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WWE Monday Night Raw Results (10/18/2021)

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Oct 18, 2021

WWE Monday Night Raw Results (10/18/2021)

The following are the full results of tonight's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, courtesy of our friend Mike Hogan of Rajah.com:

Welcome to Raw!

Jimmy Smith and Corey Graves, alongside future Hall of Famer Byron Saxton, welcome us to the Golden 1 center here in Sacramento. We're reminded that this is Charlotte Flair's final night on Raw, as the WWE Draft rosters will be implemented after this Thursday's Crown Jewel event. She'll place her Raw title on the line against the EST of WWE, and possibly the last chance to keep the Red Brand's women's title on Raw.

In the Ring: Raw Women's Champion Charlotte Flair and Bianca Belair

Mimicking Call of Duty's Season 6 zebra-print design is our champ, who comes out to a mild mix of boos and cheers. Flair gets on the mic. "Sacramento! So where are my balloons? Where is the champagne? Why is the Raw Roster not lined up on stage waiting to give me farewell hugs? I mean, people, where are my 'thank you, Charlotte' chants?" More boos. "I mean, this is my last night on Monday Night Raw before I am officially drafted to SmackDown and I have to defend my title against some rookie? Bianca Belair? Some flash in the pan? No, seriously, this is bull crap! No, listen, I really think there's some kind of conspiracy against me. Number one, Bianca isn't even on the Raw roster yet. And number two, Bianca has two--not one, but two--title opportunities this week...and you people say I'm entitled? No no, seriously, all I wanted was--excuse me, I'm stuck?" She refers to a vociferous fan's comment that she's stuck. She starts to mock the crowd with her own "what" chants before once again plugging her legendary career. "I mean, you wanna talk about favoritism? She (Belair) couldn't even beat me two weeks ago so Bianca, get your ass in the back of the line." Ouch. Optics, anyone? Flair goes on to tell the EST that she can't beat the Queen, "and tonight you are going to learn how far you still have to go, sweetheart. Because you have beaten Bayley, you have beaten Sasha, but Becky couldn't beat you on your own because I'm the mountain you couldn't climb." She calls herself the greatest to ever do this and out comes the challenger, Bianca Belair!

Belair is in a gorgeous rose-themed jumpsuit and hits the mic. She takes in the cheers for a few before speaking. The fans with a weak "EST" chant--this crowd is still asleep. Belair tells Flair that this is no conspiracy, this is justice served "because the way I see it, I've done nothing but show I deserve to belong here....And you sure you wanna bring up what happened two weeks ago? Because the way I remember it, I had you beat fair and square 'til you got saved by Big-Time Becs." She then accuses Flair of throwing a temper-tantrum because of a required title defense. "Baby, it is okay! 'Cause I'm the EST of WWE and no matter what brand I'm on, I know I'm the one to watch because I'm the (one to) always shine. And lucky for you? After tonight, I won't be your problem anymore because you won't even go here anymore." Belair cuts off Flair's rebuttal, telling Flair to take as much time as she (Flair) needs to say goodbye to her title. She tells Flair that "after you take the L tonight" she should dust herself up, hold her head up high, and use this (coming loss) to make her stronger. She suggests Flair attempt being a little bit kinder. Belair then decrees when she returns to Raw next week, she'll have both titles across her arms. Flair attacks Belair with a big kick. Flair looks for a running big boot but Belair attempts to reverse it into a KOD. Flair escapes and Belair runs her off.

Backstage: the New Day

We cut to the back, where Woods and Kingston are hyped up for Woods' King of the Ring match. He wants to join a long line of kings, including King Booker. Kofi and Woods continue a playful banter, referencing other kings--including the Sacramento Kings--before Woods issues a royal decree that he'll sit on the throne as King Woods, First of his Name.

