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Kenny Omega Praises WWE for Negotiations, Says NJPW Offer Was Least Favorable

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Feb 09, 2019

Kenny Omega Praises WWE for Negotiations, Says NJPW Offer Was Least Favorable

Kenny Omega recently spoke to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio. When discussing the contract offers he had from WWE, NJPW and AEW, Omega praised WWE for their negotiations with him, and also noted that NJPW actually gave him the least favorable offer between the three companies.

Here is his statement, courtesy of ProWrestling.com:

“One of the options that I almost went with was to stay full time in NJPW and be a lender talent for AEW. My heart was really in Japan and I really do look at that place as a home. It’s hard to say goodbye to something that you’ve given everything to. I gave a lot of time and my health to DDT, but in a very different way, even though it was a shorter period of time, I gave more of my soul to New Japan. To feel like you’re walking away from that was really difficult. I wanted to give Harold a chance. I wanted to see how the new presidency and the new regime would handle the company, and in the end it just — for various reasons — it just wasn’t the best option. It was actually the worst option.”

“Whether it be a time investment, or financial reasons, or creative reasons — there were better options available to me. Maybe the best way to put it is that the other two companies were more excited to have me. WWE’s offer was fantastic. They went about it in a very professional way. Those guys are nothing but consummate professionals in the way that they dealt with me, but at the end of the day AEW just couldn’t be beat.”

Source: Wrestling Observer Radio Tags: #wwe #aew #njpw #kenny omega

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