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AEW Rampage (Including The Buy In) Results (October 15th 2021) 

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Oct 15, 2021

AEW Rampage (Including The Buy In) Results (October 15th 2021) 

Well, this is a weird feeling. We're here an hour early for AEW this Friday as due to all of the counter programming between them and WWE this week. More AEW is never a bad thing though, especially as we were deprived of AEW Dynamite on Wednesday. So, with Excalibur, Taz and Ricky Starks on commentary to begin with, let's get straight to the wrestling! 

Tay Conti w/ Anna Jay defeated Santana Garrett via Pinfall (4:42) 

These two have wrestled before, on an episode of NXT way back in 2019. That match was widely criticised and they will be hoping for better this time. This match gets off to a better start as both women struggle for supremacy but Tay's Judo skills gets her the upper hand with a Tai Otoshi (Please call it the Tay Otoshi next time Taz) and a Pump Kick. Garrett comes back with a forearm and locks Tay in the Muta Lock but Tay escapes and both women end up down after simultaneous Facebusters. Tay might be a black belt judoka but it's her kicks that are really impressive here tonight as she hits a series of them on Santana before getting the pin after the DD-Tay. No issues with this match. Good work from both.  

American Top Team Video Package 

This was on the Road To episode AEW put out for these next two shows over the next two days and it's a well put together package as always. This match could be great or awful later on. I can't wait to find out. Junior Dos Santos is the wildcard. 

Bobby Fish defeated Lee Moriarty via Pinfall (7:56) 

Bobby has a big match on Dynamite tomorrow against the man we see in the YouTube main event tonight, Bryan Danielson, so the result of this one doesn't feel in doubt for this one. These two may well be the two most recent AEW signings of all so it's fun to see them match up. Both men are excellent wrestlers at different stages of their journey so this match is very back and forth. Lee's striking is impressive, as is his speed but Bobby Fish is the bigger man and overpowers Moriarty at every opportunity. Moriarty goes after one of Bobby's shoulders and gets a good two count after a Double-Foot Stomp. Fish earns a break with a nice kick to the head and a backdrop but Moriarty continues to attack the arm. The crowd started off on Bobby's side but by the end are all cheering for Lee. Unfortunately, it's to no avail though as Bobby hits the Exploder into the ropes and followed it with a Roundhouse to Moriarty's head which Excalibur called the Knockout Shot. No idea if that's the name of the move or not but if it is, you're welcome. Excellent match this one. 

Bryan Danielson Video Package 

Same as the American Top Team one, this was on Road To and is a really well-made video. But let's get to the next match! 

Bryan Danielson defeated Minoru Suzuki via Pinfall (19:19) 

I can't believe we're getting this match. I can't believe we're getting this match for free on YouTube. I can't believe we're getting this match in AEW. Suzuki comes out to no incident, just a deafening Kaze Ni Nare in Miami. Danielson comes out and we get a stare down, a holy shit chant and an AEW chant before the men even lock up followed by this is awesome chant as they lock up. The Miami crowd have found their voice. We get some lovely mat wrestling as both men try to get the upper hand. The crowd are firmly behind Danielson, giving him Si chants instead of yes to avoid WWE copyright. You have to love it! Suzuki tells them to be quiet though as the Murder Grandpa. The match slows down as they exchange strikes, Suzuki with chops and Danielson with kicks which culminates in Danielson on the mat after a Suzuki forearm. Danielson comes back with kicks and tries to lock on the Cattle Mutilation but Suzuki escapes and locks on an Arm Bar over the ropes as the Japanese star takes over on the outside.  

Back in the ring, Danielson starts to fire back but Suzuki locks on a nasty hammerlock to Danielson and torques on his arm until Bryan makes the ropes. Suzuki continues to punish Danielson on the outside until the tide turns when Suzuki gets thrown into the ring post. Bryan follows up with a Running Knee and both men return between the ropes. Danielson begins to deliver his roundhouse kicks to Suzuki but Minoru just fires up from it until Danielson turns it into some vicious stomps onto his opponent’s head before locking on the Cattle Mutilation. He can't lock it in properly so transitions to a pin but Suzuki kicks out at two. Danielson now begins to deliver strikes in the corner and Suzuki looks out on his feet but he fights back and reverses and now its Suzuki delivering kicks to his opponent’s sternum. Danielson goes down after only a couple and it looks dire for him as Suzuki locks on a Fujiwara arm bar and forces Danielson to make the ropes once more. The referee is checking on Danielson so Suzuki moves him away but when he returns, Danielson locks on the Lebell lock but Suzuki manages to fight out with a smart move to make the ropes. The crowd chant fight forever and I agree! 

We're back to striking in the middle of the ring again and neither man will go down as they deliver huge elbow strikes one at a time until both men go down after simultaneous elbow strikes. They both make it up to their feet and resume the battle, they go another two minutes it seems and Suzuki locks on the sleeper twice but Danielson escapes and reverses out of the Piledriver. Both men try to go off the ropes and trick each other but Bryan hits the Running Knee out of nowhere to get the pinfall. This match was absolutely breath-taking. Must watch. Don't miss it. 

CM Punk vs Matt Sydal Video Package 

See the last two video package entries. The match is opening Rampage, commercial free.  

