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AEW Dynamite Results (September 29th 2021)

Posted By: Jonny Knapp on Sep 29, 2021

AEW Dynamite Results (September 29th 2021)

It's Wednesday, you know what that means. Those words are a little more poignant tonight as AEW make their debut in Rochester, New York which of course is the hometown of Brodie Lee. This show has been announced to be in his memory by Tony Khan and we'll see how that plays into things as we go on but let's get straight to the show!

CM Punk is on Commentary

As we are welcomed to the show by JR, Excalibur & Tony Schiavone, out comes CM Punk to join the booth. The commentators talk about Jon Huber/Brodie Lee as Punk greets the fans.

Adam Cole defeated Jungle Boy via Pinfall (13:41)

AEW have a hell of a match to start things off! Adam Cole makes his entrance first to a thunderous ovation and Jungle Boy gets the same as the crowd sing him to the ring. This ought to be a fun one with the crowd already so into it. This one starts off with both men grappling for supremacy with Cole utilising a side headlock often to keep Jungle Boy grounded. Jungle Boy floors Cole with a body check but his inexperience costs him as Cole jumps on him while he's turned. Eventually Jungleboy hits an arm drag and sends Cole out of the ring where he stays until Jungle Boy goes out to retrieve him. Cole uses this opportunity to take the advantage though as he stomps down Jungle Boy when he returns to the ring first. Cole goes back to the side headlock and this time when Jungle Boy fights to his feet, it's Cole who send Jungle Boy to the mat with the body check. Jungle boy fights back and hits Cole with a low dropkick and then comes off the rope with his clothesline.

Both men end up in a striking exchange in the middle which ends with them both on the mat but Jungle Boy hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex when Cole tries to attack and follows it up with a close two count with a German Suplex and a bridge. He then gets Cole in the Tree of Woe and hits a sliding dropkick for another two and then Jungle Boy lifts Adam up for a move but gets rolled up for another two. Cole hits a backstabber to take control of the match as we move towards the ending. Jungle Boy gets a reverse Hurricanrana out of nowhere and hits Cole in the back of the head for a two and then he gets another two with what looks like a Samoan drop. The crowd break into a this is awesome chant and you have to agree as Cole hits a Superkick and Jungle Boy spills to the outside. Aubrey begins to count him out and Cole tries to hit him with a Panama Sunrise. He misses but when Jungle Boy tries to explode with a Tope, Adam Cole intercepts him with a strike. Cole goes for something off the top rope and Jungle Boy hits another Hurricanrana to the outside. Cole gets back on top again but Jungle Boy kicks out of the Panama Sunrise to everyone's shock. Jungle Boy then reverses the Boom to lock in the Snare Trap and Cole looks like he's fading but he escapes when he gets near to the ropes and Cole has to resort to a low blow when Aubrey is distracted before he does finally hit the Boom to get the pin! Hell of a match to kick of this show! After the match, we get The Elite's music and they come out as we go to break.

The Elite Promo

Karl Anderson starts off on the mic and puts over the members of the Super Elite one by one and then reminds everyone the Bucks are still EVP's. Adam Cole takes over and brags about beating Jungle Boy. Brandon Cutler tries to take the mic but is cut off by Nick who passes the mic to "the greatest promo ever", Michael Nakazawa. The crowd chant CM Punk which amuses him on commentary. Kenny takes over and talks about how he's not ever going to wrestle Bryan Danielson again but out he comes to interrupt.

Danielson asks the crowd if they want to see a rematch. They react accordingly and Bryan goes back to questioning Kenny's manhood to get the match. He presents Kenny 'No Balls' Omega to the crowd which gets a "Kenny No Balls" chant from this hot crowd. He then challenges anyone in the Elite for a match on Rampage. Kenny says that why wait for Rampage so Danielson brings out his reinforcements of Jurassic Express, Christian Cage and Frankie Kazarian so The Elite split and the crowd continue with the Kenny No Balls chant as we end the segment. Who's going to take Danielson's challenge for Friday?

Lucha Brothers Interview

The Lucha Brothers appear in the back as Tony Schiavone is about to interview them but they're interrupted by Andrade El Idolo who challenges them to a match for the AAA titles which they also own and had with them for the first time in AEW. Who would Andrade's partner be?!

