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KUSHIDA Releases Statement On Joining WWE NXT

Posted By: WrestlingNewsSource.com on Apr 29, 2019

KUSHIDA Releases Statement On Joining WWE NXT

  1. Former New Japan Pro-Wrestling star KUSHIDA recently made his debut with NXT. He took to his Twitter to talk about his new role in NXT.

About a month has passed since I moved to Florida. Looking back on this month, I have spent a long time as if it has already been about a year. I was in a state where I didn’t understand the new practice environment, food, housing, English, Matches…but I feel that a little more open time has been created recently.

On weekdays, practice picked up at the performance center. I also started a one-on- one English class. The weekend is full of lot house shows. I am desperate every day to get through a day. Driving to the venue yourself, setting the ring, wrestle, and clear the ring. Then drive back to home again it is the life in NXT. With the series of fresh discoveries, it feels like you are becoming thicker and bigger as a person.

The prospects, wrestlers from other professional sports, Indians, Saudis, Chinese foreigners who I have never met and NXT top rivals who I know from a long time ago, I live in this intersection.
As my life is starting to get settled, I can finally put my feet on the pedal and 100% power on my engine. Bring all of this into the ring.

04/28/2019 Before the Change of the Era

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