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WWE Raw Live Results (11/5) Manchester UK

Posted By: Michael Pappas on Nov 05, 2018

WWE Raw Live Results (11/5) Manchester UK

Welcome to our live coverage of Monday Night Raw!

We kick off with superstars on the entrance way and security by the ring. Baron Corbin makes his way to the ring. Corbin welcomes everyone to Raw. Corbin talks about the matches for Survivor Series. Corbin talks about Shane McMahon stealing the Best In The World trophy and says Stephanie will deal with that situation. Corbin announces the first two members for team Raw for Survivor Series are Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre. Corbin talks about Braun and that he will be a part of the team. He says that Braun needs to respect authority. Corbin announces the team captain for the women's Raw team: Alexa Bliss. Bliss makes her way to the ring. Alexa thanks Corbin and says she is honored and humble. She says she will be in a manager role instead of competing. Alexa says she will be watching the women's matches very closely. Alexa announces an Evolution rematch as Bayley, Sasha and Natalya vs. The Riott Squad. Alexa is about to say the match is about to start now until Kurt Angle comes out. Kurt says competing in the World Cup lit a fire in him. Kurt says he wants to compete in the Raw vs. Smackdown team this year. Corbin says no. Kurt challenges Corbin for a match tonight and if he wins he becomes team captain for Raw. Kurt calls Corbin an embarrassment to Raw. Corbin says yes to the match. Corbin says the only way Kurt is going to Survivor Series is if he buys a ticket. Kurt says Corbin will be on crutches before Corbin makes it to Survivor Series. Bliss is about to announce the 6 women tag match is next until Braun comes out and rams down security. Braun chases after Corbin and brawls with the superstars on the entrance way. Braun heads backstage and yells at a producer that when he finds Corbin he will get these hands.

Charly interviews Bayley, Sasha and Natalya and Natalya puts on The Anvil's sunglasses in honor of her dad.

Bayley, Sasha Banks and Natalya vs. Riott Squad

Riott Squad goes right after them. Bayley, Sasha and Natalya fight back. Nattie gets Ruby into the sharpshooter. Logan breaks it up. Logan goes on the attack on Nattie and rams Nattie into the barricade. Liv comes in and kicks Nattie in the spine. Liv tosses Natalya out of the ring. Back from commercial, Liv is in control. Liv stomps on her in the corner. Nattie tries to make a tag but Liv stops her. Nattie dodges Liv and tags Sasha. Banks takes out Ruby and Logan and takes control of Liv. Banks lands Meteroa off the apron on Logan. Banks hits the Banks Statement on Liv but is broken up. Ruby comes in and Banks tags Bayley. Bayley lands a knee to RUby in the corner. Bayley tosses Ruby out of the ring and dives onto the squad. Ruby lands a STO on Bayley outside. Ruby is in control and gets her in a head lock. Bayley lands a jaw breaker but is backed into the Riott Squad's corner. Logan comes in and keeps the momentum. Bayley tries to get out of a hold but Logan rams her into the ropes. Logan plants Bayley's head into Liv's knees and Liv slams Bayley face first to the mat. Liv tosses Bayley outside. Back from commercial, Logan lands a drop kick on Bayley. Logan kicks Bayley away but Bayley counters and plants Logan down. Logan knocks Sasha down to prevent a tag. Nattie gets tagged in and dominates Logan. Nattie knocks the rest of the squad off the apron and lands a German suplex on Logan. A brawl breaks out between Sasha and Liv. Nattie puts Logan into the sharpshooter but then Ruby breaks The Anvil's sunglasses in front of Nattie and breaks it. Nattie goes to it and breaks down crying. Sasha and Bayley comfort her.

The match ends in a no contest.

Braun continues to look for Corbin backstage and in the bathroom. Braun kicks a bathroom stall door down and a guy comes out of it, scared.

Jinder Mahal vs. Apollo Crews

Jinder lands a boot to the gut and starts beating him down in the corner. Apollo dodges Jinder over and over and lands a drop kick. Apollo is in control until Apollo gets distracted by Singh allowing Jinder to land a knee to Apollo. Jinder has a chin lock applied. Apollo fights out and battles back. Jinder has a roll up but Apollo kicks out. Apollo manages to lift Jinder up, slams him down and lands a standing moonsault for the win.

Winner: Apollo Crews.

