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Ric Flair Seemingly Has Fallen Out With Shawn Michaels

Posted By: WrestlingNewsSource.com on May 31, 2019

Ric Flair Seemingly Has Fallen Out With Shawn Michaels

Ric Flair posted two videos on his official YouTube account. It features Ric cutting a promo where he says he’s “never gonna’ grow up!” and provides an update on his health.

Also in the video Flair thank those who have supported him through his recent health issues which have cost around $1.8 million but most covered under insurance.

In the second video titled "Back In Action: Part Two" Flair seemingly has some kind of issue with his longtime friend Shawn Michaels, he said -  "Shawn Michaels, I’m sorry but you’re not in the position to judge me, buddy. Telling me I’ll never know who Richard Fleihr is?" He added, "By the way, who are you to judge me?"

Flair said Michaels idolized him and now he has contempt.

Listen to Flair's comments about Michaels below. Click here for part one.

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