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Natalya: I'm Not Sure Why WWE Hasn't Re-branded Total Divas

Posted By: Thomas Lowson on Dec 06, 2018

Natalya: I'm Not Sure Why WWE Hasn't Re-branded Total Divas

WWE RAW Superstar Natalya Neidhart has said she isn't sure why the WWE hasn't re-branded reality show Total Divas after the company ditched the term in 2016.

Speaking to The Wrap, Natalya, who has remained with the show since season 1, said she had heard rumblings of a name change. 

She said: "Nikki Bella had talked about it openly and said, you know, she wanted to change the name, and that we should go from ‘Divas’ to something else.”

When asked about the pros and cons of changing the name, the third-generation Superstar said it'd make sense as the company stopped using the term 'Diva' years ago, but also said how a name change may confuse non-wrestling fans who watch the show.

"I always think change is good and I think it could be a unique dynamic to take the fans, you know, on a journey where we do change the name. It just depends, the stars have to align," she told The Wrap.

Premiering in 2013, the reality show focuses on the life of the women in WWE, and have focussed on Natalya's wedding to Tyson Kidd, as well as her coping with the death of her father Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart.

The WWE ditched the term Diva in April 2016, introducing the WWE Women's Championship at WrestleMania 32, and have referred to the women as Superstars since.

Source: The Wrap Tags: #wwe #natalya #total divas

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