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Jerry Lawler Reveals He Was Never Really Interested In Doing Commentary Work

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Oct 08, 2018

Jerry Lawler Reveals He Was Never Really Interested In Doing Commentary Work

WWE Hall Of Famer Jerry Lawler recently appeared on the Apter Chat podcast in which he talked about the bond he had with his late Son Brian Christopher, how he got "The King" gimmick and how he never really wanted to be on commentary. Check out the highlights belowcourtesysy of Michael McClead:

On his bond with Brian Christopher: 

“Brian and I….we had more, we did have a father and son relationship; but, rather than – even more than the father and son relationship, we had like a wrestling buddy relationship. Brian got into the wrestling business not long out of high school. I wasn’t really around him. He and Kevin – his brother – grew up with their mom. I first started seeing him after he graduated on a regular basis and right after that he got into the wrestling business. We missed the young childish father and son relationship and then it became – once we were in the business – it was more like wrestlers have with each other. He became one of the boys.”

On how he got the King gimmick: 

“I went on TV one week and I don’t even know why, just out of the clear blue trying to make some colorful speech. I said, ‘[Jackie] Fargo, you’ve been the King of Memphis for some time; but, your looking at the kid that’s gonna knock you right off your throne.’ I didn’t even know what I was thinking when I said that, just some kind of colorful speech. Anyway, that Monday night I went on, I won the match and I was going back to the dressing room some young fans that were heel fans were slapping me on the back and saying, ‘Hey, you’re the King. You’re the King now.’ That Friday night I go down to Atlanta and into the locker room comes Bobby Shane, first time I ever met him…He loaned me the crown. I showed up the next morning with the crown on and the robe and that was the beginning of Jerry “The King” Lawler.”

On never really wanting to do color commentary: 

“To me wrestling commentary – all I’d known my whole life was Lance Russell and Dave Brown and they were the two best ever. Even though I admired them so much, I never wanted to be a commentator, never wanted to be a wrestling announcer at all. I didn’t even think about that. I new they were an integral part of the show; but, I never even thought about that side of it. I was always just into the wrestling end of it.”

On women not being able to participate in Saudi Arabia shows like Crown Jewel: 

“I still think that it’s good in the fact that it’s helping bring about change. I think that eventually, if we keep going, women will be allowed there. I didn’t think there’d be women even allowed out at the show; but, oh my gosh, I was so surprised and so shocked at how its almost they want to be so westernized. They want to be like we are; but, I think it’s this deep seated religious leaders that are still somehow in power; but, as time goes on I think that’s gonna change. I was shocked. There was so many families there – women, some beautiful women too there – and some of them would have on burkas, it ran the whole gamut. There were women with the complete burkas. There were women that didn’t have their faces covered and then there were women that were just dressed like anybody here in Florida or whatever. They were just dressed normal with their husband and their kids. I think it’s a great thing that we get to go. I really think it helps bring about change. While I was over there, just in the short time I was there, I saw things on television. It has been weird over there. Women weren’t even allowed to drive; but, it’s all changing now. It’s changing and I think a time will come when the WWE women will be allowed to go there.”

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