King of the Ring Semi-Final: Jinder Mahal w/ Veer & Shanky vs Xavier Woods w/ Kofi Kingston

Woods & Kingston make their way down to the ring one last time as Raw Superstars and we head to break. When we return, Mahal & co. are out. We see a few Sacramento Kings players in the front row. We're reminded that the winner of this faces the Demon Prince, Finn, at Crown Jewel. The bell rings and both men lock up. Woods attempts a rear waist lock but Mahal slings him off. Woods locks up with the big man and jockeys him into the corner. The ref calls for the break and Woods backs off, talking smack to Mahal. Woods looks to lock up but Mahal with a kick to the gut. Woods with a drop toehold that drapes Mahal across the middle rope. Woods off the opposite ropes and hits a running dropkick to Mahal's exposed back. Woods continues his lead, backing Mahal into another corner with chest slaps and chops. Woods mounts the middle rope, looking for the vintage ten-punch count but Mahal tosses him off. Mahal takes control, shutting down a spurt of offense from Woods. Mahal with slow, deliberate stomps onto a grounded Woods. Woods throws right forearms but Mahal attempts a back suplex. Woods rolls through and looks for a roll-up but Mahal is out at two. Mahal and Woods in the corner, with a Sunset Flip roll-up from Woods to nearly pick up the win. Mahal with a pop-up toss, sending Woods out of the ring and crashing into the steel steps as we go to our second commercial break in six minutes total.

Back from the break. Smith tells us the near-dead crowd is trying to rally behind Woods. Okay. Mahal has maintained control throughout the break and, as we return, works Woods over on the apron briefly. Woods looks to enter the ring and Mahal shuts him down with another big breaker. Mahal locks in the Khallas but Woods escapes. Woods with a low-angle Superkick to a knelt Mahal. Woods with a baseball slide to Shanky on the apron. Woods heads up top and dives, but is caught by Mahal mid-air. Mahal with a modified chokeslam, covering for two--Woods grabs the ropes to break the count! Mahal sits Woods rear upon the top rope and climbs behind him. Woods fights Mahal off with a series of headbutts. Mahal crashes to the mat nastily; Woods heads up, runs along the top rope and hits the diving elbow drop to pick up the win! After the match, Woods puts on the cape at the top of the ramp, hoists the scepter and Kofi shakes Woods' cape as if it were blowing in the wind.

Your Winner and Progressing to the King of the Ring Finals, Xavier Woods!

Backstage Interview: Austin Theory

Theory tells us that he used to look up to Jeff Hardy but last week he was looking down at him. We then see Drake Maverick, Drew Gulak, Akira Tozawa, R-Truth and 24/7 Champion Reggie run past. Truth finally talks to Theory, telling Austin "I have a theory that you're a theorist" then accepts Austin's challenge.

Singles Match: Austin Theory vs R-Truth Jeff Hardy

Austin heads on out to the ring and we head to break. When we return, we get a quick plug for Lashley/Goldberg II at Crown Jewel during which Goldberg threatens to murder Lashley on multiple occasions. In the ring, Theory awaits R-Truth. Truth comes out to the biggest pop of the night so far. Truth stops at the top of the ramp and gets on the mic. "Hey, I made a mistake, that was on me--my bad. I didn't accept your challenge for R-Truth. I accepted your challenge for R-Truth('s) friend!" And out comes Jeff Hardy! Hardy high-fives the Kane cosplayer in the front row before we start our match. The crowd with a "Hardy" chant. Theory knocks Hardy down and stands over him, dancing to mock Hardy. Hardy with an attempted roll-up for two. Hardy again with a roll-up, grabbing a handful of shorts--the same way Theory beat him two weeks ago. Theory escapes and complains; Hardy responds with a dropkick to Theory's back that sends Austin out of the ring. Hardy looks to pursue but Theory connects with an apron-held neckbreaker as we go to break.

Back from the break. Hardy throws elbows in an attempt to gain some separation from Theory. Theory lays out Hardy and hits a jumping stomp on Hardy. Theory walks into a reverse atomic drop, followed up by Hardy with a leg drop and pin attempt. Hardy pulls Theory to his feet and counters Theory's attempt at offense. Hardy sends Theory out of the ring and hits a baseball slide dropkick to Theory's chest. Hardy heads outside and uses the stairs to leap off and onto Theory, smashing the youngster against the barricade. Hardy with a neckbreaker. Hardy strips the shirt, climbs up top and calls for a Swanton Bomb--but Theory dives, hitting the top rope to trip up Hardy. Theory picks Hardy's body off the top and takes out Hardy with a side-spinning neckbreaker, picking up the win. After the match, Theory lays down next to Hardy and takes selfies again, mocking Hardy's gun-hand motion. He spends too much time pandering to the camera as Hardy hits a Twist of Fate on an unsuspecting Theory, deletes the photo per Saxton, and lays over Theory--taking selfies on Theory's phone to cheers.

Your Winner, Austin Theory!