CM Punk defeated Matt Sydal via Pinfall (14:46) 

The Matt Sydal entrance comes during the end of the Buy in but we start AEW Rampage with Cult of Personality ringing through the James L Knight Centre in Miami, Florida. When the match starts we get a show of respect between both men before the first lock up. Punk and Sydal both show off their impressive mat wrestling to get us going and Punk seems to have the upper hand one second and Matt Sydal the next. Punk seems to be having a good time though as the camera catches his face as a smile appears but that smile doesn't last long as Sydal is putting him in a Bow & Arrow until Punk ends up up rolling him into a pin to escape. Punk Bodyslams Sydal but when Punk goes for one too many, Sydal counters with a deep arm drag to get the upper hand. Sydal goes after the legs of Punk with kicks and brings him to the mat with them where he locks on some kind of submission onto Punk's legs. Punk escapes and teases a GTS and then Sydal teases a Lightning Spiral. We end up going into another back-and-forth stage where Punk and Sydal are evenly matched. 

Punk gets his advantage back by finally hitting that extra Bodyslam he wanted, on the apron this time. He returns Sydal to the ring and hits a Rolling Senton to return to the ring for a two count. Punk puts Sydal into the Tree of Woe and stomps Sydal but when he goes for the sliding dropkick, Sydal pulls himself up. Both men end up on the top rope and both men take a tumble to the outside simultaneously! Both men make it back into the ring at 9 and they exchange blows before Sydal gets a Leaping Knee Strike for a near two count! Sydal goes for the Lightning Spiral again and Punk counters, this time with a neckbreaker. Punk then hits his own knee strike and a Short Arm Clothesline for his own two. Sydal hits the Tijeras off the top rope and locks Punk in a modified Stretch Muffler which Sydal tries to turn into a Straight Jacket when Punk reaches for the rope. Punk is too smart and almost gets an Anaconda Vice but Sydal escapes. Sydal hits a head kick and finally gets the Lightning Spiral and Punk kicks out! Sydal goes up to the top but Punk moves and when Sydal goes for the Crucifix Bomb, Punk finally has him in position for the GTS and that's all she wrote. Another excellent match! Both men hug after the match.  

Dark Order Promo 

John Silver does all the talking but the Dark Order challenge The Super Elite! Or maybe just the Superkliq! Either way, yes please. 

Ruby Soho defeated The Bunny via Pinfall (9:49) 

Ruby is the only one to get an entrance which gives away the result a little if you couldn't guess it before.  Ruby Soho gets the better of the Bunny early on and hits here with a flurry of strikes. Bunny finally gets back into it with a Back Elbow and Knee Lift before throwing Ruby into the corner and hitting a huge dropkick for a two. Ruby looks in trouble but she trips Bunny and heads to the top but Bunny intercepts and hits the big sliding elbow in the corner as we head to commercial. The Bunny continues to control Ruby throughout the break with Ruby's only offence coming when she hits a Sunset Flip but The Bunny gets the upper hand again straight away with a Slingblade. The match ends up on the outside and just as we return, Ruby Soho hits a Flatliner to flip the momentum. As both women return to the ring, The Bunny still seems in control but Ruby fights back with more strikes. Ruby takes control now as she hit more and more strikes with her hands and feet and then gets a near fall on a Backdrop Suplex. Ruby ends up getting caught on the ropes and The Bunny gets her own near fall on a German Suplex. The Bunny tries to take Ruby Down The Rabbit Hole but Ruby turns it into a Backslide and gets a three to pick up the win. 

After the match, Penelope attacks a celebrating Ruby and The Bunny holds Ruby in the ring whilst Penelope hits her with those Brass Knuckles to set up Ruby vs Penelope. 

Mark Henry Main Event Interview 

Dan Lambert says that JDS has been bashing in brains for years and he's coming with back up. Jericho says that there's nobody crazier in AEW than Chris Jericho & The Inner Circle. That's enough talk, It's time for the Main Event! 

American Top Team (The Men of the Year (Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page) & Junior Dos Santos) w/ Jorge Masvidal & Dan Lambert defeated the Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara & Jake Hager) via (11:28) 

Dan Lambert is not happy when the crowd are American Top Team fans in Miami. The match begins with Scorpio Sky and Sammy Guevara and Scorpio knocks him down with elbow strikes but Sammy is too quick and ends up getting the dropkick and the tag to Jericho but then in come JDS and he goes to work on Jericho. Jericho manages to tag out to Jake Hager who stands up to Dos Santos and they have a pretty even battle but Dos Santos ends up tagging out to Ethan Page after a Knee Strike. The match breaks down a just before we go to commercial as Jericho confronts Jorge Masvidal on the outside and gets jumped by Page. American Top Team dominate through the break with Lambert getting a cheap shot on Jericho when Aubrey is distracted. Jericho also ends up eating some big body shots from Dos Santos as he gets beaten down throughout the break.

Ethan Page is in the ring with Jericho as we return from break but he tags out to JDS who hits a Powerslam for a two count. Ethan comes in next but Jericho hits a Enzuigiri in desperation and gets the tag to Sammy who runs wild with a flurry of moves including a Double Springboard Cutter, A Spanish Fly and a Running Shooting Star Press for a two. Jericho tags in and nearly pins Scorpio with a Lionsault but Ethan breaks it up as this match breaks down completely. Hager ends up putting Dos Santos through the Time Keeper's table. Scorpio Sky ends up in the ring. locked in the Walls of Jericho but Paige Van Zant hops on the apron and Jorge Masvidal hits his Running Knee Strike to KO Jericho and Scorpio rolls onto him to get the academic Pinfall.  

After the match, The American Top Team members from ringside enter to beat down the Inner Circle but out come Santana & Ortiz to chase them off as we look to be heading towards Santana & Ortiz vs Men of the Year and dare I say Chris Jericho vs Jorge Masvidal?! 2021 really is crazy! 

That’s it for tonight but don’t forget it’s AEW Dynamite tomorrow night so I’ll see you then or on Twitter @0r4n93_C4551dy if you can’t wait till then. Buenas Noches! 

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