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Tom Prichard On Why Vince McMahon Seems To Not Embrace Tag Teams

Posted By: Dustin Frisch on Dec 17, 2018

Tom Prichard On Why Vince McMahon Seems To Not Embrace Tag Teams

Tom Prichard spoke with Wrestling Inc, and had explained why it appears Vince never embraces the WWE tag team scene. 

On why Vince McMahon doesn't embrace tag teams

“Number one, I think, and I’ve always heard this, and after realizing it and being in the office, I do understand it’s an economic decision. Instead of having one guy in one match, you have two guys in one match, and you have four guys in one match, so do you invest that on TV?”

His love of The New Day

“Oh God, I love New Day, by the way! I love The New Day. I mean, not only were they great guys in FCW, but I mean they’re just great guys period and I think they’re very entertaining. I like them together. I really do. I still love them together. They’re [Fabulous] Freebird-esque, if that’s a word too. I don’t care. I make up all kinds of new words. But they’re very Freebirdish, I guess. And they’re still very entertaining to me. I don’t think they’re ready to be broken up. And what would you do with them individually? I mean, I think they’re stronger as a group. Now, Big E, if you get him in a singles [spot], of course, he’s going to shine no matter what. And I think Kofi [Kingston] and Xavier [Woods] will shine too. But I love them right now as a team. Anything’s possible in WWE and I sure do. I can see [Big E] as a world champion. Yeah.”

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