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WWE Crown Jewel (11/2)

Posted By: Elio C. Jr. on Nov 02, 2018

WWE Crown Jewel (11/2)

The ring announcers introduced Hulk Hogan. Hogan came out as they showed people in the crowd smiling and others clapping. Fireworks shot off as Cole talked about him being a multi-time world champion. He said he once held the title for four years – 1,474 days. “That is unthinkable!” said Cole.

Hogan entered the ring and ran through his catchphrases. He talked about flying on the jumbo 747 jet and landing “right here” and “I found out that the power of Hulkamania and the power of my Hulkamaniacs was stronger than ever right here at the Crown Jewel, jack.” He said it’s unbelievable to their host tonight and the show starts now. Renee said: “Amazing! What a way to start off Crown Jewel.” Hogan cupped his ears and the fans cheered as he posed. They went to a wide shot of even more fireworks shooting off, and then an aerial view of the outdoor stadium.


Rey started fast but then he came off the top rope and Randy jumped up to drop kick him in the chest.  Orton in control as the fans chant RKO.

Rey came back and set Orton up for the 619 but Randy got up and countered into a spike DDT off of the second rope.  Randy went to Viper mode but Rey rolled him out of nowhere.  Randy was mad and hit an RKO after the match. 

The winner of the match: Rey Mysterio


The crowd was a little more quiet here, especially early on when Miz was in charge. They got fired up when Hardy came back. After a few minutes, Miz got the win with the SCF when he countered a Twist Of Fate attempt.

The winner of the match: The Miz


Rollins unloads with punches and kicks but Lashley quickly turns it around. Irish whip by Lashley but Rollins counters with an enziguri sending Lashley to the outside. Lashley back in with an inverted atomic drop

Chinlock on Rollins. Rollins gets to his feet trying to create separation. Rollins off the ropes and Lashley with a knee strike. Lashley bounces Rollins' head off the turnbuckle

Shoulderblock in the corner and a neckbreaker to Rollins. Lashley back to the neckbreaker and now a full nelson locked in and Rollins gets out of it but Lashley with an inverted DDT

Lashley picks Rollins up for a suplex but Rollins fights out of it sending Lashley to the outside. Suicide dive to Lashley. Back in the ring, Rollins in the top rope and Lashley cuts him off going for a suplex but Roliins blocks

Rollins goes for a buckle bomb but Lashley counters. Gutwrench countered. Roll up by Rollins and a Curb Stomp for the three count

The winner of the match: Seth Rollins


Fans chanted “You suck!” to his music as he walked out. The announcers chuckled. A soundbite aired with Ziggler on his way to the ring. Angle hit an early belly-to-belly suplex and then two released German suplexes. When he went for another, Ziggler grabbed the ropes. Angle tried to suplex Ziggler off the ring apron, but Ziggler elbowed Angle. Angle bumped to the floor. Ziggler then whipped Angle into the ringside steps. Ziggler settled into a sleeper. Ziggler went for a Fameasser, but Angle ducked and hit the Angle Slam for a believable near fall. Angle dropped his straps and let out a big yell. When he went for an ankle lock, Ziggler blocked it and landed a Fameasser for a near fall. Angle applied an ankle lock mid-ring a minute later. Ziggler lunged for the ropes, but Angle pulled him back to the middle. Ziggler eventually rolled out of it, but came up limping. He sidestepped a charging Angle, sending him into the ringpost. He then hit a Zig Zag for the three count.

The winner of the match:  Dolph Ziggler


There was one guy who in particular who was really, really excited to hear Big E’s introduction. New Day rode a giant “magic carpet” parade float-like structure to the ring. It wasn’t a fast moving magic carpet. A few minutes in Kofi danced as Xavier played the trombone. They built to Kofi hot-tagging Big E just as Sheamus tagged in Cesaro. Big E threw Cesaro around. He did the hip gyrations and then his running splash, but Cesaro lifted his knees. Sheamus tagged back in, but Big E caught him right away with a urinage for a near fall. Big E lifted Sheamus onto his shoulders and then Kofi leaped off the top rope and stomped him. Cesaro ran in to break up the pin attempt. Kofi gave Cesaro a Trouble in Paradise to knock him to the floor. Big E tagged back and and he launched Kofi over the top rope onto Cesaro. Big E then waited for Sheamus to stand. Big Show distracted Big E. Sheamus shoved Big E into Show, and Show then gave Big E a KO punch. The ref didn’t see it. Sheamus then landed a Brogue Kick for the win.

