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AEW Dynamite Results (October 27th 2021) 

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Oct 27, 2021

AEW Dynamite Results (October 27th 2021) 

It's Wednesday and you know what that means! Feels good to say that after 21 days since our last Wednesday night Dynamite! But with whatever Ice Hockey was going on out of the way, we are back on the correct night! Additionally, it's Halloween between tonight and next Wednesday, so we're celebrating tonight. Can Kenny Omega top his Sans from Undertale costume from 2019? Let's find out. With Excalibur, Jim Ross & Tony Schiavone on commentary, and we are live in Boston so let's get to the wrestling!

CM Punk defeated Bobby Fish via Pinfall (11:58)

It's Bobby Fish's birthday! And it was CM Punk's birthday yesterday!! I'd say it's much more of a present for Bobby Fish than CM Punk. Although, it's more of a gift from the birthday boys to all of us! CM Punk is back in the long boys as he makes his entrance first and is followed by Bobby. The match begins starts with the crowd well and truly in Punk's corner. Bobby slows everything down and avoids Punk for a while before we finally lock up and Punk gets the upper hand but Bobby fights back and soon has Punk in the corner taking knees but Punk reverses that and delivers his own knee strikes. Punk takes down Fish and then when both men return to their feet, Punk gets the upper hand again with a Shoulder Tackle and some Body Slams. Punk goes for the GTS not long after but Bobby holds onto the top rope to escape and then takes over with Muay Thai strikes to Punk's body and legs. Bobby now takes over and has Punk in some trouble with a Sleeper but Punk fights to his feet and then sends Fish to the outside and follows it with a Tope Suicida!

When back in the ring, Punk climbs to the top rope for an elbow but Bobby rolls back out and then trips Punk on the Apron with a kick to the knee. Bobby continues to go after the injured leg with a Dragonscrew and then locks on a Submission to the leg. Punk gets out but Bobby now well and truly has the upper hand and sends him to the outside to use the barricade as a weapon. Punk tries to fight back but eats a Knee to the ribs for his troubles and Bobby continues his attacks back in the ring once more and seems to have Punk in real deep water. Punk fights off Fish on the top and manages to hit the Elbow drop with only one good leg and Punk uses this to take a breather and regain his energy as we have a Double down. Both men exchange strikes from their knee and then from their feet but Bobby hits a brutal kick to the injured leg once more. Punk hits a Leg Lariat to get back in it and then goes for his Neckbreaker and then the Rising Knee Strike in the corner and his Short Arm Clothesline for a two. Punk goes for the GTS but Bobby intercepts with another Dragonscrew. He follows up with a Sliding Clothesline but Punk manages to take him down and goes for a Pin. Bobby fights out of the pin and they fight for dominance but CM Punk eventually gets the GTS. He struggles to make the pin and Bobby kicks out at 3.1 but it's a win for CM Punk! Punk does not look happy as he leaves the ring so I think that Bobby didn't kick out in time because Punk planned to finish him with the Anaconda Vice. A fantastic way to start the show none the less.

Malakai Black Promo

Malakai says he made his own family lose faith in him, made the Nightmare Family leave him and made the crowd hate him. He says this wasn't about Pinfalls and the House always wins. He's obviously speaking about Cody and this feud isn't over!

MJF w/ Wardlow & Shawn Spears defeated Bryce Donovan via Pinfall (0:35)

MJF goes to shake Bryce Donovan's hand to start but of course it's a trick and MJF straight away takes over and hits the Heatseeker to pick up the victory.

After the match he cuts a promo and runs down Boston for a while before transitioning to Darby Allin. The crowd chant for Darby and MJF says it's because Boston loves cheering for losers. He says that Darby is too scared to show up because MJF has mentally broken him. He says that Darby should be scared because of what he did to Sting last week. He then reminds us he's beaten Hangman and says that it doesn't matter what happens at Full Gear because he's the future AEW Champion. Sting's music then interrupts MJF but it's all a ruse and nobody comes out. But as MJF is gloating, the lights go out and a weird version of MJF's promo plays and a brief video plays with Darby attacking someone on a stage and it ends with "Now time to break you physically". When the lights come back on, Sting is in the ring and takes out Spears and Wardlow with a bat. MJF escapes but Darby appears in the crowd behind him. MJF runs away again once more and Sting & Darby finish the job on Wardlow and Spears before Darby says "Max, Full Gear". What an excellent segment! What a match that will be too!