Cody Rhodes & Lee Johnson w/ Arn Anderson & Brandi Rhodes defeated Matt Sydal & Dante Martin via Pinfall (7:47)

This match starts off even as we go to break early. We get an incredible series of dives as Dante Martin tops them off by getting incredible air on his Tope Con Hilo and lands on his feet as he and Sydal take control. They stay in control as we come back from break but Lee Johnson fights out of the Lightning Spiral and makes the tag to Cody but Sydal tags out too and Dante gives Cody a run for his money until Cody hits a Vertebreaker for a close two count! Sydal and Johnson then get involved and it leads to Martin getting his own two count from a Shotgun Dropkick from the top rope and the Springboard Moonsault has the same result. Lee Johnson tags himself in and he manages to get the pin on Dante Martin with a nasty looking Neck breaker. Very interesting call.

Tony Schiavone goes to interview them in the ring but the crowd boo. Cody calls out Malakai Black and Arn tells him to stop talking. Arn continues that Malakai has completely decimated the Nightmare Family and then tells Cody off for not putting Malakai away the last two times. He then says Malakai is an assassin and Cody shouldn't go near him but if Arn was younger he would be the one to fight Malakai. He tells Cody that the difference between them is Cody would let someone steal his car if they didn't hurt him but Arn would shoot them. He then tells Cody he won't be someone that coaches a loser and walks off with Lee. I didn't see that coming at all!

Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston & Darby Allin w/ Sting defeated Bear Country (Bear Boulder & Bear Bronson) & Anthony Greene via Pinfall (3:28)

This match starts in a brawl but Darby is left alone in the ring with Anthony Greene as Darby outwrestles him completely to take control. Next, it's Eddie Kingston's time to come in and beat on Anthony Greene until he tags to Moxley. Greene manages to tag out to Bear Boulder and he actually manages to outmuscle Mox as he and his brother take control. Kingston comes in though and a sliding dropkick and release German Suplex turns the tide. Mox and Kingston end up hitting the Violent Crown on Anthony Greene to pick up the victory after Darby took out Bear Country with the Coffin Drop

After the match, Eddie Kingston grabs one of the Brodie Lee signs from the crowd and brings it into the ring before telling Sting to hit the Scorpion Death Drop on Anthony Greene, to which he obliges.

Ruby Soho & Britt Baker Video Package

Ruby says she has to go to the back of the line now but promises Britt she'll be back for that title. Britt speaks but says nothing of note.

The Dark Order (Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, John Silver, Alex Reynolds, Alan '5' Angels, 10 & Colt Cabana) w/ -1 & Orange Cassidy defeated The Hardy Family Office (Matt Hardy, Isiah Kassidy, Marq Quen, Jack Evans, Angelico, The Butcher, The Blade & Jora Johl) via Pinfall (10:17)

Matt Hardy said he was supposed to debut right here but he's glad he didn't because Rochester sucks. He's interrupted by Orange Cassidy's music though thankfully. Dark Order follow him, fully united for Mr. Brodie Lee. Until the bell rings where Uno & 5 argue and Butcher and Blade jump them and the HFO take over. The crowd chant 'Thank You Brodie' and all of a sudden, I have something in my eyes. This one is impossible to keep a track of all 16 men at once as we go to break with all of them in the ring and the HFO taking over. As we come back from break, Uno and Reynolds briefly get on the same page but it doesn't last for long. A result of which is Evil Uno trying to leave. That is until out comes -1, Tay Conti, Anna Jay and Amanda Huber, Brodie's widow, who demands they get back to the match. That thing in my eye is back. All of a sudden, the Dark Order are an unstoppable force and they manage to get the win after Uno and Grayson hit the Fatality and Silver gets the pinfall. The crowd chant for Brodie as The Dark Order finally reunite to celebrate.

Lio Rush Promo

Lio Rush is back. He says that he's all about money now and that's why he's back in AEW. I'm glad he's decided against retiring.

FTR Promo

Dax speaks about how FTR might have got lost recently but they're back now and they're focused.

Dan Lambert Promo

Dan Lambert is back in the ring with Men of the Year and talking about how great Chris Jericho is for building AEW up but he's gone now after Masvidal's knee on Friday which Lambert claims is the end of his career. Scorpio Sky takes the mic and says he was one of the first champions and deserved more respect and attention. But Dan Lambert was paying attention to him and Ethan Page. Ethan Page says that nobody thinks he and Scorpio are tough guys and they're sick of being overlooked and now they're rolling with champions in American Top Team!

Hikaru Shida vs Serena Deeb Promo

Hikaru speaks about getting her 50th win but Serena says she won't get it and we get Shida vs Deeb next week.

