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WWE Raw Live Results (3/4) Philadelphia, PA

Posted By: Michael Pappas on Mar 04, 2019

WWE Raw Live Results (3/4) Philadelphia, PA

Welcome to our live coverage of Monday Night Raw!

We kick off Roman Reigns coming out and makes his way to the ring.  The fans chant for him. He says last week was his comeback but this week in Philly him and fans take their yard back. He says there is one man standing in his way and that's Seth Rollins. He calls Seth out. Seth's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Seth says seeing Roman come out here and say that he is healthy again was the best night of his career. He says he's taking that emotion all the way to Wrestlemania to slay the beast. Seth says Roman deserves a title shot just as much as Seth does. Roman says Seth has kept this place in line since he's been gone. Roman wishes Seth good luck in the match with Brock at Mania. Roman says he needs a favor and wants to get the band back together one last time. Seth says no to that because of what Ambrose did. The fans chant "Shield". Roman asks the fans if they want it and they cheer. Roman says life is short  and Seth and Dean are his brothers. He says he doesn't know what is going on with Dean but he wants to be with them one more time before they never do it again. Seth paces back and forth thinking about it. Seth says he put that part behind him but Roman is right. Seth says he's in. Roman calls out Ambrose. Dean's music hits and he comes out. Dean stands on the stage as fans chant for him. Elias hits Dean in the back with a guitar and runs away. Seth and Roman chase him but Elias escapes backstage. Seth and Roman help Dean up. Dean shrugs them off and leaves them. 

Charly interviews Drew, Bobby and Baron Corbin. Drew says Roman and Seth are living in the past. Bobby says he will remind Finn that his Intercontinental title reign is on borrowed time. Corbin says they will beat Braun, Kurt and Finn tonight.

Finn Balor makes his way to the ring for his match.

Braun Strowman, Kurt Angle and Finn Balor vs. Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley

Corbin lands right hands to braun but Braun sends him over the top rope twice. Braun runs Corbin over outside the ring. Corbin makes a tag to Drew. Braun backs Drew into the corner and dominates Drew. Finn comes in but gets kneed in the gut. Bobby comes in. Bobby goes for a powerbomb but Finn knocks him to the outside. Finn knocks Corbin outside and dives onto both Corbin and Bobby. Finn knocks Drew outside and goes for a dive but Lio trips him. Back from commercial, Finn kicks away Corbin and tries to tag but Corbin plants him with the Deep 6. Corbin continues to beat Finn down. Corbin has a arm and chin lock on Finn. Finn gets tossed on the apron but Finn tries to fight them off. Corbin plants Finn with a vicious right hand. Drew nails Finn with a big suplex. Drew gets a arm and chin lock on Finn. Finn tries to make a tag but Drew prevents him. Finn avoids Drew and tags Kurt. Kurt lands three German suplexes to Drew. Drew counters the Angle Slam but gets caught into the Ankle Lock. Kurt lets go of the hold and German suplexes Bobby. Drew lands a Glasgow Kiss to Kurt. Back from commercial, Corbin is in control of Kurt. Kurt dodges Corbin and tags Braun. Braun collides into Corbin and lands a blow to the chest. Braun tags Finn. Braun hits the Powerslam on Corbin. Finn hits the Coup De Grace and covers but Lio pulls Finn's leg. Finn chases after him but Lashley catches him and sends him back first into the steel post. Braun charges at Bobby and Lio and Braun collides into Lio into the barricade. Bobby sends Finn into the ring and spears him for the win. They attack Kurt outside and drive Angle face first into the steps. Drew places the steps into the ring. Drew hits the Claymore Kick to Finn. Bobby and Corbin slam Finn onto the steps. 

Winners: Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin.

Charly interviews Heavy Machinery and explains that not everyone likes Heavy machinery being on the main roster. Backstage footage is shown of tag teams making fun of Otis. Otis says he's sensitive and that hurts his feelings. Tucker says they are going to the McMahons to have a match and hurt every one of them.

Natalya makes her way to the ring for her match.

