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Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory 2018 Results (10/14) New York

Posted By: Elio C. Jr. on Oct 14, 2018

Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory 2018 Results (10/14) New York


Swann and Sydal to begin. Sydal talks his third eye shit and Swann attacks with kicks. Mack tags in and the crowd loves him. They lock up, work into some passes and Mack hits arm drags and a shoulder tackle. Swann back in and so is Page. Swann picks up the pace and hits a dropkick, and the RANA follows for 1. Page quickly cuts him off with a backdrop and tags in Sydal as they work double teams. Grounds things, tags in Page and more double teams follow. Swann fires back, but Page cuts him off with iconoclasm, covering for 2. Sydal back in and Swann fights back as they brawl to the floor. Page distracts Swann; Sydal hides under the ring and attacks Swann. Mack follows with a tope and wipes out the pile. Back in and Sydal cuts off the tag, grounding Swann. Swann fights to his feet, but Sydal quickly grounds him again. Swann fights them off, but Sydal hits a side slam and tags on Page, who follows with an elbow drop for 2. Swann tries to fight, rolls and tags in Mack. Mack runs wild, and hits a cannonball and XPLODER. The Samoan drop follows and the standing moonsault gets 2. Swann back in and they double team Page and cover for 2. They now take Page up top and Page fights off Mack, and then slams Swann off the ropes and the swanton follows for 2. Sydal back in, Mack makes the save, it breaks down and Sydal hits a RANA, sending Swann into page for a RANA. Mack wipes out Sydal, and they all brawl. Page accidentally kicks Sydal, stunner by Mack but Sydal hits chemical imbalance. Swann hits the head kick and lethal injection. The Phoenix splash follows for the win. Willie Mack & Rich Swann defeated Matt Sydal & Ethan Page @ 12:40 via pin

– Post match, Mack cuts a promo and plays to the crowd. He hypes giving away some front row seats and hypes the sponsor.

– They play up the recent issues between Aries, Impact, & Taya.

– King sent some guys to attack and lay out Konnan backstage. 


This is an open challenge for anyone from NYC, and the crowd chants for Jericho immediately. Drake runs down the NY Giants players in attendance and says the team sucks now. It’s James Ellsworth. Ellsworth cuts a promo, and Drake questions if he’s even from NYC. Claims he dated a girl from Staten Island and lived in her basement. Ellsworth tries to babyface himself, but they chant, “Fuck you Ellsworth.” Drake makes a chin joke and Ellsworth says Drake has no balls. Ellsworth attacks and we’re underway. Drake cuts him off with a flapjack, lays in rights, but Ellsworth hits a flatliner. He fires up as Callis buries him. Drake cuts off the superkick, but Ellsworth connects on the second try for 2. Ellsworth teases a razor’s edge, but Drake hits gravy train and the fans chant for another. He does and wins. Eli drake Defeated James Ellsworth @ 2:10 via pin [NR]

– Drake complains about his competition and Abyss arrives. They brawl and Abyss works him over and hits a black hole slam and stands tall. He then gets a table, slides it in and sets it up. Drake low blows Abyss and works him over. But Abyss chokeslams him through the table.

– Tessa is interviewed about her title match against Taya. She says tonight is her night and will prove that she’s true royalty.

Due to technical issues we had to source the first two matches of our coverage


Tessa and Taya bounce off the ropes and Taya with a headsissors. Knee to the head and they take turns exchanging forearms in the corner. Taya with a kick. Spear by Taya and Tessa rolls to the outside

Tessa wih a neckbreaker on the outside and Tessa throws Taya back into the ring. Irish whip in the corner, Tessa runs into a boot. Codebreaker from Tessa. Tessa with a knee to the back of the neck and a kick to the lower back. Tessa looking for the buzzsaw and series of reversals.

Taya with a back elbow in the corner and a clothesline. Running knee to the face. Taya seats Tessa on the top rope. Taya hooks Tessa up and executes a superplex but holds on turning it into a submission with a waist scissors but Tessa lifts Taya up and drives her into the corner

Suplex by Tessa and they exchange forearms. Off the ropes, Taya avoids the buzzsaw and drops Tessa with a TKO. Taya looks for the Road To Valhalla but Tessa counters getting a nearfall.

Tessa goes to the top but Taya catches her delivering a chokeslam. Taya to the top with a moonsault and Taya locks an armbar in. Taya with a submission but Tessa grabs the roopes.