Britt Baker Promo

We learn that Britt walked out on a match with Abadon on the Jericho cruise and so Tony Khan has now booked a Trick or Treat match between the two for Rampage. The treat is it's a Title Eliminator and Abadon gets a title match if she wins but the trick is it's no DQ.

Sammy Guevara defeated Ethan Page via Pinfall (11:00) to retain the TNT Championship

Sammy makes a beeline for the ring and attacks Page before this match even gets started and ends his flurry with a Tope and throwing Page into the timekeeper's table. This match hasn't even begun yet. Sammy throws Ethan into the barricade and then chokes him a little before he finally returns him to the ring and the match starts. Page manages to get the first strike as the bell rings but Sammy manages to hit his Somersault Dropkick to get back on top. Sammy maintains control with strikes and a Snap Suplex but Page is a much heavier striker and uses this to get back into the match again. Sammy has some educated feet though and uses them to put Ethan on his back but then Sammy gets caught on the top rope by Page and then Ethan hits a Backbreaker on the Turnbuckle as we go to break with Sammy on the outside in a lot of pain.

Page continues his assault on the outside and inside the ring on Sammy throughout commercial and is still well in control as we return to the action but Sammy begins to come back when he slips out of the Ego's Edge and hits a flurry of strikes before Sammy hit a Double Jump Cutter and then a Spanish Fly for a two count. Ethan rolls to the outside and Sammy heads back to the top rope and hits a Shooting Star to the outside. Sammy rolls Ethan back into the ring and calls for the GTH but Ethan fights out of it and manages to hit a couple of slams onto Sammy for his own two count. Ethan climbs to the top now and Sammy spots him so he leaps up to join him but Sammy gets hit with a Body Slam from the top and Ethan has the champ in trouble. He sets up for an Avalanche Egos Edge but Sammy turns it into a Hurricanrana but he misses the Shooting Star. Sammy manages to roll Page up though and retains his championship. What an excellent match.

As soon as the match ends, Ethan attacks Sammy from behind and Scorpio Sky suddenly joins him but the beatdown doesn't last long as the whole of the Inner Circle make the save. Jericho then picks up the mic after Judas has finished. He says that Scorpio Sky might have beaten him twice but the only thing Ethan has beaten of any prominence is himself in his hotel room last night. Jericho then confirms that we're getting Inner Circle vs American Top Team in a 5 on 5 Minneapolis Street Fight at Full Gear. And next week we find out who will be on the ATT team with Scorpio and Ethan.

Eddie Kingston & Bryan Danielson Promo

Eddie says that Danielson says that Eddie doesn't work hard but Danielson doesn't know what Kingston has been through and then Danielson puts over Kingston & Mox but, Danielson says hedf will prove he's the best on Friday. I can't justify this with my recap so please just watch below. Incredible fire and passion from both these men and we are in for a war on Friday!

Lucha Bros Promo

Lucha Brothers challenge FTR at Full Gear. They say FTR have no idea of the sacrifices they have made to be champions and it looks like we're getting a rematch! Should be another banger.

Hikaru Shida defeated Serena Deeb via Pinfall (11:00) to advance to the TBS Championship Tournament Quarter Final

Hikaru Shida looks fired up as she follows Serena Deeb to the ring and when we get under way, Shida is the aggressor and gets on top of Deeb both figuratively and literally once or twice before Deeb gets back into the match by sweeping Shida's leg out and attacking it with the Ring Post but Shida uses her leg strength to make Deeb hit her head with it. Shida returns Deeb to the ring and hits her with an Outside-In Suplex and is well on top as we go to break but Deeb hits a Chop Block just as we go to picture in picture and attacks the injured leg once again throughout the break, much like their first match. Shida manages to hit an Enzuigiri to get back into it and then we return to the action in the midst of a strike exchange. Shida gets the better of it, as expected, and follows it with a running knee in the corner. She heads to the top rope and hits a Missile Dropkick and then a Delayed Vertical Suplex for a two count. Both ladies make it to their feet and struggle for supremacy but Shida gets it with an Axe kick and then nearly puts Serena away with a Knee Strike. Serena isn't going down easily and we end up on the outside and Shida hits another Missile Dropkick off the steel steps. Serena sweeps the legs once more from the outside when Shida is inside the ring and the legs are her target once more. Back in the ring, Shida rolls Serena up when she goes for the Figure 4 but it's not enough and Shida ends up in the Inverted Figure 4 Submission but makes the ropes! This match is absolutely incredible. Serena picks up the broke trophy from last time but Shida stops her and then hands it to the referee. She then gets rolled up but as both women exchange pins, Hikaru Shida manages to get the three count.