Natalya vs. Ruby Riot

Ruby starts off slamming Nattie down to the mat and pummeling her down. Ruby stomps her in the corner. Ruby lands a snap mare to Nattie and gets her in a head lock. Natalya fights back with a snap suplex. Natalya takes her down with a clothesline and Nattie gets her in the Sharp Shooter. Ruby gets out of it into a roll up but Natalya gets her in the roll up for the win.

Winner: Natalya.

Lacey Evans comes out after the match and struts down to the entrance ramp and back up stage.

Stephanie McMahon welcomes the hosts of Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update Michael Che and Colin Jost backstage to Raw. 

Triple H's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. 

They show Batista's Instagram post saying that he won't be Philly tonight because he doesn't like Philly and if he has Triple H's attention now. Triple H says he was there last week for the man behind Ric Flair: Richard Fliehr. He says he was there for him for the best of times and the worst of times including burying his son. He talks about hoping Flair wasn't dead when Ric was in a coma almost two years ago. He talks about wanting to have Flair be the Nature Boy one more time in the ring last week until Batista did what he did. Triple H says Batista quit because he didn't get what he wanted and he dragged a 70 year old man out backstage and attacked him to get what he wanted. He dares Batista to show up and stand up to him and tell him what he wants. He says Batista has got his attention. 

Charly interviews Stephanie and Stephanie says Ronda disrespected her and the title when she threw the title down on the mat last week. Stephanie announces that all charges against Becky are dropped and Becky is reinstated. Stephanie announces that at Fastlane it will be Becky vs. Charlotte for the vacated WWE Raw Women's Championship. Steph says Becky must sign a whole harmless agreement in order for the match to take place.

Heavy Machinery comes out for their match.

Roman confronts Dean backstage and says we can talk about anything. Dean says he's got to get ready for his match.

Heavy Machinery vs. B Team, Ascension and Hawkins and Ryder

Otis attacks Axel and tags Tucker. They double team Axel. Axel dodges Tucker and stomps on Tucker in the corner. Bo gets tagged in but Tucker fights them off. Otis comes in. Bo tries to fight them off but he gets planted with the Compacter for the pinfall. Ascension come in and beat down Tucker. Viktor is tagged in and he continues the beat down. Konnor comes in and they double team Tucker. Konnor charges at Tucker but gets lands shoulder first into the ring post. Otis comes in and throws Viktor around. Otis collides into Viktor in the corner. Otis lands a big splash from the middle rope for the pinfall. Hawkins and Ryder double team Otis. They land a Leg Sweep/STO on Otis. Hawkins gets caught and slammed into the mat by Otis. Otis nails the Caterpillar move on Hawkins for the victory.

Winners: Heavy Machinery. 

Michael Che and Colin Jost walk backstage talking about them being guest corresponders for Wrestlemania and they spot EC3 spraying himself and they talk with Titus O' Neal. The No Way Jose party celebrate around them.

Charly interviews Charlotte about the match at Fastlane. She says The Man doesn't compare to the Queen. She says she'll put her on the shelf for good once she is done. She says the WWE Universe will bask in her glory as she becomes the new WWE Raw Women's Champion.

Seth confronts Dean and says there has always been mutual respect between them. He says they've got once shot to do this the right way. Dean rejects to the idea of the Shield reuniting and says he's busy with some stuff and he's got to be on his own.

Elias is performing in the ring as we come back from commercial break and sings about Philly not seeing a Stanley Cup around. He continues to insult the Philly crowd. Dean's music hits and he comes out for their match.

Dean Ambrose vs. Elias

Dean lands right hands to Elias. Dean clotheslines Elias out of the ring. Dean continues to attack him outside. He gets Elias back in the ring and clotheslines him back outside. Back from commercial, Elias climbs on the ropes and hits Dean with Old School. Elias knocks Dean out of the ring. Elias gets tripped by Dean out of the ring and lands a suicide dive onto Elias. Dean makes his come back until Elias rams him chest first into the corner. Elias beats him down and goes for Drift Away but Dean gets a roll up for a 2 count. Dean lands a neck breaker and heads to the top rope. Dean goes for an elbow but gets caught with a knee to the face. Elias hits the Drift Away on Dean for the win.

Winner: Elias.

Rollins and Roman come out after the match.