The winners of the match: The Bar


Rey landed a running slide splash from the ring onto Miz at ringside early in the match. After Miz dominated for a while, Rey teased a 619. Miz avoided it and gave Rey a Skull Crushing Finale for a believable near fall. Graves called it “nothing short of miraculous” that Rey was able to survive that. Miz threw a series of It Kicks. Rey ducked one and rolled up Miz for a near fall. Then he set up another 619 and this time hit it. Cheers. Kids jumped up and down in the crowd. Rey leaped off the top rope with a splash, but Miz lifted his knees, hitting Rey in his sore ribs from the Orton attack earlier, and scored the three count.

The winner of the match: The Miz


Renee talked about Ziggler bragging about 12 years on the road without any real injuries or time off. (Are concussions not “real injuries”?) Cole said Miz is large unscathed through two matches and might have an advantage headed into the finals. Ziggler settled into an early side headlock. They cut to a wide shot of the arena. After a distraction at ringside by McIntyre, Zigger caught Seth with a DDT for a two count. Cole played up Seth having a bad neck. Ziggler settled into a chinlock on the mat again. Seth went for a splash in the corner, but Ziggler moved. Cole called it a crucial moment in the match. Ziggler made the cover for an undramatic two count.

They went into a series of leverage two count exchanges. Ziggler went for a superkick, but Seth blocked it and landed a ripcord knee for a near fall. Seth stomped the mat to get the crowd worked up. He had to fend off McIntyre on the ring apron. He then catapulted Ziggler over the top rope to the floor. He dove through the ropes onto both Drew and Dolph. He threw Dolph into the ring, but got caught with a Fameasser for a near fall.

Both were slow to get up. Ziggler climbed to the top rope. Graves said he doesn’t go up top too often. Seth ran up there to meet him and quickly superplexed him. He went for the Falcon Arrow, but Ziggler slipped out and hit a Zig Zag for a near fall. Ziggler went for another Zig Zag, but Seth held onto the ropes and then kicked Ziggler. He fended off Drew again, then climbed to the top rope. Drew shoved Seth off the top rope as Ziggler distracted the ref. Ziggler then connected with a superkick and scored the three count.

The winner of the match: Dolph Ziggler


Cole said Styles is the tenth longest WWE Title holder and, if he wins tonight, he’ll move into the number nine spot. They fought at ringside. Joe dropped Styles over the barricade. Cole said Styles avoiding getting counted out, even though it would have preserved his title, allowed Joe time to recover and thus get the advantage. Back in the ring, Joe kneed Styles to knock him off the ring apron. Then he dove through the ropes and elbowed Styles hard into the announce table.

Styles made a comeback in the ring briefly before being reverse-whipped into the corner and elbowed in the chest by Joe leading to a two count. Styles made another comeback, but Joe cut it short with a snap powerslam. Graves said Joe knows the moves Styles is about to make sometimes even before Styles decides to make it. Joe nailed Styles with a hard clothesline. Styles flip bumped. Joe made the cover, but scored only a two count.

Styles took control briefly, but on a rollup, Joe countered with a Coquina Clutch. Styles countered into a leglock. Joe rolled to the bottom rope to force a break. Styles landed a Pelé kick to stop Joe’s momentum again. Styles stood and played to the crowd. Then he landed a springboard Phenomenal Forearm for the clean win.

The winner of the match: AJ Styles



Baron Corbin is introduced first as he brings the championship out. Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman then make their way out. Corbin blasts Strowman in the head with the championship and Brock then delivers three F5's for the three count to become the new WWE Universal Champion

The winner of the match and NEW Universal Champion: Brock Lesnar


Shane McMahon is introduced and makes his way out to the ring while Baron Corbin is still out there. Miz and Ziggler make their way out. Ziggler goes after Miz before the bell can ring. Miz goes down with a leg injury and there's confusion as to what to do. The referee's decision is that Dolph Ziggler wins by forfeit but Shane McMahon then intervenes and says if Miz can't compete then he will

So it is now Shane McMahon vs Dolph Ziggler. Shane unloads with rapid fire punches on Ziggler. Ziggler momentarily turns things around but it's Shane who hits the Coast to Coast for the three count

The winner of the tournament and Best In The World: Shane McMahon


DX came out first. Michaels took off his cowboy hat and smiled. Michaels pretended to try to run his fingers through his hair, then made a clown face when there was no hair. Then Kane came out. Then Undertaker came out as announcers gushed about how awe-inspiring the spectacle is. DX conferenced at ringside. Cole said they have been conspiring and have a plan. Cole noted the number one Twitter trend is #WWECrownJewel.

Fans chanted “Un-der-taker!” at the start. Then a “This is Awesome!” chant even before they locked up. When Triple H went for an early crotch chop, Kane gave him an uppercut. Kane went on offense with an armbar. Hunter reversed it and then pointed at Michaels and tagged him. Michaels entered with a top rope forearm to Kane’s arm. Kane shoved Michaels into the corner. Michaels fought back with chops and a neckbreaker. Kane sat up and grabbed Michaels by his throat. Michaels went for a sunset flip. Kane lifted him by his throat and went for a slam, but Michaels slipped free and teased a Sweet Chin Music. Kane tagged in Taker.

