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WWE Raw Live Results (2/18) Lafayette LA

Posted By: Michael Pappas on Feb 18, 2019

WWE Raw Live Results (2/18) Lafayette LA

Welcome to our live coverage of Monday Night Raw!

Triple H opens the show and runs down the events that took place last night at Elimination Chamber. He talks about Becky Lynch being at Elimination Chamber attacking Charlotte and Ronda and says it was pretty cool. He says it's cool that DX will be inducted this year into the Hall Of Fame. He introduces the newest NXT call ups who will make their debut tonight which are Ricochet, Aleister Black, Johnny Gargano, and Tommaso Ciampa. Triple H announces a table match to happen right now between Braun Strowman and Baron Corbin.

Braun Strowman vs. Baron Corbin - Tables Match

Braun grabs a hold of Corbin but Corbin lands a shot to the ribs of Braun. Braun recovers and clotheslines him over the top. Braun throws him around outside on the barricade. Braun brings out a table from underneath the ring but Corbin attacks him from behind. Corbin throws Braun ribs first into the barricades. Corbin goes for a irish whip but Braun reverses sending Corbin into the barricade. Braun brings a table into the ring. Corbin kicks Braun in the ring and starts to pummel Braun down. Corbin continues to target Braun's ribs outside the ring. Corbin goes for a suplex on the ramp but Braun reverses and lands a suplex on Corbin on it. Braun sends him into the LED lighting on the stage. Braun clears off the announce table and picks Corbin up. Corbin gets out of it and pushes Braun into the announce table sending Braun off the stage. Back from commercial, Braun tries to build momentum but Braun gets sent into the steel post. Corbin is about to send him into the table but Braun reverses. Braun lands a blow to the chest. Braun tries sending him into the table but Corbin counters and lands a clothesline. Corbin continues to attack the ribs and attacks it with a kendo stick. Corbin continues the assault and slams Braun's head on the steel steps. Corbin tries to dive onto Braun off the apron but Braun catches him with a steel steps shot to the head. Braun continues to attack him with the steps. Corbin kicks Braun away and charges at him but Braun counters. Corbin tries to land a clothesline to Braun but Braun catches him and lands the Powerslam through the table.

Winner: Braun Strowman.

Paul Heyman and Braun Strowman are face to face on the stage. Paul tells him to leave and go backstage. Braun grabs him by the chest and Paul yells in fear. Braun lets go of him. Paul tries to speak but Paul can't get his words out. Paul asks for water as we go to commercial.

Paul is in the ring and talks about Brock being the most dominant athlete in sports entertainment and MMA. He says he put together a little something to educate everyone on Brock Lesnar. A highlight video package of Brock Lesnar is shown. Paul mentions Brock ending Undertaker's streak and says none of the fans could do a damn thing about it. Paul says there is not enough fire in Seth Rollins soul to burn the house of Brock Lesnar. The new Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor comes out and interrupts. 

Finn Balor is in the ring and says it feels good to have a championship around his waist again. He says it's been his dream to hold the Intercontinental Championship. He says he'll be a fighting champion. Lio Rush interrupts and tells Finn he doesn't deserve to be champion, Bobby Lashley does. Lashley comes from behind and attacks Finn. Lio comes to the ring and beats him down too. Lio goes up the top rope and hits the Frog Splash on Finn. Ricochet's music hits and he attacks Bobby Lashley. Ricochet lands a spring board drop kick on Lashley, knocking him out of the ring.

Ricochet and Finn Balor vs. Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush