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring. Seth says what Corbin did to Braun at Crown Jewel and having Brock win was a slap in the face to Roman and to everyone here tonight. Seth says he would say it to Brock's face but of course he's not here. Seth talks about Dean not speaking about what he did to Seth 2 weeks ago. Seth says it's probably impossible to defend the tag titles by himself. Corbin on the titantron interrupts and says he thinks he can defend the tag titles and he can do it with his partner right now. AOP come out and make their way to the ring. 

Seth Rollins vs. AOP - WWE Raw Tag Team Championship

Seth goes behind Akam but is backed into the corner. Akam rams Seth into the corner again and Rezar comes in. Seth tries to fight them off but Seth gets clotheslined. Back from commercial, Akam dominates Seth and sends Seth into the turnbuckle. Rezar comes in and continues the domination. Seth tries to fight back but Rezar beats him down. AOP tries to go for the Last Chapter but Seth fights them off. Seth lands a suicide dive on Rezar. Seth tosses Akam out of the ring and lands a suicide dive on both men. Seth lands a springboard clothesline to Akam and a Sling Blade to Rezar. Seth lands a blockbuster to Akam, covers but Akam kicks out. Seth kicks Akam to the gut, Drake distracts the ref and Rezar stops Seth. Seth fights back against both men. Seth lands a frog splash to Rezar, covers but Rezar kicks out. Seth charges but Rezar catches him into a powerbomb. AOP double team Seth with a powerbomb/neckbreaker for the 1.. 2.. 3.

Winner: And New Raw Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins.

Dean Ambrose makes his way to ringside from the crowd. Dean comes into the ring and kneels besides Seth. Dean asks if Seth wants to know why he did what he did. Dean drops the mic and Seth starts to get up asking why to Dean. Dean hits Seth with the Dirty Deeds to Seth and leaves the ring.  

Charly interviews Corbin and he says he's not afraid of Braun, he just doesn't want to get destroyed by him. Braun breaks through the storage room Corbin is in and pushes through security.

Dolph Ziggler comes out and makes his way to the ring. Ziggler says that Shane McMahon is not the best in the world. Dolph says he is the best in the world. Elias interrupts and sings to him about losing to Shane. Dolph challenges Elias and he heads to the ring.

Elias vs. Dolph Ziggler

Both men lock up. Dolph wrestles him down. Dolph knocks him down. Elias gets him in a head lock and Dolph elbows him. Dolph wrestles down Elias and gets him in a sleeper hold. Dolph gets a front face lock as Elias tries to break out. Dolph lands a shot to the gut. Dolph charges at Elias in the corner but Elias kicks Dolph away. Elias heads to the top and goes for an elbow drop but misses Dolph. Back from commercial, Ziggler regains control as he gets out of Elias' hold. Both men battle back and forth but Ziggler gains control and hits a neck breaker. Dolph gets a rear chin lock in on Elias. Elias fights out but DOlph fights back. Elias knocks Dolph down and Elias stomps on Dolph in the corner. Elias has Dolph on his shoulders but Dolph gets out. Dolph rolls Elias up but Elias kicks out. Elias lands a knee to the face of Dolph. Elias covers but Dolph kicks out. Dolph goes for the Famouser but Elias counters with an electric chair into a powerbomb. Elias covers but Dolph kicks out at 2. Elias and Dolph go back and forth. Dolph lands a Zig Zag to Elias, covers but Elias gets his foot on the rope at 2. Elias hangs Dolph on the middle rope and hits the Drift Away for the win.

Winner: Elias.

Kurt Angle is interviewed and he says it's time for Kurt Angle to go to Survivor Series as the Raw team captain.

Ronda Rousey comes out and makes her way to the ring. Ronda talks about Becky wanting to rip her arm off. Ronda says she has Becky's respect after Evolution. Ronda says don't mistake my respect for weakness. Ronda says she loves the new attitude of Becky but it's going to take a lot more than that. Ronda says she has woke up every single morning wanting to be the best of all time. Ronda says she hopes becky brings it everything she has. Ronda says Becky may be the man but Ronda is the baddest bitch on the planet. Ronda is about to leave until Nia Jax comes out and makes her way to the ring. Nia reminds her that Ronda is fighting for Raw and that Nia will be waiting for her. Ember Moon's music hits and makes her way to the ring.

