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Scott D’Amore Discusses Chris Jericho Supporting Impact Wrestling

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Dec 27, 2018

Scott D’Amore Discusses Chris Jericho Supporting Impact Wrestling

Scott D’Amore was recently interviewed by Wrestling Inc. about Impact Wrestling and the brands new deal with Pursuit, he also talks Chris Jericho’s support to the brand.

On Chris Jericho:

"One thing Chris has proven in his very successful career is that you can’t predict what he’s going to do. Chris has been wonderfully supportive of myself, Don [Callis] and Impact Wrestling. It’s always great to have a guy at this level who’s in your corner. If the stars ever align, who knows? I certainly can’t promise he’ll be there but can’t rule it out so people are going to have to tune in on Pursuit [Channel] and all of our other great partners around the world, digitally, and see what 2019 holds."

On Possible Changes Moving to Pursuit:

"One of the things you might see is that we’re going to have a little more freedom to take the product in different areas that we haven’t been able to take it so far,” stated D’Amore. “POP TV has been very supportive, but they have a lot of restrictions on what can and can’t be done on their network. Pursuit, while still being a channel that pursues family programming, they are a little more open to ideas as to what we can do content-wise. Now, will we ever go to the extremes that we go to on pay-per-view? Probably not, but that’s what makes pay-per-view so special. But we can now explore other areas with our content, storylines and product that may not have been available to us previously. We always look for opportunities to tell stories in ways that they haven’t been told before,” said D’Amore. “In pro wrestling industry, there’s so many angles and booking ideas that you start to see a lot of things that are a take-off of something you’ve seen before. So. we’re always looking to find some new and different ways."

On Experimenting Creatively:

"We’re going to continue to look for things,” said D’Amore. “If wrestling has a history of alternating between being almost G-rated and being risqué, sexually and violent-wise, we are always cognizant of the fact we have broadcast partners and a fan base that includes many demographics… There’s going to be a lot of experimentation. We think that in 2018 we had more successes than failures, but we’re going to continue to try new things. In a world where people are talking about things being stale and stagnant, we’re trying to be different and we’re going to continue to do that moving forward."

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