Tessa holding onto the apron as Taya pulls her to the middle and delivers Road To Walhalla for a nearfall. Another Road To Valhalla but Tessa steps on the foot sends Taya into the corner and Tessa with the Buzzsaw DDT but could only get a 2 count

Tessa grabs Taya pulling her to the corner. Tessa sits on the top turnbuckle and Taya punches away. Tessa out of the corner sends Taya face first into the turnbuckle. Tessa on the top rope delivers a flying codebreaker for the three count

The winner of the match: Tessa Blanchard


Edwards and Dreamer go after Moose and Cross. Dreamer throws Moose back into the ring and unloads with punches. Moose puts a stop momentarily to Dreamer but Dreamer stil in control with a crossbody out of the corner.

Killer Cross puts the boots to Dreamer. Edwards back in and Cross with an exploder suplex to Edwards. Pop up powerbomb to Moose and Cross

The winners of the match: Tommy Dreamer and Eddie Edwards

Post Match: Cross and Moose attack Dreamer and Edwards


It's a stand off between both teams and with one kick from Sami Callihan, the fight is on. Callihan witl a right hand to Pentagon. Pentagon fires back and a chop to Callihan. Fenix in now and Callihan with kicks and a clothesline. Running boot from the apron to Fenix and one to Cage. Cage catches Callihan and powerbombs him on the apron

Jake Crist is caught in a suplex position but Crist shoves him into the ringpost. Fenix and Pentagon in the ring an dFenix flies through the ropes taking out Callihan. Cage in the ring catches Jake and sends him over the ropes with a fallaway slam taking out OvE. Dead Slam and a nearfall but Dave Crist breaks the nearfall. Callihan with a powerbomb and Fenix and Pentagon rock Callihan back to the mat. Another nearfall.

Pentagon Jr. is poweed into the corner by Jake Crist. Pentagon off the ropes with a double stomp but misses. Jake drops Pentagon on his head. Callihan sends Cage to the outside. Fenix drops Callihan and yet another nearfall. Jake Crist with a superkick. Pentagon ducks the clothesline and delivers The Pentagon Driver. Cage back in with a clothesline to Callihan. Cage picks Callihan up and a legdrop by Fenix and the nearfall is broken up

Cage fires off on both Crist Brothers and a double fallaway slam by The Machine. Cage goes to the top and Callihan takes off the leg. Kick to the back of the head and Pentagon breakes up the pin

Right hand by Pentagon. Irish whip across the ring and a kick by Fenix into a Codebreaker by Pentagon Jr. Fenix on Pentagon's shoulders and Jake Crist plants Fenix on the mat. Pentagon picks Callihan up but Callihan with a thumb to the eye executes a piledriver onto the apron

Cage runs into a boot. Cage is up on the shoulders and a nearfall as Cage gets up to his knees telling the Crist Brothers to take their best shots and they unload with kicks. Callihan plants Cage for the thre count

The winners of the match: OvE

Backstage: Austin Aries says he came back to Impact Wrestling and this place was on life support. He walked in and won the World Championship and busted his ass to give the company the respect it once had and here comes Johnny Impact. He calls him Johnny Come Lately and he's been off filming reality shows and calls him a liar that the championship doesn't really mean anything to him. What was supposed to be one on one turned personal and after what happened at the press conference he doesn't trust Johnny Impact or management and tells Johnny to bring his wife and make it personal because when Aries exposes Impact he wants his wife to be there. This isn't a reality TV show or some sh-y B Movie. The impact World Championship is what it's all about

Backstage: The OG's are talking about their match tonight


Hernandez got busted open right away with a stiff trash can lid shot. He's going to need some stitches. The boards were all moving around under the guys, making it look pretty damn dangerous It was all brawling. The OGz had a long period where they worked over LAX and trashed him. King went for a dive to the floor but his feet got caught in the ropes and he went down right into the rail and the concrete. Hernandez did the Border Toss on Homicide over the top onto LAX, sacrificing his own partner to get them.

Ortiz nailed an overhead suplex onto the boards on Homicide. Hernandez hit the pounce on him, sending him through a table in the corner. Santana hit the ring and went for a sunset flip but Hernandez powered out. Santana hit a stiff kick to the legs. He hit a nice tope con hilo to the floor on Hernandez. Kingston returned to the ring, where Santana kicked him stiff in the face. Kingston dared him to keep going and kikced him back. He kicked Santana into the corner and charged but was caught and suplexed into the empty corner.

