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Austin Aries Discusses Dream Opponents

Posted By: Ben Pearce on May 12, 2019

Austin Aries Discusses Dream Opponents

Austin Aries recently interviewed with The Fight Box podcast revealing his desire to wrestle Chris Jericho and Cody Rhodes. Check out his comments below.

Chris Jericho: 

“Well, as far as the working with part, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again because it’s still a viable possibility but, whether it’s across the ring as an opponent or in the corner as a partner, Chris Jericho is someone I have an immense amount of respect for-for what’s he’s done in his career. One of the guys that, as I was breaking in, was one of those guys that was ushering in the style that appealed to someone like me that I wanted to follow and say, ‘Now that’s a guy I wanna be like if I’m going to be in this business’ so the fact he’s still doing it at a high level and the fact… I think what I respect most about Chris is, man, he calls his own shots and he’s done it his own way and I respect that out of him so, that opportunity would be great because there’s not a lot of guys left that when I broke in, were kind of guys that I looked up to that are still active.”

Cody Rhodes: 

“Eddie Guerrero was always one of those guys that was always on my list and unfortunately [I didn’t] have the chance, but fortunately Chris is still out there so that’s a guy that’s always on top, and Cody. I’ll throw Cody’s name out there too. For a lot of the same reasons as far as respecting what he’s done. Kind of going in his own direction and carving it out.”

Source: The Fight Box Tags: #austin aries #chris jericho

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