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Kane Discusses His Relationship With The Undertaker

Posted By: WrestlingNewsSource.com on Dec 31, 2018

Kane Discusses His Relationship With The Undertaker

Kane (Glenn Jacobs) recently appeared on the Steve Austin Show on which he discussed his relationship with The Undertaker. The bound of the on-screen brothers is so strong that Kane would often seek out The Deadman for advice on new avenues in his career. He also talked about being worried about messing up tombstone piledriver when he first delivered it to Taker.

“We already had a conversation two years prior when I was Isaac Yankem. That’s a lot of the reason that when I got the Fake Diesel character that it was a lot more successful because I realized what I had to do because Mark already had a conversation, but after the Kane deal it wasn’t like he never stood up and said it, but I understood. A lot of times, again, I’d mess up and feel bad about it and the reason I’d feel bad is because I felt like I’d let him down. He had invested so much in the character. The first night I dropped him. I tombstone pile drived The Undertaker. That never happens. That made me right off the bat and anything I would do to mess that up hurt him because he had done that for me. I would go to him once and awhile and say, ‘So and so wants me to do this,’ and he’d counsel me, ‘Do whatever you want to do, but I wouldn’t do that, if I was in your spot.’ That was awesome for me.”

Click here to listen to the Steve Austin Show.

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