Backstage: WWE Champion Big E and Drew McIntyre

After clips from last week, during which Drew misread the situation and hit a Claymore on Big E, we cut to the gorilla. Drew explains himself and Big E tells Drew it's best that, for tonight, they coexist. Big E then says come Thursday, when they fight for the WWE Championship at Crown Jewel, may the best man win--and McIntyre quips "I will." Big E reminds him that he has this thing he does, hops on the mic, and does his New Day introduction. Our commentary team asks no less than three times if this duo can coexist for their tag match, coming up next.

Backstage: WWE Officials Adam Pearce & Sonya Deville and Raw Women's Champion Charlotte Flair

Flair angrily confronts Pearce & Deville about having to defend her title tonight. She warns them that tonight she'll retain, take the belt to SmackDown and become the new face (haha) of the Blue Brand.

Tag Match: WWE Champion Big E & Drew McIntyre vs the Dirty Dawgs

Don't you dare be sour as we head to break while our champ makes his way out to the ring. Drew McIntyre is out next followed by the Dirty Dawgs' Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode. Roode and Ziggler are sporting matching salmon tights. Must be cold in Sacramento tonight, eh Bobby? Not trying to be...Roode. Puns aside, we're starting this match with Big E and Dolph. Both men lock up. Big E slams Dolph into the mat, then gyrates in front of Ziggler's face. Ziggler tells Big E to lock up with him again and kicks Big E in the gut when he attempts. Dolph yells at Big E and gyrates in his face. Big E takes Dolph down and attempts a pin. Drew McIntyre, former co-tag-team champion with Ziggler, comes in and takes his former teammate to the corner. McIntyre toys with Ziggler, grinning as he uses big chops to devastating effect. Ziggler fights back with a stomp to the foot and slaps on a headlock. Ziggler tags in Roode, who takes Drew into the adjacent corner and throws rights. Roode whips Drew towards the opposite corner but Drew fights out of it, laying Roode down with a big lariat. McIntyre with a suplex and a pin attempt. Big E calls for a tag, so McIntyre complies and holds Roode in an abdominal stretch. Big E with a big right to Roode's ribs. Roode runs off the ropes in an effort to pick up steam. Big E stops him with an elbow, then streaks across to knock Ziggler off the apron. Big E lays Roode along the apron and hits clubbing blows to his chest. Big E looks for a Big Splash on the apron but Ziggler drags Roode out of the way. Ziggler attempts a Famouser in front of the announcer's table but Big E shoves him off. Roode sends Big E into the steps and we cut to break with Drew squatting over his own partner, grinning.
Back from the break. The Dirty Dawgs have continued to maintain control, isolating the WWE Champion in their corner. Ziggler with a perfect side dropkick and a pin attempt. Ziggler with a sleeper on Big E. McIntyre calls for the tag and extends his arm as Big E powers to his feet. Big E reaches for the tag. Ziggler rakes the eyes of Big E right as Big E attempts to tag. Roode distracts the ref, preventing any hope of a legal tag. Roode & Ziggler continue to use fast tags to wear down the champ. Both men with a double-team whip & head breaker for a pin attempt by Roode. Roode rises, slapping his chest after a two-fall, then takes Big E back into the corner. Ziggler with a shot tot he ribs. Ziggler rakes the eyes and the ref warns him. Ziggler with several fists off the middle rope onto an unprotected Big E. Ziggler with a running splash to the corner. Ziggler sizes Big E up and calls for the Zig Zag but Big E blocks it. Both men crawl across the ring, and both make the hot tag. McIntyre comes in with a pair of clotheslines to Roode, followed by a belly to belly suplex. The crowd's come alive, too! Drew with a belly to belly toss suplex, to Roode, then one to an entering Ziggler. Drew with another belly to belly on Roode followed by a kip up! McIntyre with the reverse Alabama Slam--slamming Ziggler onto Roode! McIntyre hoists Roode up but Roode tries to wiggle free. Ziggler grabs Big E's leg and yanks him off, dropping the champ to the floor. Roode with a driver and a close two. Roode tags in Ziggler, then pops up Ziggler over his own head to hit a flying Famouser! Ziggler covers for two, but McIntyre kicks out and we get replays of the assisted Famouser. Big E finally makes his way to the apron and calls for the tag from Drew. Drew pumps himself up and tags in Big E. Big E hoists Roode up and, when McIntyre goes from "thumbs up" to "thumbs down" like Joaquin Phoenix in Gladiator, Big E connects with the Big Ending to pick up the win! They shake hands in a show of good sportsmanship and are excited to see each other Thursday.

