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Murphy "Admits" That He Lied

Posted By: Damon Delmont on Aug 13, 2019

Murphy "Admits" That He Lied

During tonight's episode of SmackDown Live, Daniel Bryan claimed that he could prove that he and Rowan did not attack Roman Reigns. Bryan stuck with the narrative that Murphy lied, due to the intimidation from Roman Reigns.

We see Bryan and Rowan clear a backstage locker room much like Reigns did last week, and keep Murphy around for questioning. Daniel continuously suggests for Murphy to just "say you lied".

Rowan then attacks Murphy. He tosses Murphy from corner to corner of the locker room, while Bryan keeps telling Murphy to "just say you lied". The assault ends with Rowan's hands around Murphy's throat, just like Reigns had, and Murphy "admits" he lied.

Is Murphy once again just saying things out of fear, or do you think he is telling the truth?

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