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WWE RAW Results 10/25/21 - Season Premiere Episode

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Oct 25, 2021

WWE RAW Results 10/25/21 - Season Premiere Episode

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (October 25, 2021): Toyota Center, Houston, TX, courtesy of our live coverage partner Mike Hogan of RAJAH.com.


Show Opener: Monday Night Raw Season Premiere!

Commentary God Byron Saxton, the future Mrs. Carmella--Corey Graves--and that Jimmy Smith dude welcome us to the season premiere of Monday Night Raw. Pyro opens up the Toyota Center with a hot crowd who are ready for the start of a new era. Graves hypes up all the new faces, as does Saxton, as we get ready to have fresh new feuds such as Rollins vs Edge!

In the Ring Promo: WWE Champion Big E!

Our champ comes out first for our program to a good pop from the lively crowd. He gets on the mic. "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, cats and dogs...welcome to the season premiere of Monday Night Raw!" Great pop from the Houston crowd. "And what better town to host a season premiere than a town that gave us DJ Screw, a town that gave us those impressive Michelin-esque Oiler throwbacks, and a town that has a Papadeauxs on every corner!" He plays up to the Houston crowd, the liveliest we've had in a few weeks, and they chant heavily for the Houston Astros. Big E soaks it in. "That's beautiful, good luck to your Astros." Big pop. "Now, I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention your oh-so-gracious and brand-new King of the Ring, my brother and yours--Xavier Woods!" Another big pop from the crowd. "Now, I also have to tip my cap to Drew McIntyre." Boos. "A man who pushed me, a man who sharpened my iron, a man who is the reason that I am better today than I was a week ago." Claps from the crowd. "But as we all know, there is no rest for the weary and ask we have this incredible influx of talent from SmackDown to Raw, I ask 'who?'" The crowd with light "who" recalls until Seth Rollins makes his way out.

Seth comes out wearing an awesome black and white fur coat, despite the Houston heat, and enters the ring. Rollins grins and gets on the mic as the crowd boos. First he laughs in Big E's face, cackling like a mad mind. "You already know why I'm out here," Rollins exclaims. Big E adds, "well, you lost to Edge!" Big pop. Rollins screams "well, he's not here but I am and I want that title around your waist" but Big E tells Rollins that Rollins needs to head to the back of the line. Rollins whines about going through hell on Thursday, and states he's earned his stripes. He tells Big E that Roman Reigns, the Universal Champion, is too afraid to give Rollins a shot. He asks Big E if he wants to be a fighting champion, points out it's the season premiere, and says there's no better way to launch a new season than with a title match. Rey Mysterio's music plays and the crowd pops loud as Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio comes out! Mysterio tells Rollins that "clearly your vision is impaired after getting your head bashed in by edge." Mysterio points out that he's not seen anything eye-to-eye with Rollins in years, but if anyone deserves a title shot it's himself--a former United States champion, Intercontinental, tag team, three-time world heavyweight champion and a former WWE Champion. Mysterio states he is willing to do whatever it takes to win that championship one more time and the crowd pops. Rollins tells E to ignore him when out comes Finn Bálor!

Bálor tells Rey-Rey that he has nothing but love for Mysterio "but with all due respect, I am a two-time NXT champion, I am a two-time Intercontinental champion, and Seth--I was the first-ever Universal Champion. But there's one championship I've never held...I want that, the WWE Championship." Rollins, again, implores Big E not to listen to them. Kevin Owens makes his way out as Seth curses off mic at yet another interruption. Owens points out "I'm a former NXT champion, I'm a former three-time US champion, I'm a former two-time Intercontinental Champion, and there's something about the first time I won that title...right here in Houston," he says to a cheap pop. He then reminds us that he became Universal Champion in this very building and says the person he beat was "you, Cruella Deville," indicating Rollins. Rollins slugs him and then attacks Mysterio followed by Bálor. Rollins escapes as the others chase him out of the ring. WWE Official Sonya Deville comes out and sets a fatal four-way match for later tonight. She states that the winner will get a title shot against Big E. And as its the season premiere, Sonya wants to up the ante and raise stakes--it'll be a fatal four-way ladder match. Which means a four-man ladder match.

