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Eric Bischoff Discusses The Aces and Eights Storyline In TNA

Posted By: WrestlingNewsSource.com on Jun 10, 2019

Eric Bischoff Discusses The Aces and Eights Storyline In TNA

Eric Bischoff recently discussed the Aces and Eights storyline in TNA and how it was his idea on his 83 Weeks podcast. 

“That was — you know, and I hate to say this because it sounds like patting myself on the back — but that idea was all mine. There was very little — everybody contributed. The talent contributed. You know, once you want something like that, you start laying scenes out and talking about dialogue and things like that, and everybody’s got an opinion. And Bully certainly did. Ken Anderson did quite a bit. A lot of people did. But yeah, that — And it’s really interesting. Unfortunately, TNA was semi-dysfunctional at that point. But if you go back and break that storyline down and follow the arc of that storyline and what we did do to pay it off, it’s right at the top of the list in terms of the quality of the story and the way it was executed. I’m very proud of it. But yeah, definitely wanted to have a bigger blowoff. Definitely had an end to it. It wasn’t designed to last forever or be a catapult or a catalyst for a brand split or anything like that. It was a freestanding storyline if you will.”

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