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JBL Admits That WWE Talent Are Micromanaged

Posted By: Dustin Frisch on Nov 05, 2018

JBL Admits That WWE Talent Are Micromanaged

WWE Legend JBL, also known as John 'Bradshaw' Layfield, was a guest on Busted Open Radio with Dave LaGreca and WWE Hall Of Famer Bubba Ray Dudley, also known as Bully Ray. 

When asked if WWE talent are micromanaged

"Look, my understanding, and I haven't been around the locker room for over a year, and when I was there as an announcer, I wasn't in there in the locker room. "I think they are micromanaged a bit, but I think if guys want to do something to get over, look at Dean Ambrose. I remember Dean Ambrose would do all kinds of crazy stuff off script and do all kinds of mannerisms. And he came back one time and Vince [McMahon] goes, 'show some personality!' It was a joke, tongue-in-cheek. Vince loved it, so I think there's an opportunity to stand out.

There may even be an opportunity more to stand out now than even with us because all of us tried to. Now, you have guys that are just happy to have a job, from my understanding. A lot of them, some of them, not so. And they're just conforming to the cookie cutter mold that they were given, but some guys always did that. Back in the 90s, you had guys that were just happy to be there. They would not do anything out of the norm and they'd be around for a while and then, they'd be gone.I was busy with notes and trying to figure out what's going on with matches, so I don't have a good feeling of what's going on in the locker room. I'm not sure it's even fair for me to answer, but I'll do my best to answer the question."


Source: Busted Open Radio Tags: #wwe #jbl

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