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Quick Results for SmackDown Live 06.04.2019

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Jun 04, 2019

Quick Results for SmackDown Live 06.04.2019

Here are the quick results from SmackDown Live for 06.04.2019:

*Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods defeated Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.  Post-match, Dolph Ziggler superkicks both Kingston and Woods.

*Alexa Bliss hosts A Moment of Bliss with guest Bayley.  Bayley eventually snaps at Bliss before slapping her coffee away.  Charlotte and Carmella come out to interrupt.  Charlotte announces a number one contender match later in the night between the three of them to fight Bayley.

*Carmella finds R-Truth backstage. Truth talks about sending messages to Shane McMahon.  Truth talks about how sorry he is for messing up Shane Appreciation Night.  R-Truth reveals he has a match right now.

*Elias defeats R-Truth via roll-up in a Lumber Jack match.  After the match, the Lumberjacks attack Elias. Elias sneaks out where he comes face-to-face with Truth.  They crawl under the ring as the rest of the lumberjacks fight inside of the ring.  R-Truth emerges with the title as the referee says that he pinned Elias.

*Aleister Black is shown somewhere eerie talking about offering an open challenge, ready to inflict pain upon someone.  He says that someone needs to be a man and pick a fight with him.

*Shane McMahon calls out Roman Reigns with The Revival with him.  The Revival attack Roman, but they’re beaten down.  Roman makes his way to the ring, but he’s nailed by a Claymore Kick from Drew McIntyre.  He’s rolled into the ring where Shane hits a huge spear into Roman.

*Lars Sullivan is interviewed in the ring where he calls himself a Freak.  He says that when a lion performs its primary function, it’s called a lion.  Yet he’s called a Freak.  He says that he’s going to kill the Three Blind Mice on Friday.

*Before the match even starts, Andrade attacks Apollo Crews before drilling him into the mat with a hammerlock DDT.  Finn Balor rushes down to the ring where they collide.  With an assist from Zelina Vega, Andrade hits the hammerlock DDT to finish him off as well.

*Goldberg comes out to end the show.  He says that he’s been waiting 20 years to take on The Undertaker.  Goldberg says that he’s bringing the Ass-Kicker Friday night.  He says that Undertaker is NEXT to Rest in Peace.  The gong hits and The Undertaker shows up in the ring.  Goldberg laughs and turns to face off with The Undertaker.  The gong hits again, the lights go out, and The Undertaker is gone.  Goldberg says Friday night it is, and he tells The Undertaker to tighten that jock strap because it’s going to be a ride.

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