LAX began double-teaming Hernandez. They posted Homicide's shoulder. Hernandez pulled himself to the top and fought off LAX but was eventually overpowered and hit with a double superplex into the bare ring. The place went nuts and chanted "Holy sh**" and man, they are right. Konnan came out to his music and made the save, running Homicide through a table. LAX hit a sit down powerbomb off the top on King, scoring the pin.

The winners of the match: Konnan and LAX

Allie will enter Su Yung's Undead Realm in an attempt to rescue Kiera Hogan.

This was a long pre-taped deal to cover them putting the ring back together live. Jim Mitchell welcomed her but warned her if she saw her soul, she could look but not touch. Su Yung attacked Allie but Allie pulled out a hatchet and began hitting her with it. Blood was flying. She found Keira Hogan in a coffin but Su Yung returned and they battled. Yung tried to chop her with a hatchet this time. She menaced Allie. Yung used the Mandible Claw on Allie. Yung pulled out some knife but Allie drilled her with the hatchet in the neck. I swear, I am not making any of this up. Allie tried to rouse Kiera. They tried to open the casket that Allie used to enter. Jim Mitchell re-appeared and said he was a man of his word. He promised to get her in but nothing about getting her out. Su Yung and her minions cornered them but Rosemary returned and fought them off. She told them they shouldn't be here and told them to leave. She opened the casket and told them to go. Allie said she wasn't going to go without her. Su Yung pulled the hatchet out of her neck and approached them. She and Rosemary began fighting and right out of Big Trouble in Little China, energy began surging from their hands. Allie and Keira were back and Allie said they had to go back and help Rosemary. Keira said it would be OK. Allie, in a demonic voice, said IT'S NOT OK. The end.

They announced a new PPV, Homecoming, for 1/6/19 at the Nashville Fairgrounds aka TNA Asylum.

Johnny Impact was interviewed. He said that if Austin Aries wants to make this a family affair, great, that is fine with him. He said the fact Aries thinks he carries this company is an insult to everyone who works for the company. He said that if Aries hadn't crossed the line, TMZ wouldn't have wanted them to talk about it.


At the outset of the match we get a "Johnny Impact/Austin Aries" chant. Johnny goes for a quick leg takedown. Aries quick to apply a guillotine and Impact gets out of it.

Kick by Aries. Lock up and Impact on the attack with kicks. Impact trying to choke out Aries on the mat. They get to their feet. Headbutt and a slap by Aries and Impact unloads on Aries in the corner. Impact powers Aries in the corner delivering a knee. Irish whip and Aries holds onto the rope.

Impact clotheslines him over the top rope. Aries fires back with a kick of his own. He picks Impact up, irish whip reversed and Impact runs into a stiff right hand. Impact sends Aries to the other end of the steel barricades. Back in the ring, Impact with a springboard off the ropes. Aries back in control with a nearfsll

Kicks to the back and Impact with a right hand and he puts the boots to Aries. Aries with a kick to the knee and Aries unloads with punches. Double stomp on the face. Aries taunts Taya and stomps on Impact's face and Aries celebrating as he fires off a series of punches

Impact fires back with punches of his own and a series of knee strikes in the corner. Irish whip and Aries is sent face first into the turnbuckle. Aries again with a kick to the back of the neck. Impact back to his feet delivers a springboard corkscrew

Impact has Aries on his shoulder. Short elbow to the jaw. Schoolboy by Impact but Aries goes for the Last Chancery but doesn't have it locked in. Kicks by Impact to Aries. Dropkick to Aries

Impact sits Aries on the top turnbuckle. Right hand to Aries. Impact goes to the top rope. Aries counters and delivers a hurricanrana

Impact goes to the top rope for Starship Pain. Impact misses. Neckbreaker by Aries. Aries goes to the top rope. Impact with right hands. impact to the top rope delivers the Spanish Fly.

Impact has Aries on the apron looking for the suplex. Aries blocks it and it's Aries and Impact on the apron trading kicks and punches. Aries has Impact on his shoulders and drives him through the apron with a Death Valley Driver

Aries goes to the top rope and hits a 450. Aries with right hands. Impact back in control hits Starship Pain and Aries grabs the bottom rope breaking up the pin. Aries with a suplex and Impact has his foot on the rope.

Aries with knee strikes and he locks the Last Chancery in but Impact crawls to the ropes and grabs the ropes. Slaps traded by Impact and Aries. Aries gets sent to the outside and bumps into Taya who hits the barricade. Impact sends Aries back into the ring. Aries with a roll up. Impact with a kick to the throat. Suplex to Aries. Impact to the top rope hits Starship Pain for the three count

The winner of the match and NEW Impact World Champion: Johnny Impact


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