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25 Years Ago Today, Mick Foley Had His Ear Ripped Off During A Match

Posted By: Thomas Lowson on Mar 16, 2019

25 Years Ago Today, Mick Foley Had His Ear Ripped Off During A Match

On March 16, 1994, Mick Foley's life changed forever. 

Competing as Cactus Jack, Foley was a part of WCW's European tour, and was scheduled to face off against Vader in Germany. 

Earlier in the night, wrestlers had complained that the ring ropes were too loose, so the crew decided to tighten them.

It was these extra tight ropes that'd scar Foley, after the future WWF Champion got caught in a hangman, as his neck was squeezed between the ropes. 

Due to the tightness, Foley realized the very real danger he was in, and worked to free himself from the potentially fatal moment. 

Thanks to the referee's assistance, Foley was able to escape, though the majority of his ear was torn in the process.

Hanging by the side of his face, Vader was the one who completely removed the ear from the Micker's head. 

Though surgery would've reattached the ear, the Hardcore legend postponed it, so he could continue to wrestle for WCW, leading to a Tag Team Championship win with Kevin Sullivan.

Frustrated with the company's reluctance to work a storyline around his missing ear, Foley would leave the company that same year, and joined ECW, before making it to the WWF in 1996. 

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