Your Winners, Drew McIntyre and WWE Champion Big E!

Backstage: the Street Profits Return to Raw!

Montez Ford's Marty Jannetty, to Angelo Dawkins' Heartbreak Kid, are shown backstage and back in Raw red. They hype the Crown Jewel event this week, address tag team champs RK-Bro, and want the smoke. Omos & AJ Styles walk up, telling them it smells "smoky back here." Omos tells the Profits "this is my house." Styles corrects him, stating it's both their houses as both their names are on the ticket. Styles then declares they're going to win the titles from RK-Bro. Styles then states that if the Profits can put a hurting on RK-Bro tonight then they may find themselves at the top of the list to take on Styles & Omos when they win the titles. The Profits laugh at it and tell Omos & Styles they want the smoke before heading off. Styles questions their name, stating they're not very prophetical and says its a "dumb name."

Singles Match: Mansoor vs Cedric Alexander w/ Shelton Benjamin

After clips from last week's clash between now-former partners Mansoor and Ali, we're ready to start. Cedric Alexander represents the Hurt Business in tonight's match and this Thursday, Mansoor takes on Ali at Crown Jewel. Alexander starts us off with a side head lock. In traditional Cedric fashion, he spends much of the match talking smack. Mansoor with an early Moonsault and pin attempt. Mansoor works Cedric's left arm. Alexander counters into a pump-handle release suplex. Cedric with a back breaker followed by more precious time wasted by the cocky Tony Khan Cedric Alexander. Cedric toys with Mansoor, challenging him to bring it. Mansoor with a few rights to the gut but Cedric drops Mansoor with a big right of his own. Pin attempt followed by a waist lock submission from Cedric. Cedric transitions to elbow thrusts to the lower back while yelling "what'" at the camera. Alexander is wearing fake vampire teeth. Mansoor looks to break free of a rear hold. After a failed attempt, Mansoor breaks free by landing on his feet after a back drop attempt. Mansoor follows it up with a step-up kick. Cedric with a hard right to Mansoor's gut. Mansoor counters Cedric, connecting with a backbreaker. Cedric sends Mansoor over the top ropes, but Mansoor lands on the apron. Mansoor with a rope-assisted backbreaker to pick up the win!

Your Winner, Mansoor!

After the Match: Mustafa Ali Speaks

Ali comes out in a beautiful suit and tie combination. He mocks Mansoor for smiling and being happy about his performance. Ali threatens to defeat Mansoor in his hometown at Crown Jewel. Mansoor has enough of Ali's mouth and yells at him, snapping on Ali and telling him "look at me you piece of trash!" He promises Ali that he'll be grinning ear to ear Thursday when he beats Ali senseless and proves to the entire world that "you are nothing more than a pathetic, cowardly, sorry excuse for a man." He threatens Ali in Arabic to end the segment.

Backstage: Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro

As usual, Riddle goes on one of his funny tirades, this time hoping that they could win an Oscar Award--or "better...a Kid's Choice Award!" He touts Orton's 'always has a plan' mentality. He then asks Orton about the plan for tonight's match with the Street Profits. Orton fires Riddle up, asking if he really wants to know the plan. He tells Riddle the plan is to go to the ring and, if they go to the ring, what are they gonna do? They're gonna win. He asks Riddle if he wants the smoke--and when has Riddle not?--and tells Riddle its time to go get the smoke!

Non-Title Tag Match: Raw Tag Champions RK-Bro vs the Street Profits

RK-Bro head out to the ring, less seventy-two hours away from their title defense against Styles & Omos at Crown Jewel. Both men pose as we head to break! Afterwards, the Profits come out to a rain of red solo cups. Corey Graves points out that if the Profits win tonight, they could potentially position themselves as contenders for the titles next. We start our match with Riddle and the lesser Profit, Montez Ford. Ford and Riddle circle before Riddle executes a rear waist takedown. Ford desperately reaches for the future Hall of Famer Dawkins as Riddle transitions to an arm bar. Ford pivots and positions Riddle's shoulders down, forcing the hold. The crowd is behind RK-Bro during the moments they're not on life support. Ford with a side headlock. Riddle and Ford both show off their agility, with Ford playfully mocking Orton's signature pose. Ford drops Riddle with a dropkick before Dawkins tags in. Dawkins with a picture-perfect dropkick, followed by another perfect takedown. Dawkins is clearly the future of the WWE. Dawkins tags in Ford and both men attempt a double suplex. The move fails, no fault of Dawkins clearly, and Riddle escapes tot he outside. All four men go at it, with Riddle diving over the top to wipe out Solo Cup Angelo Dawkins. Montez Ford follows suit, taking out Orton, Riddle and himself as we head to a break.

