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Ric Flair Comments On WWE vs. AEW, The Royal Rumble and Being In The Hall Of Fame

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Aug 27, 2019

Ric Flair Comments On WWE vs. AEW, The Royal Rumble and Being In The Hall Of Fame

– Ric Flair recently took part in an interview with The Houston Chronicle about professional wrestling at the moment. Here are some highlights:

On WWE vs. AEW: 

“This is the greatest time in the last 20 years to be a pro wrestler. Tony and the Khan family have a lot of money, and they’re going to spend the money to get good. For the young guys coming along, it provides an alternative way. The WWE can pay only so many guys and feature only so many guys. They do a great job of it, but a lot of guys who do have talent never get an opportunity.”

On The Royal Rumble:

“Every night you want to get into the ring and separate yourself from the 30 or 31 or however many people are there. You want to do something where the fans say, ‘Wow, nobody else can do that.’ You want to leave them with a moment. I’ve seen guys put on a spectacular show in the Rumble, and WWE is pushing them hard the next day. It’s a big event, and it gives everybody a chance. It’s an opportunity for everybody to show their skills before 60,000 strong.”

On Being In The WWE Hall Of Fame:

 “You’re talking about Jake (Roberts) and Hulk (Hogan) and Shawn Michaels. Everybody was there. It defined me, because I came in after being exhausted by WWE, and I’ll never forget the moment or the opportunity. It’s like winning the Home Run Derby at the All-Star Game or the slam dunk in basketball. It’s a big deal.”

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