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Charlotte Flair Teases Marvel Inspired Ring Gear

Posted By: Thomas Lowson on Oct 18, 2018

Charlotte Flair Teases Marvel Inspired Ring Gear

SmackDown Live Superstar Charlotte Flair has said she would love to wear an attire based on Marvel Comics character Thor, in an interview ComicBook.com.

Flair, who is an 8-time champion in the company, said how it would all depend on what her seamstress would be able to design. 

She said: "I always say the female Thor ... What is it? Is it Jane Foster? It really depends on what Kerry, my seamstress, can work out."

Best known as the longtime love interest of the God of Thunder, Jane Foster became Thor in October 2014, and held the role until April 2018. 

As Thor, she gained incredible powers, though the transformation from mortal to God caused her chemotherapy to be wiped out, as she battled cancer. 

Flair also spoke about previous attire ideas, and said how she wanted to represent DC Comics' Wonder Woman for WrestleMania 33. 

"Actually, last year I really, really, really wanted to do Wonder Woman gear for Wrestlemania ... but I felt ... a lot of the girls had done it so many times," she said. 


Source: ComicBook.com Tags: #wwe #charlotte flair

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