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WWE NXT Results (10/31)

Posted By: Aleczander Michaels on Oct 31, 2018

WWE NXT Results (10/31)

Welcome to NXT!

Overview of the Aleister Black series of events over the last month.

Nikki Cross vs Mercedes Martinez

Nikki Cross makes her way to the ring Mercedes makes her way to the ring. 

Both vying for the upperhand to start off the match with a bunch of back and forth still and now Cross takes out the foot of Cross on the second rope and now a boot to the midsection and now elbows to the face into a guillotine which Cross fights out of. Cross with a feew forearms and now clotheslines and a splash into the corner into a bulldog, Cross with a high crossbody for 2. Mercedes with a spinebuster and now a backdrop driver to Cross and again and now a German, Mercedes with a knee to the face and now Cross with a neckbreaker. Cross with the Purge for the win.

Winner Nikki Cross

After the match Cross is confronted by Candace Larae and then Black comes out and stares down and confronts Gargano's wife in the ring and he wants to know where Johnny is, but she doesn't know.

Street Profits vs The Mighty

Street Profits make their way to the ring and now The Mighty make their way to the ring.

Dawkins and Thorne start off with Dawkins into the corner on Thorne and again and now double shoulder to The Mighty and now the tag to Miller. Miller with a chop to the chest and now Dawkins with a flapjack and the tag to Ford now with the double team on Mighty taking out both men and now Dawkins joins in the fray and now Ford over the top rope takes out both Miller and Thorne. Miller with a spinebuster for 2 and now a series of strikes by Ford and now the tag to Thorne with the double team leg sweep takedown. Thorne now with boots to the back and now a chop to the back of Ford, Ford with a series of strikes but caught with a modified Falcon Arrow for 2. Thorne with a boot and now the tag to Dawkins with the double team on Mighty now taking out both men, Dawkins with a series of strikes to Thorne in the corner then takes out Miller. Dawkins with a right and a broken 2 count, a spinning back elbow and the tag to Ford now and the double team on Ford off the top rope and a broken 2 count. Dawkins hits a spinebuster to Miller and now Ford hits a frog splash on Thorne for the win.

Winner Street Profits

Backstage with Regal and Ciampa will face Dream at NXT War Games and then Black appears and wants Johnny and he will get him at War Games as well.

Lars Sullivan is outside the arena throwing around and tossing crap around and is angry that he wasn't chosen to face Ciampa for the title.

Matt Riddle vs Luke Menzies

Menzies is already in the ring and now Matt makes his way to the ring.

Both vying for the upperhand with Riddle into an armbar but switched into a pin attempt for 1. Menzies with a shoulder knockdown and now kicks from Riddle to the chest and now a flying forearm, Menzies with a headbutt into a over the shoulder throw and now Riddle with a senton into a running kick. Riddle now with a running knee and now back elbows to the chin into an octopus like hold for the win.

Winner Matt Riddle

Replay of the NXT Women's Championship at Evolution and the interview after Shayna regained the Championship. 

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch vs Mendoza and Carillo

Lorcan and Burch make their way to the ring and now Mendoza and Carillo make their way to the ring.

Burch and Mendoza start off with Mendoza hitting a head scissors takedown and now the tag to Carillo and now Burch with the tag to Lorcan who gets in a few shots and now quick tags in and out between the 2 and the double team. Carillo and Mendoza with double suicide dives to each end of the ring and now Lorcan with the feet up and now the tag to Burch and Mendoza. Mendoza with the double team and now a missile drop kick and now gets caught into the turnbuckle then the tag to Lorcan into the double team high implant DDT for the win.

Winners Lorcan and Burch

Undisputed Era backstage and are showing off their egos pretty much and then get attacked by War Raiders, after a bit of the upperhand Undisputed Era take them out with garbage cans then Ricochet comes out to help War Raiders but that doesn't last long for Ricochet. War Raiders bring it back into the ring and Ricochet is back now to join the party, but the advantage quickly turns back to Undisputed Era's favor until Dunne joins the fray with a chair taking out Cole and Fish. Regal comes out and says that all of them will face in a War Games match at War Games. 

-End of show-


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