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Quick Results for SmackDown Live 05.28.2019

Posted By: Rhett Davis on May 28, 2019

Quick Results for SmackDown Live 05.28.2019

Here are the quick results for SmackDown Live:

*Kevin Owens opens the show by saying that he has enjoyed his path of carnage.  He says that everyone can thank him for taking out Woods and helping Dolph win the title off of Kofi Kingston.  Kevin Owens says that he’s the show and the best.  Kofi Kingston interrupts him and says that Owens attacked Big E and he said he wanted to join The New Day.  He calls Owens a liar.  Kofi says that Owens will pay tonight even if he’s not at one hundred percent.  Kofi says that Owens will finally understand why he is the WWE Champion.

*Kofi Kingston defeats Kevin Owens.  The match begins after this with Kevin Owens getting a plethora of near-falls before finally falling to the Trouble in Paradise seemingly pulled out of nowhere.  Kingston had an injured leg throughout the match.  After the match, Dolph Ziggler is shown watching him from backstage.

*Shane McMahon is shown backstage talking to Drew McIntyre and Elias.

*R-Truth is shown running around backstage with his 24/7 Title and Carmella.  He calls it the European Championship. They hide as they hear someone coming.  Drake Maverick is walking around with Wanted posters.

*Daniel Bryan and Rowan come out next.  They talk about the SmackDown Tag Team division being a joke.  Bryan talks about Oklahoma and America being gluttonous all weekend and eating pigs named Wiggles.  Heavy Machinery comes out.  They basically just say that they want those titles.  Bryan accepts, but not in this state.  They leave the ring as Heavy Machinery looks on.

*Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose are shown backstage handing out copies of Muscle and Fitness with Mandy on the cover.  They eventually get to Ember Moon who is reading Jekyll and Hyde.  Deville says spoilers they all die before handing her five copies of the magazine.  They laugh and walk off before Moon just throws them away.

*Mandy Rose defeats Carmella. Mandy Rose manages to pick up a win thanks to a little assist from Sonya Deville who distracted Carmella with her magazine.  Rose rolled up Carmella for the three count.

*R-Truth is shown backstage running around before finally getting attacked by Jinder Mahal.  R-Truth fights him off before hiding in a Photo Booth.  The B-Team, Matt Hardy, and some others run by.  He steps out once he thinks the coast is clear before running into Drake Maverick whose papers fly everywhere.  Truth runs away.

*Aleister Black is shown in a dark place talking about men waiting for him to pick someone to fight.  Black says but this is the conundrum.  He says that he’s waiting for someone to pick a fight with him!

*Elias becomes 24/7 Champion. Shane McMahon is in the ring with Drew McIntyre and Elias for ‘Shane-Appreciation-Night.’  Shane says he doesn’t normally do this kind of thing, but he has a video prepared for the occasion.  A video is shown.  Shane talks about putting food on the table of Roman’s family, and he says he’s going to beat some respect into Roman.  Elias sings to him.  R-Truth rushes into the ringside area.  He slides into the ring.  Maverick is in pursuit, but Truth challenges him and pins him.  Shane, Drew, and Elias all begin beating down on Truth.  Drew McIntyre nails the Claymore Kick as Elias pins him for the three count to become the new 24/7 Champion.  Shane announces a main event as a tag team match between R-Truth and Roman Reigns versus Drew McIntyre and Elias.

*Lacey Evans is shown backstage where she’s drinking tea with Charlotte.  They say that they’re going to send Bayley back to the kiddie pool where she belongs after beating down on Becky Lynch.

*Bayley defeats Lacey Evans. The match between Bayley and Lacey Evans was back and forth with Charlotte on commentary.  They made their way outside before Bayley nails Charlotte with a forearm strike.  She slides into the ring, but she’s rolled up.  Charlotte distracts the referee inadvertently when she leaps up onto the apron.  Bayley reverses the roll-up on Lacey Evans into a pin of her own for a three count.

*After the match, Lacey Evans jumps Charlotte, but Charlotte gets the upper hand with a big boot to the face of The Lady.

*Andrade and Zelina Vega are interviewed backstage.  Andrade says that at Super Showdown that he will find his inner demon when he fights against Andrade.

*Bray Wyatt had another Firefly Fun House segment.  He says that his friend is called The Fiend.  He says when he’s The Fiend that he can do anything.  Abby calls him a sicko.  He calls Abby a bully.  She says that she doesn’t want to be stuck in this limbo anymore.  Bray does the crawl under the bar that two children are holding.  He says that they just need to let him in.

*Roman Reigns & R-Truth defeat Drew McIntyre & Elias.  Roman Reigns is already in the ring when Drew McIntyre and Elias jump R-Truth on his way down to the ring.  Roman manages to get the upper hand enough to get the match started with Elias in the ring.  Roman knocks down Drew on the outside before drilling Elias with a spear for the three count.

*After the main event, the 24/7 rule was back in.  Roman speared Elias and helped R-Truth cover him.  He gets a three count and regains his 24/7 Championship!

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