Taker did the throat slice gesture. Michaels did an augmented crotch chop at chest level. Michaels threw some chops, but Taker gave him a big boot. Taker began to climb for the rope walk, but Triple H intervened. A four-way brawl broke out. Michaels flipped into the corner on a Kane whip and hung upside down. Taker whipped Hunter into Michaels, and Hunter flipped to the floor. Taker grabbed Michaels by his throat and lifted him. Kane and Taker threw Hunter and Michaels out of the ring. Kane and Taker raised their fists in the air. DX ran into the ring and got the better of Kane and Taker, sending them to the floor. When Hunter and Michaels went after them at ringside, Kane and Taker got the better of the fight. It was a slow-walk style brawl.

In the ring it settled into Kane vs. Triple H. They exchanged chops mid-ring. Hunter DDT’d Kane mid-ring. Both were slow to get up. Hunter tagged in Michaels whip chopped away at Kane and knocked him down Michaels kipped up. “He’s still got it!” said Cole. Michaels chopped Kane and then turned and knocked Taker off the ring apron. “You still got it!” chanted the crowd. Hunter entered to help Michaels suplex Kane. They did it together as Taker made his way back up onto the ring apron. Michaels then leaped off the top rope with a flying elbow drop onto Kane. Michaels went for Sweet Chin Music, but Kane grabbed his leg and chokeslammed him. Taker tagged in and went after Michaels with punches in the corner. A battle chant of “Un-der-taker / HBK” broke out.

Taker whipped Michaels into the corner, then gave him a Snake Eyes and a boot to knock him down. He followed up with a legdrop for a two count. Michaels surprised Taker with Sweet Chin Music. Taker fell back into the ropes. Taker eventually sat up. He grabbed Michaels and threw him to the floor. He began to tear apart an announce desk. Cole said, “Undertaker has that look in his eye.” He lifted Michaels, but Hunter pulled Michaels free. Kane went after Hunter, but Hunter whipped him into the steps. Taker grabbed Hunter. Hunter said, “Go this way.” Taker awkwardly tried to direct Hunter the opposite way and reversed Taker into the barricade. That was a sloppy mess. Hunter leaped off the ring apron, but Kane caught him by his throat and slammed I’m into the announce table which had not been cleared of monitors and tablets.

Taker turned to Michaels and put him on his back on the ring apron. He then landed a running legdrop to his chest. Michaels bumped to the floor. Kane and Taker isolated Michaels and methodically beat on him. Cole called it “complete destruction.” Cole said pride is coming into play with Michaels as he survived the onslaught. Michaels eventually knocked Kane off balance on the top rope. Taker went after Michaels at ringside, but Michaels shoved him into the ringpost.

Kane lifted Michaels onto the top rope. Michaels fired back with some punches. Kane’s mask came off. Kane covered his face. Oh my God, that’s Glen Jacobs, the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee! Michaels climbed to the top rope and he moonsualted onto both Undertaker and Kane. “Shawn Michaels, shades of old!” yelled Cole. Graves said it ranks up there with one of the most insane moments he’s ever been part of.

Hunter crawled back up onto the ring apron after being out at ringside for a while. Michaels rolled into the ring. He crawled toward Hunter. Kane pursued him slowly. Michaels made the tag. Almost no pop. Hunter gave Kane a knee lift and then a running knee. Taker entered and Hunter gave him a spinebuster. Hunter flexed. He set up a Pedigree, but Undertaker backdropped out of it. Hunter blocked a chokeslam and a tombstone. He delivered a Pedigree. Kane went at Hunter. Hunter threw Kane out of the ring. Taker then surprised Triple H with Hell’s Gate mid-ring. Michaels re-entered the ring for the save, but Kane met him. Michaels escaped a chokeslam and superkicked Kane onto Taker, breaking up Hell’s Gate. All four were down.

Kane and Undertaker sat up. They waited for Hunter and Michaels to stand, then set up stereo tombstones. Michaels reached over and poked Kane in the eyes. Hunter then kicked Taker’s legs. Michaels superkicked Taker, then superkicked Kane. Hunter delivered a Pedigree and made the cover for the win. Michaels leaned in the corner and smiled with a little blood on his face. Hunter put his arm around Michaels in the corner. Cole called them “the four greatest of all time in one ring tonight with an epic performance that no one will ever forget… The performance that these four men put o for us tonight is historic, absolutely incredible. The passion, the emotion that was displayed tonight, D-Generation X rides again.” Pyro blasted. “Indeed, there should be a celebration of the greats of all time.” Hunter and Michaels posed together and did a Too Sweet hand gesture as fireworks shot off.

The winner of the match: De-Generation X





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