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Sam Adonis On How Indie Wrestling Is A Segmented Market

Posted By: Dustin Frisch on Jan 05, 2019

Sam Adonis On How Indie Wrestling Is A Segmented Market

  Sam Adonis did an interview with Impact Backstage Interviewer Alicia Atout from her YouTube channel, AMBY. Adonis talked about being a heel in today's wrestling environment, growing up with wrestling, and how indie wrestling is a very segmented market. 

"I've been lucky to be a professional wrestler for seven years where it's been my job. As a professional, you have to appeal to the masses, you have to appeal to many people you can. Moms, dads, grandmas, uncles, nieces, nephews, like many people. A lot of indie style wrestling, in my opinion, is a very segmented market. You're basically saying, 'This is for the pure wrestling fans.' The pure wrestling fans might say, 'Wow, this match was great', but then if somebody that doesn't like wrestling watches that match and sees a Canadian Destroyer they might say, 'Well, that guy jumped.' I think it looks stupid. I think when you slap a leg you insult the intelligence to the consumer. Yes, wrestling fans are consumers, but in my opinion, I feel like we could have a much broader market if we were to hone in a little better and be more professional in a sense."

Source: AMBY Alicia Atout Tags: #impact wrestling #sam adonis

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