Ricochet and Lio start off. Both men push each other. Lio and Ricochet go back and forth. Lio lands a head scissors but Ricochet lands on his feet. Ricochet lands a flip into a head scissors on Lio. Bobby Lashley comes in and slams Ricochet chest first to the mat. Bobby starts to work the arm of Ricochet. Ricochet flips his way out and battles back. Ricochet lands a kick to the head of Bobby and drop kicks him into the turnbuckle. Bobby goes outside the ring and Ricochet fakes a dive and flips onto his feet. Lio comes in and he wants Ricochet to tag Finn. Finn comes in and they lock up. Lio avoids him and tags Lashley. Lashley lands a hard kick to the gut. Lashley dominates and lands a vicious suplex. Bobby gets a chin lock applied on Finn. Finn tries to fight back but Bobby plants him face first on the mat. Lio comes in and continues stomping on Finn. Finn sunset flips over Lio and lands a basement drop kick. Finn prevents Lio from making a tag and stomps away at him. Finn lands chops to Lio in the corners. Finn lands a Sling Blade and a drop kick into the corner. Finn goes to the top rope but Bobby goes after him. Finn drops down and kicks Bobby on the apron. Lio chop blocks Finn on the knee. Bobby throws him into the barricade outside. Bobby throws him into the ring and continues the beat down. Finn tries to make a tag but Bobby lands a knee to the mid section. Finn tries a sunset flip on Bobby on the apron but Bobby stomps on his chest. Bobby lands a vicious scoop slam. Back from commercial, Lashley is still in control. Lasley wares Finn down. Finn tries to make a tag but Lashley prevents him. Finn fights both Lio and Lashley but Lashley rams him into the corner. Lio comes in and slaps him around. Finn fights back and knocks Lio down. Finn tries to tag in but Lio prevents it. Lio rolls Finn back into their corner. Lashley picks Finn up for a power bomb but Finn counters with a take down and a double stomp to the chest. Ricochet comes in and flies all over Lio. Ricochet knocks Bobby off the apron. Ricochet dives onto Lio. Bobby tries to charge at Lio outside but Ricochet flips over him. Finn drop kicks Bobby into the barricade. Ricochet spring boards onto Lio and lands the 650 splash off the top rope for the win.

Winner: Ricochet and Finn Balor.

Drew McIntrye confronts Triple H backstage and wants Seth Rollins to be a part of the match with Seth and Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. Dean Ambrose confronts him and asks what about him. Dean slaps Drew. Drew tells Triple H to change his match from Seth to Dean.

Lucha House Party vs. Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins

Hawkins is in control of Metalik in the early goings. Ryder comes in and continues the momentum until Dorado knocks him off the ropes. Dorado comes in and gets Ryder in a chin lock. Dorado makes a tag but Ryder ttries to fight them off. The House Party double team him. Ryder counters them and lands a double neck breaker. Hawkins comes in and knocks Dorado down with a drop kick. Curt plants Dorado with a Michinoku Driver. Metalik breaks up the count. Curt knocks Metalik out of the ring but gets caught with a head scissors into a roll up for the victory.

Winners: Lucha House Party.

Charly introduces Heavy Machinery out to the stage. Charly asks what the fans can expect from them. They say they are not afraid to work hard and eat some red meat. She asks who they have their eyes set on. They say they are ready for anyone. Lacey Evans comes out and interrupts. She struts down the ramp waving to the crowd and struts back up. Heavy Machinery strut down and up the ramp.

Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa talk backstage. Roode and Gable talk about them getting a shot at The Revival and they don't. Gargano says they have been dominating the NXT brand. The Revival confront them and say they have started from the bottom and now they are the best tag team in the world. Ciampa wishes The Revival luck in their match with them. The Revival says they are the champs they don't need luck.

The Revival vs. Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa

Wilder and Johnny lock up. Wilder works the arm but Johnny wrestles him down. Ciampa comes in and he wrestles Wilder down. Wilder lands achop and Ciampa chops back. Gargano comes in but gets lifted up and planted on the turnbuckle back first. Dawson comes in and beats down Johnny in the corner. Johnny avoids Dawson but Dawson lands a chop to Dawson. Johnny fights back and takes out The Revival outside. Gargano lands a suicide dive onto them. Johnny kicks Wilder in the face and Ciampa sends Wilder into the steel steps. Back from commercial, Wilder is in control of Johnny. The Revival tries to double team him but Johnny kicks Dawson away and DDT's Wilder. Ciampa comes in and goes to work on them. Ciampa lands German Suplexes to Dawson. Dawson is able to tag Wilder and counter Ciampa. They double team Ciampa. Wilder covers but Ciampa kicks out. The Revival go for Shattered Machine on Ciampa but he dodges it. Johnny kicks Dawson and Ciampa rolls up Wilder but gets a 2. Johnny lands a springboard DDT. Both teams go back and forth. Johnny gets rocked with a kick and The Revival lands a bulldog off the top rope on Johnny. Dawson covers but Ciampa breaks up the count. Johnny fights off both of them and lands a Spear through the middle rope on Dawson. Johnny tags Ciampa and they hit the Super Kick/Knee combo. Ciampa covers for the win.

Winners: Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano.

Charly interviews Ricochet and Finn Balor. Balor says he had his night at Elimination Chamber but tonight was Ricochet's night. Ricochet says he's living his dream competing on Monday Night Raw and this is only the beginning of the One And Only.