TayJay (Anna Jay & Tay Conti) defeated The Bunny & Penelope Ford via Submission (6:38)

Both teams have matching gear but TayJay are in Pink rather than the Dark Order purple which CM Punk points out early on. TayJay get the momentum early but it all changes when they get reversed in the corner and we go to break with Bunny and Penelope on top. As we return, it's Tay and Penelope getting simultaneous hot tags but Tay trusts a weakened Anna too much and it costs TayJay as Bunny and Penelope get in control once more. It takes a missed moonsault from Ford on Anna to flip the momentum once more. Tay hits the Tay-KO on Bunny outside the ring and Anna Jay locks in the QueenSlayer to get the victory as -1 comes to celebrate with the victors.

Jade Cargill vs Thunder Rosa vs Nyla Rose Video Package

What a match set for Rampage! Just take a look at this!

MJF Promo

Max comes out with Wardlow and says he's willing to do whatever it takes to make AEW successful if he's given what he deserves. He then names Sammy Guevara (beat him), Jungle Boy (beat him), Darby Allin (yeah whatever) and Himself as the four pillars of AEW who will drive this company forward. MJF then demands a title shot and warns that he has Bruce Prichard on speed dial. Darby comes out to interrupt him. MJF accuses him of being jealous of MJF because Darby is second to Max. Darby tells Max to leave if he wants to as that's what he keeps talking about. Darby says he's AEW for life, until death. Darby then says how can MJF be number one when Darby is the only one to win a title. MJF then tells the crowd the story of why Darby is straight edge and about Darby's dead uncle. MJF then tells Darby the wrong man died. Darby tells MJF he won't break him mentally and tells MJF to keep talking. MJF refuses and walks off. This feud is fire already!

Sammy Guevara vs Miro Video Package

This is exactly what you would have seen already if you watch Road To on YouTube. If not, Sammy says this is the biggest match of his life and he's going to win.

Sammy Guevara defeated Miro via Pinfall (13:40) to become the NEW TNT Champion

Sammy comes out first and looks fired up as he makes his way to the ring. Speaking of fired up, Miro always looks like he's about to murder someone and tonight is no different. Sammy is talking to himself the whole time as Miro makes his entrance and he goes for a Knee strike to start off but Miro avoids it the first time and counters the second as Miro takes control early on. The crowd start with duelling chants about 65-35 in Sammy's favour. Miro chokes Sammy with the necklace he had on and breaks it but manages to change the momentum by taking Miro to the outside with a Crossbody and takes him headfirst into the ring post and Steps but when Sammy comes off the top, Miro catches him and tosses him away like an empty tracksuit as we go to break. Miro now takes the opportunity to take control of the match on the outside, using the barricades to beat down the Spanish God.

We're back in the ring when we return from break and Miro has Sammy grounded with a Chin Lock but Sammy fights back to his feet until he gets hit with a Release German Suplex to send him right back where he came from. Miro beats down Sammy but Sammy hits a Spanish Fly out of nowhere and the momentum seems to be Sammy's as he hits Miro with a Knee Strike but Miro catches the Pump Kick and Sammy sends him to the outside. Sammy flies over the corner to hit a senton on Miro but can't get him back in the ring quick enough which means Miro escapes the 630 attempt. Miro then hits a huge slam when Sammy goes for a cross body for a two and sets up for Game Over but Sammy hits two Knee Strikes and tries to go to the top. Miro intercepts him and Sammy knocks him to the mat and hits a top rope cutter but he can't lift Miro for the GTH so Miro escapes and hits his big kick for a two. Sammy looks like he's missed his chance in this match as Miro sets up for Game Over again and Sammy just rolls out the ring. Miro then rips off three turnbuckle pads but Fuego comes out to protect the 4th and gets swatted away by the champion. The distraction allows Sammy to sneak in behind Miro though and he hits another knee strike onto the Bulgarian which sends him right into the turnbuckle he just exposed. Sammy hits the GTH and follows it up with a 630 to get the pin and win his first ever title in AEW. What a night to do so! This match was a lot of fun and Sammy fully deserves this in my opinion.

I thought this was another excellent episode of Dynamite. Not top tier becausea they have set themselves a high standard but this ticked every box I can think of so I'm going to bed happy! I'll be back for AEW Rampage on Friday but until then, catch me on twitter @0r4n93_C4551dy. Good night!



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