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Jim Ross Thinks Becky Lynch's Injury Can Make Her An Even Bigger Draw

Posted By: Ben Pearce on Nov 15, 2018

Jim Ross Thinks Becky Lynch's Injury Can Make Her An Even Bigger Draw

Jim Ross shared his thoughts on Becky Lynch's injury on his podcast, Jim Ross Report. Check out what he had to say below.

“It’s just that right now the women are involved in the most captivating storylines. You with me? So that’s my take on that. And whether or not Charlotte was the ideal person to replace Becky Lynch is very subjective. Here’s the deal: who’s better right now? There’s no 100% accurate answer. All the top stars during that Attitude Era and beyond had to deal with injuries. It’s apart of the game and you know why? Do you really know why? Because it’s not ballet and people unfortunately get hurt. It’s smart of WWE to follow the concussion protocol to the letter. Becky’s long-term health is worth much more than a main event at Survivor Series or anywhere else. And the Rousey/Lynch scenario, I’m assuming, if you’re smart, you resume it somewhere down the road sooner than later. There’s an interest there. People have made an emotional investment in that rivalry. And plus, the other aspect is that Becky beat Rousey up with a chair and tried to break her arm in the locker room. Wouldn’t you think that would be enough motivation to follow the storyline up? Exactly. So it’s unfortunate for Becky at this time.”

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