Kevin Owens is shown on the titantron with his kids and says he's still recovering and spending time with his family. He says he is ready to fight again.

The First Ever Women's Tag Team Champions Bayley and Sasha Banks make their way to the ring. The fans chant "You Deserve it". Bayley says it was an emotional night for them and are really proud to stand here as the First Ever Women's Tag Team Champions. Sasha says the fans did this and made this possible. Bayley says they've gone from hating each other to loving each other. Sasha says she couldn't think of anyone else to do this with than Bayley. Bayley says together they are changing the world and this is just the beginning. Sasha says they plan on defending these titles against past, present and future superstars. Bayley says there is no stronger connection than the Boss N Hug Connection. Nia Jax and Tamina come out. Nia tells them to just stop and no one wants to hear this love fest. Nia says Sasha only cares about herself and anytime she wins a title she loses it on her first defense. Tamina says they got lucky and their luck is going to run out. Nia and Tamina charge to the ring and Sasha and Bayley kick them away. Sasha tries to get Nia in the Banks Statement but Tamina pulls Nia away.

Dean Ambrose vs. Drew McIntyre

Dean immediately lands right hands to Drew. Drew lands a head butt to Dean. Drew continues the attack with chops to the chest. Dean fights back with chops. Dean trips Drew over the top and knocks him off the apron. Dean hits a suicide dive. Dean lands a neck breaker to Drew. Dean starts to be on a roll until Drew lands a Claymore Kick. Drew sizes up Dean as Dean makes it to his feet and Drew hits another Claymore Kick for the win.

Winner: Drew McIntyre. 

The second part of Paul Heyman's narration of Brock's career is shown.

Charly interviews Seth Rollins. Seth says he's not walking to Wrestlemania with a death wish he is walking in with his fate. He says whether he leaves on his own two feet or on a stretcher he is leaving Mania as the Universal Champion. Dean confronts him. Seth asks him if he completely lost his mind. Dean gives him a blank stare and says Eh.

Elias is in the ring and says he has been fed up with how he's been treated. He claims to be the most important superstar and will not play in this swamp known as Lafayette. He says he is going to sing a song for himself and hopes he will sleep into a deep state so that he could escape from these people. He tells people to shut their mouths and is about to play until Aleister Black's music hits. Black makes his way to the ring. Black says he will help Elias fade to black.

Elias vs. Aleister Black

Elias attacks Black and throws him into the ropes but Black stops himself. Elias gets tossed over the top rope and Black flips over from the ropes and lands, sitting down on the mat. Back from commercial, Elias takes over the match. Black gets beaten down in the corner. Black starts to fight back but gets clotheslined by Elias. Elias gets a head lock applied on Black. Black flips Elias over but Elias holds on to him. Black battles back and lands forearms to his face. Black lands the sliding knee and a spring baord moonsault. Black is in control until Elias catches him with a knee. Black catches Elias with the Black Mass to Elias for the win.

Winner: Aleister Black. 

Ronda Rousey vs. Ruby Riot - WWE Raw Women's Championship

Ronda flips Ruby over and over. Ronda lands shots to the gut of Ruby. Ruby goes outside to recover. Ruby comes back in. Ronda lands a knee to the gut but Ruby plants her back first. Ruby is in control with a monkey flip. Ruby rolls over on Ronda but Ronda catches her with a triangle hold. Ruby rolls out of the ring. Back from commercial, Ruby dominates Ronda. Ruby lands shots to Ronda but Ronda lands a over head suplex to Ruby. Ronda gets distracted by the Riott Squad and gets speared by Ruby. Ronda starts to fight back, flipping her over and over. Ronda attacks Ruby in the corner but Ruby plants her head first on the buckle. Ruby lands a Senton on the middle rope. Ronda tries to fight back but Ruby hits the Riot Kick. Ruby covers but Ronda kicks out at 2. Ruby tries a spear but gets caught with a gut wrench suplex. Ronda goes to the top but the Riott Squad interferes. Ruby knockes her off with the Riot Kick on the ropes, covers but Ronda kicks out at 2. Ruby goes off the top and tries a Senton Splash but Ronda catches her. Ruby gets pulled out by the Squad. Ronda dives onto the Squad outside. Ronda gets Ruby back in the ring and gets her in the Arm Bar. Ruby taps out.

Winner: And Still Raw Women's Champion Ronda Rousey.

Ronda takes out Morgan and Logan in the ring and clears them all out.

End Of The Show.

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