Back from the break. Orton cranks the neck of Ford. Ford attempts a pin but Orton easily kicks out. Orton tags in Riddle, who gutwrench lifts Ford then spins him around multiple times in a new, and impressive spinning gutwrench! Ford holds up fingers afterwards, dizzily attempting to count the number of times he was spun. Riddle with a sleeper. Orton encourages his partner as the future-Orton, Angelo Dawkins, coaxes his partner over for a tag. Riddle looks for a Powerbomb but Ford floats through and connects with a step-up kick to Riddle's head. Orton and Dawkins, both future Hall of Famers, call for the hot tags. Riddle fails to stop Ford and in comes Dawkins! Dawkins cleans house, taking Riddle down with a lariat and knocking Orton off the apron. Dawkins with an impressive display of agility for a guy his size. Dawkins with a splash in the corner followed by a modified Exploder. Dawkins with a Silencer, per Corey Graves (spinning modified neckbreaker/DDT) for a close two. Riddle with a Ripcord knee that staggers Dawkins. Orton and Ford take the hot tags and Orton tosses Ford over his shoulder. Orton sets up the Spike DDT, paces himself and drives Ford's head into the mat. Orton drops down, the Viper coiling up and ready to strike when Omos makes his way out alone. Orton, distracted, eats a Phenomenal Forearm from behind as Styles strikes back! Omos chokeslams Riddle on the apron as the ref calls for the DQ. Afterwards, Omos took out the Profits and put Orton down with a big boot.

Your Winner by Disqualification, RK-Bro!

Queen's Crown Semi-Final: Doudrop vs Shayna Baszler

The Queen of Spades comes out first, with this match up next! When we return from the break, Doudrop makes her way out with a pre-recorded interview. Somehow, Doudrop's Scottish brogue makes Nikki A.S.H.'s sound American. Dou calls Baszler insecure and we're reminded that the winner will face Zelina Vega on Thursday in the finals. Speaking of, Vega makes her way out in a gorgeous gold and sparkly dress. Vega takes the crown and robe off, putting them on at the top of the ramp before sitting upon a throne. The bell rings and we're off. Both women lock up. Drop shoves Baszler back into the corner. Baszler comes out fighting, throwing kicks to the back of Dou's thighs. Dou again tosses Baszler aside, showcasing her power advantage. Baszler angrily rapid-fires kicks to Dou's hamstring and lower leg. Dou ends it with a side headlock suplex. Dou with a rolling Owens'-style cannonball in the corner on Baszler! Doudrop lifts Baszler up but Shayna transitions straight into the Kirifuda Clutch! Doudrop wisely backs into a corner, trying to shake Baszler free. Finally Doudrop tosses Baszler off her back. Doudrop looks for a running strike but Baszler locks another Kirifuda Clutch on a prone Doudrop! Dou can't break it but shifts her body, pining Baszler to pick up the quick win!

Your Winner and Advancing to the Queen's Crown Finals, Doudrop!

Backstage: Bianca Belair with WWE Women's Tag Champions Super Brutality

Rhea Ripley and Nikki ASH come upon Belair. Nikki gives Belair a red Raw cap and both women welcome Belair to the red brand. Belair thanks them and is excited for her title shot coming up. She tells them she's got this--not necessarily the cap due to her braid, but she's got this.

Singles Match: Finn Bálor vs Mace

Corey Graves says Bálor has James Dean cool and John Wayne tough--so if you think Vince cares about the 18-49 demo, well, this single line of banter should prove otherwise. We'll have this Bálor/Mace match after these words from their sponsors. When we return, Xavier Woods is at the top of the ramp, again cosplaying with the KotR props as we get a Halloween Kills

Your Winner, Finn Bálor!

