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WWE SmackDown Live TV Taping Results From Manchester, England (SPOILERS)

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Nov 06, 2018

WWE SmackDown Live TV Taping Results From Manchester, England (SPOILERS)

WWE is taping tonight’s episode of SmackDown Live from the Manchester Arena today in Manchester, England. We'll have spoilers periodically throughout the afternoon and our usual coverage at 8 PM EST. Thanks to Matty Paddock (@MattyPaddock) for the following.

- Floor and tv side two thirds full, everything else taped off. Hard to see Manchester getting another set of tapings. Raw & SD crowd down on last year.

- Paige starts the show by introducing Shane McMahon to a hugely negative reaction - and CM Punk chants! expect that to be edited heavily.

- Shane admits he may not be best in the world and that the trophy belongs to SmackDown Live and not him. Says he acted on instinct. Holding off heel turn?

- Daniel Bryan confirmed as SmackDown Live team captain at Survivor Series.

-  The Miz is here and says he should be SmackDown Live captain. Shane and Paige agree - instead, Bryan and Miz will now be co-captains! 

- Preview of a match later. Rey Mysterio v Andrade Almas.

- The Miz and Bryan agree that Shane must be part of team blue at Survivor Series. Shane agrees. Crowd not happy. Slow burn on that turn? Final two members to be picked tonight.

- Absolute TV Classic this. The Usos beat New Day. They’ll captain the SD tag teams at SS. Stunning match. New Day will be on the team too.

- Daniel Bryan adds Rey Mysterio to SDLive Survivor Series team. Miz agrees, so long as Rey can beat Almas later.

- The last spot will be decided by the winner of one other match later tonight - Miz and Bryan will pick one combatant each. We’ll find out who soon.

- Becky Lynch to Ronda Rousey: You may hold a championship, but you are not a champion - yet. I was not hand picked like you, but here I am!

- Becky Lynch she’s fired up and ready for a fight. Who wants it? Woah NIKKI CROSS IS HERE!!!

-  Becky Lynch defeats NIKKI CROSS with the Diss-Arm-Her. Not a squash, thankfully. Nikki’s call-up at last?

- Miz picks Samoa Joe, Bryan picks Jeff Hardy. The winner will fill the last slot on team SD at SS. Mysterio will be added if he beats Almas which is next.

- Rey beats Almas in another excellent match to make SS team. Almas got a great outing. Randy Orton nails Rey with an RKO post-match.

- Paige confirms the SD Women’s team for Survivor Series: Carmella, Naomi, Sonya Deville, Asuka and Charlotte Flair!

- Mandy Rose is out to ask just why she is not included in when Deville, Carmella, Asuka and Naomi are. Cuts a scathing promo!

- Charlotte was announced to the crowd but Mandy appeared. No sign of Flair at all so far. No Zelina Vega with Almas earlier, either.

- Samoa Joe beats Jeff Hardy in relatively short order to take the last spot on team SD at Survivor Series.

-  Post-match, Joe attacks Bryan who returns fire. That gets Miz involved. Shane McMahon is out to break them up but himself gets nailed by Bryan as we go off air.


Shane McMahon is the "best in the world," SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch has her eyes set on Raw counterpart, Ronda Rousey, and much more. Here is your preview for tonight's SmackDown LIVE.

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