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Chris Jericho Says If He Comes Back To WWE He Won't Do "The List"

Posted By: Dustin Frisch on Dec 16, 2018

Chris Jericho Says If He Comes Back To WWE He Won't Do "The List"

Chris Jericho did a backstage interview with  Impact Interviewer Alicia Atout on her AMBY Interviews YouTube channel. He spoke about if he did return to WWE, he doesn't want to bring "The List" back with him.  He wants to reinvent himself.

On reinventing himself

"I hate to say, but if I go back to the WWE there won't be a 'List.' I mean it doesn't feel right anymore. For me to walk out there with 'The List' and put somebody on it just seems like, 'Oh, that's so 2016,' which was huge and people want to see it, but I just can't allow myself to not continue to be creative. That's why I love working in New Japan. I love that character. Don't really know how it started. I mean there's a definite lineage that I could tell you step-by-step, but I didn't just show up and go 'Okay, I'm gonna wear a hat and put makeup on my face, and be completely crazy.' It was an evolve and a change doing this so over-the-top brutal character, the brutal beatdowns on Kenny Omega and Naito. Wearing a light up scarf and sparkly underwear didn't seem to fit anymore."


Source: Alicia Atout - AMBY Interviews, WrestlingInc transcript Tags: #wwe #njpw #chris jericho

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