and he'll never win. He tells Darby that he lets his emotions get the better of him in the ring and at Full Gear he'll lose because he'll be too concerned with hurting him rather than beating him. MJF finishes by saying that he's a better wrestler than Darby and even if Darby changes his way he'll still lose.

Darby responds that he will keep his composure at Full Gear because he's letting his anger out tonight and he makes a beeline for the ring but as MJF tries to escape, Sting sends him back towards the ring with an army behind him but Wardlow and Spears take out the random men on the ramp and MJF and Darby finally get their hands on each other. Darby gets the better of MJF in an epic brawl and this match will be incredible.

Andrade El Idolo w/ Jose defeated Cody Rhodes w/ Arn Anderson via Pinfall (9:54)

Both men square up as the bell rings and when they begin to actually wrestle, it's Cody who has an early advantage as Cody manages to reverse all of Andrade's early offence until El Idolo manages to do the same to Cody when he goes for the Cody Cutter and sends Cody to the outside as we go to break. Andrade takes Cody back down with a chop block and takes full control of the match back in the ring. Cody is selling his left knee from that Cody Cutter mistake and Andrade takes full advantage of Cody being one legged. El Idolo continues his offence both inside and outside the ring but he takes a nasty spill to the outside when Cody avoids a running knee to create some parity as we return from commercial. Cody tries to go for the Double Underhook but Andrade fights out and hits a sweet Back Elbow for two. Cody takes Andrade out with a Lariat but Andrade reverses the subsequent Cross Rhodes attempt into a Three Amigos and then hits the Double Knees in the corner for another two as this match heats up. Andrade goes for the Split Legged Moonsault but Cody escapes and hits the Bionic Elbow and we continue to go back and forth until Andrade locks in a Figure 4. Cody manages to turn over into the reverse Figure 4. Andrade escapes to the outside and then Cody tries to Tope Andrade but gets stopped by Jose the Assistant. Jose is taken out by Arn to allow Cody to hit the dive but with the referee distracted, FTR appear from under the ring to hit Cody with a double belt shot with the AAA titles before rolling back under the ring out of sight and when we get back in the ring with the two competitors, it's academic as Andrade hits the Hammerlock DDT and pins Cody.

After the match, FTR celebrate with Andrade and Tully runs down to join them. Arn confronts him in the ring and when it looks like they're about to fight, Lucha bros run down and brawl with FTR. Can't wait for that rematch at Full Gear.

John Silver in Ring Promo

Tony Schiavone says he hopes that he hopes that Silver kicks Adam Cole's ass. Silver says hes facing Budge on Sunday and maybe if Cole took his advice, he wouldn't have got taken out by Christian earlier. Can't wait for this match on Rampage.

The Bunny vs Red Velvet Video Package

Much like the one earlier between Ruby and Kris, this is just nice depth to the story of the match.

Miro defeated Orange Cassidy via Submission (7:26) to advance to the AEW World Title Eliminator Final

Before the match, the Finalist in the other half of the bracket, Bryan Danielson comes out to join commentary. Cassidy comes out with his ribs still injured after having them brutalised in his last few matches. Miro comes out with a sceptical look to his God in the sky, almost challenging him to see what happens if this is a trick. Cassidy spends the beginning of the match trying to frustrate Miro but he gets caught on a Tope attempt and slammed onto the outside before getting slammed into the ring post as we head to commercial. Miro spends the break in picture in picture beating Cassidy down. He takes another look to the sky, asking that God if he's happy before resuming the attack on Freshly Squeezed. Cassidy manages to hit a Stunner before we return but he has nothing left and Miro squashes him in the corner and then throws him to the other. Cassidy fires back once more with forearms and a Shotgun Dropkick and he hits the Tilt-a-Whirl DDT but Miro kicks out at two. Orange sets up for the Orange Punch but Miro rolls out of the ring and Cassidy climbs to the top and takes Miro through the Timekeeper's table! The Referee almost counts Miro out but he makes it at 9.9999999 and Cassidy goes for the Orange Punch but Miro catches him and Cassidy hits the Beach Break for a very very close near fall. Cassidy goes for one more Orange Punch but Miro Pounces him before he hits the SuperKick and then taps Orange out with the Game Over.

Danielson enters the ring to square off with Miro as the show closes just on time. Miro appeared to be refusing Danielson's offer of a handshake. That match will be a classic.

Wow, that was sure one hell of a ride. Another good episode of AEW Dynamite though and we have a lot to look forward to over the next 3 TV shows before we get to Full Gear on Saturday November 13th. What did you make of the show? Let us know in the comments and I'll see you all for AEW Rampage on Friday. You can find me on twitter @0r4n93_C4551dy. Adios and word to your mother.

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