Triple-Threat Number One Contender Tag Match: the Street Profits vs the Dirty Dawgs vs the Alpha Academy

The winner of this match will receive a show at the Raw tag team championship at a future time. The Street Profits are out first, prior to a break, followed by their opponents. We start off with Chad Gable and freshly-inked Montez Ford, the lesser-known member of the Street Profits. Ford and Gable lock up, with both men exchanging early, brief leads through their technical prowess. Gable shows off his agility through an impressive arm bar escape and counter, dragging Ford down to the mat and working the left shoulder. Nearby, the Dirty Dawgs--Ziggler & Roode--pace, looking for a tag in. Ford powers to a standing base and whips Gable off. Gable rebounds off the ropes, drops Ford with a shoulder block, and counters a leaping bump into a German Suplex! Ford floats through, landing on his feet, and nails Gable with a dropkick. Finally Ford tags in future Hall of Famer Angelo Dawkins! Dawkins, with a little help from Ford, clear the ring. Both men unload on Otis as Angelo Dawkins single-handedly clears the ring. RK-Bro are shown watching from backstage as we head to break.

Back from the break. Robert Roode slams the lesser-Profit into the mat, picking up a two on Ford. Roode whips Ford into the Dawg corner but charges into a back elbow. Ford, taking after his legendary partner, throws elbows and kicks, knocking both Dawgs down. Ford crawls towards his corner in slow-motion. Ziggler tags himself in. Enziguri attempted and failed, but a desperate Powerbomb lays out both men! Otis enters the ring, dragging Ziggler to their corner, then exits to the apron so he can tag himself in. Otis looks to spear Ford in the corner but Fear dodges. Ford tags in Dawkins who comes in hot, as always, and wipes out Gable with a flying spinning elbow. Dawkins, on overdrive per Saxton, takes down Gable and Ziggler with a pair of suplexes. Dawkins with a spinning driver to pick up a two. Robert Roode makes the save and the furious Dawkins sends him out of the ring.

Dawkins bravely fights both members of the Alpha Academy and, when double-teamed into a bridging German Suplex by Gable, Dawkins provides the strength to allow Ford to break the count with a desperate dive off the top. Dawkins with a huge spinebuster on Roode as Ford flies over the top to wipe out Otis at the ring side. Omos hits the ring side. Ford dives and Omos catches Ford, throwing him into the barricade. As this is a triple-threat match, this is all legal. The Giant Omos barely manages to help Roode take down Dawkins, and the Dirty Dawgs capitalize on Omos' actions to pick up the in.

Your Winner and NEW Number One Contenders, the Dirty Dawgs!

Queen's Crown Victory Celebration & Coronation

After much praise is (rightfully) shown to Zelina Vega, we get to the coronation of our first-ever Queen's Crown winner. When we return from break, the ring is set up with red carpet and a Queen's throne. Queen Zelina makes her way out to loud boos from the digital crowd (piped-in sound) with a mild reaction from the in-house crowd. Zelina comes out, scepter in hand and cape on, then grabs a mic. "I will stand for this treatment no longer. How dare you--yeah, you," she tells the ring announcer, "I'm not just some Superstar. I am the first ever Queens Crown tournament winner. You are talking about royalty here. So try it again, with some actual bravado like we rehearsed." She says some phrases with a British accent, and has herself re-introduced as the one and only true Queen of WWE. In and out of her British accent, she tells the crowd that she is the only woman in the WWE fit to be a Queen. The ascension to the throne was her destiny and "none of those other girls in the locker room even had a chance!" She then asks the crowd to bow down to the official queen. The crowd boos and the camera stays on Vega. She states that the question remains, what kind of queen she'll be. She decides, after weighing her options, that she'll be everything listed "because if you aren't the most powerful woman in the room, you are nothing." She insults Doudrop, continuing to go in and out of the accent. She tells the crowd that they'll talk about her reign for years to come, she'll be as ruthless as Cleopatra, and as renown as Nefertiti. She demands we all hail her, thanks everyone and is interrupted by Doudrop herself. Out bounces Doudrop as Vega waves her on. We'll see these two in action next.