After the match, Serena hits a Chop Block on the knee that she had attacked throughout the match and then she attacks it with a chair before locking in the Serenity Lock. Shida might not make her scheduled Quarter Final match with Nyla Rose. What a match though! Incredible action. Deeb vs Shida 3 at Full Gear?!

Lio Rush & Dante Martin

Mike Sydal is injured so can't make the tag match so we get Martin vs Sydal 3 and Lio talks up the match and how there will be a lesson learned on Friday and the failed student will be Matt Sydal.

Jon Moxley defeated 10 via Pinfall (2:01) to advance to the AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament Semi Final

Mox attacks early with a German Suplex and stomps in the corner. The match heads outside the ring and then Mox rips open the mask of 10 and bites him before sending him into the ring post. Moxley didn't come to play and 10 is bleeding badly. He tries to fight back but it's no good as Mox hits the Paradigm Shift to get the pin and then he walks off.

FTR Promo

Cash says they accept because they haven't had the AEW Tag Titles for a year and they want them back. Tully says that FTR have hit the reset button and Dax says that at the end of the night, FTR will go down as the greatest Tag Team of all time come the end of Full Gear.

Cody Rhodes Promo

Cody makes his entrance before the break and gets a mixed reaction. When we return and he's about to talk it's mostly boos. Cody says he hears them. He hears everyone online, the old wrestling managers, the crowd on Saturday. He suggests he thought about hitting a Pedigree on Saturday but says it would have been too easy. He says the fans can do whatever they want. He asks the fans to not to forget who built the bank. He chucks his shoes to the crowd and asks the crowd to put themselves in his shoes. He says he won't turn after listing how great every member of his family is. He then says he apologises to everyone including Arn Anderson who he calls Sir. He says it's an honour to be in the ring with him. He is then interrupted by Andrade El Idolo who says the people don't like him. He says people don't like him either but he doesn't care about them. He says Cody makes stupid choices, first, the neck tattoo and second getting involved in his business. Andrade says he can make Cody his little bitch and then the lights go off. When the come back on, Malakai is there. He mists Cody and then they beat up Cody and Arn but PAC makes the save and takes out both men. Not sure how to feel about all of this.

The Dark Order (Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, Colt Cabana & John Silver) defeated The Elite (The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson), Adam Cole & Kenny Omega) w/ Michael Nakazawa & Brandon Cutler via Pinfall (13:01)

Oh my god. The costumes here are insane. Uno is a Cowboy, Grayson is a Kratos, Silver is Bambi and Colt is Brandon Cutler whilst the Young Bucks are Ghostbusters. This is the best part of Halloween! Nakazawa is a BayBay and Cutler is the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. The match gets underway and as always, it's impossible to keep track of these matches. There are too many men involved and too much going on. The Elite get the early advantage but can't ever keep it for long as we go back and forth. Eventually, just before commercial, Dark Order take over and manage to slam all members of The Elite after posing with Matt Jackson. During the break, The Elite manage to get back in control and they stay that way until we come back from picture in picture. Grayson manages to get back into it and fights off all four opponents before making the tag to Cabana who runs wild on everyone and then it's Silvers time to do the same until he eats a double Superkick from the Young Bucks. They look to have Silver pinned but Grayson makes the save and then everyone takes turns to take everyone else out till Matt Jackson takes out the referee and then because there's no ref, he hits a low blow on Grayson and then his team mates all do the same to different members of the opposition. They then use the Ghostbuster Proton Packs to take out the Dark Order. The other members run down to make the save and then the real story unfolds.

Whoever was dressed as a horse with the Dark Order ends up in the ring and gets hit with a four-way BTE Trigger. When they unmask him though, it's Brandon Cutler with his mouth taped. The Dark Order clear the ring of everyone except Matt Jackson and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man looms behind him. The stranger unmasks and it's Adam Page! He hits Matt with a Clothesline and then he and the Dark Order run amok including Hangman hitting the Deadeye on Kenny! To end the match, Silver hits a Spin Doctor and gets the pin as Rick Knox comes to his senses! What a fun main event!

It's good to be back doing this on a Wednesday and we all now get a well-deserved day off before we get the fastest hour in wrestling on Friday when we get a Halloween version of AEW Rampage! I'll see you then and if you can't wait until Friday, find me on twitter @0r4n93_C4551dy. Adios.


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