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Update/Correction Concerning Braun Strowman's Status with WWE Officials

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Nov 10, 2018

Update/Correction Concerning Braun Strowman's Status with WWE Officials

There were reports going around earlier this week about Braun Strowman allegedly having some heat with WWE officials backstage. In an update/correction on that story, Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com clarified his reports about Strowman. According to Johnson, the stories about Strowman sometimes arriving to shows late and/or leaving early were issues that he had in the past, but Strowman is currently in good standing with WWE officials and is not being "punished" for anything at the moment.

Johnson gave the following statement about Strowman:

“I discussed several things that had happened in the past with him as examples of why the company has, at times, backed off on him during periods where it appeared he was destined to be the top tier babyface.

“Braun is not dealing with any heat. He’s not being booked to be punished for anything and like everyone else who goes out and performs in a wrestling ring, he deserves better than to have stories that aren’t rooted in reality reported about him.”

Source: Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com Tags: #wwe #raw #braun strowman

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