Singles Match: Queen Zelina Vega vs Doudrop

When we return, we start right with the action. Doudrop takes an early lead, easily tossing the smaller Vega around. Doudrop hoists Zelina with little effort, and strikes from Vega to Doudrop's back only serve to upset the 'Drop. Doudrop stalks Vega towards the corner; Vega counters, dropping Doudrop face-first into the middle turnbuckle. Vega climbs up and hits a middle-rope double-knee face-breaker (think: back stabber, face edition). Vega covers for two. Vega unties a turnbuckle and the ref stops to put the turnbuckle on, giving Vega time to use her scepter to strike Doudrop and pick up the win because the year is 1995.

Your Winner, Queen Zelina Vega!

In the Ring Promo: Raw Women's Champion "Big Time Becks" Becky Lynch

Our Raw Women's Champion, "the Man" Becky Lynch, makes her way out to digital boos and a split, albeit mostly-pro Lynch crowd. We head to break. Afterwards, our champ is ready to speak. The digital crowd is not happy but the real one is. Lynch tells us that it feels good to have the Raw title back on her shoulder, "the title that I never lost, the title that I won at WrestleMania 35." Lynch states that in her two months back, she's overcome "insurmountable odds" and dispatched of Banks and Belair. Lynch states that "as the Man of the people, I know (none of) you want to see Bianca Belair" anywhere near the title. She tells the crowd that they hate Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley and want to see Lynch beat them. She goes on to state that they will learn that they can't always get what they want--"unless you're me, I always get what I want because I am the Man." Bianca Belair comes out.

Belair makes her way down the ramp, telling Lynch that she (Belair) wasn't the one Lynch pinned--and cheated to do so. Belair tells Lynch that since SummerSlam, Lynch has found multiple ways to avoid fighting Belair again. Belair points out she beat Banks at WrestleMania, and Bayley at Hell in a Cell, and she deserves a rematch against the Raw Women's Champion. She states Lynch's "26 seconds of fame" is over. Belair states that Lynch was right about the new face of Raw arriving but it was the EST of the WWE. Lynch tells Belair that she figured Belair might have something to say about that, and has production put up a picture of Lynch post-match at Crown Jewel, smiling and hoisting her belt up. She has them show a picture of Belair's face, and Belair looks disparaged at the loss. Lynch tells Belair that's the face of a loser and chastises Belair for claiming Lynch never faced diversity. Lynch takes (some proper) credit for treading the way. She does give Belair props for her accolades but claims it's only been because Lynch wasn't around to stop her in her tracks, and states Belair is nothing but a disappointment. Belair replies that the only disappointment she feels is because she's not "slapped that goofy smile" off Lynch's face. She then accuses Lynch of being jealous of the fans love for Belair. Very mild "EST" chant for half a second. Belair tells Lynch that her smile is forced and her ego is inflated, and behind the title Lynch has nothing. "But if you're not with it, you'll never be enough without it and you are nothing without that title." Belair tells the champ that even without the title, Belair has proven herself. Belair tells Lynch to "shut up or run up" because "I want my match for the Raw Women's Championship right here (tonight)."Lynch tells Belair to "get to the back of the line, bitch!" Belair slugs Becky in the boobs, then stomps away at Lynch in the corner. Spinebuster from Belair followed by a whip, sending the champ into the table. Belair celebrates prematurely and Lynch attempts to attack her with a kendo stick. Belair catches the stick between her ribs and left arm, taking it from Lynch. Belair beats Lynch repeatedly with the stick. Becky attempts to get the stick but Belair counters with a KOD attempt. Lynch claws the eyes, then uses the kendo stick for a stick-assisted side Russian Leg Sweep. Lynch retreats up the ramp as Belair smiles in the ring, jawing off at the champ and kendo stick in hand. Lynch closes us, telling Belair "you want your match? You got it....just not tonight."