Nia Jax vs. Ember Moon

Nia picks up Ember but Ember fights back by kicking Nia in the leg. Nia fights back and tosses Moon out of the ring. Ember fights Nia in the corner and charges at her but Nia knocks her down. Nia tosses Moon around the ring. Nia collides into Moon in the corner. Moon fights back and tries to sunset flip Nia over but Nia picks her up and headbutts her as Moon tries to fight back. Nia collides into Moon and goes for a leg drop but Moon moves out of the way. Moon lands kicks and knees to Nia. Moon lands a springboard cross body to Nia. Moon lands a forearm to Nia, covers but Nia powers out. Moon goes for a tornado DDT but Nia counters. Nia lands a enziguri and charges at Nia again but Nia picks her up and plants her witha Samoan Drop on Moon for the win. Tamina's music hits and Tamina makes her way to the ring. Tamina stares down at Nia. Tamina picks Moon up and slams her with a Samoan Drop. Tamina puts Moon in a Boston Crab and Nia starts elbowing Moon in the back. Tamina and Nia hug and celebrate.

Winner: Nia. 

Finn Balor is interviewed about Bobby Lashley and he calls Lashley the most powerful man he's ever been in the ring with. Finn says it will feel good going out there in Manchester tonight and says they are a part of the Balor Club.

Corbin is interviewed as he is about to leave and he says he will not competing against Angle tonight instead he's facing Drew McIntrye. Braun runs out chasing Corbin but Corbin gets into the car and drives away.

Bobby Lashley vs. Finn Balor

Lio hypes up Bobby in the ring and he wishes they were in Liverpool right now. Lio says Michelangelo couldn't make a better statue than Bobby. Bobby gives everyone a viewpoint of his gluteus maximus. Finn Balor comes out and makes his way to the ring for the match. The bell rings and Bobby immediately attacks Finn. Bobby stomps on Finn and lands a fisherman suplex. Bobby is in control until Finn kicks Bobby out of the ring. Finn is about to dive until Lio pulls Finn's leg down. Bobby gets the upper hand and pummels him with right hands. Bobby slams Finn down and gets him in a head lock. Finn tries to get out but Bobby gets him in a neck breaker. Bobby stomps on him in the corner. Finn kicks Bobby away and lands a forearm. Finn lands a sunset flip into a pin but Bobby kicks out. Finn lands a double stomp to the chest. Bobby catches Finn on his shoulders but Finn gets out and hits Sling Blade. Finn charges but Bobby clotheslines him. Bobby picks up Finn from the apron into a big suplex. Bobby picks up Finn but Finn rolls him up and Bobby kicks out. Finn goes for the Coup De Grace but Lio distracts. Finn misses the Coup De Grace and attacks Lio outside. Finn goes to attack Lio but Bobby catches Finn and rams him into the apron. Bobby brings him back in the ring and lands a dominator slam to Finn for the win.

Winner: Bobby Lashley.

Drew McIntyre comes down to the ring and confronts Bobby Lashley. Lashley backs down and leaves. Drew helps Finn up but then hits him with the Claymore Kick.

Drew McIntyre vs. Kurt Angle

Kurt goes right to Drew and beats him down in the corner. Angle continues the attack as the bell rings. Drew lands a vicious head butt to Kurt. Drew lands right hands to Kurt and beats him down. Drew lands chops to the chest of Kurt and puts Kurt into an arm and chin lock. Kurt fights back but Drew lands an elbow to Kurt. Drew lands a neck breaker. Drew gets kurt back into an arm and chin lock. Kurt fights back but Drew continues the attack. Drew charges at Kurt but Kurt moves out of the way and Kurt lands an Angle Slam to Drew. Drew rolls out of the ring before Kurt can make a cover. Back from commercial, Drew lands a neck breaker to Kurt. Drew lands a big suplex to Kurt. Drew lands a clothesline and gets Kurt back into an arm and chin lock. Kurt battles back and kicks Drew. Drew catches Kurt with a belly to belly throw. Drew beats kurt down in the corner. Kurt fights back and lands a jaw breaker to Drew. Drew tries to attack but Kurt lands a german suplex and hits two more. Kurt drops the straps down and tries an Angle Slam but Drew escapes. Drew dodges Kurt and lands a Claymore Kick to Kurt. Drew stares down at Kurt and mocks him. Kurt tries to take Drew down with a single leg takedown but Drew brings Kurt back down. Drew offers Kurt his leg to a helpless Kurt. Kurt tries to pick the leg but Drew beats him down to the mat again. Drew tells Kurt to look him in the eye and calls him a coward. Kurt gets Drew's leg and gets him in the Ankle Lock. Drew powers out of it. Drew lands an Angle Slam on Kurt. Drew gets the Ankle Lock on Kurt. Kurt taps out.

Winner: Drew McIntyre. 

End Of The Show.

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