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19 Years Ago Today, The Terminator Came To SmackDown

Posted By: Thomas Lowson on Nov 11, 2018

19 Years Ago Today, The Terminator Came To SmackDown

Today, November 11, in 1999, Arnold Schwarzenegger came to SmackDown and certainly had an impact. 

Promoting his new End of Days movie, the Terminator star was clearly excited to be there, being seen interacting with Vince McMahon, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Being awarded a special WWF Championship, a precursor to the custom titles sent to championship winning teams, the Predator star was crowned the 'World Box-Office Champion'.

In the main event, it was the future California who made the difference, taking it to then WWF Champion Triple H, after the team of Test, Shane McMahon, Kane and The Rock defeated D-Generation X. 

The moment has lived on in the minds of fans for years, with Schwarzenegger being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015. 

As if that wasn't enough, the show also saw the infamous Big Show father's funeral, which saw the Giant pay his respects to his deceased father, before the casket was hijacked by the Big Boss Man.



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