Non-Title Match: United States Champion Damian Priest vs T-Bar

Priest debuted new music tonight. T-Bar makes his way out, still using Retribution music and aesthetics. Saxton questions how T-Bar's career will play out on Raw, now that he's separated from Mace. T-Bar starts off strong as the big man manhandles the champion. T-Bar throws Priest into the ring post then punishes the champion with a powerful slam and strong kicks to the kidneys. Priest fights back after a few moments, unleashing his combination--and finding it interrupted by a chokeslam backbreaker from T-Bar for two. T-Bar shows off his speed and athleticism as a 6'7" Superstar. T-Bar climbs up top and hits a textbook Moonsault off the top! Wow! Sadly, T-Bar only gets a one on the pin attempt. T-Bar pulls Priest up, talking inaudibly to the champ. Priest starts swinging fists and hits a leaping back elbow. Priest with a Broken Arrow on T-Bar! Priest with a Cactus Jack clothesline, sending T-Bar over the top and smashing face-first into the announcer's desk. Priest heads outside and T-Bar throws Graves' chair at T-Bar, causing the disqualification.

Your Winner by Disqualification, United States Champion Damian Priest!

After the Match: the Priest Unleashed

Priest snaps, beating T-Bar all around the ring. Priest slings and whips T-Bar savagely into the steel steps, the barricade, and takes him back into the ring. Priest with the Reckoning on T-Bar in the ring! Priest has a wild look on his eyes as he finishes his assault on T-Bar.

Backstage Promo: Carmella

Carmella with a quick promo, showing her new bedazzled protective face mask and highly combustible ring wear. After this break: Liv Morgan vs Carmella, but on Raw so it's totally different!

Singles Match: Carmella vs Liv Morgan

Carmella, the "most beautiful woman in the WWE" comes out as her new fiance Corey Graves gives her props. We head to break. When we return, Carmella has put on her weird, sparkly mask. Morgan starts off with a big fist, laying out Carmella. Morgan and Mella exchange the lead, with neither woman taking control for more than a few moments. Carmella continues to yell disparaging remarks at Morgan as the crowd chants for Morgan. Carmella tells Morgan "you're so jealous of me, it's disgusting." Morgan, sporting slightly modified face paint and ring wear by the by, starts to fight back. Carmella shuts Morgan's offense down once again with a big boot. Morgan with a stomp to the face, driving Carmella into the canvas. Carmella escapes at two and fleas to the outside of the ring. Morgan follows and counters Carmella's attempted clotheslines into a reverse mule kick. Carmella catches herself on the announcer's table, talks smack, and is caught by Morgan. Morgan attacks Carmella and sends her into the ring, then congratulates Corey on his recent engagement to Carmella. The action heads back into the ring and Carmella picks up the win after a very back-and-forth match.

Your Winner, Carmella!

Singles Match: Keith "Bearcat" Lee vs Cedric Alexander w/ Shelton Benjamin

We get the "debut" of Keith "Bearcat" Lee, who has "clawed his way to Monday Night Raw." ~ Corey Graves & WWE writers. We head to a brief break before this match. Bearcat starts off by ramming Alexander into the corner and tossing Alexander out of the corner and across the ring. Alexander rolls to the outside, where Hurt Business exec Shelton Benjamin coaches him. Cedric takes the ref's eight count before entering. Cedric throws a few low kicks then tries to wrap up Lee from behind. Alexander is easily shrugged off by the Bearcat. Bearcat with a splash attempt in the corner. Alexander counters with a kick to the face that only serves to enrage the Bearcat. Lee with huge body shots and another to the neck. Cedric is dazed in the corner as Lee prowls around him. Lee drops Cedric with a big arm and looks for another corner splash. Cedric dodges it again and fires off a series of kicks aimed at the Bearcat's left knee. Alexander looks to spring off the ropes but Lee shows off his speed and runs over Alexander. Jimmy Smith reminds us that Le is the an who "destroyed Tozawa" because, accolades? Lee with a big body slam to pick up the easy win. After the match, Shelton Benjamin enters the ring, sizes up Lee, then leaves.