Rollins and Roman come in the ring and confront Dean. Seth tells Dean we got to do this together. Dean pushes them aside and leaves the ring. Dean leaves through the crowd. Corbin's music hits before he heads backstage. Corbin, Drew and Bobby come out and they insult them and the crowd. Drew asks Roman if this is the return he envisioned. Drew tells them they will end this right now. Corbin, Drew and Bobby surround the ring and attack Seth and Roman. Roman gets beat down in the corner and beat down Seth. Dean runs back in the ring and saves Roman and Seth. The Shield knock Corbin, Drew and Corbin out of the ring. Roman and Seth put their fist in together and Dean joins them.

Tamina vs. Sasha Banks

Tamina immediately attacks Banks. Tamina beats her down in the corner but Sasha fights back. Tamina knocks her down with an elbow. Tamina collides into her in the corner. Banks dodges her and lands double knees into Tamina. Tamina and Sasha fight back and forth. Sasha lands a knee to the face. Tamina tries to slam a Samoan Drop but Sasha gets her in a sleeper hold. Banks manages to get Tamina into the Banks Statement but Nia pulls Tamina out of the ring. Bayley tries to attack Nia but Nia takes her out. Banks dives onto both of them. Nia distracts Banks causing Tamina to recover and land a Super Kick to Sasha for the victory.

Winner: Tamina.

Michael Che heads to the bathroom and Braun confronts Colin. Colin smacks Braun on the pecs and says you'll win next time. Colin asks if this stuff is real. Braun lifts him up and pins him against the wall and yells, "What do you think"?

Officials backstage break up Braun and Josh and Braun says he'll see them at Wrestlemania.

Charly interviews Aleister Black and Ricochet before their match. Black says actions will prove that they belong. Ricochet says they are ready and he will fly even higher.

The Revival vs. Aleister Black and Ricochet - WWE Raw Tag Team Championship

Black and Wilder start off. Black fight off both guys but gets caught with a back suplex. Dawson comes in and beats down Black. Dawson lands elbows and head butts to Black on the mat. Black avoids Dawson and lands a spring board moonsault on Dawson. Roode and Gable head down to the ring as the match continues. Back from commercial, Dawson is in control of Black. Black fights back with a knee to the face and tries to make a tag but they prevent it. Black fights them off and tags Ricochet. Ricochet fights both of them off. Black gives Dawson a boot and Ricochet lands a head scissors to him. THe Revival go outside the ring. Roode and Gable attack The Revival outside causing a DQ. Black and Ricochet yell at them outside. Roode and Gable go in the ring to confront them and they fight. Black and Ricochet fight them off. Roode and Gable retreat. 

Winners: And Still Raw Tag Team Champions The Revival by DQ.

Stephanie McMahon's music hits and she comes out with the Raw Women's title as she makes her way to the ring. Steph shows everyone a recap of last week when Ronda dropped the Women's title in front of Steph. She brings out Charlotte and she makes her way to the ring. She brings out Becky Lynch and she makes her way to the ring. Steph gives Becky the harmless agreement. Charlotte encourages her to sign it. Becky says she eliminated her on one leg she'll have no problem beating her up on one leg right now. Becky signs the agreement. Ronda Rousey is shown power walking backstage, heading to the ring. Ronda comes out as we come back from commercial. Ronda asks what is she doing. Ronda says she wants her title back. Steph gives her the title and says they will still face each other. If Becky wins, she'll be added to the match with Charlotte and Ronda at Wrestlemania. Ronda says she has free range to do whatever she wants because of the money. Ronda erupts at the crowd and says she'll no longer be here to entertain the fans and put on a smiley face. She says she doesn't care if she gets boo'd and says Screw The Man and Screw The Woo. Ronda attacks both of them and gets an arm bar on Becky. Charlotte leaves the ring and Becky gets beaten down by Ronda. Becky tries to fight back but Ronda continues to beat her down and get her in the arm bar.

Steph is interviewed backstage and says Ronda showed her true colors as the animal she is. Steph says she's sick to her stomach over this and can't wait to see what happens to her at Mania. Steph says Ronda is going to get hers. 

End Of The Show.

End Of The Show. 

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