Backstage: the Viking Riders and John Morrison

The Viking Raiders approach a seated, meditating John Morrison. They ask him what, in the name of Ragnar (Lothbrook) is he doing. He tells them he's attempting to find his Chi. They ask if his Chi will help him raid, and comment "what good is Chi if not to help raid?"

Raw Women's Championship Main Event Match: Charlotte Flair(c) vs Bianca Belair

Our challenger comes out first as we gear up for our main event match--after this commercial break. When we return, our match starts with Belair locking Flair's waist and taking her down tot he mat twice. Both women run off opposite ropes, both attempt dropkicks, and both kip-up in mirror images. Flair grins and offer's a hand in respect but Belair doesn't fall for it. Belair runs up the middle rope and spanks her butt to mock Flair even as Flair mouths obscenities. Flair takes Belair down but cannot maintain control as Belair sends her to the apron. Belair looks for her flip against the ropes, but Flair drops off the apron, yanks Belair's long braid and sends the challenger down hard with a dropkick to the side of the commentary table as we head to break!

Back from the break. Smith & Saxton inform us that Flair's maintained control throughout the break. Flair's bleeding from her mouth slightly. Flair attempts to steal a play out of Belair's playbook, springboarding against and off the ropes and into a Moonsault--but Belair gets the knees up! For good measure, Belair executes the move flawlessly on the champ, showing her how it's done. Belair with a beautiful stalling suplex! Flair gets her chance to showcase her own power, taking the champion down hard. Flair walks across Belair's prone body, rear climbs the turnbuckles and looks for a top-rope Moonsault! Belair moves and Flair improvises on the fly, landing on her feet and connecting with a standing Moonsault instead. Close cover from Flair as the Crowd comes alive finally. Belair attempts a Crucifix pin but Flair escapes. Flair runs off the ropes and Belair catches her with a huge spinebuster! Belair crawls after Flair, trying to cover her--but the champ wisely continues to roll out of the way and out of the ring.

Belair pursues the Queen outside, aware of the ref's count. Flair tries to avoid her and Belair rolls in and out of the ring to break the hold. Flair's still bleeding from her mouth. Belair drops the champ at the commentary corner and we head to break.

Back from the break one last time! Belair with a beautiful pendulum into a roll-up. Flair escapes and attempts a roll-up of her own as we get replays of that springboard cross-body to the outside from the champ. Flair attempts to suplex Belair off the apron and into the ring; Belair slaps on the brakes and attempts to suplex Flair out of the ring. Belair with a big right that stuns Charlotte. Belair goes up top and Flair slugs Belair, who falls awkwardly to the ground, hitting the apron on the way down. Flair climbs up top and hits a top-rope Moonsault to the outside, wiping out the challenger. Flair discreetly checks on Belair as she sends her into the ring. Flair looks for a Natural Selection but Belair avoids it and attempts a backslide pin! Flair escapes. Belair slings the braid; Flair counters with a Big Boot attempt. Belair sidesteps it and connects with a pendulum face-drop in shades of Ultimo Dragon. Belair looks for a KOD but Flair escapes to the apron and uses the top rope to assist in a neck breaker. Flair springs into the ring and looks for an O'Connor roll. Belair holds on to the ropes. Both women off opposite ropes and Flair takes Belair down with a Spear! Belair kicks out just in time! The quiet crowd with a light, brief "this is awesome" chant.

Flair and Belair take a few moments to compose themselves. Flair once again heads up top and looks for the top-rope Moonsault. Belair moves, wraps Flair up from behind and hits a rear suplex, covering for a close two! Belair pulls Flair to her side and stomps the ribs. The challenger goes up top, perching on the top rope. Flair kicks Belair's foot out from under her and begins to climb the turnbuckles. Flair's looking for a Superplex. Both women smack each other's sides, and Belair puts on the brakes. Belair unleashes a series of fists to flair's back, sending the champ flying. Flair runs up the turnbuckles but Belair floats over and hits a Powerbomb off the top for a damn-close two once again! The crowd is finally coming alive as both women wonder what it'll take to put the other away! Flair rolls to the outside. Belair reaches between the ropes and the Queen, suddenly with a chair in her hand, hits Belair with it to cause the DQ. Belair snags the chair and hits Flair with it as we rush to end our program just after the top of the hour.

Your Winner by Disqualification, Bianca Belair! STILL Raw Women's Champion, Charlotte Flair!

Source: Mike Hogan of Rajah.com
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