Your Winner, Keith "Bearcat" Lee!

Backstage: the Mysterios

Rey is getting ready for his match. He points out that it's been a minute since he's had a ladder match against so many people. Austin Theory shows up, fanboying to Rey, and wants a selfie. Dominik and Theory exchange words and Theory offers to take a selfie in the ring, after he beats Dom tonight. Dominik takes the challenge and will, per his father, "take care of business."

Singles Match: Dominik Mysterio vs Austin Theory

We head right to the arena, where Mysterio comes out to a modified version of his father's theme. We head to break. When we return, Austin makes his way out. The bell rings and both men lock up. Theory with a knee to the gut. Theory whips Mysterio into the opposite corner and connects with a dropkick to Mysterio's back. Theory mocks Dominik with a jig, which of course Graves defends. Both lock up again, with Dom nailing a forearm before performing a top-rope assisted arm drag. Mysterio takes a kick to the gut and Theory whips the youngster into the ropes. Dominik counters with a Hurricanrana. Theory fires off more gut shots, dropping Dom. Theory looks for a suplex but Dom escapes. Theory quickly converts it into a backbreaker, covering for two. Theory holds Dom in a headlock and mocks him, doing a mini-jig. Dom rolls Theory up with an inside cradle, picking up two. Theory leaps at Dom in the corner but Mysterio avoids it and hits a middle-rope bulldog on Theory! Dom runs and looks to strike, but Theory shows off some impressive power and blocks it. Theory hits his new finisher (ha) the ATL (he's from Atlanta, the A-T-L) to pick up the win.

Your winner, Austin Theory!

Backstage: RK-Bro

Riddle babbles on about possible costume ideas. He suggests Mario and Luigi, and Orton would be a great Luigi as green brings out his eyes. Riddle then segways into cross dressing and asks Orton what his dress size is. Orton interjects, promisign Riddle that they can talk about Halloween all night long--after they take care of business int he ring. He also cautions Riddle about the Dirty Dawgs, who earlier tonight earned a future title shot. Orton focuses Riddle and the duo head out after we find out this match is happening tonight instead of the advertised Styles & Omos challenge.

Raw Tag Team Championship Match: RK-Bro(c) vs the Dirty Dawgs

Our Raw Tag Team Champions make their way out and both men pose in unison in the ring as we head to break. This Crown Jewel rematch will be up next! After a break and a Veer promo, we get our official announcements as this match is happening tonight instead of Styles & Omos. We start with Ziggler and Riddle. Both men, speedy and technical, jockey for position. Riddle looks to convert a hold into a slam but Ziggler slips free, rolling Riddle up. Both men's bodies are intertwined as they roll and counter-roll, each man looking for a pin. The crowd with an "RK-Bro" chant. Roode is tagged in and the crowd loudly chants for Randy, so Riddle tags in Orton. Orton calmly circles Roode. The two lock up. Roode ducks under for a rear waist lock. The crowd is hot for RK-Bro, chanting throughout the match and coming alive. Orton with a standing switch. Roode breaks the waistlock with a back elbow that staggers Orton into the corner. Roode with a big chest chop. Roode stands on the middle ropes and fires off a trio of rights before slapping his own chest and yelling at the crowd. Roode hops down and Orton immediately pokes Roode's eyes! Orton looks for an RKO outta nowhere (do they really come from somewhere?) The crowd hot with an RKO chant as Roode escapes outside. Orton grins and Roode enters the fray again. Orton with an uppercut and a stomp to Roode's solar plexus. Orton with another big stomp before tagging in Riddle. Orton holds a hand out and Riddle uses it to flip up and crash down on Ziggler, covering for a near fall. Riddle takes Roode into the corner and stomps him as the ref counts a warning. Roode slips to the outside when the ref forces the break. Riddle looks for an apron kick but the veteran Roode cuts his legs out, dropping the co-champ onto the apron and hard to the floor as we go to break.

Back from the break. Orton and Roode clash, with Orton fighting off the Dirty Dawgs for a brief moment. Ziggler causes a distraction, allowing Roode to connect with a neckbreaker and send Orton crashing outside. Roode and Ziggler break the ref's count and work at getting Orton in the ring--can't win titles via count-out. Ziggler is legal and finally rolls Orton in the ring, covering for a two. Ziggler looks for a Crippler Crossface but Orton prevents Ziggler from locking his hands. Orton powers to a vertical base and throws an elbow to Ziggler's gut. Ziggler stomps the thigh and tags in Roode, who uses a sleeper on a knelt Orton. Orton desperately reaches for a tag and Riddle extends his long body as far as he can. Roode successfully keeps Orton about three feet out of range.
The crowd starts a loud chant for Orton, and Orton breaks the hold with a back suplex! Both men are down. Riddle is hopping and stomping in the corner, firing up the crowd and his partner. Both men make hot tags. Riddle comes in fast and looks for a kick but completely botches, missing it. Ziggler improvises and Riddle fires off a second kick to drop the veteran. Riddle takes out both Dawgs, and hits sentons on both. Riddle with a running punt kick to Ziggler to cover for two. Roode makes the save but Orton hits an RKO outta nowhere! The crowd goes wild. Ziggler with a Superkick to Orton. Riddle with a cradle roll-up for two; Ziggler with one of his own for a very close two! Riddle again with the roll-up to pick up the win!

Your Winners and STILL Raw Tag Team Champions, RK-Bro!

Fatal Four-Way Number One Contender Main Event Ladder Match: Rey Mysterio vs Finn Bálor vs Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens

After a break, it's time for our main event! The winner will receive a future WWE Championship opportunity. Rey Mysterio is out, followed by Kevin Owens. The "Demon Prince" Finn Bálor is out as is "the Architect" Seth Rollins. We head to another break before the bell. We start with Owens and Rollins brawling outside as Mysterio and Bálor go at it in the ring. Mysterio attempts a Sunset roll-up and Bálor counters by rolling through and using a low-angle dropkick to lay out Rey. Bálor heads outside for a ladder and Rollins attacks the Demon Prince. Owens uses the distraction to send Rollins into the barricade. Owens places a ladder inside the ring, then uses a second to wipe out Rollins and Bálor at ringside. Mysterio looks for a springboard cross body to the outside and is swatted down by Owens! Big E watches this match unfold from the Gorilla position. In the ring, Owens and Bálor go back and forth until Owens powerbombs Bálor onto the ladder! The ladder remains with the top placed across the bottom rope. Owens slams an entering Rollins into the ladder then heads up top. Owens looks for a diving senton but Rollins moves. Owens rolls in pain after crashing back-first into the ladder and we head to break!

After a break, it's time for our main event! The winner will receive a future WWE Championship opportunity. Rey Mysterio is out, followed by Kevin Owens. The "Demon Prince" Finn Bálor is out as is "the Architect" Seth Rollins. We head to another break before the bell. We start with Owens and Rollins brawling outside as Mysterio and Bálor go at it in the ring. Mysterio attempts a Sunset roll-up and Bálor counters by rolling through and using a low-angle dropkick to lay out Rey. Bálor heads outside for a ladder and Rollins attacks the Demon Prince. Owens uses the distraction to send Rollins into the barricade. Owens places a ladder inside the ring, then uses a second to wipe out Rollins and Bálor at ringside. Mysterio looks for a springboard cross body to the outside and is swatted down by Owens! Big E watches this match unfold from the Gorilla position. In the ring, Owens and Bálor go back and forth until Owens powerbombs Bálor onto the ladder! The ladder remains with the top placed across the bottom rope. Owens slams an entering Rollins into the ladder then heads up top. Owens looks for a diving senton but Rollins moves. Owens rolls in pain after crashing back-first into the ladder and we head to break!

Back from the break. The brawl continues in the ring. Bálor lays out Owens and climbs a ladder, as does Mysterio. Bálor and Rey fight on the top until Owens shoves the ladder down and lays out both men. Owens counters Rey's dive off the ropes into a backpack slam. Owens sets the ladder up, climbing towards the top--where the contract remains suspended above the ring. Rollins pulls Owens down and connects with a Buckle Bomb--which Owens no-sells and fires off a Superkick to lay out the Kingslayer. Owens climbs the ladder, slowly, all by himself. Owens gets his hands on the hook holding the red-bindered contract. Rey grabs Owens' leg, preventing him from getting the contract free. Owens comes down the ladder and makes Rey pay for it, sending him outside and into the barricade. Owens uses a ladder as a battering ram and lays out Bálor and Mysterio. He moves around the ring to hit Rollins, too, lest he feel left out. The crowd is into this match big time.
Speaking of, the crowd chants for tables and Owens is happy to oblige. Huge pop as Owens pulls a table out. Owens sets it up. Bálor comes over and slugs it out with Owens--and Rollins hits a suicide dive that wipes out both men. Rollins and Mysterio position int he ring. Rollins whips Mysterio into the ropes. Mysterio counters with an improvised bulldog. Rollins rolls to the outside. Owens enters and sends Mysterio into the ropes. Owens looks for his pop-up powerbomb but Mysterio counters it into a Hurricanrana! Mysterio looks for a 6-1-9 but Rollins trips up the Mystery King. Rey takes control and catches Owens in a modified 6-1-9 that sends Owens, on the floor, into a steel ladder against the apron. Rey and Rollins struggle over a ladder. They then throw rights at each other, oblivious to Bálor who hits a tope con hiro to wipe them out! We go to break!

Back from the break. Rollins with a DDT to Owens as Mysterio climbs the ladder behind them. Rollins dumps the ladder, and Mysterio, just in time. Rollins sets a ladder up in the corner and yells "shut up" at a fan. Rollins pushes Mysterio out of the ring, then foot-chokes Owens as the crowd chants for tables. Rollins whips Bálor into the ladder, propped up in the corner, and looks to charge Bálor. Bálor comes out of the corner first with a Sling Blade, then hits the Shotgun Dropkick on Rollins against the ladder! Owens wipes out Bálor, only to eat a Hurricanrana from Mysterio! All four men are down. Rollins is up first at ringside, and tosses a ladder aside. He finds the extended-length ladder and looks to make a bridge between the apron and commentary table--but Bálor intercedes, attacking him. Rollins is sent into the barricade. Bálor finishes setting up the ladder bridge and hits a Sling Blade outside to stop Rollins. Bálor quickly charges into the ring as Mysterio climbs up.
Bálor stops Mysterio's progress with fists and gets his hands on the contract. Owens comes in and drops Bálor then attempts to take out Mysterio. Rey sends Owens to the outside and looks for another springboard to the outside but Owens catches him with metal! Owens takes Mysterio out by sending him through a table. Owens into the ring, ascending the ladder. Owens has the contract in hand but Rollins comes in and stops him. Owens looks for a powerbomb but Rollins counters with a back body drop, tossing Owens over the rope and through the ladder bridge! Bálor climbs up but Rollins yanks him off and hits the Stomp on Bálor! Rollins climbs quickly to a chorus of boos. Rollins reaches the top and unhooks the contract, picking up the win!

Your Winner and the NEW Number One Contender, Seth Rollins!

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